News of interest to Loudoun and Fauquier Counties that appeared in the daily Post July 24-30.


Diversity Through Soccer

Soccer games in South Riding involving players from several different countries are a sign of growing diversity in the outer suburbs.


Waters Is Expecting

Supervisor Lori L. Waters (R-Broad Run) is having a baby.


Mom Told Not to E-Mail Kids

Loudoun Juvenile and Domestic Relations Judge Pamela Grizzle told Cheryl Ann Brown to stop sending e-mail to her children and said she couldn't have any more unsupervised contact with them until she goes on trial for allegedly forcing two of her children to take turns riding in the trunk of her rented car during a trip from Alabama to Loudoun County.


A Walk Into Mormon History

More than 200 Mormon teenagers abandoned their iPods and baseball caps and pulled on suspenders or calico bonnets for a long walk into the history of their church. Yesterday morning, the teenagers embarked on a three-day, 12-mile trek in Fauquier County designed to emulate the 19th-century pilgrimage that took Mormons fleeing religious persecution in Nauvoo, Ill., west to the Great Salt Lake Valley.