The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Brunswick Area

B ST. W., 606-Lynne A. Markwell to Hilda A. and Joe C. Pena, $250,000.

H ST. E., 402-Matthew S. and Heather D. Reinhart to Melissa Belloni and Kelly M. Cornwell, $288,000.

POTOMAC ST. E., 717-Brothers Ink Corp. to Brenda M. and James C. Dockery, $188,000.

THIRD AVE., 214-Christy L. and James C. Sieg to David A. Dols, $143,500.

FIFTH AVE., 207-Holly B. Pickwick to Lesley and Melissa Cutliff, $203,500.

Emmitsburg Area

HORNETS NEST RD., 8715-Michael B. and Cherry to Katrina and Doug Bigelow, $185,000.

PROVINCIAL PKWY., 20-TDJ Builders Inc. to Barbara Martin, $161,900.

SETON AVE. N., 17343-Gary J. Orndorff to Terry L. Schoonover and Tony E. Clinton, $181,000.

Frederick City Area

BALTIMORE RD., 9602-Gary L. and Mildred Bennett to Tonya and Dennis Kinsel, $375,000.

BLACK DUCK CT., 6716-Christopher A. and Nancy J. Martino to David P. and Virginia H. Beauregard, $239,900.

BLUE HERON DR., 8202, No. 3D-Nicholas W. Davis to Deborah L. Glenn, $175,000.

BLUELEAF CT., 905, No. 7-2A-Kap Jin and Young J. Chung to Janice C. and Lawrence H. Barr, $186,000.

BOXGROVE WAY, 101-Eric L. and Nicole J. Tschappat to Alison G. and Thomas A. Mogle, $122,000.

BRISTOL DR., 2139, No. 9-Nasario Hernandez to David R. Kandel, $221,224.

BUTTONWOOD CT., 6829-Mary M. and Roger W. Wills to Peggy A. Skinner, $205,000.

CASCADE WAY, 544-Eric Moulton to David Ritchie Hood, $219,900.

CHARSTONE CT., 5705-John R. Swomley to Lisa Marie and Robert F. Brown, $212,000.

CLARIDGE DR. S., 6321-Jody D. and Dianne S. Drewer to Neepa and Anshul Kantawala, $503,000.

CLIPPER CT., 7991-Mary H. Grimes to Amie J. Mara, $258,000.

COACHLIGHT CT., 7299-David W. Hoffman to Michael A. Norris, $170,000.

DELAFIELD CT., 6816-Jeffrey M. Kuhn to Andrew D. Vandervinne, $305,000.

DUNBROOKE CT., 800-Sherrylou V. and Greggie Pascual to Marlon Pangilinan Rubi, $300,000.

FREE TERR., 1813-Lisa Teach to Winton L. Jordan, $279,900.

FRINGETREE CT., 5781-Eldon and Marie E. Manwiller to Steven and Kristina Gorman Wood, $269,900.

HARPERS WAY, 216-Elsie Kellerman to Janice M. Erle, $265,000.

HARPERS WAY, 221-Thomas and Reynosa Mercer to Naeema and Abdul L. Waheed, $318,000.

HAWKINS CT. N., 6306-Darko D. and Susan M. Kapelina to Julie and Alan Bethke, $495,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 700, No. 13-E-Heather V. Davis to Shirley Paniagua, $122,500.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 820-H-Jason Barger to Reginald and Joan Hall, $126,000.

KEY PKWY., 150-Dale R. Adamson to Dindo C. Antonio, $209,000.

LAKESIDE DR., 2404-Eric A. and Monica J. Hall to France E. and Walther C. Montes, $250,000.

LAUREN CT., 125-Nicole J. Wars to Jorge Salazar and Blanca Abarca, $189,900.

LOGAN ST., 533-Randy E. Weddle to Digna and Monico Vigil, $318,000.

LYNDALE WAY, 5455-James and Tami Stakem to Katherine and Harry B. Hawkins III, $309,900.

MALLARD CT., 6720-Andrea Marie and Craig Jason Lazar to Christopher R. Tieman, $224,900.

MOSBY DR., 918-Samantha Matchett to Gregg A. Klosterman and Samantha Matchett, $130,500.

OPOSSUMTOWN PIKE, 8615-Jeanne L. Hamilton to Angela L. and Mark A. Mayer, $536,675.

PLEASANT VISTA DR., 10412-Micheal Angelo Glorioso Sr. to Steven W. McDonald and Debra Montuori, $395,000.

PRESTON DR., 8701-Michele A. and Mark A. Landers to Antivi S. Atchade, $379,000.

PROSPECT DR., 366-Margaret Ann and Anthony Magnanelli to Jose E. Sanchez Ramos, $256,500.

RIDGEFIELD CIR., 9213-Jeffrey and Lisa Wright to Amy H. and Thomas J. Leonette, $274,900.

ROCKY MILLS DR., 4703-William F. and Arran G. Siebert to Sharon E. and Clifford T. Knoll, $377,000.

TARRINGTON CT., 6437-Patricia A. Martin to Jonathan T. Santamont, $233,000.

TOWNCREST TERR., 6412-Margaret A. Reed to Kelley L. Dempsey and Gareth B. Buckland, $260,000.

TUSCARORA CT., 1827-Sander O. and Carolyn Hacker to Whitney B. and Michael S. Joseph, $419,000.

VICTORIA SQ., 102-Vijay J. Patel to Carolyn O. and Bruce J. Conners, $258,000.

VIEW POINT CT., 6428-Sonya Y. and Terry W. Amaker to Cynthia D. Brandenburg, $240,000.

VIEW POINT CT., 6436-Brian M. Wood to Anita C. and Mark M. Matovich Jr., $255,000.

WAINWRIGHT CT., 2149, No. 1A-Diane Burns to Jennifer and Patrick Burke, $183,900.

WASHINGTON ST., 209-R. Dan Oberlander to Bridget and Zachary Rigby, $275,000.

WINSTON DR., 10186-Thomas C. Sr. and Frances I. Miss to Rozanne and William A. Lyons, $286,000.

WITTINBURG DR., 6810-Primacy Closing Corp. to Jeanne O'Connell and Michael Blue, $774,900.

YELLOW SHEAVE CT., 6818-Steven C. and Ellissa G. Bowen to Fonda S. and Anthony E. Engle, $158,900.

YELLOW SPRINGS RD., 8820-Karla L. and James G. Brown to Rock Hall Investments Inc., $202,000.

THIRD ST. E., 14-Christina W. Kearney to Angelina E. Shumway, $510,000.

FIFTH ST. W., 201-James M. Berry to Margaret M. and Steven L. Balderson, $235,000.

FIFTH ST. W., 235-Alissa G. Rosenstein to Rachel E. Kavanagh, $210,500.

SIXTH ST. E., 124-Molly D. and Damon E. Barbour to Jonathan Wesley Ebbeler, $200,000.

Ijamsville Area

GREEN VALLEY RD., 3029-Robert B. Lauder to Terry J. and Viktor R. Fraker, $265,000.

Knoxville Area

JEFFERSON PIKE, 213-Maria T. Fontaine to Margaret H. Brown, $130,000.

Libertytown Area

LIBERTY RD., 11920, No. 104B-Christopher G. and Alisa L. Goldzwig to Timothy Rice and Evelyn M. Gladhill, $137,000.

Monrovia Area

KEMPTOWN CHURCH RD., 3639-William A. and Joyce E. Williams to Jean and Greg Harman, $445,000.

Mount Airy Area

BEACH DR., 6619-Terri Simms to Juliana L. and James E. Williams, $225,000.

HEMLOCK POINT RD., 6586-Joseph L. Jr. and Sara L. Dorsey to Matthew J. Frost and Venus A. Elliott, $289,000.

OAK VIEW DR., 1215-Michael J. Larizza to Crystal Cooley and Robert Sherman, $250,000.

WINDSONG CT., 5749-Christopher and Kimberly Mangold to Erika and Brian Straesser, $388,500.

WINDWOOD WAY, 5783-Thomas Edward Davis to Stacy A. Allgood and Ricardo Smith, $339,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

SPONSELLER CT., 5560-Lori G. Mufford to Jason M. Keesecker and Lisa M. Dennison, $318,900.

Thurmont Area

CATOCTIN AVE., 105-Lonnie Kevin Rabbitt to Jody L. and James T. Stinson, $278,000.

CATOCTIN FURNACE RD., 13221-Alfred J. and Wendy L. Grove to Krystal L. and Yarnell I. Gilbert, $225,000.

STRAFFORD DR., 13707-Frederick Senkel III to Mark W. Guassardo, $292,000.

Walkersville Area

ANTIETAM DR., 8707-George E. and Jean M. Morrison to Mary H. Grimes and Edward C. Leatherman, $296,000.

DUBLIN RD., 10731-Mark W. Gussardo to Sheila D. and James C. Oldach Jr., $285,000.

EDINBURGH WAY, 127-Ana J. and Ocasio Merrill to Louis Q. Holland and Kellie A. Randall, $239,500.

GORDON CT., 9823-R.E. and Helen T. Hargett to Kimberly J. and Scott M. Shafer, $417,000.

INSPIRATION AVE., 8382-Donald E. Ridge to Deanna I. and Robert G. Brown, $259,900.

REVELATION AVE., 8336-Glenn A. Sweitzer to Jennifer L. and Joseph M. Glock, $145,000.