The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

BERYL TERR., 41936-Philip W. Mok and Jian W. Ren to Patricia R. and Hector F. Novoa, $481,000.

CINNABAR SQ., 41835-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Manoj Chanmakura and Radhika Gurrala, $508,935.

CINNABAR SQ., 41860-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Martin Carter Kehoe, $134,094.

CREATION TERR., 25179-NVR Inc. to Mohammad Imtiaz Khan, $126,154.

CREATION TERR., 25181-NVR Inc. to Susan M. and Virgil L. Cooper, $485,065.

CREATION TERR., 25189-NVR Inc. to Roshna M. and Kamil D. Gafoor, $122,954.

KUDU CT., 42026-Diem X. Doan and Tai T. to Kyu Eun Rhee, $864,000.

LENAH RUN CIR., 40747-Winchester Homes Inc. to Greta R. and Gregory M. Davies, $1.06 million.

PEPPERBUSH PL., 42019-Madireddy Mohan and Anand Mokati to Bindu and Raja Puri, $683,000.

PEPPERBUSH PL., 42055-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Mahbub Zaman, $604,251.

ULTIMATE DR., 25281-Varalakshmi and Ashop P. Aiyappa to Bradie and Quang Nguyen, $650,000.

Algonkian Regional

Park Area

ASHLEY TERR., 20523-George Johnston to T. Nilsson Sandberg and Jonas Nilsson, $450,000.

BICKEL CT., 53-Jeanette Sitzes and Duane Burpoe to Debra Butler, $361,500.

BURNLEY SQ., 20358-Laszol Banyai Jr. to Ruth Goldman Paz and Pinhas Goldman, $464,900.

BUTTERWOOD FALLS TERR., 20823-Diane G. and Michael J. Ganski to Julie E. Mascatello, $429,900.

CHRISTOPHER LANE, 3-Jean M. and Marlin L. Schultz to Donna G. and Daniel J. Bonner, $600,000.

DEVENSHIRE CT., 10-Marcia Wimmer and Jeffrey Hardin to Marc Rachbind, $415,000.

DRYSDALE TERR., 46596, No. 300-Rachael Maudlin and Toby Hamburger to Ana Maria Caro, $344,000.

DRYSDALE TERR., 46628, No. 101-Cynthia L. and Anthony V. Manno to Kayomi and Daniel Livingston, $330,000.

FALLSWAY TERR., 20370-Gabriella and David M. Distefano to Tracey A. Snyder, $856,000.

GRAHAM COVE SQ., 46764-J. Alvarado and Angel Alvarado to A. Hernandez and J. Hernandez Zelaya, $420,000.

HOBBS SQ., 46365-K.D. Tenbrook and Aaron Bedrowsky to N. Srivastava and Anurag Srivastava, $361,100.

LAKE HAVEN TERR., 45523-R. Zevallos and Valenty Hermoza to Kathy Torres and Randall Schuldt, $377,500.

LAKEMONT SQ., 45516-H.L. Zimmerman and N.S. Partangel to Neetu Rattan and Ritesh Verma, $411,500.

LOWELAND TERR., 47684-Ahlam Al Mukhtar and Mousa Ijam to Catherine L. and Michael A. Profit, $555,000.

MORNINGSIDE TERR., 20553-Nicole L. and Christopher D. Clarke to Megan Pape and Robert N. White, $415,000.

OVERTON CT., 20563-M.D. Hessler and James L. Zalnasky to Melissa G. and Chris J. Carrier, $669,900.

SHADOW WOODS CT., 20590-Susan and Hampton C. Williams IV to Erin M. and Michael R. Long, $672,500.

TRAILWOOD PL., 46841-Kristin L. and Scott M. Harris to Divya J. and Jitendar B. Shownkeen, $571,000.

WHITTINGHAM CIR., 13-Clarice A. and Gregory P. Hogan to Vickii G. and Saeed A. Alahmed, $620,000.

WILLOUGHBY SQ., 20568-Patricia B. Coe to Sharon Y. and David L. Johnson, $425,000.

Ashburn Area

APOLLO TERR., 20856-Nancy and George F. Brown Jr. to Lauren D. Grantham, $383,000.

ASPENDALE SQ., 19592-Belmont Land Partnership to Ane S. and Robert L. Marr, $577,255.

BALTUSROL TERR., 43220-Belmont Land Partnership to Kristin L. Lado, $559,549.

BEECHWOOD TERR., 20292, No. 102-Walter L. Riddle to Alicia and Jorge A. Del Cid, $254,900.

BLACK HORSE SQ., 20185-Knut E. Torgerson to Robert A. Horowitz, $394,000.

BLACKSMITH SQ., 43613-Jennifer L. and David H. Gesell to Leslie Mercer, $385,000.

BLACKWOLF RUN PL., 20060-Belmont Land Partnership to Laura W. and Paul E. Hamrick, $677,238.

BLUE WATER CT., 20580-Shantrell and Kristopher J. Kramer to R. Singhal R.S. and Bhavesh Garg, $767,000.

BLYTHWOOD CT., 20851-Kathy A. and Timothy J. Hollern to Maria T. and Nikki J. Oettinger, $660,000.

BOXWOOD PL., 20133-Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Shaoqing Lin and Kinwah Ngai, $588,130.

CAYUGA CT., 20280-Richmond American Homes to Greta J. and William H. Young, $510,640.

CAYUGA CT., 20284-Richmond American Homes to Valeria and Juan C. Valdez, $682,315.

CHARTER OAK DR., 20460-B.C.H. Partners to Veeresh Kumar Bilakanti, $413,645.

CHOKEBERRY SQ., 43289-Lisa P. Donnelly, trustee, to Theresa Pate, $375,500.

COBHAM STATION CT., 44253-Mary M. and Kenneth B. O'Connor to Edward F. III and Anna Hild, $570,000.

COG HILL TERR., 43759-Ruthann and David Rebich to Belmont Land I Corp., $633,969.

COPPERSMITH DR., 20571-Jennifer C. and Matthew J. Crawford to Duane A. Smith, $632,800.

DURYEA TERR., 20926-Mona Rasas and Mohamad Ibrahim to Amatul H. and Ghulam H. Baloch, $532,000.

GLENHAZEL DR., 43871-Elizabeth H. and Thomas R. Francis to Tsai L. and Michael D. Chambers, $660,000.

GOOSE CROSS TERR., 21788-Paula Andrea Miranda to R. Lafreniere and Claudia Vargas, $415,000.

GREYMONT TERR., 20460-Belmont Land Partnership to Amber Shah and Saad Ahmed, $419,951.

IRONGATE WAY, 21272-Laura W. and Steven E. Camp to Kimberly L. and Scott F. Engle, $595,000.

KELSEY SQ., 21830-Anne R.S. and Paul Stromberg to Bridgett D. and Bruce G. Tatnell, $340,000.

LAPORTE TERR., 21029-Christine and Julien Scharl to Stephen J. Gorzynski, $465,000.

LITCHFIELD TERR., 44247-M.B. Jerles and Edmund Stetz III to R. McGillivray and Debra Jennings, $365,000.

MUIRFIELD VILLAGE CT., 20087-Donna Quinn to Caryn S. and Dennis G. Douress, $739,902.

NATALIE TERR., 44156, No. 202-Stanley D. Tong to Katherine Thompson and David Tong, $298,230.

OAKENCROFT CT., 20643-T. Taylor and Colin T. McCann to Tomiko M. and Mark D. Karangelen, $690,000.

POINT BAY TERR., 44923-Daniella Bowles and Carson Curtis to Demond C. Ford Sr., $399,000.

PRESIDENTS CUP TERR., 19974-Susan J. and Charles W. Weaver to Lisa Jacobson, $495,000.

SHADY GLEN TERR., 44154-Zahra Abbasi and Houshang Nikooei to Jennifer and John O. Eggleston, $351,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TERR., 20965, No. 104-Patricia Z. Itzig Heine, trustee, to Amanda L. Thompson, $235,000.

Broadlands Area

BANSHEE HEIGHTS TERR., 43724-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Isa Abideen, $452,618.

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22108-NVR Inc. to Khue Thanh Thai, $461,330.

CROSSWIND TERR., 43120-Bryjinder S. Kohli to Kacy Y. and Jason R. Fernstrom, $534,900.

CROSSWIND TERR., 43128-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Shiu Y. and William M. Drennan Jr., $444,085.

FALLING ROCK TERR., 21434-Heather E. and Benjamin R. Ryan to Frank Watson, $462,000.

MORRISONVILLE CORNER CT., 22736-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Ching Hsiu Yang and Kun Hung Chiang, $571,376.

REAMY WAY, 42623-Linda R. and John C. Tietze to Stephanie and Charles E. Casserly, $742,500.

SCATTERSVILLE GAP TERR., 22586-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Debbie S. and David B. Lee, $130,020.

SUNDERLEIGH SQ., 43274-Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Hera and Faisel H. Shaikh, $582,560.

SUNDERLEIGH SQ., 43276-Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Diem Doan, $532,610.

TATTINGER TERR., 43813-Victoria Bak to Neelam Rani and Ajay Kumar, $425,600.

VALLEY PRESERVE CT., 22806-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Fatemeh and Mohammad S. Mansoury, $1.16 million.

WELBORNE MANOR SQ., 22620-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Georgiann M. Wilson, $550,500.

WINDY OAKS SQ., 21936-Thanh and K. Hoang and Hai Nguyen to Jeanne L. and Scott M. Leslie, $537,900.

Dulles Area

BLACKTHORN SQ., 23144-Athena Mid City Oakgrove Corp. to Linglan Edwards and Yi Li Zhang, $334,900.

BOX CAR SQ., 21979-Matthew M. Smith to Truc M. Dang, $389,900.

CARAWAY TERR., 46010-Athena Mid City Oakgrove Corp. to I.M. Gheyaszada and Ghazal Saleh, $366,900.

CARAWAY TERR., 46012-Athena Mid City Oakgrove Corp. to Nga Vuong and Tai Vuong, $367,900.

MARBLE TERR., 46044-Kelly Jamison and Frank Wilde II to Luana Saavedra, $402,400.

MOUNTAIN PINE SQ., 45758-Kelly D. Catlett and Kyle J. White to Pamela Walters and Mark E. Toscano, $550,000.

MOUNTAIN PINE SQ., 45780-Stephanie Zerm and Joshua McKinney to Salma Naseer and Imran Aftab, $540,000.

REGENTS PARK CIR., 21756-Constance E. and Robert F. Moore to R. Gebrehiwot and Emenet Tefera, $585,000.

SUMMERSTOWN PL., 23424-A. Abbasi and Zabiullah Abbasi to Jill L. and Rune Haug, $1.06 million.

VICTORIA STATION DR., 45606-Sujatha and Ramesh Chitturi to Carolyn and Quoc Hoang, $603,500.

Great Falls Forest Area

SUGAR MEADOW DR., 10706-Robin M. and Raymond J. Hoeymans to Ann and Richard Vinnacombe Jr., $640,000.

YORKTOWN WAY, 10173-Charles O. and Barbara K. Dougherty to H.K. Hartzel and Ellis Wallenberg, $450,000.

Hamilton Area

CHARLES TOWN PIKE, 39471-William T. Speegle to Residential Construction Consultant, $275,000.

IVANDALE RD., 16721-Interactive Builders Inc. to Kellie M. and Jeffrey D. Tallentire, $825,381.

IVANDALE RD., 17215-Equity Homes Corp. to Luz Marina Munoz, $898,854.

MADISON AVE., 17622-Richard H. Wolters to Stacey McNerney and Rurik H. Diehl, $510,000.

Leesburg Area

ACCOKEEK TERR., 18851-Lansdowne Community Development to Thea Hughes, $659,175.

ACCOKEEK TERR., 18869-Lansdowne Community Development to Wayne R. Welch, $567,108.

ASH MILL TERR., 18260-Carol Johnson and John J. Gregory to Frances L. and Eric H. Young, $535,000.

BELLVIEW CT., 809-Samar Tubbaji to Amanda E. and Marco T. Arteaga, $539,000.

BELMONT PL., 313-Mary Neville Atkinson Holter to Karen Ilge, $442,000.

BUCCANEER TERR., 18314-NVR Inc. to Sharmin Mimi and Mizanur Rahman, $706,231.

CANBY RD., 17654-Oliver G. III and Donna G. Richard to Stacey A. and David K. Miller, $1.95 million.

CARRADOC FARM TERR., 43597-Lansdowne Community Development to Victor Acquah, $619,146.

CHARTERED CREEK PL., 19132-NVR Inc. to Shu Chen and Gary M. Cuff, $1.06 million.

CLAUDE CT., 112-Richmond American Homes to Lorenzo Gamez, $476,690.

CLAUDE CT., 124-Richmond American Homes to Amy M. and John Michael Duellman, $506,740.

CLOVE TERR., 533-Sarah M. and Jeremy Lee Mydlinski to Amy J. and Joseph A. Hillard, $345,000.

CLUBHOUSE DR., 125-G, No. 4-Hamilton Management Corp. to Kamna Chawla and Gurpreet Kaur, $103,000.

COMMONWEALTH TERR., 19139-Nancy H. Galler and Jack Griffin to Paul T. Maneesilasan, $500,000.

COMMONWEALTH TERR., 19153-Farah Anwar and Faisal Khan to Jacqueline and Anh Tuan, $500,000.

COTON HOLDINGS CT., 19263-NVR Inc. to Iman and Mohamed Elagazy, $585,940.

CREEK FIELD CIR., 19296-Joshua Pinkert to Lisa M. Smith and Timothy A. Goode, $760,000.

CRESTWOOD ST., 536-Julian D. Hightower, trustee, to Patricia S. and James A. Bryant, $242,000.

CRIMSON CLOVER TERR., 19056-Lansdowne Comm to Traci and John A. Commons, $655,000.

CYPRESS POINT TERR., 18212-River C. Corp. to James R. Rogers, $697,445.

FORT EVANS RD., 114-F-James W. Craun to Kelly Ostino, $237,000.

FOXRIDGE DR., 497-Marlene L. and Ronald L. Garrison to Bethny and Dean Scheuerman, $457,175.

GINKGO TERR., 451-Whitney A. and Justin T. Henwood to Isaac L. Lartey, $369,400.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1112, No. 201-Jacqueline Rhein to Mohamed T. Bah, $230,000.

KING ST. S., 605-Hadi Makarechian to Jose Mario Melendez, $345,000.

LARCH VALLEY CT., 822-Nicole and Christopher Connolly to Connie T. and John S. Niccolls, $652,000.

LINFIELD TERR., 810-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Shams Behogoman, $286,435.

LINFIELD TERR., 810-Shams Behogoman to Marcy Paige Hefner, $439,900.

LINFIELD TERR., 826-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Doreen Acquah and Robert Oppan, $287,058.

LOCUST KNOLL DR., 305-Suzanne E. and Brad C. Covington to Christy N. Lowrey, $600,000.

LONGFELLOW DR., 715-Wendy A. and Edward J. Nelson Jr. to Chong A. and Mark A. Kelley, $445,900.

MCLEARY SQ., 680-William III and Christine Carpenter to Ronald G. Knur, $469,900.

MEADOWS LANE, 154-Julia Navarrete and Milton Munoz to Isabelle D. Wood, $310,000.

MILL DAM PL., 19347-Liyan Zhang to Alison W. and Stephen D. Barley, $810,000.

MILL DAM PL., 19524-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to V. Stemberger and S. Peeler Morin, $687,804.

MOORE PL., 1401-Christine W. and Kevin D. Miner to Paige E. and Jeffrey Lee Roderick, $710,000.

MOXLEY DR., 701-Kanwaljit and Pritinder S. Mann to Ronald M. Cardoza, $684,000.

MULLFIELD VILLAGE TERR., 18291-M.B. River Creek O Corp. to Melissa M. and Andrew T.S. Pomerene, $869,931.

NICKELS PL., 1104-Gilbert Everhart and Anna F. Surber to Rebecca J.L. and Richard H. Hronik, $462,500.

PATRICE DR., 644-Louann and R.F. Luhrs to Cynthia M. and Karl E. Eager, $589,900.

PATTERSON CT., 302-R.L. Badawy and Don E. Mattingly Jr. to Laura E. Bailey, $440,000.

PERDIDO BAY TERR., 18554-NVR Inc. to Marcus Montgomery, $641,200.

PLANTERS TERR., 517-Drees Co. to Mohammad Farooq Umer, $383,185.

POTOMAC STATION DR., 18689-Derek Wakefield and Randall Jones to Virginia L. and Mark W. McManus, $651,000.

PRINCETON CT., 710-Jennifer and Christopher Oprison to Maria A. and Mariano A. Buitrago, $617,000.

QUIVER RIDGE DR., 19065-Lansdowne Community Development to Gayle M. and William Pfaff, $650,330.

QUIVER RIDGE DR., 19112-Rumiana S. and Peter P. Chuknyisky to Angela M. and Steven E. Lilley, $705,000.

RADFORD TERR., 561-Joyce L. Campbell to Sandra and Carlos Arce, $345,000.

RED HOUSE DR., 43676-Amy D. and Thomas F. Heim to Corporate Relocation Services, $788,000.

RHONDA PL., 925-Brian J. and Amber D. Johanson to Nicole and Christopher Clarke, $689,000.

ROCKBRIDGE DR., 595-Isaias G. Gomez and Maria D. Mejia to Jose P. Canales, $340,000.

ROY CT., 113-Richmond American Homes to Sheila and David MacLellan, $564,340.

ROY CT., 117-Richmond American Homes to Kelly and Chris Gifford, $505,165.

SHIRLEY SQ., 128-Kimberly S. Mann to Kevin Boyle and Lauren Storm, $375,000.

SMARTTS LANE, 818-Tracy and Michael Stern to Mariela and Mossaad Naimi, $305,000.

SPARKLEBERRY TERR., 537-Sean Dikeman and Pauline Rathbone to Verna Bloice, $380,000.

STARGELL TERR., 43519-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Sharon T. Pauling, $683,522.

TAYLORSTOWN RD., 13503-Kyung H. Park to Mark L. Hoke Jr., $460,000.

TRIDENT SQ., 18775-Deborah Patterson to Rajesh K. Mittal, $410,000.

VALEMOUNT TERR., 817-Kimberly A. and Bore Jokic to Rosa and Carlos Hernandez, $470,000.

VANDERBILT TERR., 833-Karin D. Valliere to Jose E. Simon, $335,000.

VESTALS PL., 43316-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Avelina S. and Walter C. Jacob, $1.32 million.

VESTALS PL., 43357-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Asha P. and Balvinder Singh Minhas, $926,170.

VISTA RIDGE DR., 704-Marilynn Ison to German Benites, $670,000.

WAGE DR., 816-Beth A. and Stephen C. Gruneisen to Vilma F. and Teofilo S. Santos, $610,000.

WASHINGTON ST., 120-2, No. 2-Anne B. Drenning to Hamilton Management Corp., $103,000.

WASHINGTON ST., 120-7, No. 6-Hamilton Management Corp. to M. Edelsterin and Arman Ravery, $133,000.

WILD GINGER TERR., 43575-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Brenda and Craig Cain, $799,000.

WILD GINGER TERR., 43585-Margaret W. and John C. Howland to D. Wakefield and Randall K. Jones, $799,900.

Lovettsville Area

CAMPBELL FARM LANE, 14410-S. Plamondon and Edward McDonald to Thomas J. and Constance D. Russello, $688,000.

LIGHT ST. N., 6-Joann J. Alexander to Tamera Hannon Greeley, $375,000.

MILLTOWN RD., 12745-Christy N. Lowrey to Suzanne E. and Brad C. Covington, $645,000.

POTOMAC HEIGHTS LANE, 11484-Kettler Homes at Taylorstown Meadow to Karen R. and Carl J. Bruecken, $618,090.

POTTERFIELD DR., 37-NVR Inc. to Andrew R. III and Otie L. Bird, $503,135.

Middleburg Area

PARSONS RD., 23673-Stephanie G. and John L. Pollock to Alice Rowley Janes, $480,000.

Purcellville Area

CHARLES TOWN PIKE, 37275-Barbara A. Esposito to Alfred Gooden III, $500,000.

FRAZER DR., 101-C. Dunford and David McKenzie Jr. to May C. Berry, $350,000.

GOLDENCREST CIR., 16576-U S Home Corp. to Marci L. and Todd E. Turner, $786,653.

GOLDENCREST CIR., 16596-Washington Homes Inc. to Tammi L. and Darren P. Gryniuk, $819,226.

GOLDENCREST CIR., 16614-U S Home Corp. to Amy Jo and Timothy Scott Flaherty, $788,279.

GRASSY RIDGE TERR., 203-Toll Virginia Partnership to Huyen Tran, $401,204.

GRASSY RIDGE TERR., 207-Toll Virginia Partnership to Elizabeth T. and Paul M. Amrhein, $381,303.

GREYSANDS LANE, 620-Patowmack Associates Inc. to William Edward Saunders III, $545,240.

LOVELLA COUNTRY CT., 19676-G. and M. Homes of Loudoun Corp. to Casey M. Owen and Joseph R. Durst, $731,071.

MAIN ST. E., 610-Wilhelmina V. Hetzel, trustee, to Vilma A. and Antonyos Souvagis, $350,000.

MCDANIEL DR., 306-Mark L. Hoke Jr. to David J. Schwenn, $340,000.

MCDANIEL DR., 408-Trista and Aaron Jones to James Whitfield Craun, trustee, $325,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 15021-Lelia Louise James to Nichola and George Bazaco, $3 million.

PURCELLVILLE RD., 14545-Joseph M. III and Stacie L. Lawton to Lisa M. and Robert S. Moutoux, $579,990.

WEXFORD PL., 37859-Jeanne S. and Peter E. Coderre to Christie and Robert Burke, $492,500.

Round Hill Area

HARRY BYRD HWY., 34084-Mary Jane and Vincent R. Chirichella to Marie A. and Philip L. Wright, $650,000.

LEASIDE TERR., 17347-Brandey M. and James M. Downs to D. Amoako and Bernice Abban Mensah, $338,000.

TEDLER CIR., 17576-Faiqa M. Malik to Zafar Iqbal, $430,000.

UNISON RD., 21131-Audrey F. Miley to Jean S. and Sean W. Bowman, $360,000.

South Riding Area

ADAMSTOWN CT., 25684-Pulte Home Corp. to Rama and Jugal K. Batra, $908,300.

ASHBURY DR., 25376-Karen K. and Mark H. Brandt to Chad J. Derrenbacker, $418,000.

BARONS ST., 43095-South Riding Partners Partnership to M. Maddikara and Raghunatha Narala, $684,431.

CHURCHILL GLEN DR., 43805-Pulte Home Corp. to Padma and Venkatesh N. Haliyur, $828,475.

FRANCIS SQ., 43074-Eun Jung Song to S. Seethapathy and R. Veerasamy, $411,000.

INTERVAL ST., 43509-Amy E. Jensen to Harry and V. Preuss and Michael Preuss, $430,000.

JONQUIL LANE, 42772-Stephanie S. and Thomas S. Flynn to Maria Victoria Suarez, $785,000.

KIPLINGTON SQ., 43569-Nicole A. and Thomas R. Gross to Donna L. and William J. Divello, $383,000.

KREBS LANE, 25967-Julie and Scott Evans to Karen L. and Mark H. Brandt, $677,500.

LONGACRE DR., 42511-Toll Cedar Hunt Corp. to Susan A. and Benjamin S. Fox, $1.12 million.

LONGACRE DR., 42534-NVR Inc. to William H. Truslow, $901,285.

MORSE DR., 25411-Troy L. Dodd to Carmen V. Roset, $405,000.

NESTING SQ., 25316-South Riding Partners Partnership to Sudha and Satish Pannala, $523,591.

PILGRIM SQ., 42794-Mary E. and Dennis Paul Brisson to Scott M. Sweeney, $385,000.

PILGRIM SQ., 42798-A. McDonald and Arisack Sayadeth to Mary Cecelia and Michael D. Farley, $386,000.

QUINLAN ST., 25933-South Riding Partners Partnership to Charles J. Boyer, $639,946.

SHALER ST., 42763-Artis M. Brown to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $449,950.

TALENT ST., 25261-South Riding Partners Partnership to Jennifer and Carlenus R. Robinette, $743,460.

TALENT ST., 25273-South Riding Partners Partnership to Naureen R. and Rizwan Malik, $713,985.

TURLOUGH TERR., 25825-Winchester Homes Inc. to Hsing H. and Robert M. Murrell, $372,250.

TURLOUGH TERR., 25831-Julianna and Kevin C. Foley to Myung Ki Min and Byung Soo Min, $487,000.

VALIANT DR., 43228-South Riding Partners Partnership to Anna M. and Abdul Q. Safi, $794,258.

VALIANT DR., 43233-South Riding Partners Partnership to D. Balmaceda and Jerome Leeson, $795,543.

VALIANT DR., 43237-South Riding Partners Partnership to Guanghui Deng and Gang Yang, $701,571.

Sterling Area

ALDER AVE. N., 103-Arthur Fox and Mark Poskaitis to Consulelo R. and Juan F. Ayala, $436,000.

BAKER LANE, 103-Candyce S. and John M. McCann to Diane and Lindsay De Shazo, $387,000.

CAMERON ST. S., 117-Deborah J. and David M. Dawson to Carla and John Kiwior, $576,100.

CHANDLER CT., 21102-Amanda E. and Marco T. Arteaga to Rukhsana and Muhammad A. Palla, $401,001.

CHARLOTTE ST. E., 307-Donna Cooper Simpson to Dora Alfaro De Bouhlas, $449,500.

COURTYARD SQ., 46946, No. 100-Lila and Arthur Goldfedder to Nabila Hoda and Saqib Sheikh, $320,000.

COVENTRY SQ., 266-Kathleen M. Payne to S. Francis and Hassan Sankoh, $290,000.

EMORY DR. N., 101-Hyenan Sabotta to Vu Phong Lam, $180,000.

GORDON ST. E., 202-Theresa Pate to Jose I. Molina, $435,000.

JOHNSON RD. N., 104-Brandie and Quang Nguyen to Udiel Marino Lopez, $470,000.

JOHNSON RD. N., 126-E. Serrano and M. Lopez and V. Serrano to Marina Arnez and Freddy Pereira, $499,990.

MAYWOOD TERR., 21865-Noah T. and Lisa L. Leask to Barbara J. and Clifford A. Daly, $410,000.

MYCROFT CT., 1052-Lillian H. Jaynes to Cynthia Amy Moss, $230,000.

PARK HILL CT., 102-Joan C. and Terrence J. Masterson to Maria and Pedro Quijada, $446,000.

PLUM TREE CT., 110-Antonio Rivera to Teresa Rodriguez Flores, $451,600.

SHERWOOD CT., 930-Hector J. Leiva to D. Henriquez and Alfonso Sanchez, $309,000.

SUGARLAND RUN DR., 516-Donna K. and Jeffrey B. Lee to Priscilla Terry and Mary Laverty, $435,000.

SUGARLAND RUN DR., 757-A. Dilucca and Ana Herrera to Ciro Henriquez, $321,800.

TRAIL CT., 206-Sharyl L. and Francis K. Peluso to Oscar Merlo and Juan Serrano, $522,000.

TRAIL CT., 208-Theresa K. and Dennis M. Reimer to M. Escobar and Juan F. Oliva Funes, $523,000.

VICTORIA PL., 112-Sunilda Ode Avila to Eric A. and Youngmin Hart, $300,000.

WEDGEDALE DR., 58-Thomas S. Walter to Angel A. and Maribel Alvarado, $304,195.

WILLOW TERR., 229-Claudia N. Godoy and Jose Araujo to R. Morataya and Jesus Morataya, $320,000.

YORK RD. N., 516-Souk Subkanha to Everth A. Buruca, $450,000.

YORK RD. N., 712-Ray C. Burgess to Curtis Reese and Jennifer M. Lupo, $389,100.

Waterford Area

OLD STAGE PL., 39027-Richmond American Homes to Linda Chavez and Chris Gersten, $683,491.

OLD STAGE PL., 39066-Richmond American Homes to Kamila and Khudim Hussain, $775,465.


Powells Corner Area

GREENGARDEN RD., 21447-Kathleen Anne Doyle to V. Edwards and Kathleen Chovnick, $1.55 million.

TRAPPE RD., 20981-Diane C. and David L. Waldo to Valerie A. and John H. Tilelli Jr., $1.25 million.