The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

CHATSWORTH DR., 718-Karen R. and Michael C. Carter to Catherine W. Young, $370,000.

POPLAR HILL RD., 15300-William B. O'Neil and Kristin Hal to Larry L. Spalding, $499,000.

Adelphi Area

DAYTON ST., 1716-Edilberto Arias to Blanca A. Lopez, $268,000.

DREXEL ST., 1800, No. 14-Alex A. Araya to Yalemzewed M. Bantiwalu, $32,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 1406-Rafael and Sandra Pozo to Clarence and Angela M. Clarke, $325,000.

EDGEMONT DR., 10513-Trang Duong and Jenny Stinson to Roberto Sarmiento, $285,000.

ELLIOT PL., 6406-Michael P. Christofaro to Rosa Miranda, $280,000.

KIRSTON ST., 2404-John W. and Florence D. Brown to Lilian M. and Joaquin Ignacio, $200,000.

KIRSTON ST., 2502-Dale S. and Mary E. Odom to Jose M. Chavez and Jose B. Caballero, $215,000.

LANGLEY WAY, 1700-Maurice L. and Nancy L.T. Allison to Jose M. Roque and Jose M.R. Zapata, $325,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1830, No. 207-Eri S. Shinawatra to Paul Pender, $91,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1832, No. B-2-Nakapan Phungephorn to Zulma Umana, $152,000.

RIGGS RD., 10201-Alan D. Cohen to Susan B. and Stephen G. Smith, $440,000.

RIGGS RD., 7302-Jacob and Beatrice Obongo to Jamal M. Khan and Kamal Mustafa, $48,000.

18TH AVE., 8003-Robert C. Ellis to Jorge A. Granados, $295,000.

Beltsville Area

ASH RD., 11603-Mary C. Smith to Nancy M. Yupari, $295,600.

ASH RD., 11701-Jeffrey S. Summers to Teresa and Gilberto Cabrera, $274,000.

BEAVER DAM RD., 6835-Bryson G. and Eileen Boushell to James Herr and Benjamin Moyer, $430,500.

BROKEN BOW CT., 11345-James M. Pettit to Bobbie Y. Felix, $263,000.

CASTLE PINES DR., 12215-Donald H. and Kirki F.P. Morris to Jong H. and Muyon P. Kim, $590,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11234-Norma Nashed to Abdelnour Zaiback, $135,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11314, No. II-T-Ryan J. and Lori J. Loughlin to Hieng H.L. Chun and Mong K. Ea, $119,600.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11358, No. 303-1-V-Elizabeth E. and Edwin G. Sorto to Saundra E. Miles, $185,000.

HORSE SOLDIER PL., 11406-Benita Feemster to Stella N. Idika, $245,000.

INDIAN CREEK ST., 6215-Saladin E. Shakir to Nesredin S. Ibrahim, $205,000.

MANHEIM AVE., 4709-Alvin R. Jr. and Evelyn L. Michael to Madelin and Isaias Rodas, $385,000.

ORIOLE DR., 13105-Terry J. and Marie A. Lambert to Dolores P. Umanzor, $410,010.

ROMLON ST., 4413-Jose Penaranda to Jason K. Dumont, $106,000.

ROMLON ST., 4425, No. 202-Chrisalyn M. and Paulette P. Smith to Michael Cox, $143,000.

Bladensburg Area

VARNUM ST., 5000-Jacob Bramwell to Wilfredo A. Aguirre, $242,000.

Bowie Area

ALEXIS DR., 6602-Jack L. and Judith A. Brannan to Maryann M. and Steven S. Payne, $485,000.

ALMA LANE, 3102-Antonio M. and Loretta Graham to Larisa and Samuel Alexander III, $469,900.

ANN ARBOR CT., 15904-Siriwat Namlap to Ewurakua V. Roberts, $370,000.

ANN ARBOR LANE, 2543-Vincent I. Onyirimba to Audrey Y. Terry, $286,500.

ARIEL CT., 16503-Donald D. and Dominique M. Flax to Leon M. Lucas and Erika T. Epps, $430,000.

ATOMIC LANE, 15807-Kimberly M. Gengler to Tracie C. and Ian R. Wallace, $330,000.

AWN CT., 3201-Michelle H. and Rodney K. Pegram to Patricia A. Wright Little, $470,000.

BANBURY LANE, 16412-James F. and Diane B. Van Loozen to Tamie S. and John Iannone, $467,000.

CASTLEWALL CT., 12315-Jenise E. Jac and Khary J. Johnson to Denise Y. Workman, $350,000.

CLOVER HILL TERR., 14502-Tina M. and John E. Stein Jr. to Wilfreda J. Cruz, $418,000.

CRIMSON CT., 12700-Leora M. and Robert F. Kalman to Janet A. Sexton, $315,000.

DANGELO DR., 13236-Dominic M. and Lay Kin Zarro to Kenneth B. and Daphne T. Pryor, $319,900.

EAGER TERR., 4005-Ricardo Jackson to Mohamed S. Bah, $255,000.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15605, No. 903-Dena G. Mack to Malissa M. Dagraca, $161,500.

ELSMERE CT., 15621-Marcia A. Roberts to Joseph P. Kusi Davies, $260,000.

ELYSIAN LANE, 16411, No. 304-Michael M. Aein to Bienvenu Gboro, $300,000.

ERWIN CT., 15808-Rosaline and Abu Conteh to Sylvia E. Henri, $240,000.

EXCALIBUR CT., 3710, No. 303-Chante L. Sydnor to Danita R. Matthews, $187,000.

HEATHERSTONE DR., 14004-Wanda R. and Kerry Haley to Anna and Paul Nadler, $460,000.

LOFTING CT., 12003-Denise L. and Brett M. Shapiro to Mark A. Livelsberger, $445,000.

LONDON LANE, 14547-Michael Wallace to George L. Spicer III, $188,000.

LONDON LANE, 14723-Bartholomew Akpuaka to Idowu Adefala, $278,000.

MACKELL LANE, 12212-Donald E. and Gisela V. Rowe to Crystal K. and Robert L. White, $290,000.

MAJESTIC LANE, 3505-Herbert C. and Fannie M. Winston to Sandra E. and Mario Perez, $301,000.

MAYCHECK LANE, 12221-George R. Pierce to Jane A. and Terry D. Moen, $310,000.

MELLING LANE, 12424-Pyramid Properties Corp. to Dwight and Kimberly Butler, $349,000.

NEEDLEWOOD LANE, 2908-Suzette Pack and William Lanihan to Frank Monopoli, $267,500.

NORGE CT., 15540-John E. Preston to Rachel and Anthony Jefferson, $234,500.

OLD CHAPEL RD., 13504-Paul R. and Velma J. Fox to Melody A. and George C. Colen, $275,000.

PADDOCK LANE, 1313-Anita K. and James T. Mateer to Gwendolyn M. Brunson, $359,000.

PANTHER LANE, 2410-Cherron L. and John D. Blakely Jr. to Shana E. Catandella, $278,000.

PARKINGTON LANE, 1100-James L. and Maria A. Kuhns to Tracie and Daniel Hamilton, $334,500.

PEACH WALKER RD., 15927-Wayne G. Rouse to Barbara A. Stallworth, $289,500.

PLEASANT HILL LANE, 814-Richard N. Fobbs to Adeline A. Njobe, $275,000.

POINTER RIDGE DR., 15807-Norrie A. and James W. Salmons to Kenneth E. Sharps Sr., $294,500.

QUILL POINT DR., 8332-Ronald E. and Suzanne C. Stewart to Veronica and John Miller, $479,000.

RUNNING DEER WAY, 4541-Joseph P. Headlee to Dora B. Durante, $217,000.

SILVERBROOK WAY, 4806-Clarence E. and Lelia W. Leverette to Tracy W. and Nevin L. Byrd, $550,000.

TEAL LANE, 3121-Debra E. and Raymond D. Gonzalez to Jon K. Boone, $325,000.

TRINITY DR., 3102-William and Virginia C. Demas to Beverly C. and Taneshia A. Brown, $345,000.

VICTORIA HEIGHTS DR., 12919-Jose E. and Naama Mendoz Paredes to Elizabeth C. and Mark E. Turner, $275,000.

WILLIAM LANE, 4000-Sylvia E. and Lloyd E. Lookabill to Shelley Leiderman, $200,000.

WINFIELD CT., 4004-Mark L. and Susan A. St. Jean to Claire F. and John A. Morgen, $375,000.

WOODGATE WAY, 4506-Jeanett and Robert C. Bayliss Jr. to Arlethia M. Richardson, $362,000.

YARMOUTH LANE, 4003-Nancy L. Mason to Mary E. and Michael P. Doyle, $260,000.

Brandywine Area

BURCH HILL RD., 7101-Clifton J. and Barbara Thompson to Isaac Jr. and Lynette Jones, $375,000.

CHARM CT., 8805-Deshonda L. and Wayne Young to Delonte M. West, $400,000.

CROOM RD., 19300-Mark C. Whitfield to Lasetta and James Simeona III, $360,000.

DANVILLE RD., 4809-Monique McIntyre to Patrick M. Bickness, $275,000.

WESTWOOD RD., 15720-Thomas E. Pennell to Cinthia and Steven Torres, $455,000.

Brentwood Area

WEBSTER ST., 3914-William E. Seldon to Carmen P. and Jorge D. Acevedo, $270,000.

37TH ST., 4521-Audrey M. Shaw to Roberto Lopez and Santos Perez, $250,000.

40TH PL., 3600-Henri L. and Linda Kelly Magee to Evelyn and Patricio S. Isidro, $237,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ABEL AVE., 415-Kevin J. Sr. and Kathy Turner to Sallie and Eugene Bonds, $203,000.

ADELINE WAY, 1201-Lenora and Christopher Felder to Doreen Aidoo, $187,500.

APPLEGARTH PL., 5918-Louise Easton to Jose F. Ortiz, $160,000.

AQUAMARINE CT., 6916-Martha J. Barbour to Tiffany F. and Renard A. Fields, $220,000.

ASHLEY PL., 5508-Marnice C. Williams to Briggette Jones, $143,000.

BALBOA AVE., 1105-Norah Ramallo to Shaquana Wiley, $150,000.

BALBOA AVE., 431-Lisa M. English to Cynthia A. and Rufus Little, $175,000.

BALBOA AVE., 909-Inez S. and Eddie J. Murphy to Samuel Adofo, $80,000.

BIRCHLEAF AVE., 600-Rebekah B. Jeffreys to Housing Initiative Partnership Inc., $115,714.

BOOKER DR., 1143-Valencia Harkless to Charles L. Franklin Jr., $130,000.

BOOKER DR., 1157-Anthony D. Givens to Mariame L. and Moctar Toumbou, $160,000.

BOOKER PL., 812-Pamella S. and Lake B. Lewis to Bruce E. Dennis, $155,000.

CUMBERLAND ST., 5010-Hakeem Yaya to Babajide Sanwo, $247,000.

DATELEAF AVE., 510-Daniel Wilson to Cleveland A. Cox, $206,000.

DEANWOOD DR., 4714-Bosa Ugo to Timothy N. Brittan, $184,250.

DRUM AVE., 813-Ozell Cooper to Christian Wright, $127,000.

GUNTHER ST., 4932-Melvin Barnes to William and Connie C. Moore, $175,900.

KAYAK AVE., 812-Dani B. Morgan to Diane M. and Darrell F. Neal, $155,000.

NOVA AVE., 1220-Sean T. Kitt and Jerlande Muniz to Bettie J. Nixon, $190,000.

RUSTON AVE., 1525-Kristy J. Nolan to Lillie A.E. Herring, $166,000.

SWEETWAY TERR., 5713, No. 29-Michelle and Andre D. Dixon to Liselle G. Yorke, $155,000.

TORQUE ST., 4106-Cora L. Johnson to Clarissa and Ronnie Sellers, $176,000.

VENTURA AVE., 515-Wanda Dade to Tyrone M. Bryant, $226,000.

WALKER MILL RD., 5803-Anthony W. Piper to Beharry Investments Inc., $90,300.

70TH PL., 423-Quentin M. and Daeon A. Cabness to Bernadette R. and Alonzo Clayton, $165,000.

71ST AVE., 421-Ernest R. Robinson to James and Tonya Johnson III, $185,000.

Cheltenham Area

BAILEY DR., 10512-Marla C. Sheppard to Wanda E. Price, $310,000.

WESTWOOD PL., 10402-Ricardo E. and Gail C. Robinson to Darcel P. and Harry L. Borden, $365,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

BOLD ST., 8909-Toyin Jimoh to Justina Ebhojiaye, $210,000.

BURNSIDE RD., 7872-Joyce P. Young to Anthony E. Greene, $112,000.

CEDAR ST., 6504-Ronald and Patricia B. McCalop to Annie P. McKay and Lonzel Jackson, $385,000.

COLUMBIA PL., 2217-Larry M. Miler to Janice Edmonds, $139,000.

CRANE PL., 7404-Joseph O. Idowu to Nicola Corbin, $170,000.

ELECTRIC AVE., 1520-Kizzy C.A. and Evelyn Montgomery to Stalin Mendez Guerra, $170,000.

FOREST RD. E., 7210-Elsa Curbelo to Aurora and Ada I. Castro, $142,000.

FOREST TERR., 6829-Vanessa Jones to MAFC Residential Inc., $92,100.

HILL BURNE DR., 7402, No. 227-William E. and Annie M. Allen to Shawn Canady, $251,000.

INDO PL., 1113-June E. Savoy to Omonike Scott, $135,000.

MATTHEW HENSON AVE., 2410-Gayle A. Evans to Larry D. Ravenell, $127,300.

MUNCY RD., 7616-Ahmed Aftab and Asiya Aftab to Annette Garrett, $137,000.

OREGON AVE., 2205-Kaneene M. Armstead to Francisco A. and Yessenia Sosa, $213,000.

OTIS ST., 6227-Heideh R. Shahmoradi to Paula D. Gordon, $312,000.

PARK WAY, 3018-Danh T. and Quynhgiao N. Nguyen to Petra and Petr Rais, $280,000.

TUEMMLER AVE., 2310-Daisha and William Stoddard to Eugenio Almendarez, $159,650.

UTICA PL., 9409-Arthur and Gwenda Bradford to Tamara Henry, $370,000.

UTICA PL., 9603-Gary L. and Susan E. Baker to Dorian A. Coward, $329,900.

VIRGINIA AVE., 1913-JBN Realty Investments Inc. to Adalberto V. Delgado, $205,000.

Clinton Area

BALLARD LANE, 9007-Marion F. Morgan to Arel Properties Corp., $141,620.

BLACKWATER PL., 12908-Monica K. Temoney to Duchess Y. Queen, $255,000.

BRANCHWOOD TERR., 7305-Alicia L. and James L. Bow Johnson to Louis S. and Alexandra A. Rizzo, $154,000.

CLINTON WAY, 6102-Sylvia A. Hollins to Loretta and Donte L. Lofton, $285,000.

COSCA PARK DR., 11609-George W. and Wanda L. Carrington to Sharon and Ronalda Brantley, $210,000.

CREEKWAY DR., 8803-Maurice Hockett to Roni Williams, $250,065.

DANGERFIELD RD., 8809-Lisa M. and John R. Ridgeway Jr. to Joy Towson, $215,000.

DAVID DR., 9705-Harvey L. and Delores H. Crone Sr. to Grayson L. Stone, $225,000.

DEKA PL., 3602-Dorothy L.J. and Tyrone D. Gregory to Jerrilyn Ball, $275,000.

EILERSON ST., 6811-Terry D. and Jonell H. Robbins to Anthony E. Ulmer and Lisa C. Ulmer, $255,000.

GERRY RD., 13106-Donna M. and Richard M. Kinports to Gregory R. Powell, $246,900.

GOLDFIELD CT., 7812-Carol B. and Robert L. Jeffries to MAFC Residential Inc., $182,500.

HEMLOCK WAY, 6108-Melvin Allison Jr. to Denise O. Simpson, $250,000.

KEEBLER DR., 8511-Felipe A. Lopeceron to Lleny Ramos and Rayl H. Iglesias, $230,000.

KIRBYWOOD ST., 4903-Marsha D. and Dempsey Barnes to Mesack Kemajou, $330,000.

OAK LEAF CT., 6603-Stanley M. Spencer to Rosa Pitts, $270,000.

PINTA ST., 8513-Sylvia R. Saporita to Dolores C. King, $269,500.

PLATA ST., 5900-Evelyn A. and Gary S. Harley to Pamela McKenzie, $280,000.

SELLNER LANE, 6017-Michael A. and Devetta M. Ladd to Kadiatu K. Lowe, $405,500.

SYLVIA LANE, 11602-Tracey B. and Jonathan D. Hancock to Nana Asare, $320,000.

TEABERRY WAY, 6314-James A. Madison to Cassandra O. Taylor, $233,200.

TOVE RD., 12527-Alyce P. and Michael R. Shelton to Sharmika Martin, $208,000.

TOWNSEND LANE, 9008-Nancy House Hoskins to Debra and Christopher A. Slade, $250,000.

WOODLEY RD., 6600-VDB Inc. to Kathline E. and Steven M. Jones, $365,670.

College Park Area

BERWYN RD., 5719-Gael M. Jacques to Patricia Ross, $360,000.

HOLLYWOOD RD., 4903-Jacqueline L. Harding to Haile and Mebrahtom Mezghebe, $260,500.

KNOX RD., 4313, No. 309-Khosrow S. and Shohreh Makki to Guneet Kumar and Amit Pramanik, $160,000.

POTOMAC AVE., 8312-Seyed M. Abediyeh to Hermias Z. Halle and Edelu Awoke, $349,000.

District Heights Area

ADDISON RD. S., 1933-Joyce A. Statom to UPMG Inc., $73,000.

BARKLEY PL., 2314-Janene Lacew and Neil Persaud to Joan A. Green, $215,000.

CROSS ST., 7215-Cecil N. Ta and Cynthia E. Wigfall to Malena Crawford, $168,000.

DELANO LANE, 2314-Beltway Properties Inc. to Excell Hart and Sherri Blowe, $207,000.

DONNELL PL., 7174, No. D-6-Danelle M. Dyer to Jaime V. Carey, $97,000.

FOSTER ST., 6608-Miranda and James K. Dyson to Michael E. Hill, $62,000.

GRAFTON ST., 6506-Joseph N. Johnson to Jorge Flores, $223,000.

HALLECK ST., 6409-Carol M. Simmons to Carolyn M. Banks and Carol M. Simmons, $217,000.

HALLECK ST., 6911-Craig A. Young to Michael Crutchfield, $206,000.

HALLECK ST., 7011-June E. Ma and Aquilla M. Williams to Alejandra Canales, $200,000.

HIL-MAR CIR. S., 5715-Doris J. Jackson to Texanna Dewalt, $170,000.

HOLLY BERRY CT., 6819-Gwendolyn A. Collick to Patricia A. Eben, $225,000.

KIRTLAND AVE., 2706-Department of Veterans Affairs to Tawana A. and Edward D. Gormley, $82,001.

MILLTOWN CT., 6769-Mae E. and David N. Bennett to Miya Purvis, $144,000.

PHELPS PL., 8108-Katrina A. and James J. Winston to Yvonne Brooks, $145,000.

PUMPHREY DR., 3406-Sean R. Floyd to Gregory A. Ross, $169,900.

RITCHBORO RD., 8619-Lucille B. and Charlene E. Arnold to Wanda Trapp and Candace Thorpe, $198,000.

RITCHBORO RD., 8716-Tawana H. and Orlando S. Serrano to Reginald W. Johnson Jr., $182,000.

ROCK QUARRY TERR., 5624-Ray and Elizabeth A. Hunter to Michael R. Nelson, $195,000.

STONEY MEADOW DR., 5326-Kimberly L. Royster to Osaretin and Bob Emwanta, $211,000.

Fort Washington Area

ADAMS DR., 1409-James R. Elli and James M. Moran to Diona A. Minor, $227,000.

ARAGONA DR., 403-Horace S. and Ruth Bellfield to Eric Houston and Lillian Wilson, $267,000.

AUTUMN LAKE WAY, 101-David E. Brown to Abraham Gordon, $540,000.

BARROWFIELD RD., 2114-Karen Y. Savoy Martin to Chanda Copeland, $228,000.

BROAD CREEK DR., 661-Judith D. Caldwell to Andre R. Sidbury, $280,000.

BROOKVIEW TERR., 4310-Chow General Partnership to Dwayne E. and Willie M. Wigfall, $490,000.

EDGEWATER TERR., 10020-Sabrina Turman to Albert J. Lucas, $550,000.

FORT FOOTE RD., 8205-Rollin F. and Digna C. Bright to Precilla A. and Larry F.L. Macalino, $133,252.

FORT WASHINGTON RD., 11410-June T. Berry to John F. Settles, $180,762.

GILRAIN CT., 6101-Reginald and Mary L. Newsome to Brian and Robert L. Millhouse, $183,000.

GLEN WAY DR., 9910-Alfreda and William O. Ritchie Jr. to Jacob E. Collins, $264,500.

GUNPOWDER DR., 10909-Carl G. Bullard to Walter R. McCollum, $445,000.

HIGHLAND VIEW, 10015-Brenda and Jeffrey Wise to Dawn C. Garrett, $585,000.

IVANHOE RD., 9100-Elliott Reed to Carlos Arevalso and Rafael Mendoza, $330,000.

IVY BRIDGE CT., 3102-Dwayne E. and Leticia G. Smith to April R. Douglas, $300,000.

JAYWICK AVE., 7606-Rhodesia W. Henry to Secure Investments Corp., $166,500.

KERBY HILL RD., 310-Reneka L. Watkins to Jeannine A. and Darrell K. Graham, $160,000.

KISCONKO TURN, 510-Doris A. and Lorenzo J. White to Davut Tombul, $320,000.

MANDALE CT., 407-Tracie Johnson to Yosedik Hailu, $385,000.

MIDDLEFIELD RD., 6607-Gwendolyn R. and Derrick F. Smith to Lakeshia D. and Paul A. Garrett, $270,000.

PARK LANE, 13204-William E. Becton Jr. to Marvina S. and Craig Coleman, $335,000.

PIERMONT DR., 2203-Donte and Calvin Irick to Donna M. Wilson, $305,000.

POTOMAC VALLEY DR., 518-William Gorgoroso to Hugo D. Gonzalez and Cesar M. Jimenez, $326,500.

SHOCKLEY CT., 7207-Betty B. and Clarence L. Newman to Ginger M. Latimer, $274,000.

SWAN CREEK RD., 201-Roberta C. Burroughs to Michelle and Elisha White, $274,888.

TESTWAY AVE., 2701-Fa Bu F. Muhammad to Marylou F. and Jesse G. Andrews, $265,000.

WOOD HOLLOW PL., 2810-Jennifer A. Reynolds to Mary Sutton, $160,000.

Glenn Dale Area

DAISY LANE, 11320-Evelyn and George C. Fellows Jr. to Michael McCaffei, $490,000.

PROSPECT HILL RD., 11619-Robert E. Delahanty to Darlene C. and Matthew P. Selmer, $240,000.

WORRELL AVE., 10014-Kamal S. and Pinthong Ghaffarian to Tyrone C. and Barbara Lee, $275,000.

Greenbelt Area

GREENBELT RD., 8675, No. 201-Krystal J. Williams to Adama Jarr, $150,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 6962, No. 100-Myong S. Burd to Sanjay Khanna, $150,000.

LAKE PARK DR., 6700, No. 2E-Michelle J. Francis to Angela R. and Ken L. Davis Jr., $232,000.

LANDON CT., 6808-Anthony T. Simon to Adedamola Adenikinju, $440,000.

MANDAN RD., 8011, No. 203-Paula A. Maree to Damiana C. Layne, $176,500.

ORA CT. S., 7268-Sarah E. Ba and Kingsley C. Aduaka to Adilia Jones, $305,000.

Hyattsville Area

CRITTENDEN ST., 5328-Dennis Adetokunbo to Adesanmi Fajemisin, $255,000.

ELBERTON PL., 5618-Sloan R. Blocker Jr. to Luz A. Lagares, $240,000.

Langley Park Area

12TH AVE., 8319-Norma Q. and Edward J. Eudell to Juan C. Alvarado, $232,000.

Lanham Area

BRIGHTLEA DR., 6324-Elise H. and Richard L. Jennings to Mark H. Jones, $345,000.

BROOM LANE, 10318-Johnny A. and Stacey D. Thomas to Ellen S. and Stephen O. Yamoah, $242,000.

CHESTNUT AVE., 6605-Mary E. Campbell to Michael Levi and Linda Hamilton, $210,000.

DESEN DR., 7902-William T. Kainessi to Esme and Ronald Moses, $275,000.

ECHOLS AVE., 7919-Segal General Partnership to Rene D.F. Diaz and Mmbone J. Indombera, $230,000.

ELLARD DR., 10019-Salomon E. and Rosalie Ramirez to Sheri and Terry Streeter, $545,000.

ELM ST., 9921-Thomas Dunn to Josephine Sawyer, $240,000.

FORBES BLVD., 6801-Fanny and Vincent Nkede to Paul K. Ayivor, $260,000.

FULTON AVE., 8723-Klea R.C. and Stewart E. Parks to Friday E. Akhigbe, $310,000.

KEPNER CT., 7013-Christine Pollack to Jorge Coreas Chavez, $320,000.

KIDMORE LANE, 7202-Erica B. Rome and Omar A. Lemus to Glenda D. Baca and Miguel A. Sosa, $275,000.

LUNDY DR., 5803-Carolyn W. and John M. Parker to Solay F. Kutubu, $300,000.

MCHENRY LANE, 9202-Vanessa F. and Carroll A. Greer to Dolores Majano, $323,500.

PIEDMONT AVE., 7900-Ana E. Mina and Jose R. Barerra to Rockael L. Morales, $2.22 million.

PRINCESS GARDEN PKWY., 6000-Folashayo Babalola to Olabintan and Oluburola M. Daniels, $330,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 9306-David and Alberto Lizama to Luz A. Zevallos and Alex L. Mendoza, $289,900.

SUNRISE DR., 7104-Ambali and Fasilat Busari to Rossana Carballo and Sandra Ascencio, $278,000.

TERRA ALTA DR., 6707-Robert H. and Anne A. Drescher to Luz M. and Jose Perez, $341,000.

WELLINGTON PL., 9111-Yoshimasa Matsukawa to WFC Flagship Corp., $180,000.

Largo Area

CAPE TEAL CT., 1110-Twana M. Key and Jamal G. Walker to Kimberely Bredell, $320,000.

COLLEGE STATION DR., 208-Karyn V.A. and Herbert O. Smith to Osekpor Asemota, $265,000.

GARY LANE, 9223-Empire Properties Corp. to Marston Edwards, $257,900.

JOYCETON DR. S., 10514-Kevette Burwell to Boniface Chungong, $190,000.

MANDARIN DR., 1102-Linda F. and Glenn E. Brown to Gladys A. Ajayi, $385,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY WAY, 15310-Inga Blazio to Joseph J. Epps, $203,000.

COMPTON AVE., 402-Ruth I. and Arthur F. Kilpatrick to Annick M. Colbert, $403,250.

DORSET RD., 15613, No. T-3-Catharine J. Pagan to Mark E. Farrell, $111,300.

FENWICK CT., 8121-Linda Witt to Louise I. and Michael R. Stover, $180,000.

GREEN HILL AVE., 408-Robert L. Schmidt to Deborah L. Gyaki, $279,900.

LONDONDERRY CT., 8136-George Pruden II to Akinola O. Akinselure, $278,500.

NORTHVIEW CT., 8212-Nathaniel L. and Carol L. Jackson to Satou and El M. Ndiaye, $265,000.

OXFORD DR., 14313-Sherly Jacques to St. Louis Sean and Enjoli Christmas, $328,000.

PLAID DR., 15629-Urel Tho and Marcia R. Livingston to Shannon Wiggins, $215,000.

SOUTH SHORE CT., 14304-Stephen H. Burnett to Tina R. Phipps, $193,000.

TALBOTT AVE., 607-Leah A. and Andres M. Tinana to Mary H. Crabano, $290,000.

FOURTH ST., 308-Brenda Slone to Christopher S. Dipasquale, $245,000.

Mattawoman Creek Area

ACCOKEEK RD., 1502-Julia A. Tru and William P. Mosley to Progressive Baptst Church Inc., $310,000.

Montpelier Area

APACHE TEARS CIR., 12123-Ann B. Michael to Kelly M. Cruz and Randel S. Wilson, $346,800.

BALSAMWOOD CT., 10316-Todd M. Turner to Patricia K. Keifer, $421,500.

HERMOSA DR., 11411-Bhagwant R. and Kamla Vohra to Kristina and Carrie L. Bacon, $319,900.

ISPAHAN LOOP, 9324-Mary S. and Herman W. Rhett to Denise E. Ridley, $360,000.

OLD CISTERN LANE, 11202-Tara P. and Benjamin C. Turner to Ronald L. Harris, $425,000.

Mount Rainier Area

PERRY ST., 3215-Amy A. and Ann L. Ecuyer Barrett to Kelly F. Moser and Jennifer L. Teel, $265,000.

36TH ST., 4008-Monica B. and Michael R. Ford to Zoila J. Juarez and Oscar R. Fuentes, $185,000.

New Carrollton Area

CATHEDRAL AVE., 8309-Armando R. Alvarado to Rutilio Dubon, $285,000.

COOPER LANE, 3704-Juana A. Me and Orlando A. Turcios to Mario N. Hernandez, $266,000.

DARBY RD., 6724-Kathy and Linear C. Cherry III to Carlos Canales, $230,000.

DECATUR ST., 6937-Minnie and James Lewis to Yolanda Frausto, $225,000.

EMERSON RD., 7753-Clyde Wheeler to Tamara Sadowski, $185,000.

FARRAGUT ST., 7005-Patricia C. Smith to Joyce Onuska, $170,000.

FONTAINEBLEAU DR., 7601, No. 2314-Dawn P. and Larry T. Wilson to Oladipo Ayodeji, $95,000.

HARMON AVE., 3719-Nona M. Akita to Ernest A. Larmie and Kofi A. Edjah, $161,000.

INGALLS AVE., 3713-Claudette Street to Bernard Smith, $170,500.

RIVERDALE RD., 7529, No. 1846-Joanne L. Brooks to Selimah Thorpe, $76,000.

56TH PL., 3508-Andrew Ellsworth to Wilmer A. Vargas, $225,000.

66TH PL., 4806-Phillip Sardelis to Jose C. Velasquez, $270,000.

70TH PL., 5123-William Guzman to Bosede R. Adaramewa, $177,000.

75TH AVE., 4302-Isadora T. Kelley King to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $114,400.

85TH AVE., 5462, No. 201-Olman A. Salmeron to Weimin Liu, $105,000.

Oxon Hill Area

BROCKTON RD., 309-Charles W. and Evelyn J. Wilson to Jesus A. Sierra and Marcos A. Zelaya, $220,000.

CARSON AVE., 702-Garmon West Jr. to Mary A.L. Lontoc, $128,750.

CHESTER ST., 5006-James E. and Donald E. Geary to George R. Monroe, $147,900.

CHLOE DR., 5500-Linda V. Burton to Cheryl H. Neverson, $260,000.

LEVERETT ST., 5310-Rosalene Stewart to Lance A. Height, $139,000.

LINDSAY RD., 1113-Allan T. Pico to Norma J. Moore and Letitia S. Hokett, $195,000.

LIVINGSTON RD., 7812-Sandra L. Brown to Jose Martinez Torres, $280,000.

ONONDAGA DR., 113-David S. and Carolyn B. Hepler to Rosa and Nelson Giron, $200,000.

SHELBY DR., 825-Alberta O. Bowler to David Dawson, $202,000.

SOUTH LAWN DR., 7002-Jose B. Benitez to Maria Bonilla and Agustin Santos, $200,000.

WESTFIELD DR., 1103-John E. and Gladys J. Mattingly to Yolanda Del Cid and Isaias E. Amaya, $168,000.

WHEELER RD., 4802-Ethelene Davis to Kenneth M. Williams, $285,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 539, No. 6738-Mary Anna Grove to Carey E. Hicks, $107,500.

Riverdale Area

PATTERSON ST., 6312-Gloria C. and Jesus Perdomo to Leydina Henriquez, $255,000.

POWHATAN ST., 6308-Lola Massie to Edward R. Brady, $140,000.

QUINTANA ST., 5706-Kenneth E. Spann to Mauricio Pacheco, $200,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 4506-Lorraine B. Donovan to Sonia O'Connell, $310,500.

62ND AVE., 5316-Donnell Holliday to Jose Alonso and Eva Paz, $204,000.

62ND AVE., 5402-Julienne Y. Porter to Edsel Billingy, $170,000.

66TH AVE., 5806-Eugenia and Matthew J. Ferrante to Maria O. Joya, $175,000.

67TH PL., 6028-Luis A. Terry to Mirta E. De Leon, $270,000.

Suitland Area

BRAYMER AVE., 5019-Michael K. and Fumiko Baxter to Jacqueline Hawkins, $242,500.

CLACTON AVE., 5179, No. 43-Keith W. and Julian Karpo Barker to Linda R. and Arnold L. Purdie, $140,000.

FOREST GLEN CT., 3701-Deborah A. Ward to Tyrone D. Thomas, $205,000.

STONE GATE DR., 3926-C-Nichelle Coward to Felicia D. Wiggins, $71,500.

SWANN RD., 3807, No. 202-David Brandford to Desiree Blackwell, $69,990.

SWANN RD., 3813, No. 101-Johnson A. Kunlipe to Verna Byrd, $77,000.

SWANN RD., 3813, No. T-3-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Marvise and James Middleton, $55,000.

Takoma Park Area

DREXEL ST., 1604-Ashton O. Uter to Isaac Haileyesus and Meseret Abraha, $245,000.

LINDEN AVE., 1128-Beatrice L. Duval to Felipe P. Sanchez, $262,000.

Temple Hills Area

ANVIL LANE, 2352-Sonya Harris to Daniel A. Garc and Virginia Hernandez, $162,000.

BRINKLEY RD., 3134, No. 301-Harry Roupas to Jacqueline J. Henry, $53,900.

CATSKILL ST., 2136-Carla Thompson to Patricia E. Carpenter, $160,000.

DIXON ST., 3614-Jon Howard to Elston C. and Deborah C. Hill, $180,000.

GOOD HOPE AVE., 3103, No. S-504-Colease P. Dixon to Florence McGee, $56,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3301, No. B-1-Sheila E. Hughes to Linda Underwood, $120,000.

IVERSON CT., 2020-Spencer H.J. and Pamela J. Colbert to Fausto Cea, $300,000.

IVERSON ST., 2500-Richard L. Presley to Ana M.G. and Evelin J. Paz, $109,900.

IVERSON ST., 2812, No. 173-Scott A. Heuser to Beresford Harnett, $82,500.

KERNAL LANE, 2804-Gail E. and John L. Schmuckle to Stacy Y. Fuller, $172,000.

LAKEVIEW DR., 4418-Steward W. Smith to Marcia Lloyd and Fleming Anderson, $275,000.

LEISURE DR., 4011-Bernice B. Spencer to Maureen E. and Ricardo A. Bennett, $305,000.

OLSON ST., 2513-Henry M. Twisdale to Leonard Phelps, $245,500.

SUMMERHILL RD., 6104-Ray and Kemberly Williams to Christine and Jerry M. Head, $285,000.

WESSEX DR., 7311-Tamie E. Pennix to Paulette A. and Eugene B. Horton, $275,000.

27TH AVE., 4009-Eve Dyke to Richard L. and Grace D. Ellerbe, $167,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

BALTIMORE AVE., 6806-Nkem M. and Mary A. Okorafor to Lanie and David Vernet, $731,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 4406-Jinliang Qi to Maria M. Reyes and Jose Fuentes, $350,000.

GALLATIN ST., 3636-Stephen L. and Dennis F. Robinson to 3636 Gallatin Corp., $117,500.

HIGGINS WAY, 1023-Mount Sinai Baptist Church of Washington to Nykia R. Washington, $190,000.

JAMESTOWN RD., 5827-Gary S. Baker to Martha M. Rivas and Rodolfo J. Mejia, $135,000.

LANCER DR., 3113-Inmar Sanchez to Guadalupe A. Hercules, $245,000.

LANCER PL., 3114-Ana I. Nolasco to Jose V. Osorio, $300,000.

MADISON ST., 3539-Dolores Majano to Marvin E. Vides, $250,000.

MADISON ST., 3546-Lorenzo D. James to Angel S. Garcia, $198,000.

NICHOLSON ST., 3930-Julio C. Melgar to Gerardo Giron, $369,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 2309-Drucilla and Terence G. Anderson to Nero Joseph, $200,000.

TOLEDO TERR., 3450, No. 116-Gloria V. and John C. Curry to Joseph T. Muigai, $35,000.

WESTLAND DR., 6117-Tanya and Kevin L. Murphy to Santos D. Flores, $295,000.

WOODREEVE RD., 2019-Elizabeth P. and Harold F. Travis to Abrehet K. Amehatsion, $335,000.

20TH AVE., 6225-Miriam A. and Edin D. Rosales to Wilfredo A. Canales, $281,000.

29TH AVE., 5619-Rene and J. Emerlinda Guevara to Rosa Ramos and Alfredo Garcia, $282,000.

37TH PL., 4913-Robert G. Sta and David R. Bobbitt to Jennifer L. Donovan, $392,450.

Upper Marlboro Area

AILESBURY CT., 13204-Shaun A. West and Selita E. Ramsey to Sara B. and Lamar A. Brookins, $377,000.

CAPTAIN MARBURY LANE, 13818-Richard E. Midder Jr. to Arthur L. Boykin and Tiffany Y. Combs, $254,900.

CONWOOD CT., 12708-Lynette M. and Isaac Jones Jr. to Kevin Holmes, $330,000.

COURTLAND LANE, 13910-Calvin T. Brown to Chauka K. Leake, $221,000.

DUNBARTON DR., 14604-Joseph A. and Annabell J. Plumer to Threasa C. and Earl E. Brown, $289,000.

FARNSWORTH LANE, 13900, No. 4208-Kimberly S. Alston to Shannon R. Smith, $135,000.

FLORIN WAY, 9085-Marquette Douglas to Ronald K. Elliott, $205,000.

GADSEN CT., 14005-Ronald R. and Joan C. Geist to Shelley J. and Keith M. Barnes, $415,000.

GAY DR., 9802-Willie Swinney Jr. to Diana E. and Walter Romero, $287,500.

GAY DR., 9940-Robert N. and Teresa L. Suite to Jorge A. and Analilia Guzman, $271,625.

GAY TERR., 10607-Selda S. Murphy to Sonia and Patricio Sabillon, $265,000.

GEESE CT., 13700-Gregory O. and Ann E. Wright to Donald A. and Jennifer R. Taylor, $435,000.

HARCOURT RD., 4903-Antoinette Green to Ramon Royster, $245,000.

HARMON PL., 17214-Leon O. Henry to Michael O'Donnell and Caren Gaita, $289,900.

HILLARY ST., 3601-Sandra D. and Kevin L. Holley to Ronald A. Blount, $435,000.

KETTERING LANE, 11306-Reginald W. McDavid to Tyrone Hollis Jr., $220,000.

KETTERING LANE, 11319-Lynn B. Poe to Daniel Wilson, $165,000.

KETTERING PL., 11208-Lagretta A. Bowser to Darwin Tyson, $172,000.

KEVERTON DR., 13213-Edson E. and Rachelle Ijeomah to Kimberly D. and Clarence K. Reams Jr., $425,000.

LORD DUNBORE PL., 13492-Donna L. Harris to Nzinga A. Jones, $140,000.

LORD MARLBOROUGH PL., 14023-Elizabeth A. Moyer to Nicole Moss, $130,000.

MUIRFIELD DR., 9814-Taryn D. Butler to Margaret Lewis, $275,000.

NORTHWOOD DR., 12206-Karen D. Hamilton to Cleveland G. Lowers, $329,900.

OLD LARGO RD., 2500-Ara Pezeshkian to Kristina L. Roberts Stewart, $1.55 million.

OLD MILL RD., 14508-Timothy C. Ricketts to Dennis Stephen and Jacqueline Coles, $182,000.

PEARSE LANE, 604-Lunetta A. and James I. Porter to Joann Carter, $260,100.

PHILLIPS DR., 11003-Janice Jewett to Louise Young, $295,000.

PRINCE PL., 10210, No. 6-T-3-Michelle N. Countee to Tamara Sadowski, $75,000.

PRINCE PL., 10230, No. 15-108-Rosa L. Dunn to Marvella L. Towns, $100,000.

QUEEN ELIZABETH DR., 10300-Penafranc and Gregory L. Fountain to Luceele P. Smith, $237,000.

REDBUD CT., 1700-Maura L. Simon to Antonio Ragland and Taisha Winters, $325,000.

SPRING WATER LANE, 10202-Darren and Nicole N.B. Sims to Jamald and Kenya Nicholas, $450,000.

THOMAS SIM LEE TERR., 5330-Shermania Y. Campbell to Keyana C. Ellis, $254,000.

VILLAGE DR. N., 3401-Bettie A. and James D. Rawls to Ajecy Bourdeau, $285,000.

WATKINS PARK DR., 35-Michelle Wilson to Christoher S. Randolph, $155,000.

WEDGEDALE CT., 12716-Susan J. and Robert B. Purvis to Okikadigbo N. Ndu, $216,000.


Lake Arbor Area

AYDEN CT., 4001-Michael R. and Kimberly R. Graham to Melissa M. and Wilfred C. Leeling Jr., $394,000.

BAY BERRY TERR., 1711-Janice P. Atoigue to Pauline L. and Tracey S. Wayne, $335,000.

KINGS TREE DR., 1008-Afolabi Aiyeola to Roger Flores and Marleny Reyes, $286,000.

KINGSVIEW ST., 12600-Albert E. and Andria V. Parker to Dolores Collins and Olatunde Oyesola, $280,000.

LAKE SHORE DR., 1002-Karen K. Sebro, trustee, to Kimberly Sanders, $275,000.

LAZY DAY LANE, 10629-Janice M.T. and Carl D. White Jr. to Andrea L. Jackson, $285,000.

PEACHTREE CT., 1312-Rosellen Wimsatt, trustee, to Cherron L. and John D. Blakely Jr., $429,000.

ST. FRANCIS WAY, 11924-Claudia M. and Allen O. Dubose to Carl V. Allen, $450,000.

STOURBRIDGE CT., 1737-Doris Ireland to Merri Tabor, $330,000.

THAMESMEAD CT., 1833-James and Mable N. Parrott to Shaunice L. and Augustine K. Aikoo, $290,000.

WILLOW OAKS DR., 10727-Kimberly H. and Adelio M. Escobar to Juan A. Bonilla, $450,000.

WOODSONG LANE, 12507-Shirley M. Cars and Earle G. Eldridge to Allen Riddick, $660,000.