The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1402, No. B2-Thomas E. Nuzum to Jeannie Swanson, $275,000.

DUKE DR., 6812-Paul B. Backe to W. David Frenzel and Carlos A. Urdininea, $371,000.

GOLF COURSE SQ., 6309-Robert B. and Sylvia I. Cody to Michael, Renate and Isabella Cascarano, $640,000.

OLMI LANDRITH DR., 6426-Jeffery M. and Rebecca Jensen to Brian W. and Anna Stolarz, $428,500.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ALFORTH AVE., 6273-Debra J. Delozier to Jose E. and Julio D. Orellana and Rosa A. Portillo, $381,500.

BRINDLE HEATH WAY, 6825, No. A-Matthew C. Flora to Cristine Johnnides, $330,000.

CHERWELL LANE, 7234-Anna M. Villarreal to Christopher J. and Mary E.M. Miller,


DUDDINGTON DR., 7449-Jane E. Conaway to Seymour Lazerowitz, $372,000.

EFFINGHAM SQ., 7708-Stephen W. and Rita M. Jackson to Donna A. and Bennie L. Johnson, $441,600.

HEATHERWAY CT., 6836-Anthony G. and Martha J. Manigross to Jonathan W. and Khristina Taylor, $360,000.

HOWELLS RD., 6168-Daniel S. and Mary L. Caldwell to Abdellah Ferdawsey, $360,000.

JAVINS DR., 4202-BPM Corp. to Rolando E. Siliezar, $455,000.

JUNEBERRY CT., 6108-Dashnor and Lindita Gremi to Jose Ruiz, $502,500.

LAKE COVE DR., 7151-Michael Malferrari to Darrel and Belinda Stewart, $472,380.

LANGTON DR., 5860-Saltes Diego to Janie S. Wilson, $440,000.

LEISURE CT., 5502-Michael W. Mainer to Van Pham and Phillip Nguyen, $455,000.

LERWICK CT., 6945-Kathleen O'Connor and Willie B. Kemp to Scott D. Cram and Kathryn N. Morganti, $450,000.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6922, No. E-Glenn A. Duponte to Margot S. Hitpas, $275,000.

OLD CARRIAGE LANE, 6560-Christopher D. Braman and Samaria A. Braman to William and Tara Conroy, $351,000.

STONE VALLEY CT., 6193-Walter R. McCollum to Hilario Dsouza, $331,000.

THACKWELL WAY, 6607, No. 2209-Nelson D. and Thorta F. Ray to Stephanie L. Babin, $361,200.

THE PARKWAY, 6301-Raphael Cassagnol to Shakeel S. Khan, $375,000.

WINDHAM HILL RUN, 6247-Mary E. Maxse to Frank and Tina James, $528,000.

Annandale Area

ASPEN HILL CT., 4625-Sang You and Young You to Kyung S. Woofter, $620,000.

CHERRY LANE, 6917-Ronnie G. and Roswitha Gollehon to Seville Homes Corp., $750,000.

CONWELL DR., 4570, No. 207-Un Byong and Gui Soon Park to Juan W. and Rona Hernandez, $290,000.

FOREST ST., 8511-Jonathan A. and Tili Stanley to Joseph S. and Mary F. Hodges, $700,000.

HAMILTON ST., 7409-Robert E. and Eleanore Miniter to Van Do and Phuong Nguyen, $511,000.

HERITAGE DR., 7723-Bryan L. and Carol A. Harmon to Daniela C.S. Gray, $408,000.

HOLYOKE DR., 6429-Robert Grimaldo and Gilma E. Saravia to Shan Zhao, $395,000.

MANGALORE DR., 4114, No. 204-Jae K. Lee and Saori Morita to Jong B. Baik, $172,000.

MAYFIELD DR., 4506-Kathryn M. Clark and William W. Jones to Joseph Moura and Dunia J. Fadlallah, $456,000.

MONARCH LANE, 3348-Leonardo W. and Maria S. Chavez to Mohammad Aslam and Samina K. Aslam, $590,000.

REGINA DR., 4903-Richard B. Mason to Shelly C. Culbertson and Iliano Cervesato,


SCHUYLER CT., 7900-Tri V. and Lieu Nguyen to Han D. Nguyen, $367,000.

VAN WALBEEK PL., 4908-Habib Benamor and Olfa C. Benamor to Nora E. Umanzor, $400,000.

WAYNE DR., 7215-Barbara F. Jackson to Noemi Ordonez, $460,000.

WINONA CT., 7835-Carlos A. Vaca to Elalami Tatby, $317,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3312, No. 23-Saeed Pashmin and Fereydpun Moazzami to Quan N. Phung, $260,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

ELLERY CIR., 3573-NVR Inc. to Arthur H. Dunkin, $546,040.

LEWINSVILLE RD., 8600-James E. Lewis to Farah Ahmad, $770,000.

LEWIS LANE, 5835-Thuan Tran to Suong V. Dinh, $360,000.

RIO DR., 3245, No. 902-Karyn E. Johnson to Joanna K. Do, $230,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3713, No. 1005-Gloria J. Ambers to Benjamin A. and Julie M. Campbell, $359,900.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 1613N-L. Erick Ohlsson to Donald R. Sweigart, $201,000.

WHISPERING LANE, 3710-Patricia S. Gordon to Matthew P. and Melissa F. Ferguson, $630,000.

Burke Area

APPLE WOOD LANE, 5828-Yeon H. Kim and Jong Won Park to Mohammed A. Bhatti, $360,000.

CHESTNUT WOOD LANE, 10025-Tina M. Reppert to In S. Sim, $378,000.

COMPASS CT., 7304-James P. and Jean M. Logan to Kevin P. and Gine R. Ryan, $520,000.

DRAYCOTT CT., 9517-Steven G. and Kathleen M. Smith to Nancy M. Clayton, $365,000.

DUNLEIGH CT., 5309-Tim A. and Stephanie L. Bullman to William A. and Kathryn C. Wood, $574,900.

GLENARM CT., 9609-Victor A. Cornejo to Jose and Claudia Torrico, $429,000.

HEATHWICK CT., 6055-Petra L. Osborne to Leigh A. and John H. Gaskins, $334,180.

HERITAGE LANDING RD., 10415-Wayne R. and Lori L. Williamson to Philippe and Brigida Laroche, $650,000.

MARDALE LANE, 6006-Yosif H. and Razia S. Ali to Courtney D. and Racquel Thomas, $375,000.

WHITEWATER DR., 9988-Bruce Phu to Kajo and Rita Tweneboa, $364,000.

Centreville Area

ANN GRIGSBY CIR., 13542-Pulte Home Corp. to Joseph S. Suh, Namy Suh and Kyu Y. Suh, $617,635.

ASHER VIEW, 14171-James A. Cleland to Sergio Sandoval and Aubner L. Sandoval, $391,000.

BIG YANKEE LANE, 13942-Erick A. and Carlos Ivan Guzman to Mohamed Amriui and Viky Hurtado, $336,000.

CHASEWOOD CIR., 6862-Holly S. Capps to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $340,000.

CHELSEY PL., 14517-Jose G. Lopez to Natividad and Gloria E. Flores, $340,000.

CLARENDON SPRINGS PL., 5868-Michael T. Walters to Ricardo A. and Teresa V. Henriquez, $306,500.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14316-Kyung S. Song to Young N. Yi, $265,000.

CONNOR DR., 13347, No. L-Ryan, Rodney and Mary L. Schnurr to Michael L. Bratton, $315,000.

EARLY AUTUMN DR., 6165-Daniel H. Park to Jung H. Lee, $400,000.

FLOWER HILL DR., 14600-Liza E. Qaddourah and Munzer S. Qaddourah to Kelly H. Thach, $409,000.

GOLDEN OAK RD., 14465, No. 80C-Jong S. Kim to Jeffery W. Benson, $295,000.

GRAPE HOLLY GROVE, 14305, No. 14A-Susan M. St. Peter to Ryan D. and Rebecca J. Chapman, $215,000.

GRINGSBY CT., 14451-Julie E. Orr to Alfred E. Chang, $274,750.

HICKORY POST CT., 14806-Kenneth N. and Kimberly R. Tiffin to Michael S. and Kathleen M. Hunter, $682,000.

MIDDLE CREEK PL., 13940-Mark Samblanet to Ali and Dora Abdelrihem, $405,000.

MIDDLEBOURNE LANE, 5405-Peter and Magdalene Elimimian to Jen T. Chao and Liu Li, $370,000.

MIDNIGHT BLUE PL., 13401-Theresa S. Choi to Mi K. and Ra D. Kim, $498,900.

OAKMERE DR., 14556-Kwang H. Lee to Hyung C. Kim and Eun Y. Kimvae, $430,000.

PADDINGTON LANE, 6282-Linn C. and Sarah Klitzkie to Juan C. Casais and Eva Klivington, $256,400.

PRAIRIE MALLOW LANE, 13518-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jessica Tonthat and Nhung K. Ngo, $495,300.

REGIMENTAL CT., 5700-Michael A. Lamont to Seung J. Kim and Lillian S. Kwon, $480,000.

SAGUARO PL., 14477-Morena Montano and Jenny E. Torres to Sohil Mansourimoaied, $235,000.

SEQUOIA FARMS DR., 5501-Theodore and Shannon D. Rubsamen to Maher Atari and Mai Mohammad Hamdam, $499,000.

SERVICEBERRY ST., 5462-Winchester Homes Inc. to Shearrin Bozeman, $552,500.

SILO VALLEY VIEW, 14363-Jeffries Family Partnership to Stacy K. Schraa, $377,500.

ST. GERMAIN DR., 14461-Brenda S. Washington to John C. Ashton, $230,000.

SUMMER GARDEN WK., 13302-Pulte Home Corp. to Annie B. Jegathesan and Santhacruz Kitherian, $481,575.

SUMMER GARDEN WK., 13318-Pulte Home Corp. to Rajan Seshardi, $491,886.

SUNSET RIDGE CT., 6005-Gloria M. Blanco and Distenio E. Blanco to Iftikhar Tariq and Abdul Kayum, $291,000.

SWEET WOODRUFF LANE, 13684-Winchester Homes Inc. to Woon O. and Young S. Kim, $784,500.

Chantilly Area

CUB RUN RD., 4432-George A. and Suchada Zeuger to Varopast Meesombut and Saraparn Pojchanachai, $400,000.

EAGLE CHASE CIR., 14019-Srinivas and Prathima Anumolu to Young S. Choi, $779,900.

STREAM VALLEY DR., 13465-Shih Pei R. and Yu Jung Chou to Stefan A. and Sabine Scholz, $550,000.

WEEPING WILLOW CT., 4145-Keith H. Tester to Charles M. Byrley, $235,000.

Clifton Area

CLIFTON RD., 5621-James E. and Shirley C. Heslep to Geeyerpuram and Vaidehi Mathavan, $691,000.

QUAIL CT., 5502-William G. and Nancy S. Wilcox to Spiro J. Kastanis, $375,000.

Fairfax City Area

AMES ST., 10715-Edward Joseph and Dorothy T. Doyle to Craig C. and Sandra L. Cox, $510,000.

BILLINGHAM ST., 4510-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Joanne and Kevin Dai, $521,155.

BILLINGHAM ST., 4518-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Hae S. Park, $521,240.

BRAEBURN DR., 4401-Nick Jabro to David A. Jabro, $524,000.

CAMBORNE TER., 12187-Sung S. Han and Soonjung Kwon Han to Dong E. and Melanie Shin, $525,000.

CARRIAGEPARK RD., 4865-Thomas A. and Irene M. Geraci to Osmanjan Ababekri, $420,000.

CHESHIRE MEADOWS WAY, 5402-David A. and Lori L. Hayes to Judith N. and Stephen L. Huntzinger, $380,000.

CHRISTIE JANE LANE, 4825-Pulte Home Corp. to Alan B. and Susan A. Helig, $976,850.

ENGLISH HOLLY DR., 4521-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Simon X. Zheng and Clara L. Wen, $533,035.

FAIRFAX FARMS RD., 3916-Jin S. Kim and Kyung M. Jang to Ali Nazhand, $420,000.

FORT BUFFALO CIR., 12210-Sun Kum Lee to Alyson Samuels, $341,000.

GOLF RIDGE CT., 12023, No. 301-Ashley R. McHale to Melissa Carboni, $315,000.

GOOSE POND LANE, 13210-Anthony R. Didonato to Richard W. Loving, $520,000.

GREENWOOD CT., 12103, No. 141-Duo Jin Chin and Ok Hee Won to Suzi Frampton, $275,000.

HUNTING PINES PL., 9110-Guo Bo Lin to Li Fuxian, $474,300.

KINGS CROWN CT., 9723, No. 202-Christine K. Cornelius to Susana F. Zevallos and Stephen F. McGrain, $272,000.

LATNEY RD., 10338-Phuong T. Michael to Oleg and Valeriya Volonsevich, $400,000.

LEE HWY., 9031-Sharon B. Ward to Troy and Jacqueline A. Sponaugle, $394,900.

MADONNA LANE, 13149-Cebees Inc. to Eric G. and Catherine L. Patterson, $470,000.

MEMORY LANE, 13228-Pedro Han to Van Oanh and Tinhdi Phan, $777,777.

MONMOUTH ST., 4539-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Andrea and Leonardo I. Hidalgo, $530,425.

MONUMENT CT., 4130, No. 301-David M. Hawa to Erik C. Dull, $335,000.

PARK VISTA BLVD., 11601-Joseph J. and Francine G. Bria to Matthew W. and Tiffany S. Link, $610,000.

PUMPHREY DR., 5236-Russell D. and Lisa M. Mullen to Michael B. and Deborah A. Moser, $530,000.

RICHARDSON DR., 5204-Rudolph Nicholas and Patricia S. Pataro to Jimmy and Arporn Nguyen, $505,000.

ROMA ST., 11005-Gary C. Thrailkill and S. Georgianna to Juan Cutolo, $336,700.

SWANEE LANE, 2885-Trace Briarwood to Chun Lung Wang, $736,533.

THOMPSON PARK LANE, 2965-Neighborhoods Corp. to Kevin R. and Mary E. Lombardo, $634,699.

WEDGEWAY PL., 12143-Cynthia A. Cochrane to Morgan A. and Maria F. Parker, $371,000.

Fairfax Station Area

CLARA BARTON DR., 11541-Fernando and Lucile H. Chaves to Roger A. and Melody J. Bick, $711,100.

NATIVE DANCER CT., 7003-Stephen M. and Linda M. Kirchner to Bonnie Jo Chittum and Jo Ann Bruce, $860,000.

Falls Church Area

ANNANDALE RD., 2836, No. 333-Sambath and Thim Chan to Mid Atlantic Development Corp., $160,000.

ARTHUR DR., 7202-Eric L. Grubaugh to Danny Halim, $480,000.

BROOK DR., 2901-Gerald M. Rowe to Daniel F. and Isabel N. Zurita, $450,000.

CAMP ALGER AVE., 7308-Belen M. Angeles and Mari C. Atienza to Alex H. Perez, $475,000.

DASHIELL RD., 3218-Jack Lee Riggles to NP Investment Inc., $361,000.

DOVER LANE, 2864, No. 303-Kimberly N. Dail to David S. Hamilton, $227,500.

FAIRMONT ST., 3026-Julie D. Langlois to Nga T. Nguyen, $382,000.

GRANBY CT., 11036-Judy A. Novak to Andrew and Deborah L. Czirjak, $334,500.

LAKESIDE VILLAGE DR., 7600, No. M-Jeffrey B. Small to Mohammad M. Emami and Sayeh Adli, $244,500.

LEE HWY., 7322, No. 103-Brad Burton to Ryan Solis, $250,000.

MIDDLEBORO DR., 2825-Mary M. Rokos to Regan Tsui, $356,000.

SUMMERFIELD RD., 2903-Catherine A. Ruiz to Charles D. and Gwendolyn Biscoe, $550,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

CAPRI CT., 2231-Jin Young K. Park to Julia O. Fredriksen and Knut E. Fredriksen, $499,000.

CHESTNUT GROVE SQ., 11236-Benjamin R. Puchalski to Shahin Ehteshami, $262,000.

EDGAR CT., 2001-Mohammed Akter Hossain and Fahmida R. Hossain to Arifr Rahman, $440,000.

GORDONS RD., 7219-Catherine Wilson to Matthew A. Thexton, $560,000.

NORSHAM LANE, 7714-Jefferson Group Corp. to Daniel D. Hammond, Eddy Badrina and Rachel Badrina, $454,000.

SAVANNAH ST., 7614-William E. Hoehn to Henemias Vega, $230,000.

WICOMICO ST., 2102-Nancy Lopez to Laura C. Kayser and John M. Battle, $659,353.

Fort Hunt Area

COOL SPRING DR., 1506-Colin Patrick Chandler to Christopher J. and Anna L. Terio, $540,000.

Great Falls Area

BROCKMAN CT., 604-Nasim Hakimi and Shaheen Ghafari to Vanessa M. Lim and Nariman Modanlou, $1.315 million.

FOREST PARK RD., 725-George F. and Kay G. Middleton to John P. and Tisa S. Basseer, $840,000.

GREAT PASSAGE BLVD., 1078-Carolyn N. and Howard C. Saylor to Michael L. and Karin A. French, $1.625 million.

HUNTER MILL RD., 2403-Alfred De Nunzio to Remco Group Inc., $650,000.

Herndon Area

AMY WAY, 13400-Michael J. and Nancy C. Degnan to Prudential Relocation Inc., $650,000.

APGAR PL., 13323-Derrick S. and Michelle L. Parker to Tracy E. and Melinda S. Dickey, $250,000.

BOND ST., 1243-Ramiro M. Garcia and Nelson A. Martinez to Kashif A. Dewan, $351,000.

CAPSTONE CIR., 2074-Shelia I. Jackson to Thomas J. Boland, $460,000.

CAROLINE CT., 13222-Richard Macheske to Jonathan and Sara R. Holl, $615,000.

CASPER DR., 1124-Tomas A. and Mabel Laureano to Jose R. Vigil, $355,000.

CEDAR RUN LANE, 13582-Jonathan Abramson and Mandi S. Abramson to Devika Sachdev and Mohit Kashyap, $560,000.

CENTER ST., 609, No. 202-Paulino Reyes to Daniel Paniagua and Gilma Y. Rodriguez, $201,000.

CHRISTY PL., 2247-Carl Greer to Shahzad Hussain, $337,000.

COLD HARBOR CT., 1305-Peter J. and Kathleen J. Bills to Michael E. and Maura E. Culligan, $480,000.

DEW MEADOW CT., 2419-Martin W. and Shelly M. Linsky to Vijay Ganapathy and Vinita Sahasranaman, $385,000.

ELEVATION LANE, 13404-Nehal and Deeba Zaidi to Duvia L. Lopez, $345,050.

FORTNIGHTLY BLVD., 105-Fortnightly Square Inc. to Irene M. Deleon, $556,700.

HERNDON MILL CIR., 147-Harry E. Dean to Adam and Monique Mariani, $575,000.

HERTFORD ST., 1002-Anthony W. and Alicia L. Arden to Jean P. and Kathleen Picchiottino, $425,000.

KINGS CT., 1002-Juan F. Tobar to Nikolay Georgiev and Kameliya Boyadzhieva, $253,000.

LINDEN CT., 362-Fausto Hernandez and Ada Y. Alfaro to Ana Hernandez, $338,000.

NUREYEV LANE, 12712-Karin K. Morrison to Anthony and Janet Stark, $520,000.

SPRINGTIDE PL., 1312-Manuel G. and Marie E. Ramos to Jose Aguirre, $300,000.

SUGAR MILL WAY, 2447-Jamil Ramzan and Masooma Ilyas to Shaheen Ghafari, $410,000.

WILSHIRE DR., 1235-Ramirez Alejandro Lopez and Lurbin Ramos to Noe Flores, $395,000.

WINDCROFT GLEN CT., 1003-Rodolfo M. Nazareno to Keith W. Miller and Carrie A. Muenks, $438,000.

Huntington Area

BANGOR DR., 6106-R. and L. Realty Corp. to Rosalia P. and Juan C.P. Herbas, $380,000.

EDGEHILL DR., 5833-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Christopher T. Freeman and Sally L. Stephens, $342,500.

FARRINGTON AVE., 2107-Thomas Davis and Mary Walsh Davis to Hassan Kizou, $375,000.

REDCOAT DR., 2648, No. 99-Robert M. Broadus to Ali Khan, $215,000.

VICTORY DR., 2308-Reynaldo C. Medrano and Carla Munoz to Jose A. and Norah B. Galdo, $322,000.

WAGON DR., 2630, No. 295-Alan L. and Virginia E. Craig to B. Quoc, $178,000.

Hybla Valley Area

APPIAN CT., 2509-John E. and Maureen C. Sykes to Adel and Antwanete Dabaie, $515,000.

CLIFTON FARM CT., 8221-Jane A. Lowman to John L. Cunnane, $379,000.

DEER RUN DR., 6862-Susan L. Norwood to Elaine and Thomas Martin, $385,000.

PHILLIPS DR., 2421-Mary E. Manning and William G. McClelland to Jeffrey E. Parfitt and Boyka S. Parfitt, $370,000.

Lincolnia Area

BISMACH DR., 5614, No. 203-Shiv Kumar to John J. Lopez, $227,000.

CHACO RD., 4008-Sandra J. Ivey to Roxana A. Zurita, $450,000.

SPLIT CREEK LANE, 6215-Geraldine and James Adams to Samer A. Najia, $560,000.

STARTERS LANE, 12915-Kyu Suh Suh to Jong W. and Jung A. Park, $550,000.

SUMMER LEAF LANE, 5442-John S. Fackenthal to Leo J. Reddy and Athleen O. Reddy, $503,000.

SEVENTH ST., 6313-B.M. O'Malley to Vijayalakshmi Vellayan and Arvind Nair, $457,000.

Lorton Area

BLACKFOOT CT., 8575-Michael D. Champagny to Donald J. Heer, $307,000.

DANIEL FRENCH ST., 9511-NVR Inc. to Latifa Ibrahimi, $687,240.

EAST HILL DR., 9895-John E. Schram to John E. and Reyna C. Schram, $618,155.

FALLSWOOD WAY, 7600-Paul R. and Rebecca L. Hinkhouse to Jagbir K. Gill and Harinder Singh, $460,500.

GILMORE DR., 9206-Calvert Homes Inc. to Richard F. Sheehan and Cheryl A. Navarro, $839,000.

GREENE DR., 10453-Candyce L. Clanton to Thomas C. Whitner, $330,000.

HAWKSHEAD DR., 9656-Junaid Akhtar to Stephen W. and Rita M. Jackson, $609,000.

THOMAS BAXTER PL., 9603-NVR Inc. to Celina V. Lord, $571,590.

WALDREN WAY, 8918-Judith M. Shamp to Jeffrey R. and Jill N. Child, $309,550.

McLean Area

BENJAMIN ST., 6722-John D. Fisk to Michael Pusateri, $2.63 million.

BROOK RD., 8429-Henry H.D. Sterrett and Sabyna S. Sterrett to Middleburg Associates Corp., $935,000.

EDSALL RIDGE PL., 5406-Douglas H. Nomura and Anela G. Nomura to Robert H. Kay, $630,000.

ELIZABETH DR., 6949-Rosemary V. MacDonald to Benchmark Development Group Inc., $720,000.

ENOLA ST., 7815, No. 202-Elizabeth Louie to Hossein Goudarzi, $272,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8360, No. 526-Margaret D. Ham to Jamal W. Maalouf, $530,000.

GUNNELL CT., 1339-Donald R. and Ina B. Kamenz to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $1.288 million.

HALLCREST DR., 7375-Christopher E. and Janet B. Gerhart to Andrea L. and Gregory A. Bitz, $582,009.

INTERNATIONAL DR., 1645, No. 314-Arash Raoufinia to Sirva Relocation Corp.,


LONG MEADOW RD., 6302-Manuel H. Garcia and Alberta M. Zinno to Susan A. Dahlseid and Steven J. Donovan, $1.175 million.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1808, No. 1215-Usha P. Fielding to Lindsay N. Ledezma, $305,000.

RIDGE DR., 753-Glenn T. Ware and Leslie A. Benton to Christopher Ocasal, $1.104 million.

RUPERT ST., 1810-Sylvia D. Schwarz to James R., Joy B. and Rosa Mallek, $645,000.

SOLITUDE CT., 7797-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Michael W. and Stacy Mendler, $2.789 million.

TREMAYNE PL., 7720-Eva M. Kamhi to Yunsheng Chen, $306,000.

Mount Vernon Area

DANDRIDGE TER., 4204-David J. and Kristi A. Hellmuth to Robert J. and Victoria H. Koestler, $675,000.

HUNTER MURPHY CIR., 8377-Rosa C. Umana to Maria E. Gulczewski, $360,000.

LARAMIE PL., 3809, No. C-Robert J. and Florence K. Sherman to Solbella A. Romero, $180,000.

MOUNT VERNON CIR., 9315-Bradley J. and Julia V. Mitchell to Kirk T. and Joy A. Rostron, $985,000.

MOUNT ZEPHYR DR., 8541-Barbara A. Schultz to Ian C. Schultz, $345,000.

ORINDA CT., 8412, No. 279-Luis A. and Ana L. Lobo to Olga E. Alvarez, $220,000.

PONDSIDE TER., 8311-Isaac and Linda Agyemang to Andres Leiva and Silvia Martinez, $281,001.

TALBOTT FARM DR., 8744-NVR Inc. to Lee A. Grimsley and Hwa Y. Kim, $723,130.

VENOY CT., 8632-Jody Boudreaux to Hasan Sk Farhana, $311,000.

North Springfield Area

ATLEE PL., 5408-Bernard A. Mejean to Joseph T. Showalter, $474,400.

DALTON RD., 5221-Samuel J. and Carolyn P. Hollen to Ori Nadav, $396,000.

DANBURY FOREST DR., 5314-Marta D. Maldonado to Antonio L. Maldonado and Bernadette Paz, $300,000.

FERBER PL., 7505-Bond and Joyce D. Manering to Hector and Sandra Gutierrez, $450,000.

KEMPTON DR., 5500-Toby A. and Patricia A. Thacker to Daniel A. and Andrea M. Kaltenbaugh, $462,000.

Oakton Area

OAKTON MEADOWS CT., 3000-Lewis W. and Jennifer A. Wharton to MDP Enterprises Corp., $505,000.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10119-Abigail B. Chough to Jason E. and Linda Banks, $253,000.

PALMER DR., 10146-Mary E. Rinker to Brandon K. and Julie A. Bracher, $495,000.

VALEWOOD DR., 3414-Colin and Verena Hogbin to Song N. Pak, $565,000.

Reston Area

BENTANA WAY, 1657-William and Isabelle Woloch to Steven M. McGuire and Heather K. Beachy, $404,000.

CARTWRIGHT PL., 2190-Pamela S. Tompkins to Jeffrey A., Sharon E. and Heather Rainey, $290,000.

CASTLE ROCK SQ., 2233, No. 21C-David R. and Tiffany L. Tomasso to Himmat Singh, $250,000.

CREEKBEND DR., 12011-Robert J. and Patricia L. Koreski to Scott M. and Shelley L. Bilyeu, $925,049.

DOUBLE EAGLE CT., 2223-Donald C. Bagwell and Lisa K. Behr to James V. and K. Anne C. Whipp, $410,000.

FIELDTHORN DR., 1627-Russell A. Verbofsky to Mark S. and Ronni D. Ackermann, $302,000.

GALLANT FOX CT., 2362-Rodrigo Lopez Quiroga to Robert T. Bagshaw and Susan J. Rheingold, $635,000.

GEDDYS CT., 11307-Shojaeddin Zarafshar to David E. Burgess, $415,000.

GLADE BANK WAY, 2419-Emily M. Berends to Young D. Moon, $407,500.

HERITAGE OAK CT., 11433-Aimen A. Hussein to Elizabeth Louie, $562,500.

HUNTERS SQUARE CT., 2302-John M. Roy to Todd A. and Marcia H. Schryer, $336,100.

KARBON HILL CT., 11705, No. B-Cindi Summerfield to Andrew J. McDevitt, $311,100.

LAKE SHORE CREST DR., 1712, No. 33-Michael P. Montagne to Sam S.L. and Katrina G.W. Cheng, $321,000.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 324-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Leuntje and Frederick S. Lowry, $460,927.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 434-Michael B. Kosmides to Charles and Allison Hodgson, $575,000.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 445-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Victor G. Bucher, $314,626.

MOORINGS DR., 1692-Donald F. and Julie C. Frutchey to Darin Mazakov, $515,000.

SANIBEL DR., 2227-Sarah Cavaliere to Allan C. and Alexis W. Long, $336,525.

VANTAGE HILL RD., 11611, No. 11B-Amy S. George to Jose A. Roubin, $233,000.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1980, No. B-Gregory C. May to Brent Holoviak, $247,225.

WATERFRONT RD., 1466-William S. and Patricia S. Swelbar to Stephen P. Pence, $1.23 million.

Seven Corners Area

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3101, No. 920-Karen L. Hollerich to Chaiwan Neeranartrungsun, $185,000.

Springfield Area

BERTITO LANE, 7613-Rene C. Fix and Judith A. Fedder to Timothy J. and Maria D. Murphy, $525,000.

BEVERLY PARK DR., 7240-Joaquim and Edith B. Grancho to Ramon Lazo, $375,000.

CUTTERMILL PL., 8731-Scott J. and Lana M. Stein to Marcus and L. Michelle Points, $625,000.

DURER CT., 7709-Homa Marzi to Jorge and Lourdes Camacho, $331,000.

EDGEBROOK DR., 6912-John G. and Gertrude B. Curran to Alcides Perez Castellon and Rene F. Moya, $430,000.

EDINBURGH DR., 8025-Charlene W. Hannigan to Violeta C. Lontok, $314,000.

EVANSTON RD., 7234-Roberto A. and Vicki Y. Malazarte to Baljinnyam Ganbaatar and Enhtaivan Hishigt, $325,000.

JOVIN CIR., 8349-Jorge I. Gutierrez to Albert D. Daniels, $403,500.

PARKDALE CT., 8105-Crandall Dean Graves to Jeannette and Richard W. Martinez, $333,000.

RUSHING CREEK DR., 8212-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to James P. and Lucy F. Klapps, $560,000.

Vienna Area

BENT CREEK LANE, 9512-James J. and Young S. Yoo to Francisco Vega, $1.23 million.

BRANCH RD., 203-Capital Investments Corp. to Han S. and Kwang R. Lee, $469,000.

CARNEGIE HALL CT., 8181, No. 205-J. Daniel Eagan to Janet F.M. Tsai, $405,000.

CENTERBORO DR., 2765, No. 163-Marquis at Vienna Station to Shilpa Bhojwani and Dev Hitesh, $428,900.

CENTERBORO DR., 2765, No. 453-Marquis at Vienna Station to Kenneth S.L. Lee, $530,900.

CENTERBORO DR., 2791, No. 275-Marquis at Vienna Station to John M. and Judith A. Wood, $336,900.

CENTRAL AVE., 2344-Carol S. Sheppard to Prospect Group Corp., $750,000.

COTTAGE ST., 8319-Christopher J. and Jennifer U. Watts to Sanjay Arora, $475,000.

COURTHOUSE RD., 205-Lowell Ancel and Barbara B. Pilcher to Courthouse Road Cherry Street Corp., $505,000.

EAST ST., 127-Rex R. Bambling to Steven A. and Ann E. Romer, $500,000.

HARMONY DR., 103-Paul M. and Andrea L. Newton to DP Development Corp.,


MADRILLON SPRINGS CT., 2022-Maulik R. Doshi and Priya L. Doshi to Ricky N. Tacy, $560,000.

OAKDALE WOODS CT., 9814-Charles J. Lewis to John N. Stefero, $345,000.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9486, No. 403-Marquis at Vienna Station to Greg Bristol, $560,450.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9490, No. 335-Marquis at Vienna Station to Alex Chunn, $447,900.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

JAWED PL., 2373-Park Sue to Yong J. and Sang M. Lee, $1.08 million.

TIMBER VALLEY CT., 8104-Alan B. and Susan A. Helig to Jonathan J. Wichlacz and Alexandra B. Rokita, $690,900.

West Springfield Area

BLARNEY STONE DR., 9021-Lynn Greenfield to Matthew A. Kaim and Jodi L. Wharff, $385,000.

CARDINAL HILL PL., 6323-Samuel P. Chalfant to David R. and Laura C. Nachison, $838,000.

FORRESTER BLVD., 8358, No. 471-Abdull Gharzai and Diana Mohamadi to Jin N. Kim, $269,900.

HARROWGATE CIR., 7824, No. D-Samuel E. Wong to Alexander M. Johnson, $280,000.

PORTREE CT., 6707-Richard D. Frost to Timothy J. and Lori B. Allen, $485,000.

RIDGE HOLLOW CT., 8818-Edgar R. and Silvia E. Arteaga to Chen Gang, $402,000.

SURREY HILL PL., 5902, No. L-Joan E. Adams to No T. Nguyen and Vinh B. Lieu, $180,000.