Citing privacy and safety concerns, Holy Cross and Montgomery General hospitals do not release names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing the hospital's proof of birth letter to The Washington Post at 301-279-5665 or mailing it to Births, The Washington Post, 51 Monroe St., Suite 500, Rockville, Md. 20850. For more information, call 301-294-2600.

Shady Grove Hospital

June 6

Alexis Ruth Reese, a daughter, to Kristen Schoenen Reese and Evan Charles Reese III of Silver Spring.

June 7

Amber Lillian Combs, a daughter, to Kara Lizabeth Combs and Brian Wesley Combs of Kensington.

Sean Aiden Lopes, a son, to Jill Margaret Lopes and Brian Jeffrey Lopes of Olney.

Ryan James McGraw, a son, to Jennifer Michele McGraw and Scott Matthew McGraw of Rockville.

Edwin Prah Quarshie, a son, to Georgina Kwaduah Quarshie and Prince Henry Quarshie of Gaithersburg.

Eric Robert Roth and Kathryn Eleanor Roth, a twin son and daughter, to Pamela Hawkins Roth and Steven Howard Roth of Highland.

Omar Sayyad, a son, to Iman and Khaldoun Sayyad of Gaithersburg.

Daequan David Staples, a son, to Candace Chane Jackson and Milton David Staples Jr. of Germantown.

June 8

Hannah Banning Low, a daughter, to Eva Jacobson Low and John Otto Low of Kensington.

Gloria Paria Mahjourian, a daughter, to Nadia Ghaznari Mahjourian and Nima Mahjourian of Gaithersburg.

June 9

Mia Jocelyn Carter, a daughter, to Gretchen and Michael Carter of Germantown.

Kelsey Gabrielle Cleet, a daughter, to Karen Michele Cleet and Christopher Cleet of Germantown.

Jalea Ashley Marie Fraser, a daughter, to Leytise Marie Fraser and Terrell Mitchell Fraser of Germantown.

Jonah Coltrane Karst, a son, to Amanda Lee Karst and Kurt Reid Karst of Darnestown.

Andrew Vincent Purcell, a son, to Michele and Kreg Purcell of Germantown.

June 10

Madison Alexis Badra, a daughter, to Lori Leigh Badra and Stuart Jubran Badra of Gaithersburg.

Jumanna Tamer Elkoshairi, a daughter, to Marwa Abdel Meguid and Tamer Elkoshairi of Gaithersburg.

June 12

Toni Sinclair Comer, a daughter, to Toni Marie Comer and Michael H. Comer of Potomac.

Ela Ann Crothers, a daughter, to Burcu Crothers and Michael M. Crothers of Gaithersburg.

Jazmin Renae Gooch, a daughter, to Gerrie Kaye Gooch and Earley Junior Gooch of Germantown.

Camille Nicole Markoff, a daughter, to Jennifer and Nick Markoff of Darnestown.

Bradan Paul Welby, a son, to Kimberly Jean Villa and Stephen Patrick Welby of Bethesda.

June 13

Alexis Jasmine Baylor, a daughter, to Amanda and Shawn Baylor of Frederick.

Skye Summer Clark, a daughter, to Tiwana Marie Clark and Oliver John Clark III of Gaithersburg.

Aidan Michael Mahoney, a son, to Melissa Lee Mahoney and Michael Mahoney of Gaithersburg.

Eva Grey Sanko, a daughter, to Jill Steiner Sanko and Steven Vincent Sanko of Clarksburg.

June 14

Avery Kendall DeBolt, a daughter, to Kelly Anne McConnell and Robert John DeBolt of Germantown.

Makayla Lynne Ellis, a daughter, to Carol Earlane Ellis and Larry Benjamin Ellis Jr. of Gaithersburg.

Emily Carol Heim, a daughter, to Nicky and Clayton Heim of Germantown.

June 15

Jacquelyn Brynn Stanton, a daughter, to Angela Marie Sandifer and John William Stanton Jr. of Damascus.

June 16

Joseph Kenneth Barth, a son, to Deborah Leigh Barth and Kenneth Allen Barth of Thurmont.

Alejandra Sade Teran Castro, a daughter, to Cecilia Jeannette Castro and Patricio Apolinar Teran of Gaithersburg.

Lucas Blair Edwards, a son, to Leisl Baum Edwards and Christopher Bishop Edwards of Germantown.

Simrun Rani Manthini, a daughter, to Preethi P. Manthini and Prathap Manthini of Boyds.

Clark Jackson Salveron, a son, to Janice Audra Salveron and Timothy Mark Salveron of Germantown.

Wesley Ernest Wise, a son, to Laurel Anne Wise and Marc Lynn Wise of Darnestown.

June 17

Thomas Ian Roderer, a son, to Bethann Roderer and David Roderer of Silver Spring.

June 18

Emma Helena Rubin, a daughter, to Maria Ximena Rubin and Daniel Aaron Rubin of Gaithersburg.

Sibley Memorial Hospital

July 5

Rachel Caroline Bryan and Marguerite Rene Bryan, twin daughters, to Tamara Rene Garrett Bryan and Jones Woodrow Bryan Jr. of Gaithersburg.

Sydney Nicole Mayfield, a daughter, to Sabrina Marie and James Bennett Mayfield III of Odenton.

July 6

Jessie Frankie Pennington, a daughter, to Jane E. Levine and W. Blaine Pennington of Silver Spring.

Lillie Emma Kodrin, a daughter, to Katharine Emily Fox-Kodrin and Keith Michael Kodrin of Silver Spring.

July 7

Carter Joseph Fensterstock, a son, to Katherine Ellen Boardman Fensterstock and Seth Brian Fensterstock of Rockville.

July 8

Andrea Beatriz Orellana, a daughter, to Alma Suseth Orellana and Carlos Ernesto Orellana of Silver Spring.

July 9

Sigrid Kira Drefke, a daughter, to Kristi Dawn Drefke and Kyle William Drefke of Bethesda.

-- Compiled by TINA TOLL