The following were among animal cases received recently by the Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources Animal Management Division. Call 301-499-8300 for directions to the Prince George's County Animal Shelter, hours of operation, and adoption and licensing procedures. The shelter's Web site is at; click on Government, then go to Department & Agency Index.

Bats Infest Apartment

BELTSVILLE, Lakehouse Rd., 4000 block, July 11. An apartment resident found a bat hanging from her living room ceiling. During several inspections, an animal control officer removed 10 bats from the apartment. Most were already dead. The bats were sent to the state health department laboratory for rabies testing. Six results were negative, one was inconclusive and three were pending. The investigation was continuing.

Blind Dog Returned to Owner

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Clovis Ave., 1200 block, July 13. County police reported that a blind terrier may have been hit by a car. A police officer stayed with the dog until an animal control officer picked up the black and tan, female silky terrier, approximately 14 years old, and took it to animal shelter. The dog was unable to use its left rear leg and may have arthritis. The dog's owner contacted Animal Management and said that his car was stolen while the dog was inside. The owner reclaimed the dog July 13 after paying fines and fees totaling $32.

Snake Stories

LAUREL, Mews Ct., 15600 block, July 9. A resident reported seeing a python in a tree in his yard, and said that he would keep an eye on the snake, adding that if it came down, he would try to put a trash can over it. An animal control officer found the python to be a six-foot-long yellow rubber snake tied in the tree to prevent birds from soiling cars in the neighborhood. The resident was concerned that whoever installed the snake had not informed neighbors about the project.

UPPER MARLBORO, Polaris Dr., 11300 block, July 11. A resident reported a black snake lying across her porch in front of the only door for which she had a key. Animal Management told her to watch the snake until an animal control officer could arrive. The officer picked up the healthy black snake and returned it to the wild.

LAUREL, Pinehill St., 8100 block, July 11. A two-foot-long black rat snake crawled into a resident's basement. An animal control officer removed the snake and returned it to the wild.

Cat Found After Eviction

CLINTON, Mike Shapiro Dr., 8000 block, July 11. A resident manager of an apartment building reported an abandoned Persian cat in the building's hallway after a tenant had been evicted. An animal control officer picked up the gray and white, spayed domestic longhair cat, approximately 7 years old. It had a collar and rabies tag. An investigation was continuing.

Groundhog Set Free

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Capitol Heights Blvd., 900 block, July 4. A resident caught a groundhog in a trap and held it in her back yard in a shaded area. An animal control officer picked up the healthy animal and returned it to the wild.

Owners and Dog Reunited

BRANDYWINE, Floral Park Rd., 4000 block, July 11. An animal control officer picked up a white and tan, male mixed husky. The dog, approximately 1 year old, was wearing a collar and tags. It was being held by a resident. The dog was taken to the animal shelter and scanned for a microchip, which traced the pet to its owners. They reclaimed the dog after paying fees.

Stray Dogs Impounded

FORT WASHINGTON, Kris Ran Ct., 13400 block, July 10. An animal control officer picked up a white male mixed husky-Akita, approximately 4 years old, that was reported to be running loose. The dog was wearing a collar and no tags, and was taken to the shelter to be held as a stray.

BOWIE, Shamont Lane, 12400 block, July 11. A resident found a gray and white, male Lhasa apso, approximately 3 years old, wearing a collar but no tags. She tied the animal on her porch. An animal control officer took the dog to the shelter to be held as a stray.

Dogs Available for Adoption

The Prince George's County SPCA/Humane Society will offer dog adoptions from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at Bowie Petsmart, 4500 Mitchellville Rd., Bowie. The dogs' foster caretakers will answer questions and accept adoption applications. The adoption fee is $180 per dog. For more information, call 301-262-5625 or go to

-- Compiled by LISA MARTIN