The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes in the District and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


ASCOT PL., 216-Ronald Joseph Young to Peter Fippinger, $257,000.

BROOKS ST., 4224-Kenneth Boggess to Penthouse Properties Corp., $75,000.

BRYANT ST., 1854-Jennifer D. Parker to Tiffany Burnett, $140,000.

BRYANT ST., 212-Raymond B. Klinke to Vicki L. Fleming, $175,000.

CENTRAL PL., 1850-George and Stefanie Rodgers to Ama A. Danso, $175,000.

CHANNING ST., 3018-E. Savannah Little to Abdellatif and Fatima Mourad Amtoun, $275,000.

CHILLUM PL., 5288-Astral Corp. to Anthony E. Evans, $198,560.

CONSTITUTION AVE., 629, No. 203-Susan A. Beving to Katherine Juhl, $329,000.

DIVISION AVE., 818-Timothy Olawuni to Gary C. Craig, $170,000.

EAST CAPITOL ST., 4126-Estate of Vivian W. McCants and Patricia A. McCants to Mekael Mekonnen, $180,000.

EAST CAPITOL ST., 5318-Samuel W. Golden and Debra Lee to Josh E. Fidler and Esther Steward, $180,000.

EMERALD ST., 1362-Victor Veizaga to Mitchell J. Weimer, $357,000.

GALES ST., 1627-Neil B. Campbell Revocable Living Trust to Patricia A. Davis Muffett, $175,000.

GIRARD ST., 1411-Brenda L. Hymes to Darcy E. Flynn, $349,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 302-David R. Hall to Anne Kimberley Joiner and Clytie Roberts, $729,000.

MILLS AVE., 2941-Morris Edward Tucker to Innovative Real Estate Services Corp., $177,000.

OATES ST., 1285-Mattie Ruth Hayes to Kevin Gray, $115,000.

Q ST., 45-Vaughn E. Newton to Jerroll A. Collins, $320,000.

ROSEDALE ST., 1914-Alireza Aliaskari and Dennis J. Dyer to Richard Cunningham, $189,500.

SLIGO MILL RD., 6155-Estate of Eston F. Harrison to Engidawork Abebe and Tamerat Teklewold, $355,000.

FOURTH ST., 1014-Countrywide Home

Loans Inc. to Kilmurry Properties Corp., $148,000.

SIXTH ST., 1131-Michael W. Stockton to E. Michelle Haney, $260,000.

SEVENTH ST., 115-John and Leah M. Singelstad to Marcial A. Escobar, $630,000.

10TH ST., 2918-Carolyn L. Brady and Susan E. Marshall to Joseph K. Asamoah, $200,000.

11TH ST., 1002-Nancy Creighton and Betty G. Miller to Donna C. Gregor, $334,000.

12TH ST., 141, No. 15-Alan John Schwartz to Teresa I. Cutolo, $365,000.

12TH ST., 4007-Antoinette M. and Carlton M. Collins and John J. Kiefer to Tyler Benson and Amanda Righi, $280,000.

15TH ST., 606-James R. Brown to David A. and Elizabeth H. Neal, $425,000.

20TH ST., 217-Vadd Corp. to Vincent L. Abell, $194,050.

22ND ST., 3711-James McKim Symington to Kitty C. Chatelain, $225,000.

34TH ST., 225-Sunrise Atlantic Corp. to

Marcio P. Campos and Cliftine Jones,


58TH ST., 424-Christine and Derrick Brown and Lawan A. Snoddy to Raymond Fenwick, $209,000.


ADAMS ST., 65-Inga Greta Odze and Monterey Cooperative Inc. to Halina Izdebska and Thais E. Mootz, $405,000.

ALBEMARLE ST., 3726-Sarah Harper Rasmussen to Jonathan L. Gould and Judith I. Solomon, $626,236.

ASHBY ST., 4600-Birgitta Ingerod Arthur to Edith G. Thayer, $935,000.

BENTON ST., 3759-Jeremy Rusnock to Christopher J. Abularrage and Maureen S. Marsh, $649,930.

BRANDYWINE ST., 4632-Robert J. Casey to Mary P. Crawford and Brian T. Downie, $795,000.

BUTTERWORTH PL., 4420-Pamela P. and Philip S. Khinda to Michael F. Balmoris and Andrea L. McCabe, $749,900.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1810, No. 302-Christine M. Woerlen to Jill Greenberg, $370,000.

CALVERT ST., 1801-C. Paul Heins to Lucee S. Kirka, $325,000.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 3901, No. 6-Machek Mieren to Emily E. Clements, $278,000.

CHAMPLAIN ST., 2380, No. 5-Joseph D. Kluchinsky to Ross S. Mueller, $429,000.

CHURCH ST., 1511-Linda Bonifacio and

William K. Barth to Nancy W. Fromm, $725,500.

COLUMBIA RD., 1421, No. B1-Victoria Anna McKernan to Scott P. Evans and Norman A. Veenstra, $125,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 2126, No. 23-Jay A. Pastore to Barbara S. and Edi Karni, $730,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 2829, No. 714-Nuha Abudabbeh to Joseph Pegues, $140,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 3901, No. 201-David B. Gootnick and Betty Ann Miller to Craig M.

Capossela and William G. Clements, $500,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 4600, No. 915-Daniel G. Shanley to Filemon A. Palero, $239,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 4740, No. 518-Burton Penn to Dominique Brief, $300,000.

CORCORAN ST., 1445-Lee Twentyman to John D. Long, $772,500.

DAVENPORT ST., 4826-Avis G. Brock and Nakram B. Jaber to Kenneth P. Kaplan and Mary E. Kipp, $755,000.

DAVIS PL., 3819, No. 5-Peter C. Frias to Beth V. and Paul J. Perkowski, $289,000.

DECATUR ST., 1433-Clyta M. Dantzler to John C. Carberry, $602,000.

DELAFIELD PL., 607-Estate of Gladys I.

Henderson, Myra Helene Henderson and Saundra M. Robinson to Jayme R. White, $304,000.

ESKRIDGE TER., 4948-Pauline O. Mechem to John J. Hanlon and Chryssa E. Wolfe, $700,000.

FARRAGUT ST., 625-Jacqueline A. Beckford to Roger E. Atkins, $261,000.

FERN ST., 1317-Fatu Songowa to Sergey Matveev, $490,000.

GARFIELD ST., 3321-Julia N. and Richard Palmer Moe to Robert E. Franken and Linda Ringe, $1.295 million.

GARFIELD TERR., 2937-Anthony Williams, Eddie G. Campbell and Christina M. Cline to Eugene Brown, Daisy M. Bygrave and Jennifer N. Chapman, $1.325 million.

H ST., 2401, No. 904-Estate of Elizabeth H. Yoder and Barbara Peace to Aditya Bhat, $350,000.

HAMILTON ST., 725-Frederick Farmer to Choice Ventures Corp., $180,000.

HAMILTON ST., 906-Anil Patel to Ramon Ernesto Ruiz and Nimia Hay Dee Vanegas, $255,000.

HAWTHORNE LANE, 4636-Arlene Ramirez and Stephen M. Shapiro to Jonathan J. and Sheila Lee Davies, $3.2 million.

HIGHWOOD CT., 3926-Benjamin and Deann Laster to Amelia A. and Christopher G. Nicholson, $1.2 million.

INGRAHAM ST., 431-Nicol R. Jimerson to

Estrellita J. and Richard H. Fitzhugh, $334,900.

JOHNSON AVE., 1741, No. 304-Edna B. Saunders, Jeanne Loraine Padgett and Chenoa Hill to Derek Andrews, Elena Bardasi and David Gootnick, $629,900.

K ST., 2515, No. 402-Flagstar Bank to Lawrence Savage, $65,000.

KALORAMA RD., 2017, No. 1-Jeffrey M. Surrell to Cynthia Stone, $399,000.

KENYON ST., 775-Frederick S. Schnitman Family Trust to Aishah Briscoe, $218,500.

KILBOURNE PL., 1841-Ingrid L. Davis and Jake Hanlon to Robert D. Horvath and Margaret S. Sollers, $708,000.

LANGLEY CT., 3990, No. 603-Claire L. Fronville to Erika Park, $341,000.

LONGFELLOW ST., 1315-Tracey D. Foley

to Tricia Bassing and Peter Bennett, $469,000.

LOUGHBORO RD., 5016-Brooke D. Anderson and Eric Jambon to Hamid M. Afsharieh, $1.375 million.

LURAY PL., 424-Darius T. Evans to Ingrid S. and Lawrence C. Patrick, $380,000.

MACOMB ST., 4525-Patricia McDonald to

Angela, George N. and John G. Polis, $645,000.

MADISON ST., 130-Star N. Douglas and Estate of Louise Hickman to Ralph A. Lee, $210,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 4317-Jane C. Spencer and Mohammad Yousefi to Derya Samadi and Morvarid Yousefi, $499,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 4923-George G. Williams, Federal National Mortgage Association and Delgado Living Trust to Monica E. Butler, Thomas Dyson and Randall L. Mass, $669,000.

MCKINLEY ST., 3219-Gregory S. Chaconas and Estate of Stephen Chaconas to Matthew and Shanti L. Stanton, $825,000.

MINTWOOD PL., 1843, No. 203-Elsie G. and Samuel Schattner to Arland M. Digirolamo and Alana B. Wexler, $362,500.

MISSOURI AVE., 822-Aparna Prinja, Sanjay Sharma and Marjory M. Urquidi to Valerie Alvarez, Jeffry John Dircz and Michaela A. Newnham, $220,000.

N ST., 20-Barbara and Larnell Brasher to Gregg T. Schultz, $425,000.

N ST., 2301, No. 112-Thomas C. Norton to Deirdre Zammit, $379,000.

N ST., 3267, No. 4-Joseph Aaron Ball to Emily Newell, $599,900.

NEW MEXICO AVE., 2801, No. 1101-Larry L. Daymude and Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael K. Allison and Andre Boykins, $540,000.

NEW MEXICO AVE., 2801, No. 916-Cynthia Melchiorri to Michael A. Kaufman and Maria R. Ross, $499,000.

NEW MEXICO AVE., 3101, No. 524-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Claudine Sirgant, $417,056.

NORTHAMPTON ST., 3101-Alison and Frederick B. Lohr to Theodore R. Lazo and Elizabeth B. O'Hara, $800,000.

O ST., 1109, No. 102-Innovative Real Estate Services Corp. to Janel Labus, $190,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 431-Dennis Moropane to Karen Boone, $355,070.

ONTARIO RD., 2205-Timothy A. Rowe and

Lisa A. Wicklund to Lama Abu Odeh, $515,000.

ORDWAY ST., 2755, No. 306-Jeanne M. Ingram to Stefano A. Polles, $325,000.

P ST., 3100-Cynthia Porter/Riley to James L. Bell and Mark J. Scott, $2.2 million.

PARKWOOD PL., 1430-Rock Hall Investments Inc. to Patricia D. Roman, $285,000.

PENNSYLVANIA AVE., 2555, No. 506-Alan L. Cambell and Pauline L. Campbell Revocable Living Trust to Patricia A. Davis Muffett and William Carroll Muffett, $699,000.

PENNSYLVANIA AVE., 801, No. 1014-Willard N. Belden, Sharon R. Cascone and Dana M. Guadagnoli to Ian Hayward and Daniel S. Mack, $282,000.

POTOMAC ST., 1242-Vincent J. Griski to Anne A. and Harry L. Gutman, $1.51 million.

Q ST., 1201, No. 403-Maurice Thomas Balling to Leigh A. Robinson, $425,000.

R ST., 1800, No. 202-Catherine J. Landry to Brian M. Castro, $398,000.

RANDOLPH ST., 418-Chinyere Uzoukwu to Rene Alvarenga Enamorado and Maria L. Bonilla, $210,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 1317, No. 501-Sarah J. Holley and Dorothy E. Hatch to Adriene W. Daniel and Tami L. Hatch, $501,000.

RIGGS PL., 1723-Robert Murphy and Frederick W. Steckler to William J. McKeever, $1.41 million.

RODMAN ST., 3831, No. 28-Mary Nell Lehner and Christopher E. Wager to Frederick Jackson Lawrence, $361,000.

S ST., 1453-Julius B. Rauch to Adrienne Beck, $877,500.

SHERMAN AVE., 2626-Bonnie S. Gray to Tsige Makonnen, $345,000.

SPRINGLAND LANE, 3551-Gertrude Z. Califano and Trudy Kendrew to Gayle M. and Steven K. Neufeld, $1.585 million.

SUTTON PL., 3215, No. A-Chenoa Hill and Jose Fredy Lopez to Betty A. Miller and Andrew Tulchin, $700,000.

SUTTON PL., 3249, No. 3249-Rochelle M. Moulton to Sandi L. Wilson, $535,000.

T ST., 1535-Sara M. Shea and Thomas L. Adams to Anthony A. Gaeta, Elizabeth F. Gondles and James A. Gondles, $779,000.

T ST., 1731, No. 2-Peter Dow and Estate of Anne Elisabeth Dow to Evan C. Zoldan, $301,000.

T ST., 1741, No. 101-Maria May Conway and Howard L. Walgren to Mary Shannon Johnson and Jael L. McHenry, $370,000.

TAYLOR ST., 524-Patricia E. Gallagher to John D. Swift, $313,000.

TUNLAW RD., 4000, No. 628-Florence G. King to Meghan P. Drueding and Timothy E. O'Rourke, $283,000.

UPSHUR ST., 310-Christianah Kolebaje to Florence O. Akinlosotu, $258,000.

VAN BUREN ST., 734-Margaret Anne Miller and Norman W. Sheetz to Jeremiah and Lillian Moore, $200,000.

VARNUM ST., 108-Sara M. Shea to Anthony A. Gaeta, $329,900.

VERMONT AVE., 1705-Thomas McManus and Anna Menendez to Andrew S. Goldsmith, $370,000.

VERMONT AVE., 1943-Estate of Jessie May Kelley and Robert A. Gazzola to Gladstone Dainty, $530,000.

VOLTA PL., 4429-Elizabeth Nicely to 1802 Kearney Street Corp., $827,500.

WARREN ST., 3712-Bon S. Ku to Howard University, $712,000.

WESTERN AVE., 6611-Nevin J. Kelly to

Allyson Walsh and Sheldon J. Hauck, $765,000.

WESTOVER PL., 4313-Robert E. Franken and Linda Ringe to James F. Humphreys, $825,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 1080, No. N405-Margita N. Thompson to Beth A. Hughes, $450,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 2320, No. 501-Earl Rush to Maria Danson, $405,000.

SEVENTH ST., 6630-Clarence P. Carter, Allyson A. Sonntag and Rhett Leverett to Angela D. Anglin, Gazi Karababa and Katharine L. Manning, $400,000.

NINTH ST., 4827-Justiniano Cabrera to Francisca Cabrera Diaz, $290,000.

13TH ST., 3917-Nuru Befekadu and Kidist Teffera to Nicholas Kamm and Catherine MacDougall Kamm, $433,500.

13TH ST., 5208-Coretta R. and Michael W. Edmondson to Stephen W. Kraemer, $488,000.

15TH ST., 1923-Garland A. and Roberto Duke to Sean Carr, $735,000.

16TH ST., 1520, No. 301-Pierluigi Bellini and Alessandra M. Lanza to Yochi Dreazen, $520,000.

16TH ST., 2001, No. 408-Brian G. Pilko to John E. Codd and Dawn M. Debus,


16TH ST., 2440, No. 125-Clark B. May to Chadwick D. Gilmer, $264,000.

16TH ST., 3420, No. 101S-Dorothy Pastis to Maya Ivanova, $299,000.

18TH ST., 1325, No. 510-Ronna Erin Landy to Julie and Michael Pieper, $350,510.

18TH ST., 2922-Rahdy Elwan to Boundary Street Development Corp., $685,000.

23RD ST., 1111, No. SC4-2200 M Street Corp. to Paul L. and Sheila G. Simkin, $1.125 million.

30TH ST., 3501-Dipali B. Mebta and Mark W. Nelson to David Cautin and Alison Yaffie, $1 million.

34TH ST., 1620-Jennifer B. and Michael M. Wood to David H. Neiswander, $1.16 million.

34TH ST., 5153-Sylvia L. Stultz to Robert Lange, $800,000.

35TH ST., 1646-Marian M. Hagler to Hun Min Lee and Derek J. Mitchell, $1.225 million.

37TH ST., 1719-William B. Thorsen and Monterey Cooperative Inc. to Andrea M. Agathoklis and Farid Srour, $785,000.

42ND ST., 2325, No. 405-Lynn Kuhnapfel Murphy to Charles W. Yost, $295,000.

43RD ST., 4519-Ashley M. Allen and Adam R. Waldman to Emanuela Giudetti and Roberto Setola, $876,000.

44TH ST., 1533-Eleanor B. Cuthrell to Eakta Agrawal, $645,000.


A ST., 1615-Kevin C. Wells to Kristen and Richard Stein, $308,000.

A ST., 635-Alesia Bicknell to Enise Han, $950,000.

BRANCH AVE., 1109-Marcella Somuah to Pamela D. Rogers, $220,000.

C ST., 622-Flossie Peterson to Nantucket Development Corp., $476,000.

CENTRAL AVE., 5503-Helena D. Darby to Knikki C. Pendelton and Edward B. Pendleton, $135,000.

CHAPLIN ST., 624-Steward T. and Verna Henderson to Camara Francis, $167,000.

E ST., 1104-Sohrob C. Farudi and Geoffrey G. Gilliar to Russell A. Carbonara and Amarynthia L. Kline, $520,000.

E ST., 809-Hester C. Lewis to Nancy Sampson, $600,000.

GOOD HOPE RD., 1907, No. 205-Catherine Adam to Denise Davis, $108,000.

HARTFORD ST., 2217-Darrell M. Smith to Diane E. Adams, $153,000.

IRVING ST., 2301-Chester V. McKenzie to Paul Flippin, $215,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 1710-Laura G. Wyman to Elba Gonzalez, $250,000.

NAYLOR RD., 1920, No. 302-Peter Joseph Schwartz to Teresa I. Cutolo, $45,000.

NAYLOR RD., 2332-D.M. Clarke and K.A. Henry to E. Lawrence and Ridgeway Revocable Trust, $160,000.

NEWCOMB ST., 518-Gwendolyn Y. Craig to Derick Mondy, $175,000.

SEWARD SQ., 504-Alan and Barbara D. Krause to Elizabeth Jane Ambrose and Jeannie Vera Sweeney, $775,000.

17TH ST., 1910-Mary Lucille Morris to Hanna G. and Temesgen E. Negussie, $146,000.

30TH ST., 3009-Mr. Square 341 Corp. to Arthur J. Coleman, $205,000.

54TH ST., 243-Essie D. Alston Carter and

Jonathan Carter to Daniel A. Warren, $181,500.


G ST., 63, No. 108-Bridget A. Gonzales to Joseph P. and Mary C. Wiedorfer, $465,500.

GALVESTON PL., 76, No. 76B-Arsonia L. Peterson to Gloria J. Robinson, $56,500.

SIXTH PL., 604-Ezekiel Kaufman and Chan J. Park to Phillip A. and Regina C. Fletcher, $541,000.