The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Brunswick Area

B ST. E., 915-Kevin L. Nuse to Robert W. Sigler, $165,000.

FOURTH AVE., 122-Ernest R. and Ramona J. Sigler to Tammy L. and Leslie L. Tobery, $128,600.

Burkittsville Area

ARNOLDSTOWN RD., 1118-Valerie S. and Maurice A. Sheppard to Natalie N. Tucker and Donald E. Noland II, $374,990.

Emmitsburg Area

MAIN ST. E., 320-W.L. and Carmen E. Topper to Marjorie D. Kuykendall and Ronald E. Topper, $161,000.

Frederick City Area

ADELAY CT., 6217-James F. Mahoney to Patrick E. Vasold, $246,500.

ANDOVER LANE, 1504-Lauri E. Bainbridge to Fabiola Gamez, $251,000.

APACHE CT., 805-Richard S. and Mary R. Halley to Shanna R. Garber and Randolph A. Gallegos, $375,000.

BALDRIDGE CIR., 6103-Kristie A. Sowers to Tammy Jeannotte, $280,000.

BALLENGER CREEK PIKE, 5550-Clyde E. and Rosie M. Gregg to Arlene Leon and Carlos Martinez, $301,500.

BANKSIA DR., 428-Jean S. Wyscarver estate to Jose A. and Rodolfo Diaz, $235,000.

BLACK HAW CT., 8268-LandAmerica One

Stop Inc. to Sharon and Roger Landon, $259,900.

BRIARCLIFF LANE, 8850-Eileen M. O'Connell to George M. Junkin, $300,000.

BRISTOL DR., 2160, No. 4-Ann R. and Joseph W. Buyalos to Kelly E. MacBeth, $217,120.

BUTLER DR., 103-Henry J. and Olga L. Warren to Frank and Jennifer Marshall, $232,500.

CANFIELD TERR., 233-Andrea H. Gussio to Amy L. Wilcox, $215,000.

CLIFTON RD. S., 6411-Charles R. Rapattoni to Lexa S. and Ryan D. Herbert, $395,000.

COATS BRIDGE PL., 5, No. 1F-Tee Jay Swann to Selena Robinson, $190,000.

COOPERS WAY, 1601-Richard A. and Linda K. Schuster to Theckla and Nickolas J. Pantazes, $311,000.

CORNWALL TERR., 6134-Tony A. and Cheryl L. Bennett to Christine Marie Batterson Cheli and Mark Louis Cheli, $455,000.

DAFFODIL DR., 1127-Joan F. and Bernard L. Loar to Vernon F. Troxell III, $189,900.

DEERFIELD PL., 111-Robert H. and Bernard Wort to Wanda J. and Levelle Ferrell, $270,000.

DOGWOOD DR., 1717-Isam G. and Fadia I. Ziadeh to Jennifer A. and Ronald M. Bird, $289,900.

DUKE CT., 5171-Thomas A. Lazarski to India Grove and Justin Williams, $229,900.

EARLES CT., 5253-Jeremy R. and Amber E. Lowery to Erifili and Mark Kotsatos, $284,000.

ELLROSE CT., 545-Peggy A. Blumhagen to Teresa R. Carranza, $210,000.

GRAYSTONE LANE, 2407-Devender and S. Swaroop to William O. Lainez and Ana S. Ayala, $392,900.

HALLECK DR., 925-Apryl Dee Cantrell to George A. Robertson, $305,000.

HAYDOWN CT., 6626-Mark Hufnagel to Erica M. and Kevin D. Kelley, $193,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 800-C-Elsie E. and Lewis F. Thompson Sr. to Robert Daniel Mays, $119,900.

HONEY CLOVER CT., 8197-Elizabeth E. Ward to Susan J. Chapman and Robert T. Whiting, $369,000.

LAKESIDE DR., 2414-Christopher I. Sipe to Anita and Dunbar Stewart, $246,000.

OBERLIN CIR., 7123-Ross C. Crampton to David W. Dorough, $265,000.

OBERLIN CIR., 7138-Meggan L. Finisecy to Melba A. Rodriguez Martinez and Juan H. Rivera Torres, $275,300.

PINE AVE., 906-Katrina O. and Robert W. Koontz to Jeffrey Houchins, $260,000.

PROVIDENCE CT., 1113-Sandra L. and Paul E. Duvall to Tanya C. Pryor, $184,979.

QUAIL KNOB CT., 6803-Phillip A. and Ivy E. Peters to Paulette M. and Robert L. Hooper, $339,000.

ST. LAWRENCE CT., 1567-Norma I. and Paul Exum to Moses Rozario, $243,000.

ST. MAWES CT., 5316-Benjamin Adu to Adam and Julie and Franklin Gaines, $470,000.

SHOOKSTOWN RD., 1645-Jill W. and

Douglas R. Tallman to Yvonne V. Drake, $252,000.

SNOWBERRY CT., 6867-Donald R. and Mary L. Wall to D. Jane and James Parsley, $241,500.

STONE RIDGE DR., 8184-James A. and Ruth A. Graham to Cynthia J. and Jeffred A. Canizales, $545,000.

STRATFORD WAY, 810-M-Stephen B. Hart to Lisa M. Cuzzolina and Robert T. Brown Jr., $168,000.

STRATFORD WAY, 823-A-Amy L. Ranneberger to Edith R. Patton, $159,900.

TEAL CT., 511-Valerie S. and Paul J. Miller to David J. Conner, $393,000.

TERRY CT., 405, No. A-3-Timothy M. Mody to Julie L. Zoerner and Robert K. Benson, $160,000.

VIENNA CT., 32-Carlos Alberto and Nubia Botero to Nancy and Rubern Dario Quiroz, $183,500.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1778-Vincent E. Dupree to Diane E. Weisel, $310,000.

WINTERSPICE DR., 595-Aldo R. Mazariego to Juan Carlos Guzman Saldana, $399,900.

Ijamsville Area

LOCH HAVEN DR., 2751-Kevin O. and Stephanie E. Killian to John J. and Mary K. Formeller, $376,320.

Jefferson Area

BASFORD RD., 3126-Terri L. Shorten to Wendy T. and Richard A. Yanikoski, $475,000.

SHADYWOOD DR., 3851, No. 3C-Betty L. and James A. Wiegand to Nona T. Riggan, $181,450.

Knoxville Area

KNOXVILLE RD., 806-Evelyn and Raymond N. Ambrose to Kimberly S. Thompson, $92,000.

MARTHAS CT. W., 1080-Betty Lou Cavalier to Jean L. and Ricky N. Coffey, $499,900.

Mount Airy Area

CARRIE LYNN CT., 6527-Charles W. and V. Annette Dickinson to Susan and Roger W. Klaffky, $580,000.

EAST RD., 207-Michael C. and Christina F. Woodall to Carolyn Ann and Robert L. Sam, $312,000.

HIGH BEACH CT., 10598-Leroy and Celeste Lamb to Susan L. and Adrian A. Gomez, $309,900.

HILLSIDE TURN RD., 7389-Geraldine B. Moldaschel to Amy Schlosser and Thomas J. Stone, $450,000.

JASMINE CT., 14115-Walter R. and Diane M. Compton to Faith L. and Timothy M. Wingate, $375,000.

LAKERIDGE RD. W., 6729-Grant A. and Linda R. Natoli Keimig to Elizabeth K. Disimone and Regina Houchens, $334,900.

MANOR DR., 13215-James B. and Lois J. Furr to Teri L. and Paul W. Boteler, $555,000.

MEADOWLAKE CIR., 10399-Lisa and Larry Zeigler to William M. Loudon, $298,000.

WESTRIDGE DR., 2-Dorothy R. and William L. Jones Jr. to Frank Apau, $430,000.

WINDWOOD WAY, 5767-Bernard S. and Adeline R. Browning to Holly M. and Matthew M. Davis, $395,000.

Myersville Area

DEERWOODS PL., 118-Scott E. and Sarah J. McKnight to Blanca M. and Thomas E. Gwise, $355,500.

New Midway-

Ladiesburg Area

HAUGHS CHURCH RD., 11027-David R. and Hazel Lambert to Sara and Martin J. Scovitch, $480,000.

Point of Rocks Area

CANAL RUN DR., 1750-George Bartley Sims II to Susan and Christopher Serenari, $396,900.

Thurmont Area

FRANKLINVILLE RD., 7443-Rhea K. and Harvey T. Eckenrode to Andrea Lee Batten and Matthew James Labombard, $176,000.

STULL CT., 104-Kendel R. and Kenneth A. Wood to Nicole T. Krietz, $205,000.

Union Bridge-

Libertytown Area

BOXWOOD LANE, 12825-Dennis and Tsai Bassen, trustees, to Joann and James D. Canterbury, $402,500.

CROYDEN CT., 11902-Sidney C. Gorman to Candice N. and Benjamin D. Webster, $300,000.

Walkersville Area

WINTER BROOK DR., 252-Susan J. and Herman A. Hauver Jr. to Kristie A. Sowers, $325,000.

Woodsboro Area

WEINBERG CT., 613-Richard K. Sink to Maria and Silverio Montano, $249,000.