The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

BANCHORY PL., 10113-Elena and Kenneth H. Holmes to Emerita Rivas and Jose L. Arias, $600,000.

BEDDER STONE PL., 9633-Heather Plum and Victoria Christie to Nicole and Michael Kinney, $328,500.

BREVARD PARK CT., 12100-Stephen and Kuo Ping Yu to Shun Lei and Wai Hung Wong, $385,000.

BREVARD PARK CT., 12103-Ronald T. and Fred V. Manzo Jr. to Hong Cam Lam and Chang Mei Ruan, $409,999.

CORREEN HILLS DR., 12911-Donny and Amanda to Judith M. Shamp, $379,990.

CORREEN HILLS DR., 12914-Nora E. and Antonio E. Melendez to Vishnu Palaniswamy, $360,000.

CORREEN HILLS DR., 12935-Sassan Hassassian to Gabriela Travieso, $385,000.

COUNTRY MILL DR., 12061-Justin D. Sowa to Joseph A. Dedekind, $315,250.

CUNARD CT., 13431-Theresa L. and Michael K. Branham to Heather E. Park and Erick R. Clavijo, $517,000.

DARTON WOODS LOOP, 12338-Catherine A. and Thomas W. Liberty to Mariel Go and James Giovanni Litan Gedse, $380,000.

DODSWORTH DR., 13451-Kathy and Tim

Holt to Amber M. and Daren T. Gardner, $487,500.

DUNSTABLE LOOP, 8845-Wayne B. Fox to Kimberly Osborne, $340,000.

ELLIOTS OAK PL., 12040-Robert E. Foss Jr. to Diane and Scott P. Clark, $351,000.

HOWLAND PL., 8809-Tracey S. and Roy G. Dowdy Jr. to Stefan Scholz and Raja Hannush, $320,000.

MILLBILL CT., 12157-Betty S. and William R. Lewis to Jeannine L. and J. Brian Robb, $480,000.

MOSS TOWER PL., 10233-Barbara Mitchell Wood to Tegest Zenawe and Bruk Alemayehu, $589,900.

MOXLEYS FORD LANE, 10036-Laura J. and Darrin C. Decoster to Marilyn Beckwith, $285,000.

ORLAND STONE DR., 10083-Charanjeet K. and Bhupinder Michera to Galina Kazanina and Alexander Y. Smelyansky, $494,900.

PALE ROSE LOOP, 10133-Carney J. Link to Orlando Flores Cruz, $336,000.

RILDA PL., 9201-Carrie E. and Jerry W. Havenner to Soon Nam Kim and Yong Woo Park, $475,000.

SHENVALE CIR., 13011-Carol J. Spinner to Mohammad R. Shirbacheh, $365,000.

SPINDLE FOOT CT., 10061-Nadia K. and Peter V. Lysohir to Helen B. and Liam Sean Sullivan, $480,000.

WANSTEADT PL., 13548-Joumana and Samy Hage to Henry L. and Tam M. Womack, $410,000.

WEMBLEY LOOP, 13508-John S. Wright to Eun Kyung and Chong Hoon Song, $620,000.

WHITCHURCH CT., 8872-Michelle and Matthew Dantinne to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $530,000.

WISHING WELL WAY, 12860-Diane L. and George M. Danielson to Mary Elizabeth S. and Taylor S. Sprenkle, $375,000.

WISHING WELL WAY, 12868-Liliana Quintero to Kevin E. Tucker, $373,900.

Catharpin Area

EDWARDS ISLAND DR., 13070-D.R. Horton Inc. to Yesenia and Maximillano Arias, $879,490.

Dumfries Area

ANTRIM CIR., 3148-Shakila A. and Mohammad Hashimi to Irshad Begum and Ayez Ahmed, $295,000.

BADGER CT., 16593-Comfort Agyapong and George Ben to Linda M. and Jerome S. Johnson, $585,000.

BANKS CT., 2857-Rosa and Andrew T. Weatherby Sr. to Mehmet Kocak, $190,000.

BENECIA LANE, 4945-Melody D. and Alexander R. Smith to Sandra Lawton, $290,000.

BEVANWOOD DR., 15401-Michele and Alvin Jones to Vanessa and Vladimir Minero, $489,000.

BRANDYWINE RD., 15724-Bun Phan Nhe and Thevarith Navamal to Lourdes and Idalia Lemus, $405,000.

BRIDGEPORT DR., 15013-Raymond A. Brunner to Michele M. and Scott C. Jenkins, $298,700.

BUELL CT., 2940-Mamie and Jesse Simpkins to DSB Investment Group Co., $215,000.

CANDLESTICK CT., 4282-Mira and Sung Ho Song to Donna M. Angel, $406,000.

CURTIS DR., 17839-Barbara A. Abel to Debra Rene Gomez, $312,000.

CURTIS DR., 17901-Johnnie James Danner to Yenis E. Abarca and Jose F. Ruiz, $325,000.

CURTIS DR., 17945-Lorena Escalante to Solange T. Nana and Sydney Moore, $594,878.

DEWEYS RUN LANE, 17665-Vincent J. Tucker Jr. to Joseph E. Taylor, $460,000.

DUMFRIES RD., 16621-Edith W. Lewis to Moises M. Rodriguez, $370,500.

HEDGEMAN ST., 3746-Donald A. Shiflett Jr. and Arjan Farsani to Julio Cruz, $305,000.

HOLLEYSIDE DR., 15027-Judith E. and Robert M. Orazi to Pauline Lowery, $501,000.

HOLLEYSIDE DR., 15234-Kathleen E. and Darvin H. Jones to Amy and Scott Tuthill, $445,000.

HOLLY HILL DR., 15301-Whitney V. and Martin D. Wade to Lilli Gray and Timothy W. Halodik, $430,000.

HOUR GLASS DR., 3238-Ghulam Hasan Ghulami to Carlos Castro and Lorena Argueta, $526,000.

ISLE ROYALE TER., 17440-Robert A. Woodard to Elaine A. Ayensu and John Paul Mensah Akom, $349,900.

ISLE ROYALE TER., 17470-Kristy C. and Sean C. Dandridge to Tracey A. and Edward A. Brinckman, $334,000.

KILPATRICK PL., 2444-Jacqueline L. and Lawrence E. West to Manuel J. Vasquez and Dagoberto Posada, $215,000.

LANSDALE PL., 15723-Bradford Weeks to Luis Cavero and Giselle Hernandez, $344,900.

LAUREL ST., 4003-Bradley B. and Jeffrey S. Costello to Jose Mario Escalante, $200,000.

MCDOWELL CT., 3637-Eric T. Kelley to Donald Barnard Young, $200,000.

MOOT DR., 4258-Yoon O. and Matthew S. Kim to Salomon M. Garcia Palacios, $542,000.

MORGAN CT., 3649-Lorena A. Argueta Chicas to Miriam and Carlos A. Castro, $242,000.

MULBERRY POINT CT., 3854-Albert P. and Marie Garney to Nguyen Thi and Lance E. Booth, $575,000.

MYRTLEWOOD DR., 2821-Andrea and Philip Roberson to Horatio H. Roberts, $580,000.

MYRTLEWOOD DR., 3000-Samantha G. Nerove and Daniel B. Cook to Sarwat and Yousuf Raza, $605,000.

NORTHGATE DR., 15562-Chiu Kay and Kek Kiong Ang to Mid-Atlantic Development Corp., $212,000.

NORTHGATE DR., 15595-Tracey A. and Edward A. Brinckman to John D. Yamnicky, $370,000.

NUGENT LANE, 17283-Erina Ellen Deleon to D. Eleazer and Glendy J. Reeves, $325,000.

RENTON CT., 15704-Charlotte A. Boyd to Moses O. Sr. and Julia A. Ooro, $400,000.

RIDGECREST DR., 15524-Raymond A. Hord to Martha and Randy Zuehlke, $499,950.

ROCKY MOUNT LANE, 17310-Dene A. and Jimmy Ananias Jackson to Philip V. Roberson, $296,000.

STREAMSIDE CT., 15250-Sandra C. and Luke H. Herbert to Dina M. Johns, $315,000.

SUGAR MAPLE LANE, 4900-Keri L. Pratscher to Nathan Thomas Moorleghen, $260,000.

TACONIC CIR., 16170-Lindy and Steven T. Robinson to Azmat Abbas, $276,000.

TELESCOPE LANE, 16536-Michael A. Delauder to Maruicio Hernandez Romero, $520,000.

VALS WAY, 4251-Carmen A. and Albert Vincent Donato Jr. to Shanna Raye Sims, $300,000.

VAUGHN LANE, 17281-Lena and Davis A. Ampofo to Ayesha and Noman Basit, $357,000.

VINELAND PL., 3402-Carlton A. James to Dwayne L. Griese, $297,000.

VINELAND PL., 3410-Jill V. Sobon to Patrick K. Amoah, $336,000.

WHITE HAVEN DR., 4029-Jeffery S. and Bradley B. Costello to Jose Escalante, $180,000.

WINDSONG LANE, 15437-Frances L. and Brian J. Letourneau to Robin M. Love and Andrew Owen, $299,999.

Gainesville Area

CAYBURY PL., 6500-Shiva Etessam and Ali Cheloei to Irma D. and Fernando Palacios, $490,000.

CERROMAR WAY, 8110-Erin P. Sikes and Derek S. Thurston to Vasudha Bhat and Sanjesh M. Rao, $392,000.

CLEMATIS ST., 9507-Leodegario Reyes to Francisco Rivera, $402,000.

CRACKLING FIRE DR., 8224-Donell C. and Kenneth A. Murray to Thomas M. Staples, $425,000.

EMMANUEL CT., 6717-Sarah J. and Jonathan D. Yakel to Laura Parulan and Johnny R. Arias, $385,000.

FOWLERS MILL DR., 14373-Alev Catterson and Ogun Kucuk to Cynthia and Peter Giudici, $379,900.

HERITAGE VALLEY WAY, 13631-Shirley C. and Joseph H. Lepold to Cynthia T. and Dewey G. Gibson, $460,000.

HUNTERS RUN WAY, 14180-Douglas James to Elizabeth D. and Robert E. Cranston, $369,000.

HUNTERS RUN WAY, 14266-Tarek M. Elhendawy to Gladys and Emmanuel Appiah, $351,000.

KIMBERWICK CT., 6718-Marie T. and Augustus J. Gang, trustees, to Agnes A. and Andrew Szente, $401,500.

LANDFALL CT., 8143-Thomas E. Jirgensohn to Prudential Relocation Inc., $465,000.

LUCAS POINT LOOP, 6720-Mary Loeh Daniel and Benjamin Boger to Ki Hong Min, $385,000.

NEWBERN LOOP, 14357-Robert N. Weiland to Michael D. Bergquist, $310,000.

ROYAL SYDNEY DR., 7748-Shari N. Simon and Robert D. Sears, trustees, to Kanwal A. and Adil A. Shaikh, $625,000.

SAPPHIRE LAKES CT., 8351-Elliot Gordor to Betsy and Nishan Vartanian, $1.05 million.

SAUVAGE LANE, 7045-Rachael C. and Joshua T. Wyant to Stephanie L. and Paul T. Mazzone, $330,000.

STANWICK SQ., 6922-Vicki Phuong Chau and Phuc T. Dao to Ingrid and Dana L. Orr, $439,000.

STERLING POINT DR., 14036-Alicia A. and William H. Haupt to Chad William Logan, $585,000.

THOROUGHFARE RD., 15301-Marsha L. and Jess H. Goodman to Michael Meunier, $330,000.

TRAPHILL WAY, 7216-Neal Huffman and Dawn L. Garnham to Rajinikanth Pattabiraman, $370,000.

VIRGINIA OAKS DR., 7899-Donna M. and Wallace R. Alphin to Renee R. and Armis P. Strickland, $610,000.

Haymarket Area

ALDERDALE PL., 6079-Leonardo Hidalgo and Andrea Lopez to Justin D. Sowa, $460,000.

CHALFONT DR., 14316-Karin A. and Michael L. French to Cheryl and Thomas A. Porter, $667,500.

CORNER POST PL., 14711-Angela Mae and Jeffrey Joseph Bergstedt to William A. Nida, $465,000.

CULLEN PL., 6350-Rosslyn M. and Donovan Woods to Deborah J. and Marvin L. Gillette, $395,000.

MICHENER DR., 6145-Yuri N. and John C. Pross to Heather K. and Edward C. Chartier, $585,000.

PICKETTS STORE PL., 15642-Matthew Iles to Brion and Julie Hannan, $430,000.

TIFFANY LANE, 16208-Debra M.B. and Daniel D. Defore to Deborah Gould, $449,900.

TULLOCH SPRING CT., 5891-Rhonda K. and Stephen P. Chambal to Stacie C. and Rahul Argade, $620,000.

VERDE PL., 14352-Lori L. Gibbs to Jon D. Webb, $460,000.

WHEELWRIGHT WAY, 5624-Constance L. and Richard M. Moser to Sarah and William Edwards, $495,000.

WHEELWRIGHT WAY, 5630-Irene Rohrer and Pete Ruszkowski to Christopher D. Hampton, $459,500.

Manassas Area

ARRINGTON CT., 11600-Debra L. and Donald G. Midkiff to Charles D. Forshee and Deborah A. Hedrick, $450,000.

BARBADOS LANE, 7419-Christopher Houghtaling to Tarik Williams, $344,000.

BOAR FARM CT., 10451-Kelly D. Warner to Rosa Miriam Ramirez and Antonio Orozco, $470,000.

BONAIR DR., 9512-Ronald G. Gagne and Terri S. Rendon to Ana V. Castillo, $400,000.

BYRNE PL., 12604-Keli and Jack E. Burford to John J. and Olga V. Geisinger III, $375,000.

CHOKECHERRY CT., 10105-Felita Y. and Timothy F. Tutt to Ashleigh T. and Christopher B. Burnette, $549,500.

COPELAND DR., 10330-Rosibel Portillo Cruz and Jenaro Hernandez to Raul Castro, $440,000.

DAVIS FORD RD., 5678-Roseleen M. and Robert G. Allen to Keli E. and Shane A. Fisher, $525,000.

DONSET CT., 7502-Audrie and Robert Wingate to Sun Ok Cho and Dong Hyun Cho, $430,000.

FENCE POST CT., 10645-Lillian R. and Clarence D. Walker to Kathleen and Alexander D. Park, $525,000.

HUNTERS GROVE RD., 12400-Rebecca S. Erickson and Bruce F. Nelson to Coni M. and Leroy W. Cooper, $550,000.

IRONGATE WAY, 10157-Jesus Reyes Gomez to Alejandro C. Mejia, $213,000.

KEMPS LANDING CIR., 12002-Rashid Gill to Dina Gonzalez Avalos, $384,900.

KING GEORGE DR., 9720-Tina Vo and Dat Tang to Jose Oscar Ramos, $415,000.

LACY DR., 8079-J.S. and Arthur S. Goe to Charles J. and Mary Annette Su and Amber E. Janak, $259,001.

LAFAYETTE AVE., 9621-Laura E. and Douglas A. Glaze to Daniel J. Neylon and Stephen E. Mayes, $247,000.

MOLLY PITCHER CIR., 11997-Cha Choi to Jamie Choi, $540,000.

NORFOLK ST., 9620-Mario R. and Juan Carlos Martinez to Procoro Perez, $322,900.

NORMANTON WAY, 9605-Ryan Callaghan and Katherine Mirus to Rena and Oscar M. Matamoros, $339,500.

POPLAR FORD TRAIL, 10980-Douglas C. Johnson to Ann C. and Mark W. Billings, $560,000.

PURCELL RD., 12505-Denise H. and Thomas Sepulveda to Paula and Ernesto Navarrete, $425,000.

REBEL WALK DR., 7913-Maida and Jorge Trejo to Fabiola Salas and Alex Toledo, $339,000.

ROKEBY DR., 7327-Noe Hernandez to Karen A. and Robert C. Bavis, $250,000.

ROKEBY DR., 7359-John E. Archer to Julie C. and Jason A. Carr, $285,000.

RUNNING DEER RD., 12315-Monica J. and Rodrigo Zurita to Marisa and Jose Rivera, $409,000.

SABRE CT., 7837-Angela Linden and Scott H. Reever to Laurie J. Pullin and John W. Maynard IV, $325,000.

SANDALWOOD LANE, 11700-Deanna L. and James G. Gilbert to Gale F. Knoedler and Lawrence D. Mulcahy, $565,000.

STAGESTONE WAY, 11161-Lester Tommy Yap to Trinity and Brian M. Sanders, $279,900.

STAGESTONE WAY, 11264-Ana Maria Rivera to Rodrigo and Marcial Monterroso, $284,600.

STAUNTON CIR., 7681-Matthew B. Stevenson to Moeen Arif, $322,000.

SUDLEY MANOR DR., 9509-Robert L. Cole to Luis Octavio Borja, $391,000.

SUMMER BREEZE PL., 8420-Anjana S. and Subodh B. Amin to Kap S. and Alan L. Price, $610,000.

TREELINE CT., 13114-Judith and William J. Larkin to Mary Ellen and Bryan Ardouny, $570,000.

VISIONARY CT., 7722-Karen Reed to Patience A. and Michael I. Otaigbe, $670,000.

WYCLIFFE CT., 8244-Veronica Hernandez and Edwin A.S. Escobar to Nadia Viera, $233,000.

Manassas Park Area

ALLEGHANY RD., 7569-Amedine G. and James D. Holmes Sr. to Maria E. and Alirio Edgar Ruiz, $325,000.

CALDER CT., 9133-Olmos M.J. Kimo to Forest G. Ramsey Jr. and Diane R. Hayes, $521,500.

CHADDS LANDING WAY, 7663-Jose Elvis G. Hernandez to Ana Moreno, $306,900.

LELAND RD., 8392-Delta D. and Everett L. Sheetz to Mayra E. Argueta and Elmer A. Castillo, $375,000.

MAPLEWOOD DR., 7896-Carrie and Don Pierce to Manuel De Jesus Rodas Chavez, $360,000.

MOORE DR., 10503-Coni M. and Leroy W. Cooper to Linda S. and Curt O. Zimmerman, $424,900.

OLD CENTREVILLE RD., 7704-Amie L. and Jason E. Davis to Juana G. Madrigal, $370,000.

OLD CENTREVILLE RD., 7811-Imad Natour to Dinora and Dimas Emilio Benavides, $415,000.

PINE ST., 7606-Eun Mee Kim to Lili Chu and Hossein Soleimani, $349,000.

PRINCE COLE CT., 7502-Richard B. Demaret to Ning Xu and Hui Sheng Wang, $101,000.

SIGNAL HILL RD., 7019-Rebecca and John Coughlin to Michael William Casey, $312,000.

SOMERSET LANE, 7655-Santos and Rosendo E. Juarez to Bernabe Batres, $229,000.

STONERIDGE DR., 8752-Walter Leon Locke III to Kirk A. Bolle and Christopher B. Ginter, $225,000.

STONERIDGE DR., 8764-Emile E. Artiga to Kelley L. McDonald, $233,500.

WHITEHALL DR., 7508-Ana Maricela Alvarez to Flor De Maria Alvarez, $230,000.

WHITEHALL DR., 7552-Francisco Pedro and Jose Posada to Carlos R. Salgado, $239,900.

Nokesville Area

ADEN RD., 13115-Donna L. and Charles E. Dettmann to Susan H. and Harvey A. Buffalo Jr., $1.05 million.

HERRING LANE, 13531-Mary A. Hanback to Patricia J. and Richard T. Derflinger, $300,000.

JORDAN MEADOWS LANE, 13780-Colony Manor Homes Corp. to Monica Lambert, $950,000.

KEYSER RD., 9103-Darla Hiles Earley to Gregory Frye, $339,500.

LEMASTER DR., 12575-Diane L. and Bill Lemaster to Mary Ann and Justin M. Rackowski, $783,900.

LISMORE PL., 13410-D. and S. Homes Inc. to J.A. and Henry W. Kaylor, $799,263.

MARSTELLER DR., 12512-Jackie L. and Dalton Rutherford, trustees, to Rachael Cynthia and Joshua Tollie Wyant, $399,000.

MARSTELLER DR., 12516-Orbina A. and Paul J. Andrews to Constance M. Capone, $220,000.

WHISTLING WIND CT., 10249-Patricia A. and Van Wilder to Emily and Steve Drzewicki, $524,997.

Occoquan Area

MYRTLE PL., 391-Drew C. Richardson to Sandra S. and Jeffrey S. Sorenson, $667,000.

POPLAR LANE, 112-Sophie J. and James J. Donlin to Melissa E. and David L. Faught, $415,000.

RIVER RD., 105-Deborah M. Collins to Emma Y. Barbosa, $363,500.

Triangle Area

STONEWALL MANOR DR., 3751-Edgemoore Stonewall Corp. to Sarbjeet Singh, $527,305.

WHARF LANE, 3592-Mirey A. and Romualdo Torres to Ana Orellana and Teresa Rodriguez, $225,000.

Woodbridge Area

AIDEN DR., 1509-Diana M. Jones to Dina Escobar and Alex Arevalo, $324,000.

ALABAMA AVE., 14749-Woo S. Chang to Maximo Zarco, $360,000.

ANDERSON CT., 14808-Carmen Figueroa and Virginia Gonzales to Sean Wright, $249,000.

ANDOVER HEIGHTS DR., 15580-Lou Anne K. and Anthony L. Hinen to Emily S. and Daniel L. Bushey Jr., $498,100.

ANN SCARLET CT., 1766-D.R. Horton Inc. to Ick Cho and Yih Cho, $414,695.

ANN SCARLET CT., 1771-Thomas C. Ackerly to Esteban Maldonado, $549,900.

ANN SCARLET CT., 1778-D.R. Horton Inc. to Chang Sik Hwang and Youngsun Hampson, $450,835.

BARKSDALE ST., 14715-Reina Turcios to Javier Moreno, $265,000.

BELLEVILLE AVE., 14332-Ronda M. Wada to Fazal and Khalil Noory, $265,000.

BELMONT BAY DR., 810-Iris Y. Lin to Leslie and Jesse T. Matthews, $499,900.

BENTLEY CIR., 13536-Scott A. McCorkindale to Israel M. Acevedo, $239,900.

BERKSHIRE DR., 14377-Thomas Garmew to Willco Properties Corp., $168,000.

BIRCHDALE SQ., 3212-Mary V. Bailey to Ronald Banks and Nathan Carter, $212,000.

BISMARK AVE., 14205-Miguel U. Rivas to Luis Fernando Bravo and Rosa Emilia Castro, $300,000.

BOWLINE LOOP, 2088-Jerry Baig to Lucas Ahiable, $358,000.

BRICKERT PL., 3946-Enzo Febbraro to Linda J. and Ned E. Popovich, $370,000.

CARTER LANE, 1610-Ligia D. Pavon and Marta Gonzales to Khairul Khan, $345,000.

CATOCTIN DR., 11874-John M. Thomas to Carmen N. Zuniga and William L. Anderson, $399,000.

CHABLIS CIR., 2847-Eleanor A. Fuller to Sarah Anne Michaud, $226,000.

CHARLTON CT., 4619-Carla M. and Dan K. Kelley to Teresa A. and Carrie L. Kelley, $190,000.

CHOCTAW RIDGE CT., 3062-Ranjana and Rajesh Sharma to Addis Aemero Gebreselassie, $298,000.

CINNAMON ST., 12234-Tona Bernadette Braxton to Marilyn McPherson, $312,250.

CINNAMON ST., 12308-Marilyn A. and Richard W. Goodchild to Patricia Ann and John G. Fallon, $280,000.

COLCHESTER RD., 1513-Maria and Francisco Rodriguez to Eduardo Jimenez, $309,900.

COLONIAL DR., 1533, No. 103-Amber Bernadette Peebles to Betty J. Pattison, $190,000.

CONCORD DR., 14908-Alberta H. and Moses C. Brooks to Blanca Galeas and Pedro Ayala, $285,000.

CONDOR LANE, 3490-Carol J. Nelson, trustee, to Azita Shamsa, $305,000.

CORDELIA CT., 13009-Rodney B. Price to Kenneth C. Cook, $360,000.

COTTON MILL DR., 11926-Shannon L. Delmonte to Katherine Crawford and Patrick Maloney, $430,000.

CRISTINA CT., 2699-Rita S. Akers to Lynn D. Bishop, $250,000.

CRITTON CIR., 11860-Davis E. White to Cynthia L. Mayzel, $294,000.

CROAKER LANE, 4057-Rosa N. Reyes and Santos B. Ventura to Mirian Cardoza, $395,000.

CROMWELL CT., 11341-Brenda C. Graham to Jin Sook Park, $310,000.

CUDDY LOOP, 14170-Janet A. Riley to Deepali and Sunil Anthony Kala, $235,250.

CUDDY LOOP, 14192-Linda G. and Ronald C. Adams to Jennifer M. Abel and Keith M. Thompson, $244,000.

CULPEPER DR., 2119-Ann W. and Charles E. Lawrence to Milton Velasquez, $319,900.

CUMMINGS CT., 14932-Carla D. Kendrick to Terrylynn Harrell, $340,000.

DARBYDALE AVE., 14712-Charles C. Rudulph III to Stacy Lee Young, $396,000.

DAYTONA CT., 14904-Gad A. Sackey to Ana L. Fernandez, $400,000.

DEEPFORD DR., 2800-Wieslaw and Eva Zakrzewski to Scott A. and Pamela L. Martis, $535,000.

DEER CT., 3952-Joyce D. and Paul S. Gresock to Carole Hall, $299,999.

DEL MAR DR., 3718-David S. Held to Marisol and Jose W. Castellon, $400,000.

DEL MAR DR., 3752-Norma E. Martinez and Juan C. Villatoro to Catalina Villalta and Doris I. Chavarria, $355,000.

DELANEY RD., 13417-Patricia R. and Lee K. Worthen to Sarah A. and Brian E. Sipes, $247,200.

DILLON AVE., 14813-Brigitte H. and Fred J. Merritt to Nargis T. and Ahsan Saeed, $350,000.

DULCINEA PL., 12650-Rosa, Mirna and Luis Benitez to Luisa Bazo, $265,000.

E ST., 1305-Emilia A. and Randall D. Newhauser to Mohammad Shams Pervaz, $270,000.

EDGEMOOR CT., 11284-Thomas R. Sullivan to Isaac A. Boateng, $315,000.

EILEEN CT., 4312-Kenneth Solem and Gary Sparks to Betty D., Michael J. and Charles W. Lloyd Jr., $243,500.

EL RIO CT., 14507-Amparo and Louis M. Arana to Abdul Hakeem Durrani, $339,900.

ENDSLEY TURN, 14622-Barbara Ruths and Jeanette M. Zoromski to Sam Jacknin and Charles Einsman, $185,000.

ENDSLEY TURN, 14738-Salman Rahman to Ghousia Khan, $154,000.

FEATHERSTONE RD., 1440-Yvonne N. Thompson to Veronica L. and John H. Tillman, $270,000.

FERNDALE RD., 14318-Barbara D. Moomaw to Ali Imran and Mohammad Ashraf Sheikh, $330,000.

FORGE DR., 4002-Ray L. Bush Jr. to Omar Rendon, $324,999.

FRANKFURT CT., 3010-Sok M. Choe and Kyoung S. Sim to Donna and James Thompson, $400,000.

FREESTONE CT., 12965-John Oduro to Munazzah Latif, $305,000.

GALAPAGOS PL., 15075-Alyson J. and Brian T. Hackett Jr. to Salindra Stewart, $330,000.

GEDDY CT., 16610-Jose Armundo Rodezno to Jose F. Guzman, $226,000.

GEDDY CT., 16620-S.M. Bright to A. Ortega, $220,000.

GEDDY CT., 16629-Winett L. Harris to Willco Properties Corp., $203,000.

GEORGETOWN RD., 16601-Mahmoud Mahdawi to Haheda Morrad, $242,000.

GINA PL., 3296-Karina I. Amador and Claudio A. Monasterio to Stephen and Comfort Gyasi, $365,000.

GLENDALE RD., 4202-Nousaly and Sourinthone Prasasouk to Manuel Lopez, $314,000.

GLOUCESTER CT., 2876-Carlos and Carolina Avalos to Irma L. Moreno, $230,000.

GRUNDY RD., 2220-Karla P. Gomez and Jose A. Bonilla to Miguel A. Benavidez, $400,000.

GUNSMITH TER., 15379-Sharon and Darryl Alexander to Charles L. and Laurie A. Young III, $242,000.

HEDRICK LANE, 4749-Nicole C. Mitchell to Veronica Rios, $229,000.

HENDRICKS DR., 4302-Nubia and Heriberto Flores to Ermelinda and Celio Villalobos, $295,000.

HYANNIS LANE, 12858-Dalila Hernandez and Juan Cruz Reyes to Norma E. Marquez, $340,000.

HYLTON AVE., 1500-Paul Spiess and Aaron Bell to Nataly and Nestor Mendez, $337,000.

HYLTON AVE., 1610-Avelino and Nicolas C. Mariscal to Isaias Mariscal, $295,000.

INGLEBROOK DR., 1869-Laurence S. Tiamson to Cesar Carranza, $282,000.

JARRELL PL., 15089-Noel M. and Adam R. Bacheller to Patrice and Albert McCray, $301,200.

KEMPSTON LANE, 12500-Lekisha N. Hoover to Dawn Marie Allen, $250,000.

KENMONT CT., 4808-Jose and Julio Cesar Gonzalez to Rehana Shams, $326,000.

KENTLAND DR., 4405-Margaret Gulledge Starling to Reyna R. Avilez, $334,990.

KENYON CT., 4905-Carlos Rodriquez and Joaquin Aldana to Ruben Mejia, $375,000.

KINGSMAN RD., 13427-Glenda S. and Edward E. Maine Jr. to Gary Peidl, $349,900.

KINGSMAN RD., 13617-Lisa C. and Donnie R. Jordan to Jose L. Portillo and Ruth N. Cruz, $359,000.

KIRKDALE DR., 4734-Beverly S. and Robert P. Spurrier to Annette Laguardia and Aron J. Corwin, $275,000.

KOESTER DR., 4702-Edith B. and Hugh Young to Lilibeth and Romeo Ramos, $360,000.

LANGSTONE DR., 13722-Agnes Akua and Benjamin K. Agyeman to Edwin Guzman and Doris Guevara, $338,000.

LEHIGH CT., 4718-S. Elizabeth Scacco to Kelly and Andrew T. Fink, $440,000.

LONGBOW CT., 3364-Joseph M. Zovak III to Classic Homes Corp., $150,000.

LONGVIEW DR., 2283-Ty Thi and Steve Franco to Rosa Guerra and Jose Hernandez, $400,000.

LORD CULPEPER CT., 15364-Burbans K. Gill to Lorena and Dennis Polanco, $569,000.

MADRIGAL DR., 14106-Tanaga Boozer to Seyefe Menghstie, $340,000.

MADRIGAL DR., 14276-Shirley and Hiram Andreu to Victoria T. Young, $350,000.

MADRIGAL DR., 14314-James W. and Kathleen E. Light to Pamela I. Hampton, $360,800.

MANCHESTER WAY, 12466-Linda R. and John Adam Wright to Karie Ann Short, $332,600.

MANDOLIN LANE, 12952-Michael K. Herbas and Matthew Swenor to Moges Tekle, $425,000.

MANSFIELD CT., 5280-Carla R. and Salomon Carias to Manju Choudhary and Vijay K. Singh, $320,500.

MAPLEDALE AVE., 13810-Olga J. Marcopulos, trustee, to Mohammad Naeem Malik, $405,000.

MARINER LANE, 1916-Robinette Stuart and John D. McLeroy to Kathryn A. Jurcich, $290,000.

MARQUIS PL., 3846-Yadira and Figueroa Juan C. Lemus to John L. Scala, $313,100.

MARSALA CT., 2935-Jose A. Salmeron to Orlando Arrechea and Douglas A. Orellana, $260,000.

MARSALA CT., 2946-Lisa M. Walker to Mohammed A. Khan, $260,000.

MARSH OVERLOOK DR., 15500-Safie and Sam Sarpong to Karyn and Ralph Iovinelli, $645,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 1512-Concepcion Hernandez and Faustino Galindo to Akbar Jalali, $275,000.

MATURA LANE, 3718-Lillian M. and Gabriel D. Irizarry to Brian J. Thomas, $375,000.

MCGUFFEYS CT., 2676-Martha and Aereng Perea to Ethel Asare and Kingsley O. Abrokwah, $305,000.

MCNAMERA CT., 2013-David D. Thurston to Paula I. and Leonard A. Dudzinski, $530,000.

MEADOWBROOK RD., 13802-Moises and Carlos R. Mejia to Mario H. Barillas, $360,000.

MEHERRIN WAY, 15864-B. Ledom and John Balducci to Helen Kabran, $485,000.

MELLOWDEW CT., 13728-Henry M. Dodson to David Salinas Aguilar, $284,000.

MOON WAY, 3516-Alexia D. and Curtis R. Ransom to David M., Florence A. and David C. Bowie, $360,000.

MORRISON CT., 14140-Kwi Hwa and William Henry Dollah Jr. to Toan Truong Phan and Thuy Hang T. Nguyen, $340,000.

NADIA LOOP, 3377-Tara M. Thompson to Matilda Aglyeman, $352,000.

NIMES CT., 15770-Gregory Gaiters and Anita L. Jackson to Joyce Acheampong, $375,000.

NUTMEG CT., 12234-James P. Lampley to Soumia Abadan and Said M. Derder, $288,500.

NYSTROM CT., 13448-P.M. and Michael K. Hanlon to James Reichard, $375,000.

OAKLAWN LANE, 6123-Lillian T. and William E. Mason to Keri D. Dalton, $415,000.

OAKWOOD DR., 12498-Jonathan D. Kettl to Zulfiqar Ali and Muhammad A. Shaikh, $299,000.

OGILVIE CT., 3804-Mark W. and Lisa G. Paczkowski to Patience Marime and Mark Ball, $287,000.

OGILVIE CT., 3850-Vanessa Allauca and Vladimir O. Minero to Esther and Cesar Romero Ramirez, $310,000.

OLD SALEM CT., 12161-Elizabeth H. and John W. Burch to Andrew Schaeffer, $245,000.

OREGON AVE., 1404-Nancy J. and William V. Harner to Jorge Escobar, $305,000.

PARSON WEEMS LOOP, 14712-Shahnaz and Azhar Hassan to Fahima Sabir, $615,000.

PINON CT., 14698-Doris A. Beck to Shawn Y. Agyepong, $180,000.

PRINCEDALE DR., 13545-Alexandra I. and Garrick K. Robbins to Amy and Osaomi Enomoto, $345,000.

PRINCEDALE DR., 13573-Ruth A. Bauer and Sandra L. Morton to Harriet Pricenor, $280,000.

QUANDER CT., 13040-Diana and Geovany Diaz to Jose L. Nunez and Gerardo Panameno, $272,000.

QUANTAS PL., 5435-Muhammad Saee and Jankie Singh to Jose Gonzales, $580,000.

REARDON LANE, 5606-Renee L. and Christopher L. Amick to Maria E. and Jose A. Lainez, $346,000.

REDSTONE DR., 13819-Yvonne A. Reid to Cheryl A. Bowman, $420,274.

RENATE DR., 1604-Robin L. McCann to Desiree and Anthony Thomas, $156,900.

RIBBON CT., 5688-Hwa K. and Koo C. Chung to Ramon R. Guerrero, $365,000.

ROANOKE ST., 13905-Iris Hernandez and Juan R.F. Escobar to Richard T. Choi, $300,000.

SAFFRON LANE, 5671-Sharon L. and Michael R. Strope to Jorge Buitrago, $303,000.

ST. CHARLES DR., 5623-Jocelyn R. and Geoffrey S. Bennett to Elizabeth and Joshua Chidester, $345,000.

SAXON ST., 1316-Home Investments Corp. to Scott H. Leaf, $270,000.

SAXON ST., 1321-Janet R. and David M. Shaw to Alva A. and Jose Luis Rios, $270,000.

SEMINOLE RD., 2894-Edith J. and Hans Bjorn Hillgaard to Curtis Harper, $285,900.

SHAMUS CT., 5382-Syeda Nawazish to Carmen Bravo, $310,000.

SHOTWELL CT., 4500-Mary Owusu to Soila C. and Percy Delgado, $485,000.

STARRY NIGHT CT., 15009-Deborah A. Puzick to Raymond C. Jones Jr., $495,000.

STATLER DR., 14813-Delores A. and Paul E. Mann Jr. to Karla Rae and Salomon A. Carias, $423,900.

STEVENSON CT., 12227-Barbara Jo Sherman to Cora A. and Michael L. Martin, $191,000.

SUDBERRY LANE, 5259-Louis E. Daehnke Jr. to Steven Ringold, $285,000.

SUDBERRY LANE, 5273-Christine O. and Noel M. Torres to Jose De Jesus Romo, $327,000.

TAMBORINE CT., 6143-R.S. Tibayan and Kerry Hickey to Maria and Bruce Thomas, $420,000.

TANGO LANE, 12132-Mark A. and Mary E. Atkins to Saul Murillo, $405,000.

TAVERNER LOOP, 13125-Ali Ghaderi to Byung Mun Kim, $675,000.

TERMINAL WAY, 13040-Jose Dugarte to Noe David Cruz Jurado, $374,900.

TRAVERSER CT., 15608-Melissa M. Lohnes and James P. Dooley to Beverly Phillips, $272,000.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12704-Eloise C. Lucckese to Wilfredo Serrano, $353,000.

WADSWORTH WAY, 12239-Elizabeth A. and Duane Startin to Janice and Avon L. Colmon, $245,000.

WADSWORTH WAY, 12326, No. 8-Gladys A. Sanchez to Byron E. Rodriguez, $239,000.

WETHERBURN CT., 2952-Moinuddin Mahmood Khan to Ali Imran and Faiza Ambreen, $210,000.

WOOD DUCK CT., 1597-Suk Hui and Young Eun Kim to Ho Je and Jong Hwan Kim, $520,000.