The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

AUTUMN WIND CIR. NE, 6550-Mark R. Slatin to Denise M. Buch, $750,000.

TALON CT. SE, 5402-Ronald D. Pieper to Melanie L. Marcelino, $575,000.

TROTTER RD., 5686-Joseph H. Richmond to Trotter Crossing Corp., $675,000.

Columbia Area

ALDERLEAF PL., 5781-Naomi W. Smith to Wendy A. Briscoe, $234,000.

AVALANCHE WAY, 11225-Barbara C. Dubose to Rashmikant and Gita Raval, $195,000.

BALMY DEW WAY NE, 7110-Jay S. Golnoski to Paul Kohout and Jessica Matthews, $300,000.

BARCAN CIR., 10361-Lamonica C. Nelson to Benjamin Kieber and Maureen Kaplan, $301,000.

BRADLEY LANE, 10206-Ruth D. Jones to Kevin D. Clink and Lea M. Clink, $349,600.

BROKEN STAFF W., 7376-Boniface C. Nwugwo to Alexander Omukwugha, $280,000.

CEDAR LANE, 6636-International Healthcare to Lois E. and Leroy Peters, $359,650.

COLUMBIA RD. E., 5069-Carolyn B. Ashcraft, trustee, to Gregory Gray, $334,000.

CONSTANT COURSE S., 9007-Gilda T. Johnson to Michael T. Anthenelli, $330,560.

CROSS FOX LANE, 10528-Kathleen Marie Gilson to Carolyn Hendrie, $113,500.

DASHER FARM CT. SW, 7021-Molly J. Schmitz to Rebecca D. Saville, $335,000.

FARBELL ROW SE, 6663-Robert S. Grandfield to Alexander L. Herman and Kristina L. Schappeler, $350,000.

FENCE POST CT. NE, 6109-William Hunt Jr. to H. Robert and Willette B. Dorman, $440,000.

FLYWHEEL CT. N., 6031-Amanda Cranfill to Paul L. Patterson and Jane E. Ramstrom, $400,000.

FOOTED RIDGE, 8964-Michelle L. Saenz to Philip L. Wang, $240,970.

GRATEFUL HEART GATE, 6408-Andrew J. Hamer to Vaishali and Himanshu Amin, $519,000.

HIGH WHEELS CT., 5321-James Cho to Erin E. Bergman and Andrea M. Bullock, $360,000.

HILDEBRAND CT., 5449-Roy Beverley to Kirk N. Pozadzides, $200,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6005-Kopika Rajagopalan to Srirangarajah Thurasingham, $158,000.

MISTY TOP PASS E., 6400-Richard O. Stenbakken to Philip J. and Tammy J. Palmer, $600,000.

MOVING WATER LANE SE, 9036-William A. Musser to Mohamad Alsubhi and Kimberly Maffett Alsubhi, $295,000.

ORCHARD GREEN W., 5178-Lawrence Kuszmaul Jr. to James B. and Christine M. Plunkitt White, $329,000.

OSLO CT. S., 5920-Philip W. Barto to Barry and Rebecca Fields, $540,000.

RAVENHILL ROW, 5009-Kim M. Tubbs Herron to Tim W. and Kathryn A. Unick, $700,000.

RIDING HOOD CIR. E., 7230-Ann Marie Lyddane to Kristen A. Minarcin, $365,000.

SANDCHAIN RD. W., 6252-Michelle K. Holmes to Allison Jean Meyer and Joseph William Grover, $342,000.

SEA SHADOW SE, 9614-David A. Johnson to Michael A. and Melissa A. Ferraro, $360,000.

SLALOM LANE, 11253-Richard J. Kosko to Michael J. McKenna and Daniel K. Slaughter, $164,900.

SOUTHERN STAR TERR. SW, 5049-Kevin J. Mulroe to Avery Penn II, $350,000.

STONEBROOK LANE W., 8815-Hong Zhi Zhao to Lisa Gallaher and Stephen J. Wilson, $283,900.

SUMMER BLOSSOM LANE N., 7503-Ashok Jashnani to Encarnacion Lovo Santos and Franklin D. Santos, $271,000.

SUMMER SUNRISE DR. N., 6416-Richard B. McGinnis to Edward J. and Jane K. Berman, $740,000.

TAMEBIRD CT., 8877-Doug Campbell to Jason E. Getz, $145,600.

TIDESEBB CT., 8814-George Daniel Domer to Kenneth P. Peluso Jr. and Cheryl L. Pekuso, $375,000.

TWIN RIVERS RD., 10566-Melissa N. Ralls to Rose M. Gichuru, $163,000.

TWIN RIVERS RD., 10566-Delphine A. Matthews to Howard D. Ulmer, $115,500.

WATCHLIGHT CT., 9052-Michael Gene Young to Samuel Cerrato Jr., $210,900.

WINDMILL LANE N., 5226-Steven B. Kramer to Hessman and Jeanne Anne Nabavi, $403,000.

Elkridge Area

DOWNS RIDGE CT. NE, 6166-Keith E. Daudelin to Glen R. and Christian Ann Kozak, $515,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 7008-Alicia Sledge Dixon to John P. Ekhaml, $240,500.

EDMUNDS WAY SW, 7820-Robert T. Adams to Veronica L. Gilmore, $217,000.

EUCLID AVE., 6377-Rose Squires to Faith 7 Corp., $185,000.

GRAINGER CT. NW, 6512-Michael James Keys to Maurice L. and Sabina M. Carter, $302,000.

GREEN TREE CT. NW, 8003-Michael S. McGovern to Randall and Sarah Santos, $260,000.

HUNT HILL DR., 5845-Howard R. Ferguson to Amy G. and Stanley W. Justice, $125,000.

MAYFIELD AVE. SW, 7931-Brian A. Krolak to Ronald W. and Julie M. Elrod, $305,500.

MEADOWFIELD CT. NE, 6529-James L. Grzeszczak to John E. and Holly A. Shetterly, $505,000.

ROLAND CT. E., 8009-Mary G. Mabe to Strickland Dreyer and Kimberly Clemenys Bonner, $539,991.

SETTER DR., 5965-James E. Frantz to Crystal and Kurt Muehleisen, $302,500.

Ellicott City Area

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7958-James H. Sutch to Andrew and Amanda Liberman, $317,000.

BRIGHTMEADOW CT., 7973-Elizabeth J. Palmer to Denise E. Gardner, $290,000.

BROOKMEDE CT., 9425-Tracey L. Kuhns to Michael A. Kimack Jr. and Alda Kimach, $461,000.

DEBBIE CT. S., 5315-Roger G. Bartrug to Elizabeth Devereux, $310,102.

GROSVENOR DR., 3610-Andrea Lockitt McClure to Gary T. and Kristen P. Powers, $620,000.

LOWLEN CT., 3560-Howard L. Wessel to Soon Ok Hwang, $305,000.

MAPLE ROCK DR., 9209-Bonnie K. Moore to Geoffrey and Raquel Cosden, $405,000.

MAYFAIR CIR. SW, 7736-Molly A. Hall to Fatemi Bass, $215,000.

MCKENZIE RD. SE, 2387-Jerry D. Johnson to Dale F. and Annette K. Hoffman, $634,900.

MILLDAM CT., 8521-George H. Curran to David C. Hartman and Catheine M. Hartman, $650,617.

MONTCLAIR DR., 2821-Gladys E. Blackburn to Gladys E. and Donald Guido, $325,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. NE, 8330-Leann K. Dykstra to Wilfredo C. Reyes, $203,500.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. NW, 8360-Loren Spencer to Kellie C. Rush, $210,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8371-Lori Annn France to Clarence Ho, $212,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 4001-Charles A. Massey Sr. to Robin Rinearson, $265,000.

OLD FREDERICK RD., 8880-Anthony J. Serio to Vincent Salvatore Serio, $525,000.

ORANGE GROVE CT., 3474-Andrew Gartrell to Shuiying Hu, $309,000.

PEEBLE BEACH DR. W., 3074-Francis J. Macek to Kevin L. Monaco and Megjan A. Monaco, $590,000.

RED BANDANA WAY, 4145-Steven Li to Mark R. and Martina M. Sedlak, $535,000.

SOUTH HAVEN DR., 4821-Patricia Challacombe to John B. and Susan A. Cinotti, $308,000.

STONEHOUSE DR., 8686-F. Gurney Thompson Jr. to Samuel A. Semegn and Azeb G. Hadera, $680,000.

TALL TREES CT. W., 8222-James G. McAvoy to Hollie E. Radziewicz, $301,560.

Fulton Area

SCAGGSVILLE RD., 11988-Lakeisha M. Peters to Doreen A. Hines, $420,000.

Glenwood Area

APPLEBY CT., 3694-Michael Berzonsky to Nadeem T. and Nadia L. Bhatti, $750,000.

MACCLINTOCK DR., 14593-Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to William S. and Cindy A. Devereux, $550,000.

Highland Area

GREEN DELL LANE NW, 7628-Glenn D. Hardy to James M. and Kimberly A. Wilson, $1.18 million.

Jessup Area

SHEFFIELD CT. NW, 8126-Kimberly D. Casem to Shawn A. Johnson, $200,000.

Mount Airy Area

FLORENCE RD., 1835-Anthony C. Liberto to Joseph Edward and Barbara Ann Weber, $530,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

BRYANT AVE. NE, 9095-Bruce A. Sigman to Andrea L. Allen, $255,000.

GORDON CT. W., 9304-Paul J. Kendall to Amy E. Shrout, $336,100.

HARDING RD., 10671-Richard Lee Coon to Joanna L. Hopkins, $225,000.

HOMESTEAD CT., 9645-Waseem Ahmed to Sally J. Welch, $160,000.

LAUREL RD. N., 9404-Gregory A. Whinnie to David and Alisha Wooten, $417,900.

TUMBLEWEED RUN, 9120-James N. Scott to Latanya Henriques, $194,999.

Woodbine Area

FLORENCE RD., 2997-Brian Spradlin to Michele A. O'Connell, $399,900.

OLD ANNAPOLIS RD. NE, 1975-Elsie H. Davis to Timothy E. and Kathleen T. Cook, $559,900.