Cocaine Kingpin Video in Demand

Rayful Edmond III Fascinated City

The hottest video in the city, according to purveyors of DVDs? It's a docudrama about the life of cocaine kingpin Rayful Edmond III, who before his arrest at 24 and sentence of life in prison had seized control of a huge share of the drug trade in the District, bringing in millions of dollars' worth of Colombian cocaine each week from Los Angeles in the late 1980s. Edmond's flashy fearlessness fascinated the city; during his trial, he was held at Quantico and flown in each day. The docudrama, a cautionary tale, was not a major release, just of major local interest.

Help Offered to Low-Income Residents

Measure Would Match Money in Savings

Some help for low-income District residents was approved by a U.S. Senate panel in the form of a proposal that would provide a maximum payment of $9,000 for married couples. The measure, however, has plenty of hurdles to get over before it's a done deal. The money would take the form of matching $3 for every dollar a couple invested in a savings accounts to buy a home, send a child to college or start a business. The program also would be open for up to four years to single, childless D.C. residents 16 to 22 who have met certain conditions. The maximum for a single person would be $4,500.

Ex-Verizon Executive Joins Mayor's Race

Marie Johns in Contest With Fenty and Orange

Another candidate has joined the D.C. mayoral race. She is Marie Johns, who retired last year as president of Verizon's local operations. She joins council members Adrian M. Fenty (D-Ward 4) and Vincent B. Orange Sr. (D-Ward 5).

New Paint Planned for Douglass Home

'White House of Southeast' Will Be Brown

The Frederick Douglass house, called the White House of Southeast by community residents, will lose its white, according to the U.S. Park Service. Officials there said that analysis of paint samples taken in the restoration effort of the 19th-century abolitionist's home showed he had it painted a grayish brown. They will return it to that color, which at the time indicated that a person had means, they said.

Man Who Vowed Bombing Sentenced

White House Explosion Threatened

Lowell W. Timmers, who threatened to blow up the White House just before the presidential inauguration, was sentenced and is headed to a prison for 34 months under the plea bargain he struck with prosecutors. Sentencing was delayed last month when he said he could not guarantee he never would make such threats again. This time, he said, those were philosophical ruminations and "have gotten me in some trouble."

Across the Region

Slowing Loudoun Growth; Reviving Md. Tobacco

* Loudoun County supervisors voted to support growth controls that could help shape development in one of the last open spaces in the region.

* The federally funded Alternative Uses of Tobacco Project at the University of Maryland is seen by farmers and scientists as one of the only opportunities to revive the tobacco industry that was the economic and cultural backbone of Southern Maryland.

* Crews paving a new section of the Capital Beltway as part of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge project finished their work early -- nearly a full day ahead of schedule -- and anticipated weekend traffic jams in the area never materialized.

* A former United Airlines baggage handler at Dulles International Airport pleaded guilty to stealing mail containing credit cards that passed through the airport, a scheme that authorities said defrauded financial institutions of nearly $4 million. Emmanuel Osho, 49, admitted that he stuffed large quantities of mail into a black duffel bag and drove the letters to a co-conspirator in New York.

Awash in Humidity: Myrle Moore, visiting from California, grabs a few winks by granddaughter Jessica Tarmen.