The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Aspen Hill Area

BRIARWOOD TERR., 14409-Constantine T. Peters to Ginger M. Lew Zampieri and Thomas A. Zampieri, $460,000.

BURLWOOD DR., 13100-Carl E. and C.A. Frasch to Rosalia H. Huerta and Jesus G. Lopez, $396,000.

CONGRESS DR., 13813-Herlinda Gonzales to Sharon F. and Frederick W. Gooding, $395,000.

EVANSTON ST., 13113-James B. Eades Jr. to Dennis O. McCurdy, trustee, $280,000.

HALLET ST., 4410-Robert C. and B.A. Heckman to Amparo and Juan Obando, $280,000.

JUPITER ST., 4421-A.C. and Wilbert F. Hacker to Wayne I. Manigo, $360,500.

KIRK LANE, 17705-J.A. and Charles R. Corcoran to Jose M. Villalta, $460,000.

PARKLAND CT., 4300-A. and Moises E. Bojorquez to Daniel Martinez, $400,000.

PARKVALE RD., 14446, No. 6-Khadidiatou Samb Sene to Tedmond Chi Wai Szeto, $220,000.

SYCAMORE LANE, 15707-C.A. and Darold J. Dockendorf to Ethan Dockendorf, $540,000.

VEIRS MILL RD., 12712, No. 96-304-Gil Seltzer to Thomas R. Magra, $245,000.

Barnesville Area

OLD HUNDRED RD., 22341-Steven D. Lubar to Glenn A. Beagle, $457,000.

Bethesda Area

ALLAN RD., 5030-Mitchell F. Hertz to Nicole B. Cirrito and Bryan F. Schwenker, $1.25 million.

BEECH AVE., 5905-Julie D. and Robert G. Tacinelli to Brian C. Bishop and Pamela M. Franklin, $632,855.

BOXWOOD RD., 4423-Charles F. Baird, trustee, to Deborah and Devereaux Phelps, $1.32 million.

BROOK LANE N., 8342-Fatemeh E. Zangeneh to Ahmed Gharib, $565,000.

CHESTNUT ST., 4510-R.C.R. and Luis Pereira to Jacqueline Humenik, $800,000.

CHRISTY DR., 5505-Kevin M. and K.K. Sheehan to Laura S. and Kevin W. Flynn, $890,000.

CROMWELL DR., 5303-Charles F. Simms Jr. to Paul J. Tibolla, $725,000.

DANBURY RD., 5102-Tonia Marek to Beverly Lowenstein and Arden Bronstein, $575,000.

DEL RAY AVE., 5005-Noel E. Fisher to Mark L. Greenblatt, $1.38 million.

DEMOCRACY BLVD., 7505-A-Jill C. Anuszewski to Nader Heyat, $60,000.

DURBIN RD., 5724-Shirley J. Eagan, trustee, to Sinaly M. and Ronnen A. Roy, $953,700.

GREENTREE RD., 6409-Prabhakar M. Tamboli, trustee, to Seema A. and Anilkumar R. Gujaran, $700,000.

KING CHARLES WAY, 5229, No. 1-6-Jason Zamoiski to Philip M. Doerr Family Trust, $474,900.

KINGSFORD PL., 5901-Nancy Wiener to Li Yao, $673,000.

KIRKWOOD DR., 5506-Louis A. and A.N. Miller to Catherine M. and C.M. Tarone, $950,000.

LOCUST HILL RD., 9404-Tamas E. Doszkocs to Adam V. Doszkocs, $675,000.

LYNBROOK DR., 7920-J.M. and C.C. Lee

to Elizabeth L.D. and Peter A. Guida, $650,000.

MARYKNOLL AVE., 7824-Loup J. and B. Brefort to Margarita G. Dequesnel and Carlos Quesnel Melendez, $750,000.

MONTROSE AVE., 10654-Stephanie S. and Jonathan Dietrich to Kate J. Kingberger, $315,888.

PEPPERELL CT., 6-Richard K. and T.R. Abrams to Ann J. and Gary N. Smith, $919,900.

RIVER RD., 4724-Eugene R. Sullivan II to Tamara A. and Saeed Mariani, $622,000.

ROSEDALE AVE., 4618-J. and Bill N. Zaranis to Michael Bromberger, $649,000.

SPRING LAKE DR., 7511-Joel J. Rishty, trustee, to Maria V. Palacios, $254,000.

SPRING LAKE DR., 7568-A-Angela E. Heatherman to Yasar Altinay, $224,000.

SURREYWOOD LANE, 6705-John F. and D.M. Clemons to Lilia C. and Stephen R. Lord, $540,000.

TOWN GATE CT., 1-John S.B. Dick II to Terry Lesohn, $1.28 million.

WESTLAKE TERR., 7401, No. 913-James E. Jr. and T.L. Schwab to Vida C.K. Leong and Roberta A. Samis, $350,000.

WESTLAKE TERR., 7420, No. 709-Harold Black, trustee, to Kathleen H. Pritchard, trustee, $445,000.

WESTLAKE TERR., 7664, No. 89-Maria V. and Loberiza Decastro to Isabelle Lorant Cabrera and Mark R. Cabrera, $480,000.

WESTLAND RD., 6504-Ling Ling to Weihong and Shao H. Yang, $725,000.

WISSIOMING RD., 5120-Neil Lefkowitz to Nancy Schwartz and Lewis S. Bloom, $1.31 million.

Boyds Area

STONEHEDGE ST., 22102-Jason Y. and Nancy Y. Cho to Julie Olivier and Joel Klein, $700,000.

Brookeville Area

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 22200-I.L. and Harry Z. Musgrove Jr. to Leoncio Romero, $400,000.

QUARRYMEN TERR., 18802-Randy V. and M.M. Sabett to Tina and Alan K. Roecklein, $950,000.

SUTCLIFF TERR., 2526-Charmagne Goodman to Jenny M. and David N. Hamilton, $470,000.

TANTERRA WAY, 18804-Kelly E. and Kyunghea P. Thurman to Michael J. and Eva M. Statland, $425,000.

Burtonsville Area

ANGELTON CT., 3756-Stacy F. Fletcher to Susan Hodges, $337,500.

CROSSWOOD TERR., 14814-Brenda E. Dawson to Hilda Sayan, $183,000.

GREENCASTLE RD., 3925, No. 4-Robin M. Szewczyk to Shannon Hill, $195,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 14605-Michael J. Higgins to William Bankston, $250,000.

REGALWOOD TERR., 4300-R. Jr. and Allison G.H. Pena to Gurpreet Singh, $327,500.

VAN HORN WAY, 3620-Jacqueline J. Henry to Mun S. Kim, $320,000.

Cabin John Area

CYPRESS GROVE LANE, 8017-I. and Michel Palein to Patrick J. White and Dianne A. Swinton, $860,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

APPLE GROVE RD., 101-Wallace Family trust to Joni K. and Jeffrey W. Poe, $600,000.

AUTUMN DR., 13005-M.K. and George R. Mutimer to Frank T. Nguyen, $442,000.

AVONSHIRE CT., 40-Michelle J. Buchanan to Juan J. Ayala, $282,000.

BROADMORE RD., 13145-Julene J. Smith to Eda Kaya, $306,500.

CASTLE BLVD., 14235, No. 125-181-A.T. and Joseph P. McMahon to Robert B. Sheppard, $277,100.

CRIMSON LANE, 12065, No. 194-Fama Toure to Moustapha Toure, $250,000.

FEATHERWOOD ST., 2019-John L. Naman to Teblez Kelati and Solomon Beyene, $327,000.

KARA LANE, 13120-Nana Yaa Forjoe to Justice Abraham, $325,000.

MODRAD WAY, 13702, No. 8-Emilio M. Nadal to Nikolai M. Nadal, $160,000.

MOZART DR., 3062-Dale Kostishak to Naana Donkoh, $348,000.

STRAVINSKY TERR., 13225-Dorothy E. Lowey to Emily M. Perez, $331,000.

TRACY DR., 1024-Mary P. Donahue to Solomon A. Seltan, $483,000.

WINTERTHUR CT., 405-Mary Bouffard to Carlos A. Umana, $455,000.

Chevy Chase Area

FULTON ST., 7005-S.S. and Charles T. Plambeck to James J. O'Brien, $800,000.

KENILWORTH DRIVEWAY, 3711-Orville W. Zastrow to Richard D. Rossomme, $853,000.

ROSEMARY ST., 4119-David H. Schanzer to James Everett, $1.6 million.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

WINDMILL LANE, 1264-A. and Siva R. Pakalapati to Samuel Asamoah, $536,500.

Damascus Area

RIDGE RD., 26536-Theresa L. Currier to Kristi Riddle Larosa and Jerome J. Larosa, $481,500.

SHARON ST., 8504-Ana M. Perez to Clifford and Sarah Musler, $283,000.

TRALEE CT., 25163-G-Pattrina Coates Hickey to Kevin Carmody, $195,000.

VALLEY PARK CT., 8-Regina Houchens to Meylin and Samuel Chavez, $230,000.

Derwood Area

BERCLAIR TERR., 17117-Linh C. Nguyen to Carlos M. Rivera, $485,000.

EPSILON PL., 17207-Ana C. Castilblanco to Tony Yih, $330,000.

HORIZON PL., 17653-Sako Kassardjian to Lousin Kassardjian and Vahe Houanesian, $280,000.

MAJESTIC WAY, 7707-Gang and W. Li to Zhen Zhang and Gang Chen, $388,000.

MILL RUN DR., 7119, No. 16-4-Xiomara A. Gaitan to Debra L. Perlmutter, $285,000.

NEEDWOOD RD., 7021-Josephine Andre to Karina Meragelman and Brian J. Zuck, $460,000.

Gaithersburg Area

ANSEL TERR., 13488-Terence J. O'Connell to Tatyana and Nikolai Daraselia, $457,450.

ANSEL TERR., 13526-Timothy Gray to Anup Patil, $409,340.

ATHLETIC WAY, 9728-Donald A. and C.R. Henson to Ren Shan and Yue Dong, $533,500.


Robert J. Blatt to Sanam Piramoun, $345,000.

BARNSFIELD CT., 130, No. 214-Lisa W. Taylor to Kirsten E. Teal, $219,900.

BRENISH DR., 7454-John I. Wathen to Alexander Contreras, $345,000.

BRIGHTON TERR., 18-Robert C. and D.A. Burke to Huguette D. and Willy Pierre, $467,000.

BROOKRIDGE CT., 9830-S.H.C. and

Douglas W. Thomas to Dustin M. Stubbs, $256,000.

CARRIAGE WALK CT., 30-Zhiyong Liu to Yuewu Chen, $356,000.

CASE ST., 40-Lawrence M. Ly to Ruixue Wang and Nianxiang Zou, $550,000.

CASTLEBURY TERR., 8224-Rebecca S. Fitz to Timothy Mihill, $300,000.

CHERRY LAUREL LANE, 18567-Patrice M. and Mark A. Kupets to Chamara Wijeratne, $356,000.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 421, No. 6-Patricia A. Pritchard, trustee, to David B. Dunlevy, $236,000.

COCHRANE CT., 8804-O.L. and Muthu B. Ekanayake to Alberto Moncefu,


COCHRANE WAY, 19841-Festo M. Mpundu, trustee, to Patricia and Floyd McKendall, $430,000.

CONEFLOWER WAY, 8208-David Bonilla to Yesenia A. and David Bonilla, $460,000.

CROSS GREEN ST., 309-A-Laura L. Lindsey to Rachel L. Peck, $403,000.

CROSS GREEN ST., 333-B-Antonio M.

Davis to Julia M. Fu and Robert D. Lee, $347,761.

DEER PARK RD. W., 462, No. 15-Jose Huaycochea to S. and John J. Premkumar, $299,000.

DREXEL HILL PL., 8702-Boonsom Prinyavivatkul to Monica Guillen, $256,000.

EMORY GROVE RD., 9405-Mark I. and M.L. Ross to Shirley M. Simmons and Kenneth Gustafson, $630,000.

FREAS DR., 11333-Thomas L. and B.J. Goldsmith to Debra Marie Farran and Lawrence S. Baranyi, $699,000.

GIRARD ST., 446, No. 312-Maria A. and Neri W. Rivera to Ana Bravo, $218,000.

GOODPORT CT., 32-Suzanne R. and Stevan D. Crowder to Neil B. McLaughlin, $328,033.

HARRON VALLEY CT., 8408-Dimitrios T. Morfessis to James A. Smith Jr.,


HELLINGLY PL., 9828, No. 582-Wei Tao Zhang to Dionis Gaines, $137,000.

HIGHLAND RIDGE AVE., 615-Nina and Deyhim Farzin to Thomas H. Youngblood and Suzanne F. Streagle, $590,000.

KEENELAND CIR., 14704-Robert Gelbart, trustee, to Leslie Irias, $579,900.

KENTLANDS BLVD., 226, No. 1-R.M. and Anthony C. Ambrosi to Hrand L. Kurkjian, $315,000.

KNOLL MIST LANE, 1247-Carolina and

Oliver C. Montecer to Alma I. Reyes, $320,000.

LAYTONIA DR., 7689-Genaro Figueroa to Jenny and Hugo Zapata, $223,000.

LEAFCUP CT., 210-Kenneth E. Kirk to Maria T. Sutadi and Avianto Iman Santoso, $385,000.

MALLORY TERR., 8204-Gary W. and J.M. Martin to Young O. Lee and Fred A. Wynn, $420,000.

MILLHAVEN PL., 13111, No. 4-F-Sharon Mulholland to Hazel B. Smith, $285,000.

NARROWLEAF CT., 12-Ordibehesht Oveissi to Corinne I.P. and Victor C. Romero, $395,000.

PINTAIL LANE, 18811-Brian K. Chandler to Brenda S. Blandford, $268,000.

POINTER RIDGE DR., 929-Erdal and Patricia Elmas to Frank O. and Leslie S. Sanya, $525,000.

QUAIL VALLEY BLVD., 19009-Silvia and Julio Alegre to Sylvia Kwarteng, $430,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 784, No. P-1-Tyson Tan Supasatit to Tommy Y. Chang, $174,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 842, No. 101-Rodney K. and Janie M. Shipway to Laura J. Howard, $164,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 876, No. 101-Tarika and Anil A. Lahori to Carlos A. Mercado, $180,000.

SANDPIPER LANE, 18667-Florines J. and Miguel A. Gonzalez to Gretzy Flores, $305,000.

SANDY LAKE CIR., 9210-Ronel and V. Nacion to Santiago Wong and Beatriz Lema Wong, $315,000.

SEDLEY CT., 8640-Patrick L. and S.T. Bourque to Pedro and Elvia Argueta, $427,500.

SOUR CHERRY WAY, 12333-William C. Westcoat III to Simona and Camillo Gentile, $449,000.

STATIONHOUSE CT., 3-Terence K. and B.S. Kearney to Biswajit and Ratna Sen, $525,000.

SWAN STREAM DR., 18205-Federico Carrasco to Jose A. Paredes, $440,000.

TRAVIS LANE, 1076-Jesus Benavides Ruvalcaba to David Merida, $310,000.

TRAVIS VIEW CT., 1231-Richard B. Pollock to Bhavna and Bhisham Asnani, $335,000.

TRENTO CT., 24, No. 24-Helen A. and Clyde R. Wilkins to Rachel M. Bonas, $200,000.

TRIBUTARY LANE, 18929-Christine Nolan to Oscar D. Rodriguez, $403,000.

TRIPOLEY CT., 5-James B. and K.L. McElyea to Sharon M. and John M. Grisham, $530,000.

TULIP GROVE RD., 9105-M.T. and James M. Terris to Suzanne B. Hughes, $445,000.

TWELVE OAKS DR., 208-John Quackenbush to Jay H. and Dana M. Weinstein, $391,500.

TWISTED STALK DR., 408-William B.V. Walker to Jean Wan Chuan Teng, $345,000.

WATER ST., 127-Jodie L. and Kenneth O. Lewallen to Vincent Davis, $250,000.

WATER ST., 17, No. 14-Miguel A. Escoto to Santos A. Aguirre, $120,000.

WEST SIDE DR., 772, No. 9-Nelson Rodriguez to Jose Perez Gomez, $170,000.

WINTER WALK DR., 368-Anushirvan Dadgar Dehkordi to Sahar M. Fahmy and Sayed M. Elsayyad, $590,000.

Germantown Area

AMBASSADOR TERR., 20437-Lori A. Smith to Craig R. Dubler, $303,000.

APPLEDOWRE WAY, 11404, No. 59-Mauricio F. Casanova to Morvarid Besharat, $250,000.

BARGENE WAY, 20520-Nila T. Carpio, trustee, to Estefania Fallas and Henry A. Mendez, $399,000.

BRIDGER DR., 12937, No. 1614-John M. Inman to Andrew H. Kim, $335,000.

BURDETTE LANE, 17608-Robert S. and P.G. Ziecheck to Young J. and Geon S. Kim, $424,000.

CHERRY BEND TERR., 13109-Emil S. Ivanov to Henry Valdivieso, $327,500.

CHURCHILL RIDGE CIR., 12909, No. 7-10-Kimberly A. Reyes to Christine M. Pettis, $226,000.

CHURCHILL RIDGE CIR., 12909, No. 7-8-Carrie Fein to Bonnie Schwartz, $238,000.

CLEAR MORNING CT., 20824-Alicia V.

Tatro to Cindi J. and Brian J. Lorenz, $506,000.

CLIMBING IVY DR., 12923-Mehrdad Talebi Nejad to Dawn T. and Anthony Cousins, $308,000.

CLUB HILL DR., 20157-Kimberly M. Houser to John P. Segersbol, $302,000.

CRUSADER CT., 11-Kevin M. Palm to Ming X. Zheng, $340,000.

DAIRYMAID DR., 13137, No. 117-Jane K. Burrows to Nino Oniani, $197,000.

ETON MANOR DR., 11828, No. 301-D. and Franco Pacini to Richard Laucho, $280,000.

FINEGAN DR., 16009-Paul G. Irwin, trustee, to Stephanie Y. and James R. Walker, $599,900.

GATESHEAD CIR., 19919, No. 54-Acme Iron Works Inc. to Nancy Holder, $300,000.

GATESHEAD CIR., 20007, No. 94-Jill Carolyn Methner to Donna R. Trollinger, $301,200.

GINGER CT., 18734-Sarah N. Romaine to Roxana Maritza Garcia and Levi Omar Garcia Polanco, $236,000.

GOLDEN MEADOW DR., 19234-Kwok T. and Linda Chan to Matthew C. Marshman and Tracy Hernandez, $575,000.

GUNNERFIELD PL., 12308-Edward J. Jr. and J. Muszkiewicz to Julia M. and Felix J. Mejia, $457,000.

GUNNERS BRANCH RD., 19605, No. 2-0231-Shahla Shadzi to Julius C. Johnson, $192,000.

HIGHSTREAM DR., 18923, No. 744-Juan C. and M. Ona to Jahaziel J. Martinez and Eunice E. Camacho, $289,900.

HIGHSTREAM DR., 19057-Andrew J. Milisits Jr. to Christine Lee, $370,000.

HIGHSTREAM PL., 13941, No. 791-Jude Pierre to Eunju and Shik Moon, $267,000.

HONEYBEAR LANE, 11417-Robert S. Whitney to Rina Iriarte, $380,000.

IRELAND CT., 20811, No. 306-Leslie A. Johnson to Elizabeth A. Coburn,


KITCHEN HOUSE WAY, 12832-Sonu Mittal to Elizabeth C. and Bradford A. Stewart, $307,600.

LAKE PARK DR., 19900, No. 911-James L. Pelkey, trustee, to Ronald D. Haggart, $300,000.

LAUREL HILL WAY, 20203-Joseph R. and C.L. Fichera to Kelly and Jeffrey Dorfman, $384,900.

MEANDER COVE DR., 13250, No. 22-Carmen E. Vargas to Kate W. and Lucas V. Lindon, $245,000.

MEANDER COVE DR., 13256, No. 25-Amy L. Stark to Richard Evan Friendlich, $235,000.

MOCKING BIRD DR., 14605-David and J.D. Weisbaum to Patricia R. and Fabiano S. Palini, $1.41 million.

MOSSBROOK CT., 19301-Guo Fu Ma to Xiwen Shi, $440,000.

MUSTARD SEED CT., 18665-Andrew J. Bonvillain to Esther Chi, $267,000.

NUTMEG PL., 18514-Wendy A. and Gary C. Spencer to Luis Romero, $226,500.

PICKERING CT., 11, No. 102-John W. Linton III to Behzad Kamjou, $210,000.

ROYAL CROWN DR., 12605-Vince L. and G.M. Natali to Mai Thu Dang and Tho Gia Pham, $583,110.

SAGE WAY, 18637-Howard Weiss to Zhiqin Li, $258,000.

SHADYSIDE WAY, 20513-Debra S. Levy to Paul A. Lukas, $214,000.

SHADYSIDE WAY, 20663-L.D. and

William W. Hodge to Bladimir A. Rivera, $215,000.

SHADYSIDE WAY, 20667, No. 8-123-Sharon C. Jennings to Mary A. Tills, $246,500.

SHIPLEY TERR., 20212, No. 8-A-101-Kathleen and Francis Cassidy to John Taylor III, $197,000.

SKY BLUE CIR., 18814-Theodosios Mantzouratos to Russell Scholsburg, $350,000.

SNOW FIELDS CIR., 18951-Eun J. and Sung H. Park to Gilda and Rafael Alonso, $298,000.

SPRING HARBOR PL., 12501-Michael Carbonaro to Jeremiah Notch Wilson, $275,000.

STEEPLE PL., 19050-Corina M. and Valentin S. Antonescu to Eun Jong Lee, $400,000.

SUMMERSONG LANE, 20506-Terri L. and Steven R. Matlock to Claudia S. Reiger, $349,900.

SUMMIT RIDGE TERR., 12929-Stephen R. and C.S. White to Urvi K. and Keyoor A. Brahme, $533,000.

SWISS CIR., 18219, No. 2-65-Rafael J. Alonso to Venkata B. Velagapudi and Venkata S. Varanasi, $200,000.

TEAKWOOD CIR., 19754, No. 58-K.A. and James C. Barnes to Carey Fontenot, $280,000.

WALNUTWOOD CT., 17-Angela L. and Stephen L. Norman to Emma Lopez Cardona, $493,000.

WATKINS RD., 10501-Donald A. Paul to Kathy C. Stang, $375,000.

WATKINS MEADOW DR., 20301-Sylvester and R.D. Jackson to Marlen and Milton Pryor, $445,000.

WHITE SANDS DR., 18719-Patricia M. Magno to Gretzel G. and Benjamin F. Paz, $280,000.

WILD CHERRY LANE, 19957-Eddie L. Brassell to Adria N. and Sean L. Snyder, $431,000.

WOODCUTTER CIR., 13025, No. 141-Laura M. Rittenberry to Badara Njai and Andrea Dawodu, $375,000.


New Hampshire Estates Area

COTTRELL TERR., 9606-Eileen R. Connor trust to Elena A. Garcia and Espinal Silvio, $400,000.

PAULA DR., 1503-Jewel and Totul Rodricks to W. and Valerie Brown, $375,000.

PINEY BRANCH RD., 8830, No. 802-Henry L. Crawford to Natache Muschette, $175,000.

10TH AVE., 8412-Richard Pineda to Sara Shenegelegn and Wonde Ayele, $260,000.

Kensington Area

EMILY ST., 3707-Nadine Natov Popluiko, trustee, to Earl and Virgilita Fortugaleza, $421,000.

GREENFIELD ST., 10206-L.W. and Marco

E. Adelfio to Dominique Guillaume, $375,000.

THORNWOOD RD., 10106-Michael and Mary Trahar to Emily Lindenbaum and Adam Savett, $561,022.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3123, No. E1-Gloria S. Goldberg to Michael Pizzuto, $202,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3215-A. and

Eileen D. Erbengi to Jon C. Brothers, $230,000.

Laytonsville Area

GLEANING CT., 20605-Wayne E. and B.J. Straight to Cathy B. and Joseph B. Haver, $839,000.

ROLLING HILL LANE, 22352-Lee and Michelle Valkenaar to Gerald and Karen L. Carpenter Jr., $900,000.

Montgomery Village Area

CHATTEROY PL., 9434-Shawn T. and Angel Bryant to Maria Gabriela Andion and Raul Andion Buceeta, $405,000.

CLUB HOUSE RD., 19301, No. 102-S. and Hossein Amini to Carmelita Galang, $180,000.

FRENCHTON PL., 19345-Thomas E. Powers to Lorena A. Laurenzano, $360,000.

HELLINGLY PL., 10080, No. 259-Edgar Huamani to Yolanda M. Lewis, $150,000.

HOB HILL WAY, 20009-Conrad L. Henry to Jocabed and Rafael A. Romano, $312,000.

MAPLE LEAF DR., 10019-Kristine M. and Brian D. Larson to Katherine L. Mudd, $338,000.

MILLS CHOICE RD., 19120, No. 6-Sady Albarez Bran to Hua Chen, $174,990.

NATHANS PL., 18639-Amalia C. and Jonathan H. Rosen to Nery Herazo, $220,000.

NATHANS PL., 18805-Amuzu M. Gnatiko to Domingo C. Hernandez, $259,000.

OTTER COVE CT., 7937-Sabeena N. Rangwala to Melissa Barker, $270,000.

RIDGELINE DR., 10031-R. and Ricardo Flores to Grace Kaplan, $265,000.

RIDGELINE DR., 10312-Alice Mack Carlisle to Robin L. Davis, $196,000.

SPUR HILL DR., 19931-Francisco Ramos to Marian L. Akoto, $305,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18630, No. 6-Veronica Maritza and David A. Romero to Arash Khosh, $210,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18808, No. 2-Rosangela Baptista to Marvin H. Aparicio, $225,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8711-Martha A. Cole to Carl and Angela Barrett, $190,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

BASSETT LANE, 15401, No. 45-Julian and D. Wilkins to Kathleen M. and Kenneth D. Bowers, $208,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3764, No. 9-Gladys Lopez to Keyla Borjas, $175,000.

BLUE KNOB TERR., 2117-Lauren Laws to Fatimata D. Diakite, $410,000.

CAMELBACK LANE, 2607, No. 5-12-Charles C. Ko to Dennis W. Owen Jr., $250,000.

CHIPPEWA PL., 2120-Eddy Challita to Ivone Delgado, $456,000.

DAUPHINE ST., 13312-Chandrani Pandigamage to Carmen Garcia and Cesar Mejia, $386,000.

FERNEDGE RD., 13118-Eric C. and F.C. Sheflett to Ever Cruz Cornejo and Carmen Cruz Amaya, $450,000.

FOREST EDGE DR., 3501, No. 14-2G-Stanley R. Moffson to Barbara J. Palmer, $285,000.

GEORGIA AVE., 12918-Tizeta A. Hassen to Leonor Hernandez and Pio Pineda, $349,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2105, No. 201-26-Ricardo Ramirez to Maria S. Ramirez,


HEWITT AVE., 3382, No. 302-Sheryl A.

and Sidney E. Menkis to Billy Allen, $162,000.

JOSEPH MILL RD., 11606-Lynn Fonger to Joseph Mill Venture, $275,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. S., 3211, No. 101-2-A-Elizabeth B. Hencken, trustee, to Annie and Joseph Kehyaian, $225,000.

MIDDLE RD., 12309-Mario A. Flores to Andrew J. and Tracey A. Heckel, $319,000.

PENNFIELD CIR., 14809, No. 402-Naomi Hartmann to Barbara C. Hairston,


PINE ORCHARD DR., 15301, No. 86-3G-Frank J. Garner to Mary M. and George J. Stoklas, $215,000.

PINE ORCHARD DR., 15311, No. 87-3A-Helen M. Seiger to Jean M. and Charles R. Warner, $259,000.

PINE ORCHARD DR., 15320, No. 83-2F-Alney E. Whitener to Marguerite Ann Mahan, $255,000.

SELFRIDGE RD., 12218-M. and Bobby Bachoo to Genaro Membreno, $370,000.

SHAMROCK RIDGE RD., 15052-Roger Plaut to Neil Shah, $362,000.

TIERRA DR., 15416-Samuel M. Hastings, trustee, to Kyung H. Park and Kelly E. Thuman, $495,000.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 13106-Shih M. Chang to Yaquelin Y. Lemus and Jaime A. Flores, $390,000.

WAGON WAY, 13501-Norman B. Jettmar, trustee, to Judy L. Roberson, $535,000.

WELLER RD., 4110-Jack D. and F.C. Anderson to Linda and David A. Kimble,


Olney Area

ALFALFA TERR., 4113-Matthew B. and Lizette Moore to Daniel E. and Dina L. Antonoff, $630,000.

CHERRY VALLEY DR., 3517-James E. and L.A. Morris to Frida and Gerardo Siuce, $470,000.

GEORGIA AVE., 16608-Lynn R. Schilling and Karen J. to Anastasia Kotsiras, $485,000.

MOSS SIDE LANE, 17150, No. 65-Rebecca L. and David W. Schaake to Angel E. Garcia, $313,000.

OHARA PL., 3004-S.A. and Adam D. Harman to Chad P. Snyder, $273,350.

QUEEN ELIZABETH DR., 17541-Tilghman McCabe Jr., trustee, to Tanya C. and James R. Ratino, $607,000.

SUNDOWN FARMS WAY, 3616-Irene M. Lakeman to Melanie E. and Ned D. MacFadden, $480,000.

THORNHURST CT., 10-K.W. and Michael T. McMahon to Pablo C. Cacheiro, $450,000.

TIDEWATER CT., 3326, No. A-14-M.S. and Leon J. Lewis to Patricia T. McGregor, $23,000.

VINTAGE RIVER TERR., 18016-Erin and

Robbie S. Dykes to Ryan T. Street, $320,000.

VINTAGE SPRING TERR., 3530-Ernest C. Moreno to Merry Livingston, $339,500.

WICKHAM RD., 18244-Donald R. and R.J. Durham to Miranda and Clement Snetter, $812,900.

Poolesville Area

HICKMAN WAY, 20004-Richard D. and N.M. Helt to Helen K. Gunther and Steven Haggblade, $800,000.

SPATES HILL RD., 17027-Michael J. and S. Jakobowski to Laurie and Jeffrey L. Stempler, $609,000.

Potomac Area

BEMAN WOODS WAY, 9708-Belmont Revocable Trust, trustee, to Barbara O. and Howard M. Silby, $1.55 million.

BISSEL LANE, 13400-Velvet E. Wright to He Jiang, $1.6 million.

BLUE MEADOW RD., 1526-P.E. and L.A. Altschuler to Jose M. Ortega, $770,000.

FALLS RD., 11513-Sharon M. Embrey to Myrone L. Decastro and Maria V. Loberiza Decastro, $819,900.

GARDEN CT., 9321-D.E. and Stanley N. Tashoff to Wanjing Hu, $911,000.

GLASTONBERRY RD., 1737-Daryoush and M. Sabet to Young Kim and Dean Mostofi, $677,500.

LOCHINVER LANE, 8213-Michael J. and R.M. Friedman to Kelly S. and Robert E. Gans, $700,000.

MISSIONWOOD WAY, 12904-N. and Hadi Shafie to Ravi O. Mittal, $699,900.

MONTAGUE CT., 11604-Stephen A. and Sondra D. Perry to Danitza M. and Max E. Valdez, $1.42 million.

PAVONIA CT., 9201-Efrain R. and Pico Ponte to Karen G.S. and Shean M. Grossman, $689,000.

SORREL AVE., 10116-Jerome Friedlander to Sara M. and Marc Mazer, $1.2 million.

Rockville Area

ACADEMY WAY, 12203, No. 184-Thomas and Tosha Clifford to Danna L. Allenbach and Jeffrey M. Stanyard, $240,500.

ANTIGUA TERR., 10806, No. 202-George T. Economou to Robert I. Laffal, $425,000.

AZALEA DR., 816, No. 17-C-Bobbie L. Mangum to Michael W. Gartell, $315,000.

BARBADOS PL., 5921, No. 18-Janet L. Edmonson to Mary M. and Joseph C. Gillen, $410,000.

BARGATE CT., 11909-A. and Isaac Lottati to Scott Klippel, $396,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12200, No. 201-Kenneth E. Saler to Imelda Rocha, $236,000.

BREWER HOUSE CIR., 5704, No. T-2-10-Julio A. Garcia to Stephen J. and Maureen L. Pfeil, $235,000.

BREWER HOUSE CIR., 5713, No. 201-William S. Matthey, trustee, to Frances C. Moran, $472,500.

CEDARWOOD CT., 22-Jose German Amortegui to Juan C. Peredo, $650,000.

CHAPMAN MILL DR., 5716, No. 1510-Elizabeth K. Peyser to Nancy Scallion, $309,850.

COLLEGE PKWY., 872, No. 101-Joseph and Mary Headman to Carly J. and Sandip Tarafdar, $245,000.

CROSSFIELD CT., 5103, No. 334-Judith and Avner Koldaro to Toba Greenbaum, $282,600.

CROSSFIELD CT., 5103, No. 338-Judi F. and Avner Koldaro to Toba Greenbaum, $282,600.

CURRIER DR., 305-Craig J. Petrun to Farhad Bahrami, $500,000.

DEFOE ST., 1518-Eric A. and P.F. Widra to Lee D. and Jack J. Depont, $1.17 million.

DIAMOND COVE TERR., 15309, No. 5Z-Thomas T.S. Sun, trustee, to Michele D. Finnie, $312,000.

FARM HAVEN DR., 1003-Thong D. and T.H. Trinh to Karen M. and Jack A.W. Shenkan Jr., $794,000.

FARM POND LANE, 604-Ajay and P. Dashottar to Lisa R. and Michael A. Miller, $775,000.

GROSVENOR PL., 10401, No. 1210-Jeffrey B. and Irene K. Rosenbloom to Swabara and Sheik N. Hassan, $395,000.

HORNERS LANE N., 511-K. and Mohammad G. Mohiuddin to Jesus Cesar Lopez, $318,000.

INMAN PARK CIR., 5800, No. 1317-Paul H. Levy to Kristina S. Brain, $382,000.

LOGANWOOD DR., 6043-Ralph R. Roach to Marta G. Garcia Arnold and Clyde R. Arnold Jr., $706,000.

LONGHORN CRESCENT, 511-Douglas F. Stevens to Basabi Roy and Himadri S. Das, $567,500.

MONROE ST., 118-Margaret J. Drury, trustee, to Russell D. Pierce, $250,000.

PARKLAWN DR., 11909, No. 304-Susan E. Swann to Kao Min and Shu Yi Yang, $274,000.

PARKLAWN DR., 11919, No. 303-A. and Rudolph Pauler to Marina V. Omelchenko, $245,000.

PARKLAWN DR., 11919, No. T-3-Lesley E. Francis to Rhonda S. Richards, $248,500.

PINE VIEW LANE, 13611-Gil J. and F.B. Weinbaum to Natalya Dvorson and Alexei Klimantov, $1.2 million.

STERLING TERR., 10111-T. Nelson and B.H. Keech to Sanjeev Bhutt and Prashila Dullabh, $525,000.

TROY RD., 11214-Michelle A. Harrison to Nathan S. Mulcahy, $397,000.

VALLEY OAK CIR., 13714-Tae Sook and In Soo Koh to Christina Kun Lee, $511,000.

VAN BUREN ST. N., 204-Mark W. King to James H. Chang, $322,500.

YELLOW PLUM CT., 9-Scott H. and D.L. Perlmutter to Susan B. Fletcher and Anthony R. Iano Fletcher, $875,000.

Silver Spring Area

BRADFORD RD., 8517, No. 6-3-Bonnie Sue Schloss to Anthony S. Hodson,


BUCKINGHAM DR., 903-Carrie I. Gebbie to Mary Ellen Hrutka, $364,000.

CHERRY TREE LANE, 9814-Eric R. and Collen J. Martin to Hong and Jeff Dai, $410,000.

CRESCENDO PL., 11309-Ziba Parsa to Alia E. Mohandes, $389,000.

FLOWER AVE., 9011-Michelle L. Avery to Mark A. and Sara B. Podger, $604,500.

FOREST GLEN RD., 1602-Holy Cross

Hospital to Sheila Yvette Anderson, $440,000.

GENEVA AVE., 200-Neil R. and Kristin D. Lobron to Ashley Miller and Patterson W. Brown Jr., $352,200.

GREENBRIER DR., 419-Steven E. and K.N. Schwarz to Maria K. and Andrew J. Robertson, $626,660.

HILLMOOR DR., 307-Dorothy R. Glotfelty, trustee, to Otto Luttmann, $550,000.

LAUER TERR., 2-Colleen and Timothy B. Werner to Navjit Goraya, $597,977.

LORAIN AVE., 10504-Mary J. Odell to Karen and Patrick Hanlon, $390,000.

LOWANDER LANE, 603-David and R.G. Siegel to Ventura G. and Pedro E. Garay, $315,000.

MIDHURST RD., 5-S. and Leo Gallagher to Katherine Howe Parmalee, $560,000.

PLAYFORD LANE, 1002-Nathan M. Shor to Ermelinda Guevara, $450,500.

RITCHIE AVE., 709-John C. and E.J. Lombard to Elizabeth A. Hargrave and Matthew A. Cohen, $470,000.

SLIGO CREEK PKWY., 9039, No. 504-Joanne M. and George M. Vlasits to Linda R. Suralie, $330,000.

THAYER AVE., 500, No. 105-John J. Philips to Catherine Purcell, $178,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. E., 326-Angel A. Cruz Chorro to Thuy Tran, $310,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2228, No. W-201-Xenia Woyevopsky to Richard A. Penna, $327,000.

WATERFORD RD., 313-Geoffrey Plague to Christine M. Romero Smith and Abraham M. Smith Sr., $480,000.

WESTVIEW DR., 2301-Rebecca J. and

Major L. Anderson III to Jose Castillo, $415,000.

WHITESTONE RD., 420-Mary C. Plaska to Katherine L. Keller, $454,000.

THIRD AVE., 9015-Ricardo E. and Sandra A. Gomez to Nicole C. and Gino T. Marliani, $565,000.

Takoma Park Area

FLOWER AVE., 7405-Janet L. Brode to Tracy D. McLeod, $525,000.

GUDE AVE., 6700-Jammie L. and Sami E. Parbhoo to Arianne E. Camphire and Jaime R. Grams, $416,000.

JACKSON AVE., 912-Jack H. and E.T. Pomeroy to Lyudmila A. and Anatoliy G. Klimenko, $400,300.

Twinbrook Area

BALTIMORE RD., 1105-Alexander Rodriguez to Janette Arnez Alvarez and Sigmar Rodriguez, $362,000.

CALVIN LANE, 512-D.D. and John L. Bramkamp to Joseph Zamoiski III, $177,000.

EDMONSTON DR., 1206-Regis P. and D.A. Rendine to Rani and Jijo P. Abraham, $359,000.

MARCIA LANE, 631-Kathleen M. Wilde to Santos C. Tirado, $397,000.

MEADOW HALL DR., 517, No. C5L7-Patricia J. Villani to Laura S. Thomas, $399,000.

MIDWAY AVE., 13106-R. and Victor E. Herrera to Ana M. Johnson, $280,000.

SIMMONS DR., 1208-Robert L. Purkey Jr. to Wong Ho Chow, $488,883.

VEIRS MILL RD., 1013-J.A. and Joseph L. Fiagoy to Kutila W. Dias, $295,500.

VEIRS MILL RD., 928-E.C. and David R. Pugh to Martha L. Yanes, $345,000.

Wheaton Area

ANDREW ST., 11917-Juan Geronimo to Ajayaghosh S. Kamattathil, $290,000.

BELGRADE RD. S., 705-H.F. and Dana N. Griffin to Ciro Chumacero, $449,000.

BLUHILL RD., 11925-Sharon White to Luis A. Hernandez, $258,500.

CASCADE RD., 2113-James E. and B.F. Marshall Jr. to Kathleen and Kent M. Elliott Jr., $435,000.

COLLEGE VIEW DR., 11610-Scott Alan Weismantel to Teresita J. and Enrique D. Osorio, $451,000.

DENNIS AVE., 2503-Mirna Dasilva to Patricia Lopez, $405,000.

EAGLEWOOD CT., 12001-Diane Gubernot to Jeffrey W. Smith, $398,000.

HARDY AVE., 2812-Lynn Pollnow to Abbe Kaufmann, $365,700.

MEDWAY ST., 3013-Thomas Winstead to Michael S. Caskey, $350,000.

RANDOLPH RD., 3807-Kathleen A. Patterson to George H. Rillera, $376,000.

SCHOOLHOUSE CIR., 2867-Joseph J. Shantz Sr., trustee, to Gladys Onojobi, $365,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1121, No. 1301-B-Hazel M. and Arthur B. Brisker to Flavia Lanata, $136,500.