Three Lexington Park men have been charged with rape in an attack Saturday evening on a mentally retarded 16-year-old girl.

The men are accused of abducting the girl, dragging her away to the apartment of one of the men and then forcing her to have sex with them, according to charging documents filed in St. Mary's County District Court.

The girl had been reported missing by her parents earlier on Saturday. Authorities said in the court filings that the victim has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old.

Those arrested are Javier Torres, Emiliano Torres Saenz and Pablo Sanchez. Each is charged with second-degree rape and second-degree assault.

On Saturday, Javier Torres, 23, approached the victim in the Lord Calvert Trailer Park and asked her to go for a ride, charging documents say.

When the girl said she was not supposed to ride with strangers, Emiliano Torres Saenz, 24, grabbed her around the waist and put her in the pickup truck that Torres was driving, said Cpl. William Rosado, spokesman for the St. Mary's County Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

According to charging documents, these events happened next: They took the girl to an apartment on Liberty Street, where Torres took her into a bedroom by himself. Once in the room alone with the girl, Torres turned off the lights and removed his pants.

When he began to caress the girl, she protested, but Torres insisted that he "loved her," according to the court papers.

Torres then engaged in sexual acts with the girl, the court papers said. Afterward, he and the girl dressed.

When Torres left the girl, Saenz went into the bedroom with her, according to the charges. Once there, Saenz undressed the girl and had sex with her, the court documents said.

The girl then was allowed to get dressed again, according to the court documents.

A third man, Pablo Sanchez, 25, offered to drive the girl home in his truck; while en route, he raped her in the truck, according to court documents.

Sanchez was found driving the victim back to Lord Calvert Trailer Park by officers who had been looking for the girl after her parents had reported her missing.

According to court documents, Sanchez told authorities that he had sex with the girl and that the other two men had boasted about the attack.

Rosado said the men had only a passing acquaintance with the girl.