The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

FLAMEWOOD DR., 7512-Timothy P. Barila to Howard G. and Heidi J. Osterman, $674,000.

Columbia Area

APRIL DAY GARTH, 4985-Mark S. Woodbury to Mi Suk Yi and Dong Fan Chol, $322,000.

BLUE FEBRUARY WAY, 11860-Robert Kadel to David N. Barsic and Molly G. Friedman, $305,000.

BROKEN STAFF W., 7366-Marvin W. Scott to Xiao Ping Yang and Shao Bo Su, $285,000.

BUTLER CT. SW, 5319-James Dolphin to Kenneth M. Klebanow and Susan E. Herrick, $380,000.

CEDAR FERN CT. E., 5937-Phyllis H. Shafer to David M. and Susan M. Gibson, $312,500.

CHASE LIONS WAY E., 5316-Teresa N. Wood to Steven and Carol Walters, $376,000.

COLUMBIA RD. W., 4944-Taymour Rafii, trustee, to James and Terri D. Scott, $234,300.

CONSTANT COURSE NW, 9004-Jason M. Lawson to Sara Arezou Sarabi, $314,000.

COTTON MILL LANE, 10054-Hanh Dinh Ho to Sun Gyu and Heang Ja Kim, $414,000.

CRYSTAL RUN, 11247-Caitlin S. Foster to Shahina Jones and Troy Johnson, $185,000.

EMERSONS REACH N., 9176-Neal G. Bergstresser to Gina Guffey, $315,000.

FLYWHEEL CT. NE, 6039-David W. Scheer to Kenneth F. Sachs and Judy Grusso, $390,000.

FORTY WINKS WAY, 6158-Cheerharan Singh Thakur to Suzanne and Benjamin Z. Al Rosenzweig, $349,900.

GASLIGHT PL. NE, 11809-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Michael S. and Heather Hoppe, $520,000.

GOOSE LANDING CIR. NE, 8846-Deborah M. Claiborne to Alvinia L. Wanzer, $265,000.

GRACIOUS END CT. SE, 9100-Donna L. Thornton to Margaret Capehart, $227,000.

GRAY SEA WAY NE, 6304-Francine McLeod to Thani Kumar and Selvi Cheran, $365,000.

GREATNEWS LANE W., 6763-George Frederick Stephens to Daniel K. Stephens, $263,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 10684-Carolyn D. Hendrie to Jack H. and Jeanne Y. Zimmer, $230,000.

LAUNCELOT LANE, 10367-T. Raymond Cross to Michael J. Audet and Elizabeth A. McManus, $474,000.

LIFE QUEST LANE SW, 7230-Shawn Gannon to Michael J. and Katherine Mae Leone, $327,500.

MILLRACE CT. E., 5900-Katrina Zencuch to B.T. and Susanne K. McQuaid, $260,000.

MILLRACE CT. W., 5930-Jennifer A. Gallasch to Charles A. Williams, $235,000.

MYSTIC CT., 5495-Jordan V. Kostov to Jordan V. Kostov and Gergana K. Kostova, $242,300.

PROCOPIO CIR. NE, 7247-William B. Lloyd to Karl and Barbara Thompson, $231,000.

QUARRY BRIDGE CT. SW, 9587-Steven W. Hall to Marisa A.L. Lalekos, $225,800.

RIVERARK RD. SE, 9457-Patricia Ann Jaffray to Mark Steven Levine and Joel Louis Heiserman, $156,500.

SHAKER DR. NE, 10260-Susan Sorem to Matthew A. and Caryn Jaffe Texler, $440,000.

SILVER ARROWS WAY N., 6172-Scott Richard Nickel to Michael D. and Rachel Zang, $350,000.

SMOOTH MEADOW WAY, 5366-Ina A. Terry to Mandy M. Kramer, $160,000.

SWEET LAND WAY, 11800-Kenneth F. Sachs to Ali M. and Janet B. Sadeghi, $635,000.

TAMAR DR., 5903-Benigno R. Caballero to Ivonne Medina, $148,500.

WEATHER WORN WAY NE, 7503-Erin M. Phelps to Evan D. McKinney, $190,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY NE, 7525-Kimberly T. Von Paris to Maureen B. McMahon, $201,500.

WOODCUTTER WAY, 5909-Kim K. Huffman to Minh Quang and Tham Thi Vo, $165,000.

Elkridge Area

BAYBERRY CT. NE, 6330-Samantha M. Williams to Christopher M. Whitton, $190,500.

DOWNS RIDGE CT. NW, 6129-Androniki Durishin to Subrahmanyam and Leenashri Peddibhotla, $366,000.

DUCKEYS RUN RD. NW, 6006-Edward T. Timlen to John W. and Michelle Y. England, $367,000.

GREEN TREE CT. NE, 8026-Connie L. Byler Hsu to James Sarazin, $200,150.

RED BARN WAY E., 7936-Keith B. Sapack to Kimberly B. Conley and David Johnson, $390,000.

SANDY RIDGE CT., 5901-John Morgan to Heather and Barry Polinsky, $635,000.

SOMERVILLE LANE SW, 8040-Otis L. Fields to Steven M. and Diane M. Kappes, $503,250.

SOUTHAMPTON CT., 6408-Gilbert Augustin to Edidiong Uduak and James Ubom Uduak, $422,000.

SUTTON CT. NE, 6205-Ronald Dean Phillips to Kristen Milio, $380,000.

TOUCHSTONE WAY NE, 7708-Ernest E. Prevost III to Darrell R. and Sheri L.M. Stewart, $330,000.

Ellicott City Area

BALLARD WAY, 2272-Richard J. Campero to David L. and Shelley A. Mazzuca, $725,000.

BURGESS ESTATES DR. S., 3615-Donald A. Parr to Cheriyath Sureshbabu, $756,000.

CASPER CT., 9602-Gary J. Waxman to Kevin T. and Amy L. Eisenstraut, $570,000.

CENTURY DR., 10118-Richard L. Nickel to David E. and Linda G. Claus, $540,000.

DADO CT., 4030-Paul G. Eden to David S. Shanes, $600,000.

ELDEE DR., 9903-Charles W. Crawford III to Benjamin C. Daniels, $372,000.

FURROW AVE., 9059-Roberta E. Valderas, trustee, to Mark W. and Kathleen Whalen Fleschner, $646,000.

HOMEWOOD RD. NE, 11150-David B. Siegel to Eissa N. Asemani and Parvin R. Madani, $1.2 million.

KINGSCUP CT. E., 4559-Pamela Avery Foster, trustee, to Catherine McLoughlin Hayes, $325,000.

MONTGOMERY RD. S., 5006-Harmony Builders Inc. to Jay Scott and Jenna Lee Golnoski, $502,900.

MOUNT ALBERT RD., 12243-Heide E. Heidepriem to Jason and Carrie Silver, $661,000.

POLAND SPRINGS DR. N., 2988-W. Burnell Hurt to Devin R. and Susan L. Edwards, $761,000.

SONIA TRAIL, 3363-Song Woo Park to Yun Jung Chu, $323,000.

SPRINGTWIG CT. S., 10405-Jonathan D. Eisner to Joon Ho and Sunsoon Kim, $680,000.

SPRUCE RUN CT. SE, 8604-Beverly S. Berry to Hamid Sadeghi, $275,000.

THE CONCORD CT. W., 2920-Brian D. Hall to James L. and Stacy G. Mahon, $629,900.

TIMBER PINE CT. NW, 8502-John Z. Hugh to Dori Kelly, $460,000.

TIMBERLAND CIR. SW, 8502-Jeffrey Graham to Damian Gallina and Shannon Zyrbrigen, $469,900.

UPPER MILL CT., 3505-Young Bin Kim to Man Sung and Jeong Sil Kim, $345,000.

UPPER MILL CT., 3510-Song Young Seok to Hyon Sook and Hae Ryoung Kwak, $355,000.

WATER WHEEL CT. E., 2705-Thomas M. Smith to Hussain Azmat and Rubina Azmat, $650,000.

WHARFF LANE, 4963-Phillip H. Young to William J. Bennett III and Courtney A. Rowe, $700,000.

WHISTLING PINES CT. E., 7822-Joung Soon Lim to Tia Gao, $318,000.

Glenelg Area

PENN CROSS CT. NW, 4008-Jean A. Picazo to Edward G. Grigsby and Danae M. Grigsby, $599,900.

Hanover Area

ADCOCK LANE, 6063-George P. Louizes to Mario A. and Claire R. Rajan, $327,000.

Highland Area

BYEFIELD RD., 12934-Ernest L. Foster to James Park, $529,000.

Jessup Area

SPRING WATER PATH S., 9391-Nick L. Vance to Gregg E. Glaus and Darline E. Glaus, $465,000.

Mount Airy Area

FLORENCE RD., 1851-Cordie Lee Barnard to Jeffrey R. and Helen K. Rose, $490,000.

Savage Area

JEFFERSON ST., 8926-J.W. Honce to Christopher A. and Cindy D. Riggins, $372,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

BIRKENHEAD CT. NE, 8707-Aleksander Oster to Dong Su Noh, $354,000.

HELMART DR. W., 7930-Angelo A. Zambetti to Marsha L. Serre, $450,000.

REDBRIDGE CT. W., 9223-Latrice L. Covington to DeNeen Griffis Brown, $238,000.

SPERRY CT. W., 8304-Gina R. Mamula to Chun Huei Bair and Chun Yi Wu, $280,000.

TYMAT CT. NE, 9102-Javier Davila to David Toler, $235,000.

WHISKEY BOTTOM RD. E., 9354-Eugene J. Pap to Orley C. James, $350,000.

Sykesville Area

HIGH STEPPER TRAIL SW, 924-Horace M. Lowman Jr. to Kenneth M. and Laura H. Barnes, $1.15 million.

Woodbine Area

STARTING GATE CT. SW, 3211-Donald K. Gregor to Churchill S. Groves and Matthew M. Groves, $569,000.