The 911 call came in at the height of Wednesday night's storm.

"Yes, I've just been struck by lightning," a teenage voice told the dispatcher, as captured on a recording of the call. "You've been what?" the dispatcher responded.

Enunciating each word carefully, the teen repeated, "Struck . . . by . . . lightning."

Over the next six minutes, 15-year-old Shayne Harlow calmly explained that he, his brother and two others had all been injured in the strike. A dog lay dead. His 19-year-old brother, identified by friends later as Shawne Harlow, was not breathing.

"I can't see him. I can't move my legs right now," Shayne Harlow said, as the dispatcher asked him repeatedly if his brother's chest was rising and falling or if anyone there could administer CPR. The call continued as sirens could be heard in the background, and then Harlow told the dispatcher an ambulance had arrived.

The Harlow brothers and two friends -- a 20-year-old woman and a boy who authorities said was between 15 and 19 -- were waiting out the storm under a tree near their Lucketts home when lightning struck, said members of the Lucketts Volunteer Fire Company. The group was going fishing when the sky turned dark.

Lt. James Hobbie, president of the rescue company, said the group had thought it safe to wait outside because they believed the weather was clearing, but then the violent lightning appeared in a flash. "Country folk like us, we stand outside," Hobbie said.

Rescue workers said that Shayne and the two others were sitting on the ground, dazed but conscious, when they arrived. But Shayne's brother Shawne was not breathing and had no pulse. Technician Ed Butler said workers pulled Shawne Harlow into a barn as the storm continued to rage around them. They administered CPR and then an electric shock, jolting his heart back into action, he said.

Shawne Harlow remained in critical condition Friday afternoon at Washington Hospital Center. Shayne Harlow was taken to the Cornwall Street emergency ward of Inova Loudoun Hospital on Wednesday and then transferred to another hospital. Friends said he had been taken to Children's Hospital in the District, which said he was not a patient there as of Friday. The two others, who had been taken to Inova Loudoun Hospital on Wednesday, had both been released by Thursday.

Henry May, a friend of the Harlow family who helped Shawne Harlow get a job as a handyman at the Old Lucketts Store, an antiques shop across from the firehouse, said Harlow is learning to be a carpenter and is a quick study and a hard worker.

"He's a hustler," May said. "He says, 'Yes sir, no sir.' You ask him to do something, and he does what you ask."

Jerome Smith clears a tree felled along Wellbourne Road near Middleburg during Wednesday night's storms.

A fallen tree blocks Wellbourne Road. During Wednesday's storms, four people were hit by lightning in Lucketts.