The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

QUANDER RD., 6224-Roy E. Manuel and Se Woong An to Matthew B. and Doreen K. Riley, $680,000.

STANFORD DR., 7006-Milton and Sharon Lipson to Nathan E. Carter, $260,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ACHILLES CT., 7001-Saifeldin Eltahir and Sawsan Abdelmagid to Latifa Elbouanani and Rachid Elkhassouani, $370,250.

BOLD LION LANE, 7813-John Taylor to Jaime C. Chai, $405,000.

CARRIAGE DR., 6502-Michael S. and Bonnie K. Indorf to James C. Wing and Soon Y. Lee, $450,000.

CLAMES DR., 6001-Todd E. Branson to Brett D. Rice, $365,000.

CROMARTY DR., 6992-Frank L. and Tina M. James to Yong H. Song, $483,500.

CURTIER DR., 6025, No. F-John L. Harris to Michael T. Ross, $318,500.

FRANCONIA STATION CT., 6251-Chuck and Pitsamai Pong to Jessda Vinyoopongphan and Rosrin Chinnawong, $470,000.

GENTLE LANE, 6234-Global Relocation Services Inc. to Jason C. Tomasulo, $529,900.

GROVEHURST PL., 3155-Nathan M. Lebedeker and Rolla Salem to Susan H. and Scott A. Foy, $617,500.

HILLARY CT., 6366-Jefferson Group Corp. to Shawn T. Timbrook and Danielle N. Dorffeld, $325,000.

KELSEY POINT CIR., 6668-Misuk Stanfield to Richard G. and Kristin A. Moore, $479,000.

KESTNER CIR., 6005-Jennifer J. and Jay B. Wood to Minh V. Ngo and Trang D.T. Nguyen, $415,000.

KIMBERLY ANNE WAY, 5984, No. 304-Guillermo J. and Maria L. Rogel to Julie Duncan and James M. Oakley, $352,000.

NETTIES LANE, 6601, No. 1803-Jeffrey A. Fuller to Chad W. and Vanessa Krick, $430,000.

OTLEY DR., 5916-Oscar and Patricia Velasquez to Anna Kalantyrsky, $459,500.

SILVER RIDGE CIR., 6389-Erich R. Molina to Mustafa Cellik, $332,000.

SNUG HARBOR CT., 7114-Robert Bobala to Michael A. and Tania K. Malferrari, $380,000.

TRIGGER CT., 3704-Ruby C. Young to Maximino Villatoro, $430,000.

WHITLY WAY, 7634-William J. Graham to Robert R. Dietrich, $310,000.

Annandale Area

DANIELS AVE., 4102, No. 103-Kim Dung T. Tran and Kim Nga T. Nguyen to Glen Birdsall, $179,000.

DEGROFF CT., 7149-Deborah M. and John M. Moore to Argentina Lazo, $550,000.

DODSON DR., 5012-Thomas A. Sidman to Joaquin Santos, $505,000.

HUMMER RD., 3800-Richard M. Franey to Truc N. Mai and Trung Nguyen, $725,000.

LOGSDON DR., 4539-Denis M. and Karen D. Katchmeric to Daniel and Bertha Nichols, $254,800.

PARKMAN CT., 4775-Ronald E. Smith to John R. Korb, $309,900.

POMPONIO PL., 4751-Jonathan M. Burnham to Ana A. Alba, Juan L. Zurita and Elvira Zurita, $480,000.

SCHUYLER DR., 4912-Beth G. Daisey to Ellis H. Glover, $425,000.

VAN WALBEEK PL., 4921-Jake J. and Susan G. Lagdameo to Minerva A. Lagdameo and Salvador J. Lagdameo $370,000.

WAYNE DR., 7204-Jeanne L. Barbagallo to Kenneth A. and Kitty F. Powers, $485,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3316, No. 22-Nga Schick to Yen N. Huynh, $226,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

BEACHWAY DR., 6151-Theodore R. MacKechnie to Ronald M. and Deborah G. Klar, $528,000.

CARMELA CIR., 8403-NVR Inc. to Mohammad Ismail, $656,100.

DAVID LANE, 4013-Seymour A. Lazerowitz to James N. Trammer and Lea A. Trammer, $587,500.

ELLERY CIR., 3581-NVR Inc. to Wahid Beg, $685,690.

LAKESIDE VIEW DR., 3304, No. 1-3-Carol E. Lang to Herbert O. Wolfe, $331,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705, No. 1610S-William V. Rowland to Mekdess Metema, $213,900.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 2608S-Samuel H. Brownstein to L. Erick Ohlsson, $340,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 905N-Charles M. and Carol G. Swain to Katherine J. Walker and Helmi G. Elhadidi, $300,000.

Burke Area

ANNANDALE RD., 2840-Ly L. Phung to Celine Thai and Hai N. Huynh, $197,000.

APPLE WOOD CT., 10076-Gregory Atkinson to Tony J. Crupie, $370,000.

FOX LAIR DR., 9106-Je W. Lee to Jin O. Shin and Bub M. Koo, $460,000.

LIBERTY BELL CT., 6015-Christopher G. Havermale and Oh K. Havermale to Seo I. and Chung H. Shin, $381,000.

LIGHTHOUSE LANE, 5465-Mark F. and Alison M. Hall to Hau Luu and Ngochuong T. Luu, $353,000.

NEW ENGLAND WOODS DR., 5839-Timothy E. and Barbara J. Rizer to Thomas J. and Viola M. Leslie, $475,000.

QUIET POND TER., 10203-Yong H. Kwon to Chun J. Park, $366,000.

RAINTREE RD., 9407-Charles M. and Josephine D. West to Diane Schweizer and David O. Clayton, $630,000.

TEAKWOOD CT., 6314-Matthew J. Ignatowski to Robert and Abby Gwaltney, David Dansereau and Stephen Gabris, $390,000.

TIBBITT LANE, 5046-Ilker M. Yilmazturk to Teresa Navarro and Rudy W. Illanes, $350,000.

WYE OAK COMMONS CIR., 12228-Mark and Jennifer Anderson to Eui C. Kim and Kyung W. Jang, $397,500.

Centreville Area

ALGRETUS DR., 14603-Myung Koo Han to Young J. Kim and Myung K. Lee, $425,000.

ANN GRIGSBY CIR., 13506-Pulte Home Corp. to Charlie B. and Corazon F. Mojica, $686,575.

ASHER VIEW, 14214-Johnny D. Byrd to Ki U. and Moon Y. Ahn, $395,000.

BRADDOCK RD., 14810-George A. and Kathleen E. Beck to Carlos A. Lacosta, $360,000.

BRITTNEY ELYSE CIR., 5140, No. T-Esther Whang to Shin Sook and Yoon Ho Kim, $330,000.

CHESTNUT HOLLOW CT., 6003-Cheryl A. Mahon and Thomas J. Boyle to Steve and Jackie Achekian, $305,000.

COLEMAN CT., 13880-Thondup Paljor to D. Toan and Chau D.T. Nguyen, $380,000.

CONNOR DR., 13384, No. L-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Jin Choi, $319,900.

COTTINGHAM LANE, 6845-Leon P. and Teresa J. Hillers to Michelle Tapia and Thomas R. Pritchard, $350,000.

CUB RUN CT., 6735-Behdad Goodarzi to Saul E. Mendoza and Brian Rios, $351,500.

GOLDEN OAK RD., 14445-Soo Yong Kang to Sunkyung K. Lim, $190,000.

GRAPE HOLLY GROVE, 14305, No. 13-Curt Smith to Constance A. Battista, $255,000.

HERITAGE CROSSING LANE, 14254-Avtar Kaur to Zaverbhai J. and Champaben Z. Patel, $335,000.

JOHNNY MOORE CT., 14312-Mollianne George to Anil and Sutapa Kasibhatla, $280,000.

LITTLEFIELD CT., 6351-Laura Damico and Richard A. Damico Trust to Linda C. Klotsky, $365,000.

PADDINGTON LANE, 6298-Leticia A. Perez and Celia F. Velasquez to Timothy Horinko, $255,000.

POWDER FLASK CT., 6307-Walter D. and Julie L. Walkenhorst to Jonathan C. Mull and Lori R. Kelley Mull, $413,000.

PRAIRIE MALLOW LANE, 13524-Winchester Homes Inc. to Nam M. Lee and Sang S. Park, $501,350.

ROSEBUD LANE, 6011, No. 202-Susan Shores to S. Paige and Lynne Jenkins, $205,000.

RUSTLING LEAVES LANE, 14503-Byoung W. Kwon to Paulo Decastro and Tania Andrade, $278,000.

SAGUARO PL., 14366-Jose Ramirez and Teresa Fuentes to Mercedes and Maria Diaz, $242,500.

SAPPHIRE SKY LANE, 5117-Karin Fourie and Matthys J. Fourie to Kim Min, $587,000.

SHIPLEY CT., 5530-Yoon J. Jang to Eric Weinstein, $450,000.

SUMMER GARDEN WK., 13300-Pulte Home Corp. to Yujie Fu and Keyou Gao, $499,738.

THERA WAY, 14641-Donna L. and Robert T. Petruska to Lisa Risseeuw and Mathieu Campet, $441,200.

WINTERFIELD CT., 14746-James M. and Kathryn E. Murphy to Bernard P. and Ashley McHale, $421,000.

Chantilly Area

EAGLE CHASE CIR., 14038-Michael and Melissa Karagiannis to William W. and Michelle L.K. Breslin, $750,000.

ELK RUN RD., 15213-Charles R. and Darlene J. Davis to Antonio and Ermidez Gonzales, $462,000.

WALNEY KNOLL CT., 4720-R. Kelsey Williams to Matthew and Marianne Beck, $815,000.

WEEPING WILLOW CT., 4129-Edward P. Davidson to Bosung Hwang, $250,000.

Clifton Area

ORCHARD HILL LANE, 5813-Maria E. Spiers to Cherian Varghese and Smilee Samuel, $272,000.

ROCK CRYSTAL DR., 6500-Alan K. and Becky A. Munson to Nicholas G. and Colleen S. Kikis, $699,900.

SANDY POINT LANE, 5420-Kent D. Berner and Blase Y. Berner to Mark C. and Deborah H. Carl, $899,900.

SOUTHAM LANE, 10339-Richmond American Homes to Soon D. and Madeline C. Um, $935,140.

STURNO DR., 13305-Edward E. and L. Lisa Jackson to Tahir Qamar and Zahra Mamoona, $736,000.

WILLOW FOREST CT., 5405-Richard A. Lipski and Holly Hartig Lipski to Sulbha Garg and Prem S. Garg, $639,000.

WOLF VALLEY DR., 12133-Bryan Burke to David J. and Stacy A. Bergert, $929,000.

Fairfax City Area

BILLINGHAM ST., 4512-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Dae B. Kim, $495,010.

BILLINGHAM ST., 4520-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Mario and Maria L. Sanchez, $515,818.

BLISSFUL VALLEY DR., 12468-Oguz Akay to Massih Hamidi and Nadia Zakir, $600,000.

BRAXTON WOOD CT., 3021-Danielle H. and Damon J. Licari to Christopher Hall, $410,000.

BROOKGREEN DR., 4115-Bin Zhang and Weiguo Jiang to Dong Liang and Ying Xiang, $522,500.

CHRISTIE JANE LANE, 4824-Pulte Home Corp. to Divyang and Kina Shah, $845,100.

DEER HOLLOW WAY, 2931-Beatrice C. Dove to Colleen J. and John J. Quinlisk, $400,000.

FAIRLEE DR., 2949-Frederik H. Wolsak to Pulte Home Corp., $890,000.

FOUNTAINSIDE LANE, 4137, No. B201-Laura Isho to Paul Upadhyay, $305,000.

FREEHILL LANE, 3702-My Trang N. Ton to Aimen Hussein and Iman H. Ibrahim, $680,000.

FORT BUFFALO CIR., 12274-Edgar A. Quiroz to Roderick V. King, $325,000.

GARDEN GATE DR., 8908-Daniel H. and Seong J. Shin to Qiang Zhang and Jia Liu, $795,000.

GLEN CT., 9004-RAS Closing Services Corp. to John W. and Sherry K. Boyer, $668,000.

GOLF RIDGE CT., 12002, No. 345-Mijitoma Management Corp. to Ronald S. and Cynthia H. Wong and Martha W. Alderman, $310,200.

GRAYS POINTE RD., 12890, No. B-Meredith A. Ferrante to Maryanne Kurtinaitis, $313,000.

GREEN LEDGE CT., 12110-Rose A. McElrath to Arne C. Thelmo and Joanna R. Borowska, $280,000.

GREENWAY CT., 12114, No. 101-Khuram Hussain to Tabasum Dilshad, $290,000.

HOUND RUN DR., 13308-Jong H. Kim to Hey Y. Lee, $350,000.

INDIAN PAINTBRUSH WAY, 8477-Centex Homes to Leslie and Theodore Jones, $755,095.

JENSEN PL., 4502-John L. and Kathleen M. Cerio to Donald E. Brooks and Kathryn L. Fraser Brooks, $769,333.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9708, No. 2-Edith O'Brien to Youn T. Kim and Eun J. Seok, $265,000.

LADY SOMERSET LANE, 12701-Ji Yeon Kim to Michael S. and Jean C. Smith, $767,500.

LATNEY RD., 10284-Marc A. and Jodi T. Gelfand to Todd K. and Sarah G. Harding, $380,000.

LOCHLEVEN TRAIL, 4172, No. A-Kiwoo Song and Chorong Song to Liana J. Rosato, $375,000.

LUXBERRY DR., 4642-David L. Kuebrich and Elizabeth A. Beyler to Alimjan A. Abdulkerim, $430,000.

MONMOUTH ST., 4541-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Marie and Timothy A. Pascarell, $504,368.

MONUMENT CT., 4112, No. D-Daniel L. Golding to Patrick Schlimgen, $315,000.

MORNING SPRING LANE, 13152-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Dong S. Jung, $415,000.

MOZART BRIGADE LANE, 4200, No. B-Katie E. Kaufman to Gustavo and Ana Coronel, $335,000.

OAKCREST DR., 4882-Donald W. Kiley to Garrett McMullin and Donna Moore, $680,000.

PERSIMMON CIR., 3797-Joelle Anne Lafave to Xiaoyun Lu and Jianye Zhao, $270,000.

POINT PLEASANT DR., 12905-David J. and Sharon A. Park to Matthew D.A. Park, $360,000.

RUFFIN CT., 4501-David R. and Karen M. Stokes to Fair Oaks Neighborhoods Corp., $1.938 million.

STARBOARD CT., 5503-Jimmy and Arporn Nguyen to Jae Kyu Lee, $370,000.

SUMMER GARDEN WK., 13312-Pulte Home Corp. to George G. Barr, $477,575.

THOMPSON PARK LANE, 2951-Neighborhoods Corp. to James K., Patricia E. and Meaghen P. Murray, $662,531.

TOPAZ ST., 9208-Trace Briarwood to Kyu S. and Soo Myoung Lee, $718,051.

WEST OX RD., 3731-Jorge Vasquez to Parvin S. Vazehgoo, $375,000.

WHEATSTONE DR., 5009-Marshall E. Sorensen to Jon S. and Alison Willison, $454,900.

Fairfax Station Area

CHESTNUT RIDGE RD., 9007-Hye Kyung Park to David F. and Hye O. Harden, $539,000.

ELLIES WAY, 6588-Paul H. and Sandra B. MacMurdy to Dong K. and Michelle L. Kim, $1 million.

Falls Church Area

ANNANDALE RD., 2856, No. 305-Evarista Gonzalez and Hector Berrios to Maria G. Gonzales, $185,000.

COVEWOOD CT., 3150, No. B-William T. Doble to Susan Cook, $339,000.

DONAHUE CT., 6818-Eleanor B. Hemenway to Andrew and Patrick Mallon, $379,000.

DOVER LANE, 2856, No. 304-James D. and Sheila F. Thomas to Hicham Anzer and Anissa Kenzi, $235,000.

EXECUTIVE AVE., 3423-Pierre H. Pollin to Howard R. and Jean Barr, $430,000.

LEE HWY., 7320, No. 104-Johnny Dang and Ngo Ny to Alicia C. Aciego, $240,000.

MASONVILLE DR., 7508-William E. and Kirsten N. Holtz to David E. and Constance P. Ross, $734,000.

MICHAEL PL., 7215-David Tamblay to Camelia Gallardo, $420,000.

ROLFS RD., 6730-Omar Leon to Khalid Lhaggazi and Soumaya Mejdoubi, $589,000.

STRATHMEADE ST., 2908-Daniel C. and Mary I. Barrett to Hugo A. Cespedes, $399,900.

YARN CT., 2852-William R. and Karen S. Cousins to Sue S. Lee, $515,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

HILLTOP PL., 2129-Christopher M. and M.S. Maddocks to Daniel C. and Mary I. Barrett, $500,000.

HUTCHISON GROVE CT., 2112-Anis Amri to Sara C. and Megan C. Myers, $520,000.

HYSON LANE, 2808-Lorraine Herman to Jefferson Group Corp., $390,000.

MAYFAIR MCLEAN CT., 2051-Virnell A. Bruce to James M. and Joanne S. Savarese, $975,000.

SAVANNAH ST., 7612, No. T2-Jose E. and Laura Polio to Fredy A. Barrera, $230,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

BACKLICK RD., 9121-Vernon C. Payne to Robert D. Martini, $360,000.

Fort Hunt Area

BUCKBOARD DR., 8625-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Martin W. and Sabrina Scanlon, $620,000.

LONDONDERRY RD., 2300-Louis R. Stolcis to Dorothy K. and John C. Cronin, $575,000.

WEST BOULEVARD DR., 8413-Daniel J. Mania and Jennifer L. Noah to Charles R.E. Lewis and Pamela B. Gilbert, $1.25 million.

Great Falls Area

HOLLY RUN CT., 919-Mario and Ernestine Costa to Hossein Safaeian and Nooshin Paydar, $700,000.

SENECA RD., 423-Thomas L. and Patricia Jackson to Lei D. Chang, $650,000.

UTTERBACK STORE RD., 829-Jak Enterprises Inc. to Navid and Parisa Haghighi, $1.548 million.

Herndon Area

BAL HARBOR CT., 1500-Carol A. Smith to Semnani Faranak Fouladi and Saeid Khoshnoud, $399,900.

BIRCH CT., 717-Carlos A. Romero to Mauricio C. Barahona, Ricardo S. Perez and Jose S. Martinez, $321,700.

BLUE RIDGE CT., 2001-Thomas and Kristen Drapela to Thor H. and Misa Banks, $445,000.

BOROS CT., 1027-Ernesto and Sonia Acosta to Karla E. Moreno and Jose R. Trigueros, $373,500.

BROAD OAKS DR., 894-William H. and Rosemarie Crow to Quy V. Tran, $564,900.

CEDAR RUN LANE, 13600-Stephen R. and Sandra B. Bishop to Howard W. Yeung and Adriane Assang, $546,000.

CENTER ST., 625, No. 104-Martin C. Pecoraro to Mike K. Nsiah and Mavis O. Amportey, $246,000.

CHRISTY PL., 2205-Dario Gamboa to Manuel Vallecillos, $330,000.

CORDELL WAY, 754-Sean Jackson to Jose D. Ayala, $275,000.

CYPRESS GREEN LANE, 2453-Edgar Li to Rufus J. McCrea and Shelia I. Jackson, $735,000.

ELEVATION LANE, 13435-Carol A. and Martha S. Homberg to Kevin and Theresa Havens, $367,777.

FELDMAN PL., 13344-Rafael Onate to Will Funez and Rubi Marina, $295,000.

FORTNIGHTLY BLVD., 107-Fortnightly Square Inc. to James H. Cha, $608,094.

HERNDON MILL CIR., 101-Neighborhoods Corp. to Mauricio Barraza and Santiago J. Barraza, $687,927.

HERNDON MILL CIR., 109-Neighborhoods Corp. to Charles and Hannelore Smith, $638,819.

JUNIPER CT., 363-Zenon S. Landicho to Joseph H. and Tracy L. Gaitley, $305,000.

KINGS VALLEY CT., 1504-James M. and Alice A. Carr to Robert E. Gerlaugh, $659,000.

KINROSS CIR., 3112-Felipe Delarosa to Joseph M. Delarosa and Linh L. Delarosa, $450,000.

KINROSS CIR., 3243-Alan R. and Jacqueline S. Guscott to Karmela R. Barron and Anthony C. Summers, $520,000.

LAKE SHORE DR., 13445-Christopher J. and Amy B. Moltaji to Stephen R. and Jennifer L. Burstein, $535,000.

LOUGHRIE WAY, 12906-Winchester Homes Inc. to Suresh and Ishwari Baral, $1.511 million.

MEADOWVILLE CT., 12005-David F. and Margaret A. Hedges to Hari K. Kolli and Suma K. Kolli, $699,000.

MERLINS LANE, 613-Dora A. Bouhlas to Jose A. Rivera, $438,000.

MISTY WATER DR., 12516-Carl B. Fyffe to Stephen P. Dvoranchik, $522,500.

MORTON MILLS LANE, 103-Neighborhoods Corp. to Tae W. Moon, $626,306.

PARK AVE., 955-John T. Whiteside to Paul M. Damico, $305,000.

PREUIT PL., 13358-Amado Mejia Castillo and Julia Romero to Luis Guevara, $295,000.

STUART CT., 653-Aleida N. Quiroz to Lili N. Vilcatoma, $450,000.

STUART RIDGE DR., 12036-Julio C. Melendez to Jose and Liliana P.D. Torres, $481,000.

THOMAS YOUNG CT., 12506-Christopher E. and Nadine D. George to Rakesh Kumar and Savita Singh, $536,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 491-Ronald E. Vernon to Thuong C. Tran, $355,000.

WHEAT MEADOW CIR., 2469-Deborah S. Snead to Vandana Chaudhary and S. Kshetrapal, $428,400.

Huntington Area

ARLINGTON TER., 2224-Haydis Chicas to Geoffrey R. Livingston and Caitlin J. Auld, $364,900.

BANGOR DR., 6006-Mark and Barbara Hawes to Stephen E. Handler, $344,500.

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2059, No. 515-Gina Cardosi to Kyong R. Yi, $270,000.

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2221-Philip R. Whalen to John H. Winner and Thi Nhu K. Nguyen, $312,500.

INDIAN DR., 2600, No. 81-Lily B. Bean to Deepika Reddy and Tariq Allana, $226,100.

REDCOAT DR., 2616, No. 193-Ronald J. Brohman to Jaime D. and Dorothy E. Martinez, $215,000.

SCHOOL ST., 2806-Raj Paul and Neena Wahi to Mezgebu Gebeyehu and Meseret Zekerias, $502,000.

Hybla Valley Area

DUMAS ST., 2903-Bison Building Corp. to Bountham and Chanthaphone Sipharak, $557,850.

RICHMOND HWY., 6433-Gerald A. Miller to Darnell and Diane Anderson, $100,000.

Lincolnia Area

ARAPAHO LANE, 5308-Albert J. Holl to Philip A. Cox, $431,775.

MEDINAH LANE, 6576-Kolleen K. Gowans to Charles M. and Nancy W. Cook, $375,000.

SECOND ST., 6448-Glenwood Earl Kerrick to Nelson Manzano, Ana M. Rodriguez, Daniel A. Rodriguez and Mary Rodriguez, $505,000.

Lorton Area

BIRCH BAY CIR., 8981-Pulte Home Corp. to Reem Trahan, $742,875.

BIRCH BAY CIR., 8982-Pulte Home Corp. to Mimi T. Nguyen, $645,300.

CARDINAL FOREST LANE, 9298, No. 101-Patrick Berry to Giacomo Colletti, $263,500.

DANIEL FRENCH ST., 9509-NVR Inc. to Robert C. and Maria D.B. Coffeen, $560,275.

FALLSWOOD WAY, 7647-Walter H. Travers and E. Ware Robin to Ursula M. Jimenez, $420,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9715, No. D-Mid Atlantic Development Corp. to Jeffrey Rose, $200,000.

HAMILTON RD., 6721-Patriot Homes of Virginia to Donnell and Llena Cleveland, $700,558.

HAWKSHEAD DR., 9653-Abdul H. Ahmadi and Qudsia J. Ahmadi to Arnel Ryan, $559,000.

LAUREL HEIGHTS LP., 8262-Shabbir A. Usmani to Adams Fredua and Ama Pokua, $580,000.

LORRAINE CAROL WAY, 9772-Harold G. and Carolann McIntrye to Erick F. and Blanca E. Calderon, $527,000.

MILLOM CT., 8351-MI Schottenstein Homes to Raza M. Cheema, $538,208.

OLD COLCHESTER RD., 10434-Tim and Cheryl Majewski to Amir S. Rehman, $370,000.

PARSONAGE LANE, 9522-MI Schottenstein Homes to Rafael A. and Lily E. Ortiz, $667,058.

POTTERS HILL CIR., 9648-Jahandad Khan to Tudadu J. Sesay and Sorie A. Fofana, $479,900.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8197-Pulte Home Corp. to Susannah Dimond and Timothy Toepke, $512,350.

TANYARD LANE, 9099-Crystall Talley to Sayed A. Sahibzada, $452,000.

USHER DR., 8186-Keum Lee to Atef S. Abdellatif, $690,000.

WOUNDED KNEE RD., 7460-Corlis E. Saunders to Urbano Fabros, $259,900.

McLean Area

BANBURY CT., 901-Karen S. Vagley to R. David Loy, $1.103 million.

BLUEBERRY HILL RD., 702-Martina W. Knee to Elizabeth Logan, $1.295 million.

COLA DR., 1430-Xiao Tong and Jenny Zhen Xu to Jonathan Nussbaum and Kathleen Lively, $767,100.

DUMBARTON ST., 1742-Mary E. Flynn to Mark A. Cowan and Cherry Cowan, $708,500.

DUNCRAIG CT., 7001-Charles E. and Diana M. Martin to Glenn T. Ware and Leslie A. Benton, $1.288 million.

FARM MEADOW CT., 7220-Hampstead Village Corp. to Gail and John G. Vlahakis, $1.405 million.

GREENSBORO DR., 8350, No. 904-Douglas S. Pak and Son C. Pak to Rebekah A. and Paul R. Barber, $305,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8360, No. 826-Robert James and Jane C. Welday to Jae W. and Soojun L. Chung, $491,500.

INTERNATIONAL DR., 1645, No. 113-Wei Fan Chen to Van Thieu Lien Lin and Wen Yu Lin, $300,000.

LINCOLN WAY, 1521, No. 203-George M. Karavetsos to Lauren Smith, $289,000.

OLD DOMINION DR., 7117-Jean L. Joseph to Mohsen Daneshvaziri and Leila Maleki, $730,000.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1808, No. 1203-Michael Dougherty to Frederick R. and Lori J. Chung, $240,000.

SAIGON RD., 989-Paul M. Cleveland to Moghaddam Hamid Fallah and Niksirat Tahereh Golchin, $1.525 million.

SPRING GATE DR., 1600, No. 2209-Wesley Koo to Mahsa Molayem, $314,900.

SWEET WOODRUFF LANE, 13686-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jina Kim and Steve Yun, $782,855.

UNION CHURCH RD., 1024-Robert S. Borris to Bul B. Haque, $1.095 million.

WARNER AVE., 1706-Edward F. Kenney to J. Scott and Tara Hallenbeck, $675,000.

WRIGHTSON DR., 1607-Antonio M. and Irma Velasquez to Raj P. and Neena Wahi, $650,000.

Mount Vernon Area

ALCOTT ST., 4210-Joseph B. and Sally L. Storer to Sarah J.M. and Matthias G. Lohmann, $443,000.

ARENDALE SQ., 4507-Julia A. Doctor to Rodney T. Haggins and Brigitta F. Haggins, $348,000.

HALLIE ROSE ST., 8473-Henry C. Osborne to Orfila C. Roush, $485,000.

HUNTER MURPHY CIR., 8336-Priscilla A. Eddy to Rebecca S. McGinley and Mark E. Krawczyk, $349,900.

MINA LOMA CT., 8502, No. 249-Olga Esperanza Alvarez to Jose P. Sosa and Hilda R. Umanzor, $190,000.

SAN LEANDRO PL., 7920-Paul J. Gayet to Luis E. Aleman and Rosalba B.J. Marroquin, $225,000.

TALBOTT FARM DR., 8742-NVR Inc. to Mohammed A. Hossian and Fahmida R. Hossian, $693,595.

TARPON LANE, 4504-Hedwig Bell to George and Jo Ann Candelori, $518,000.

VENOY CT., 8618-Adnan and Elaine J.R. Gereli to Luz Ibanez and Magno Duenas, $285,000.

WOODHUE PL., 3976-Ralph Nussbaumer to Carla Sanchez, $200,000.

North Springfield Area

BOSTWICK DR., 6739-Phensri Mitradarmbidhaks to Reyna Y. Almendarez and Jose A. Angel, $455,000.

DONNELLY CT., 5414-Ray O. Herndon to Joseph A. and Susanna G. Prim, $310,200.

HOGARTH ST., 7302-Amelia Iriarte to Fowzih and Mohammad Jamialahmadi, $749,900.

INVERCHAPEL RD., 5517-Sandra E. Decker to Sung S. Kim, $365,000.

KATHLEEN PL., 5515-David P. Kelly to Hermann Cuadros, $529,000.

KEMPTON DR., 5518-Timothy J. and Laurie M. Holtan to Glenn F. and Maria C. Morel, $440,000.

KENILWORTH DR., 8811-Jay T. and Lupe M. Sherlock to Alexandra M. Landsberg, $479,000.

LEEWOOD FOREST DR., 7019-Claudia and Wilhelm F. Maida to Dolly Maida, $376,000.

QUEENSBERRY AVE., 5315-John G. and Joyce S. Anderson to Anis Bagasra, $473,000.

Oakton Area

BLAKE LANE, 9929-Jose J. and Irma Y. Morales to Luis E. Juarez, $405,000.

FLOWERSTONE ST., 10856-Jerry M. and Marilyn E. Jenkins to Lisa, David F. and Donald Colburn, $1.3 million.

JERMANTOWN RD., 2817, No. 301-Gardner W. and Jane E. Pierce to Suneth Jayawardhane, $307,000.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10066-Donna M. Mitchell to Jeffrey P. Woodard, $337,250.

PADDOCK WOOD CT., 2945-Deborah Sue Anderson to Pimol Kaewsurapol, $400,000.

WINDSONG DR., 3144-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Robert P. and Marlene C. Thacker, $1.725 million.

Reston Area

ARBOR GLEN WAY, 11759-Joanne M. Fay to Patrick Belcher, $470,000.

CASTLE ROCK SQ., 2212, No. 12C-Jane C. Young to Henock Zewdie, $254,500.

CHIMNEY HOUSE RD., 1640-Parham Shariatzadeh to Keith Whited and Karen Lovelace, $161,400.

CLUBHOUSE CT., 11621-Joshua M. Daynard and Christine A. Eberle to Kirk A. and Anne M. Woodyard, $620,000.

DASHER LANE, 1317-Shawn D. and Cynthia L. Adler to Wilson J. and Kay L. Kim, $922,500.

ESCALANTE CT., 11902-Tobias and Michele Greider to Adam D. Vincent and Matthew Briggs, $375,000.

FARSTA CT., 1502-Marcia A. Johns to Troy J. and Jacqueline A. Sponaugle, $365,000.

FIELDTHORN DR., 1679-David Marik and Stefanie Nef to Christopher J. Mathey, $315,000.

FREETOWN DR., 2441-John E. and Elaine A. De Jong to Justin D. Francis, $610,000.

HERITAGE OAK WAY, 1372-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Edward E. Schudel, $577,000.

HOLLOW TIMBER WAY, 11427-Barbara J. Bullock to Wade S. and Lorraine H. Gatling, $593,000.

IVYSTONE CT., 11642, No. 2A1-Anass Haruna and Mawunya Nartey to Mohammad Ashtianipour, $345,000.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 135-John W. Asher and Nele Cornelis to Mario Favaits and Nele Cornelis, $335,000.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 143-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Sidharth M. Lal and Manjuleeka M. Lal, $302,500.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 323-Shahrzad Davani to Daniel W. Krowe, $349,990.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 439-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to David H. Tighe and Ricki A. Kleist, $379,900.

MOUNTAIN LAUREL PL., 2608-James S. and Wanda L. Roberts to Christopher A. and Lisa A. Beausoleil, $650,000.

OWLS COVE LANE, 2110-Bruce A. and Marilyn E. Hallowell to Nandini Nadkarni and Stephen P. Wente, $742,000.

POPLAR GROVE DR., 1596-Michael E. Culligan to Erika P. Tomko, $343,200.

SHIRE CT., 11831-Dana Paul Delman to Joseph A. Martinet, $255,000.

SILENTWOOD LANE, 11194-Dana B. Fabsitz to Amy Fernandez, $345,000.

STONEVIEW SQ., 11659, No. 21C-Nehal and Deeba Zaidi to Hidir Dogan, $229,900.

SUMMERCHASE CIR., 11741, No. E-Smith Highland to Lisa Kiernan, $230,000.

TALIESIN PL., 12012, No. 31-Irfan Khalil to Richard D. and Wendy Beaumont, $309,900.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1963, No. A-Casey S. Wohlfeil to Carlos G. Salazar, $272,000.

Seven Corners Area

MANCHESTER ST. S., 3100, No. 1128-Peter L. Edman to Kenneth L. Warlick, $285,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3060, No. 101-Truc L. Lu to Ha T. Lu, $140,000.

Springfield Area

BALLYCASTLE CIR., 5147-David G. and Mary Ellen G. Cervetti to John W.H. Spencer, $520,000.

BARK TREE CT., 8334-John H. and Leigh A. Gaskins to Andrew J. Croce and Diane E. Alford, $300,000.

CIMARRON ST., 6708-Teresita G. and Ricardo M. Zoleta to Angela R. Aldaba, $370,000.

COLD PLAIN CT., 8737-James P. Gaverth to Evelina A. Darantinao, Nazario Bagonton and Jose Magoliman, $529,000.

DURER CT., 7755-Choudhry G. Abbas and Khurshid Begum to Pedro and Luisa Y. Cruces, $323,000.

GILTINAN CT., 9078-Joseph M. Bostaph to Martha K. Jahnke, $371,200.

HIGHLAND ST., 7214-Willliam Almanza to Gradys A. and Maria C. Mendoza, $800,000.

ITTE LANE, 7115-Avtar Singh to Jose S. Valle, $339,900.

JOVIN CIR., 8344-Mastoora Abbasi and Amin Kandahari to Matthew D. Schumacher and Ashley M. Fitch, $437,000.

MENDOTA PL., 7612-Roger L. and Louise M. Wilbrandt to Mary A. Romanik and John E. Deas, $459,900.

MIDDLE RUN DR., 8492-Mariam Aryoubi to Aashir Sanaullah and Aatif Khan, $535,000.

RICHFIELD RD., 7923-Michael A. and Holli L. Taff to William J. and Joanne S. Conley, $471,000.

RIVANNA DR., 6110-Frank L. and Josephine M. Mayolo to Mariam Aryoubi, $485,000.

Vienna Area

ABBOTSFORD DR., 2231-Benjamin H. Kline to James P. Lisbeth and Myra T. Boneta, $620,000.

BELLFOREST CT., 2700, No. 306-Kathleen S. Krause to Suzanne M. Thill, $405,000.

BYRD RD., 2008-National Residential Nominee Services to Timoteo R. and Celestial U. Gabriel, $935,000.

CARTER CT., 133-Barry C. and Laurie P. West to Casey Coleman and Steven P. Bolster, $675,000.

CENTERBORO DR., 2765, No. 149-Marquis at Vienna Station to Muhammad A. Khan, $438,900.

CENTERBORO DR., 2791, No. 384-Marquis at Vienna Station to Diana and Joseph Wong, $346,900.

CHATHAMS FORD DR., 9620-William D. and Jennifer G. Tyrrell to Rajnish Bector and Sakshi Bhagat, $875,000.

CREEK CROSSING RD., 1759-Ahmed Rababeh to Deborah M. Stopak, $699,000.

DRUID HILL ROAD NE, 408-Tsuo Chen Chen to Joel D. and Louise M. Sennesh, $822,000.

GALLOWS TREE CT., 2000-CRG Tysons Corp. to Alkesh Tayal, $613,490.

HILLTOP AVE., 8335-Jahangir and Saeedeh Hashemi to Salim Shah, $570,000.

MADRILLON SPRNGS LANE, 8118-Elizabeth Lewandowski to Ronald S. Franklin, $600,000.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9490, No. 333-Marquis at Vienna Station to Balaji Yelchuru and Dipta Krishnam, $429,800.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9490, No. 442-Marquis at Vienna Station to David M. and Ellen M. Bosley, $509,900.

WESTOWN WAY, 8560-Laura Casoni and Prudential Residential Services to Michael D. and Laura L. Murphy, $696,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

GALLOWS RD., 2543-Seung Woon Choi to Venkata Jonnalgadda, Subash Boda and Murali Bukkapatnam, $530,000.

WOLFTRAP RD., 8013-Richard L. and Faye G. Barnes to H. Charles Loew and Mary Elizabeth Currin Loew, $919,900.

West Springfield Area

CARDINAL HILL PL., 6313-David R. and Elizabeth G. Fisher to Abdikarim M. Farah and Zahra A. Said, $825,000.

GREENVIEW LANE, 6611-David R. and Laura C. Nachison to Holly M. and Steven P. Terapane, $465,000.

O'HARA COURT DR., 6478-Mohammad B. Ghani to Rahmat Ullah, $300,000.

REXFORD CT., 5765, No. I-Adnan J. Khan to John T. Kelly, $226,000.

ROYAL RIDGE DR., 5805, No. H-Susan P. Schmidt to Alvis P. Hermes, $209,000.

SOLOMON SEAL DR., 7717-Michael L. Conway to James A. Arcilesi, $453,609.

STREAM WAY, 7334-John P. and Nancy L. Long to Robert L. and Lucille F. Kinsel, $340,000.

TANWORTH CT., 8047-Wesley R. and Mary Kate Andrues to Kelly and Christopher B. Funk, $502,000.

WILLOW FORGE RD., 8438-Sandra J. Blaylock to Sunny B. Edwards, $460,000.