Note: The county planning office file number for each project is included.

Projects Proposed

California Area

1. Laurel Glen, Alton Way and Route 235. A concept site plan for a 45,927-square-foot strip shopping center on 25.75 acres. 05-13200030

2. Tazelaar Property, Three Notch and By the Mill roads. A concept site plan for a 15-lot subdivision on 6.22 acres. 05-132-017

3. The Woods at Myrtle Point, Section 1, Phases 2 and 3, Patuxent Boulevard and Route 4. A preliminary review of plans to subdivide 101.7 acres for 68 lots for single-family houses (Phase 2) and 21 lots for single-family houses (Phase 3). 04-120-009 and 04-120-020

Hollywood Area

4. Triton Metals Industrial Park, 43979 Airport View Dr. A concept site plan for a 90,748-square-foot building on 13.95 acres. 05-13200028

Lexington Park Area

5. Southgate Center, Parcel A, Route 235 near Hermanville Road. A concept site plan for eight townhouses on 1.74 acres. 05-132-010

6. Expedition Park, Building 12, Route 235 near Pegg Road. A site plan for a 14,554-square-foot office building on 2.52 acres. 05-13200031

Morganza Area

7. Grandview Haven, Phase 1, Morganza Turner Road and Route 5. A preliminary plan for a 111-lot subdivision on 63.5 acres. 04-120-015

Projects Approved

Hollywood Area

8. Estates at Joy Chapel, Joy Chapel and Mervell Dean roads. Eight of 60 single-family housing lots were approved in a preliminary plan to subdivide 33.87 acres. 04-120-023

Mechanicsville Area

9. Immaculate Conception Church, 28297 Old Village Rd. A concept site plan for a 12,916-square-foot church hall building on 8.87 acres. 05-132-025

10. Mechanicsville Office Building, north of Route 5 and Route 235. A concept site plan for an 18,000-square-foot medical building on four acres. 05-132-006.

-- Compiled by MOLLI YOOD