The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

WILLOWS RD., 4405-Karen Towne and Tammy Nagi to Andrew S. Gott, $268,500.

WINDWARD KEY DR., 8199-Mary Lelia and David D. Berger Sr. to Edmee Geis, $710,000.

15TH ST., 4005-Daniel and Melaney M. Sanchez to David Allen Sampson and Lisa Connell Sampson, $205,000.

Dunkirk Area

MCINTOSH DR., 9916-George S. Sevier to Kathleen M. McDonald Johnson and David A. Johnson, $510,000.

Huntingtown Area

STONE DR., 1790-Roger W. and Mary Blanc to April Arford and Tracey L. Wiser, $594,990.

Lusby Area

BANDERA LANE, 12277-Daniel P. Boyd to Kristy and Robert Ramsburg, $247,500.

BISON CT., 816-Michael W. Rawlings to Eric Walker, $216,000.

BUCKLER DR., 465-Patrick Mahaney to Joseph Ronald Gensor II, $160,000.

CATALINA DR., 12152-Joanna D. Messick to Russell A. Bertino Jr., $135,000.

CATTLE DRIVE LANE, 1033-Joanna Kern to Christopher D. and Daniel Stein, $230,000.

EL SEGUNDA LANE, 12447-Carl Miller to Clinton Jones, $162,000.

GUNSMOKE TRAIL, 687-Robert E. and Kristy L. Ramsburg to William H. and Dawn M. Torres, $212,000.

LARIAT LANE, 11535-Wave Corp. to Mary Ann Herring and Christopher M. Bowman, $219,900.

LITTLE COVE POINT RD., 11785-William A. Merchant to Angela M. and Moises Velasquez, $188,000.

ROPEKNOT RD., 11580-Russell E. and Jessica J. German to Shannon M. and Christopher C. Wells, $237,400.

SAGEBRUSH DR., 12476-William Hand Blaney III to Michelle Rowland and Mark Mitchell, $192,900.

SANTA ROSA CIR., 12664-Ronald E. Jr. and Tina N. Meeks to Amy C. Caudill and Stuart J. Vannostrand, $210,000.

North Beach Area

CHESAPEAKE LIGHTHOUSE DR., 8747-Cindy L. and Clarence E. Duty Jr. to Erin M. Fowler, $205,000.

EIGHTH ST., 3907-Jackson Evans Ireland to Timothy Deale, $100,000.

Owings Area

DORIS DR., 1025-Joseph W. Fox to Ruth A. and George E. Fisher, $510,000.

MOUNT HARMONY RD., 91-Aloysius G. Jr. and Carrie R. McLane to Robert C. Sears Jr., $375,000.

Prince Frederick Area

HILENDALE WAY, 1005-George W. and Margarita T. Kemp II to Patricia R. and Willie G. Swinney Jr., $375,000.

MAIN ST., 790-Thomas J. and Tiffany M. Snowden to Dianne M. and Nicholas J. Pastelak, $360,000.

SEQUOIA WAY, 2682-William F. and Kelly J. Giesenhaus to Evelyn J. and Brian J. Cashman, $499,000.

Solomons Landing Area

PADDINGTON CT., 14404-Frank Kapitan to Cathy Dwyer and Michael Hiram Kleinbeck, $380,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

DAKOTA ST., 2605-William V. Nelson Jr. to Gene Haigh, $250,000.

GREENVILLE DR., 5275-Joseph E. Carroll IV to Timothy Turner, $250,000.

Charles Street-

Trinity Church Road Area

WENLIN PL., 7670-Kathleen A. and Joseph M. Wenk to Howlin Oaks Property Corp., $220,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

BULLFEATHER PL., 7360-Kerri A. Keightley and Jerry S. Salan to Arlene C. and James A. Truhett, $424,900.

LEONARDTOWN RD., 7325-Edwin J. Hodges Jr. to Cory D. Chase, $235,000.

La Plata Area

COLEBROOK DR., 5266-Talmadge W. and Doris S. Sexton to Holly A. and William C. Hall, $344,900.

LITTLE CREEK LANE, 90-Timothy Birch to Larry S. Quade, $134,500.

LITTLE CREEK LANE, 92-C.M. Aloupis and Tony D. Thompson to Parveen Begum, $145,000.

OAK AVE., 209-Mark Guadagnoli and Larry Gandee to John C. Thornton, $215,000.

ST. MARYS AVE., 7252-Shirley M. and Harry W. Clark Sr. to William A. Messick, $350,000.

Marbury Area

MARBURY RUN RD., 5035-Horace R. and Ruth Y. Waldbauer to Jennifer D. and Christopher H. Lane, $289,900.


Rock Point Road Area

MOUNT VICTORIA RD., 10360-Evelyn G. Thompson to Chad J. Barron, $230,000.

POTOMAC VIEW DR., 12190-Richard D. and Ruth Fletcher to SMIG Corp., $80,000.

Piscataway Park Area

OVERLOOK DR., 1155-Suzanne G. and Michael D. Fox to Aaron T. Ackley, $470,000.

Pomfret Area

LAKEVIEW DR., 8120-Melanie L. and Allen C. Brown Jr. to Kathy A. and Gary L. Katz Sr., $374,900.

St. Charles Area

BARKSDALE AVE., 221-Linda and Paul Genevie to Shirley B. Wise, $255,000.

COPPERFIELD CT., 1011-Tracy A. Smith to Nicole Rodriguez, $167,000.

HACKNEY LANE, 2809-George R. Sellner Jr. to Elissa M. Coleman, $285,000.

HATFIELD CT., 771-James K. Theriault to Patricia Z. Roberts, $106,100.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3014-Linda M. Chase to Camara Mintz, $140,000.

RED BUD CT., 3683-Barbara L. and Wayne G. Baker to Sydney L. Holzman, $264,900.

ROBINSON PL., 2541-Tina R. Rodgers to William E. Kennedy, $159,900.

ROCK CT., 4382-Beth A. and Jefferson K. Clark to Letise S. Ivory, $245,750.

STODDERT CT., 1003-James M. and Patricia A. Akowskey to William E. III and Lisa J. Smith, $290,000.

Waldorf Area

ASHFORD CIR., 10677-Mark and Regina Blain Brandenberg to Jacqueline A. and Andrew J. Despirito, $369,000.

BARNSWALLOW PL., 11201-Andia M. and Pierre Colbert to Ann M. Hanible, $246,800.

BLACK BEAR CT., 6012-William H. and Laura C. Wannall to Prince M. Ngom and Mame B. Ba, $349,950.

BRIARWOOD DR., 2117-Parshotam S. and Jeanne R. Lall to Evon and Willie R. Cobb Jr., $310,000.

COUNCIL OAK DR., 12651-Greenbrier Corp. to Ramiro Ayala Meza, $265,000.

DORCHESTER CIR., 5047-Howard P. Thompson Jr. to Rita Shane, $284,900.

DORCHESTER CIR., 5106-Sherry A. McClellan to Ray J. and Kelly W. Rinaldi, $252,000.

DORSET DR., 1048-Donald M. and Cynthia A. Apperson to Nicole J. Haliburton, $166,000.

DRYDEN CT., 2201-Gregory B. and Kemlia R. Sherman to Kim Bouknight Dula, $330,000.

EAGLE CT., 4352-Norman W. Isaacs to H. Buitrago Curtis and Marlon Curtis, $189,900.

EAGLE CT., 4385-Timothy K. Badger to Floydell Jackson, $175,000.

FALMOUTH RD., 1126-Lloyd E. Fields to Mark Hutson Sr., $320,100.

FLOUNDER CT., 5501-Thomas A. Jr. and Marilyn S. Martin to Ponnette Smith Lowe and Mark Lowe, $378,000.

GREENMONT DR., 1308-Steven C. Scheimreif to Deborah J. and Wayne R. Kempson, $424,900.

JEFFREY CIR., 5514-James M. Bland III to Monica R. and John K. Kirkman, $303,000.

KIRKWOOD RD., 802-Cynthia A. Hayes to Brenda L. and Nathan R. Murphy, $230,000.

LAMPREY CT., 5206-Steven M. Ford to Shannon M. and Matthew D. McCormack, $375,000.

LISA LANE, 3505-Samuel R. and Frances W. Smalls to Samuel Carrington Sr., $277,000.

NORWOOD CT., 3503-Curtis W. Best to Leslie and Joseph Weingarden IV, $210,000.

PASTORS PL., 11201-Branchwood Construction Inc. to Virginia M. and Jay Race, $449,900.

PINEFIELD RD., 2210-William F. Jr. and Patricia A. Cupp to Joseph M. and Jennifer L. Morrison, $265,000.

PINEWOOD DR., 2669-Winston L. Delozier to Carolyn R. and Marvin Fann Jr., $255,000.

PINEWOOD DR., 2767-Azhar and Hilaria O. Jalil to Linda T. and Henri L. Magee, $315,000.

RED SQUIRREL PL., 6076-Margaret Johnson and Paul Cavanaugh to Anne Eaddy, $212,000.

WESTDALE CT., 3334-Leslie M. and Mitchel H. Butikofer to Nicole J. Jackson, $167,000.

WINTERGREEN PL., 3925-Stacey L. Shadle to Kim T. Hagens, $205,000.

White Plains Area

COUNTRYSIDE LANE, 3960-Julia A. Cluderay to Deborah A. and Charles H. Hubbell Jr., $348,000.

HOUSELY PL., 10290-Kumiah Harrison to Schandale Kornegay, $295,000.

WINDSOR HEIGHTS PL., 4164-Carrie A. and Brion S. Buchanan to Kimberly A. Newman, $265,000.

St. Mary's County

California Area

PATUXENT BEACH RD. N., 24172-Dayle A. and Diedrich H. Dierks to Lisa Ide, $125,000.

PARKVIEW DR., 22645-Louis H. and Zetty M. Montague to Melissa A. and Paul D. Jenkins, $163,500.

SPRINGSTEEN CT. S., 45879-Vivian M. Horner to Jennifer and Charles S. Wald Jr., $137,900.

SPRINGSTEEN CT. S., 45902-Ronald L. Galentine to Crystal Y. Weaver, $130,000.

SUGAR MAPLE CT., 23311, No. 4B-Rosalind M. Utara to Amanda Larnerd, $130,000.

WHITE BIRCH CT., 23245, No. 4B-Barry M. Thurston to Ann Yonkauski, $97,000.

Callaway Area

BLACK DUCK CT., 20999-Kenneth B. Sterbenz to Tracey and Michael T. McCarter, $260,075.

HARLEQUIN LANE, 20825-Jody E. Ruppert to April S. Wilkinson and Casey A. Woodburn, $175,000.

Great Mills Area

HARRISON ST., 21752-Kimberly J. and Thomas I. Gunn to Robert L. Carpenter Jr., $249,900.

HORSEHEAD RD., 45782-Leonard S. Rebarchick to Edward J. Martin Jr., $180,000.

OLIVER CT., 45774-Robert E. Caschera Sr. to Michael D. Brown Jr., $184,900.

Hollywood Area

EMMA LANE, 44763-Barbara A. Martin to Patricia M. and Keith A. Williams, $261,000.

MOUNT PLEASANT RD., 24354-Richard W. Russell to Edna R. and Kenneth D. Wentwirth and Cornelius B. and Lois Barger, $450,000.

SOTTERLEY CLIFFS RD., 25850-D.P.L. Enterprises Inc. to Linda R. and Paul J. Laruffa, $90,000.

Leonardtown Area

HAWK CT., 40875-Mark F. Steinlein to Keiko and Brian E. Oppelt, $272,000.

MEADOW CT., 21717-Louis Bert Otts to Allan H. Burbage, $255,000.

MEYNARD CT., 41835-P.F. Summers Inc. to Luis A. Santiago, $93,000.

MEYNARD CT., 41855-P.F. Summers Inc. to Margaret E. and Francis P. Hayden Jr., $90,000.

ST. ANDREWS CHURCH RD., 42910-John H. Hill and George N. Hill to Tony J. Hill, $93,700.

Lexington Park Area

ENDEAVOR ST., 21670-John Van Eendenburg to Lawrence J. Wellham, $154,400.

FESTIVAL CT., 47154-Michael Patrick Cosgrove to Ingrid and Frank H. Phelps, $324,500.

OAK CT., 19745-Robert W. and Carley A. Dodge to Theresa M. and Scott Duffy, $175,000.

PICKETTS CT., 48305-Timothy J. Olnick to Richard K. Piniewski, $189,000.

RUE WOODS DR., 22633-H.W. Miller and Sons Inc. to Linda J. and Gary Glaser, $167,255.

SORREL DR., 47070-Landdevco Corp. to Brenda D. Sanders, $345,355.

SPRING LAKE DR., 48931-Donald F. McCadden to Stephanie Nicole Sommers and Dustin Wesley McCarthy, $245,000.

TOWN CREEK DR., 23034-Misha C. and Keith A. Hash to Raymond F. and Amy L. De Leon, $253,000.

Mechanicsville Area

ARMY NAVY DR., 35675-David Lloyd to Andrew P. Shirley, $279,900.

ARMY NAVY DR., 35830-Tina L. Aicher to April and Steven A. Gack, $264,900.

ERIN DR., 26821-James Joseph Mulcahey III to Rosemary and Harry T. Lobaugh, $269,000.

GREENHEAD WAY, 29090-Paul J. Winters to Tamara L. and Matthew C. Ahner, $371,000.

HANCOCK DR., 28735-Chester L. Jenkins to Richard D. Platt and Juliet R. Brown, $259,900.

HARROW HILLS CT., 37555-Samuel C. Raimond to Juley A. and Ronald W. Smoot, $270,990.

HIDDEN POND CT., 38843-Douglas W. King to Melanie L. and Allen C. Brown Jr., $372,000.

MARY VALINDA LANE, 27076-James W. Lyon to William Nelson, $420,000.