The Board's Real Heroes

Following overwhelming public support in favor of sensible zoning, five members of the Board of Supervisors acted to return a measure of fiscal sanity to the issue of growth in western Loudoun.

I am sure that the forces of greed are lining up to impugn the characters of the traitorous turncoat Republican supervisors who, heaven forbid, actually voted on behalf of the people and not corporate interests or big-time landowners. One can imagine that after all the money invested in the scheme to pave the county over and forward the bills to the average family, some folks are hopping mad and want a refund. Like Robespierre, they are searching for a political guillotine to end this nonsense of actually listening to the people.

In a year full of "The Incredibles" and the "Fantastic Four," I applaud the courage of real heroes, Supervisors Jim E. Clem (R-Leesburg) and Lori L. Waters (R-Broad Run), who took a stand with the remaining sensible supervisors to form the "Intrepid Five."

The "Vapid Four," their plans to permit the wholesale pillaging of western Loudoun now quashed at the gates of Leesburg, will undoubtedly angle for a counterattack. I smell a legion of lawyers en route to argue that property ownership means simply the ability to sell to the highest bidder. Owners who may wish to actually remain living on their properties have no property rights except to fork over taxes.

The evidence is overwhelming that packing houses in the west is a bad idea. The fact is we have been growing at a tremendous rate by every standard. The babble about no growth is an illusion used to deflect discussion away from the serious problems this growth is creating for the average family.

The July 17 Metro article ["An Odorous Matter in Loudoun"] described the failures of some of the new technology sewage system attached to brand-new million dollar homes. The septic failures are already starting and the Vapid Four wish to add tens of thousands more systems? Where is the logic in that? Who is going to pay for the mess that arrives later? Oh, I forgot, their plan is always to stick it to the taxpayers.

Where in the Constitution is it written that we must permit our water, our land and our money to be involuntarily extracted from us in the name of increased profits? Growth is inevitable; lousy growth is not. My hope is that the Intrepid Five stand strong against the loudmouth fury certain to erupt at their audacity to question the big money. I am sure the average voter, concerned about his or her family's quality of life, will agree that we don't need to keep bankrolling excessive levels of ill-planned development.

Martin Bromser-Kloeden