The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

CHANNEL VILLAGE CT., 7002, No. 7002-201-Michael Faraci to David A. Gantz and Catherine A. Fagan, $467,000.

DANIELLE CT., 4-William E. Aherne III to William T. Borland and Patti R. Rodbell, $625,000.

GEORGETOWN RD., 140, No. 4-James W. Dunagan to Nanci D. McPherson, $115,000.

HARNESS CREEK RD., 3259-Ryan McInerney to Michael Anderson and Sherri Meredith, $1.06 million.

HYDE PARK DR., 1033-Kenneth R. Pleasant to Prudential Relocation Inc., $325,000.

TYLER AVE., 1018-Neil M. Gordon to Jose Ramon and Emma I. Posas, $265,000.

VAN BUREN DR., 1231-Michael Dowling to Mark and Karen Fioravanti, $389,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point

State Park Area

BLOSSOM TREE DR., 414-Christopher G. Haynes to Spectec Corp., $185,000.

BRETTON VIEW RD., 1403-Tina D. Whigham to Cesar Mencia and Lorena Grijalva, $380,000.

EATON WAY, 1589-H.U.R. Properties Corp. to Steven L. and Karen R. Schievelbein, $2.125 million.

ELKWOOD CT., 1655-Cynthia Zerry to Bruce C. Pumphrey, $250,000.

FOOLISH PLEASURE CT., 1644-Michael Thomasson to Carmen Rosa Giddings, $182,000.

FORBES ST., 300-Janet Reeves to James and Kathleen McCruden, $170,000.

FRANCIS NICHOLSON WAY, 554, No. 28-Carmelo Dimeo to Andrea K. Sabell, $397,000.

FRANKLIN ST., 47-Harvey W. Lee to Stephen E. and Leslie B. Faust, $799,900.

HAWKINS LANE, 1318-Christopher Williams to April L. Calton, $430,000.

HERONS NEST, 554, No. 22-Randy B. Ewing to Kevin P. and Lisa Consiglio Ryan, $399,900.

HOLLY DR. S., 879-Kristina F. Carpenter to Thomas A. and Jennifer L. Sheppard, $580,000.

LITTLE MAGOTHY VIEW, 1126-Richard E. Dove to Frederick J. and Christine M. Stroop, $930,000.

RED CEDAR RD., 680-Marc R. Whynock to Kenneth and Brynne Lincoln, $449,900.

RIVA RD., 2574, No. 22A-Joshua E. Chase to Jaclyn E. Pinkham, $220,000.

ST. CHARLES DR., 1015-John W. Bangs to Gary H. Zorn, $375,000.

STONEHURST CT., 800-Louis J. Horaneck III to Jo Anne Labrum, $395,000.

SUMMERVIEW WAY, 2704, No. 4101-Herman W. Dubick to Kathy L. Ridley, $244,900.

WINTERS CHASE WAY, 2955, No. 22-Stanley W. Vibbert to Brenda S. Bell, $355,000.

Arnold Area

BELLE DORA CT., 606, No. 11D-Lane M. Jerdal to Andy and Lynn Jerdal, $179,000.

CARPENTER CT., 1376-William T. Scroggs to Aaron D. and Rebecca M. McGee, $499,900.

GOLF CIR., 500-Geoffrey D. Powers to Leonardo and Mary N. Cortes, $494,000.

MARTINGALE LANE, 611, No. 1414-Samantha R. Daly to Linda Cochran, $450,000.

MASTERS DR., 1290, No. 194-Nicholas C. Finamore Jr. to Dean A. and Kathleen O'Grady Dreibelbis, $292,000.

MILL CHURCH RD., 224-Philip J. Palmisano Jr. to Michael and Robin C. Kraus, $494,900.

SHERIDAN RD., 23-Waltraud Regina, trustee, to Paul M. Culver, $349,900.

SUMMERWOOD CT., 1216, No. 81-Jasmine Fields to Alba Suarez, $215,500.

WILLYS DR., 870-Chester W. Callbeck III to Catherine F. Andreoli, $320,000.

Brooklyn Area

BROOKWOOD RD., 5020-Ashland Corp. to Donald C. Federroll, $99,900.

EDGEVALE RD. W., 229-Gregory J. Roth to Judith A. Oberist and Michael Lamartina, $112,000.

MEADOW RD. W., 150-North Arundel Properties Corp. to Chad D. Lane, $106,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 5600-Esther J. Coombs to Vernon L. Parfitt Jr., $177,900.

RITCHIE HWY., 4611-Steven A. Lagana to David A. Lyons and Rebecca H. Ross, $204,000.

RIVERVIEW RD., 308-Julia Murray to Claude T. and Catherine S. Watkins, $112,000.

THIRD AVE., 214-Joseph A. Rose to James W. Shoonmaker, $271,600.

Churchton Area

HARBOR WAY, 1123-Gary M. Zimmerman to Ann Truslow, $279,000.

Crofton Area

ABERDEEN CIR., 1741, No. 8E-David A. Hyland to Shelby K. Davis and Anton J. Stetka, $227,000.

ABERDEEN CIR., 1782, No. 21-William Jeffreys to Jennifer and Ralph Weast, $252,000.

ASHBURNHAM DR., 1514, No. 91-Sarah M. Love to Matthew W. and Megan E. Grimm, $329,900.

AYR CT., 2546-Shannon N. Robinson to William E. and Monette A. Bailey, $335,000.

BIRDWOOD CT., 1534, No. 125-Valeria Harr to Daria A. Delizio, $284,900.

BOLTON LANE, 2451, No. 26-John A. Valenzi to Carlos R. Barrios and Maria A. Bracho, $280,000.

CASTLEFORD SQ., 1760, No. 165-Jennifer Clague to Carl W. Tedrow, $210,000.

FENDALL CT., 1638, No. 93-Bordo Corp. to Andrea H. Stone, $195,000.

HART CT., 1641, No. 117-Laura Monaco to Alfred A. and Ellen G. Merchlinsky, $209,900.

PAWLET DR., 2097, No. 42C-Michael D. Hoshor to J.E. Glaze, $197,500.

TELLIER CT., 2811-Margaret H. Schmitz to Rahat Maqsood, $579,900.

TURNEYS CT., 1602-Charles J. Fratus to Deborah J. Varga, $579,000.

URBY DR., 1711-Ronald W. Chapman to Richard J. and Frances A. Henrikson, $424,900.

VINEYARD LANE, 2479-Marilyn R. Brennan to Christopher Fisher and Kathryn Rapczynski, $283,000.

WENTWORTH DR., 2412, No. 41D-Kathryn M. Kearney to Eryn N. Belt, $255,000.

WHITFIELD CT., 1728, No. 17-Arquimedes Veloso to Lisa A. Gritti and Adam E. Lattanzi, $240,000.

WINDY OAK CT., 2596-Ronald M. Radtke to Keith W. Brzozowsky and M. Regina Maisog, $355,000.

Crownsville Area

CEDAR TRAIL, 336-Darlene L. Butler to James W. and Ruth I. Burge, $236,000.

CHAPARRALL CT., 1921-Dennis F. Frank to Thomas J. and Colleen A. Wilson, $1.025 million.

LONG POINT RD., 338-David A. Domino to Helen Freeburg Arguello, $450,000.

SUNRISE BEACH RD., 1231-David F. Harris to Stephen R. and Lauren I. Damm, $1.24 million.

Curtis Bay Area

BELVEDERE PL., 1000-Billy W. Stroud to Frederick Koch IV and Geri Theis, $185,000.

CARVEL BEACH RD., 434-William O. Hugel to Joseph L. Crossman, $420,000.

SYCAMORE RD., 207-Michael Galliher to April Awshburn, $265,000.

WATERVIEW DR., 604-Mathew C. Brown to Kevin P. Frazier, $259,900.

Davidsonville Area

KINGS RETREAT DR., 885-John A. Rodenhauser, trustee, to Kimberly M. and Charles C. Carter, $699,900.

Deale Area

DEALE CHURCHTON RD., 5923-Debra L. Petrie to Allison J. Hartley and Jeffrey W. Parker, $289,900.

DRUM POINT RD., 6049-3603 Partnership to Tina F. Cowan, $257,500.

Edgewater Area

ARUNDEL RD., 1605-Herbert H. Hutchinson to Charles A. and Marla B. Abell, $210,000.

CADLE AVE., 305-Kevin L. Napier Sr. to Mark and Andrea C. Wilson, $309,900.

CEDAR LANE, 204-Robert M. Woody to Sidney P. and Carole M. Palmer, $325,000.

GLEBE MEADOW WAY, 3802, No. 76-Theresa C. Peters to Franklin Todd Berger, $419,900.

HILLMEADE RD., 625-W.L. Barnes to William and Marilyn Cunningham, $425,000.

OLDTOWN RD., 1601-David Simard to Brenda Redlich and Steven W. Chandler, $295,000.

PINE WHIFF AVE., 1418-Bruce Watts to Elizabeth A. Arcuri, $337,500.

SILVER RUN RD., 420-John R. Russell, trustee, to Pamela J. Hunter and Jack E. Holt, $125,000.

Galesville Area

MARINERS CT., 4859-Robert D. Herr, trustee, to Robert M. and Michele A. Greenfield, $695,000.

Gambrills Area

APRIL DAWN WAY, 2624-Ivey R. Burke to Andrew C. Pruski and Roxanne F. Hendershot, $242,000.

Glen Burnie Area

ALLEN RD., 122-MAFC Residential Inc. to Kristine and Ray Breault, $227,500.

AVENTURA CT., 462-Dale A. Jasper Jr. to Tete Lawson and Massan Togbetse, $179,900.

DINSMORE AVE., 115-Emily G. Freed to Clinton J. Moore, $205,000.

FONTANA CT., 442, No. 5-Karen L. Miden to Robin S. Nordt, $178,000.

FURNACE BRANCH RD. W., 1613-Jamaar C. Thomas to H. and R. Investors Corp., $160,000.

GLEN CT., 528, No. 29E-James B. Norman to Kristina L. Royalty, $130,300.

INGALLS RD., 1511-Mary L. Nowland to Charles and Tabitha Fleming, $185,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 311-Wayne M. Snyder to Erik and Heather M. Phillips, $224,900.

PARKE WEST DR., 7924-Paul M. Campbell to Robert M. and Patricia M. Breidenbach, $191,023.

SHETLANDS LANE, 305-Reinaldo Rosado Jr. to Veda E. Saunders, $285,000.

WELLHAM AVE., 708-Michael Cavey to Crissie Jerrie Kennedy and Jacob Summerlin, $205,000.

WISTFUL VISTA CT., 393-Gerard A. Varner to Jerry L. and Michele Kline, $275,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 7567-Dale R. Kirkendall to Kenneth L. and Karen L. Snyder, $194,736.

BEAVER RD., 7609-A.N.T. Inc. to Yolanda Lee, $699,000.

EDGERLY RD., 908-Mary E. Mossman to Charles N. Roberts, $228,900.

HARTWELL RD., 7737-Map Mortgage Corp. to Olujinmi Oyeniyi, $310,000.

JEROME PKWY. N., 120-John M. Abbott to Daniel A. Hackman, $194,000.

JUDY RD., 7209-Brian K. Blanchard to Joseph D. Giusto Jr., $150,000.

MALTRAVERS RD., 1825-Kimberly J. Grantham to Katie B. Murphy, $183,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 300-C.E. Brigerman to Brian S. Bolly, $165,000.

NEW JERSEY AVE. NE, 647-Kenneth G. Gent to Christine Barton, $162,000.

NORTH SHORE DR., 857-Roger C. Ash to Albert W. and Margaret Herb, $290,000.

SPRING MAIDEN CT., 200, No. 202-Rodney Dansler to Lee A. Cain, $172,900.

SPRING MAIDEN CT., 202, No. 102-Brandi Cieslak to Matthew L. Petersen, $172,000.

ST. AGNES RD., 21-Robert J. Blanchfield to Deanna L. Graber, $195,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN CT., 208, No. 102-Linda G. Zito to Ronald L. Ward III, $176,900.

WEST DR., 7737-Elwyn D. Edwards III to Victor R. Cserer, $239,000.

Hanover Area

ACROCOMIA DR., 7724-Gene L. Humphrey Sr. to Jesus and Gloria Cuevas Perdomo, $330,000.

BEECH AVE., 1813-Edward Quinones to Wendy M. and Donald L. Milam, $215,000.

GREENKNOLL BLVD., 65-James E. Weber to Andrew Kochie, $286,000.

RIDGEWOOD RD., 1913-David L. Wells to Scott Michael and Lisa Wolff, $473,500.

SIDEN DR., 7708-Bryan W. Clayton to Carlos I. and Rosa I. Manzanarez, $295,000.

STRAWBERRY LANE, 1303-Norman L. Jones to Mukhtar Chowdhry, $288,000.

Jessup Area

JESSUP RD., 2970-Bobby L. Honaker to Warren Breitschwerdt, $100,000.

Laurel Area

FINCHLEIGH ST., 8314-Giuseppe Rosanova to Guillermo and Erminia Umana, $291,000.

MALLARD SHORE DR., 8122-Austin Greenawalt to Susan E. Spiess, $359,000.

WIDGEON PL., 8314-Debra F. Denson to Konrad G. Sliwinski and Justyna M. Jozwik Sliwinski, $256,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

HAMMONDS FERRY RD. N., 223-Gary Brown Jr. to Marcus M. Willett, $243,000.

SHIPLEY RD., 574-John N. Furniss, trustee, to Michael K. O'Malley, $302,000.

Lothian Area

CRANDELL RD., 5840-Audrey J. Goff to William J. and Joan M. Slezak, $299,900.

Millersville Area

BRIGHTVIEW CT., 8305-Elizabeth M. Valdez to Elizabeth A. Simpson and Lewis E. Brogan, $325,000.

CHALET WEST, 535-Stephanie C. Constant to Ana M. and Carlos Torres, $230,000.

HERON CT., 1186-Ramon C. Stockman Jr. to Xiangwu Nou and Baihua Liu, $392,500.

REDWOOD GROVE CT., 336-Louis P. Hagopian to William Gentry, $579,000.

ROCK RIDGE RD., 189-Michael Ransford to Thomas J. and Julia Wilke, $785,000.

Odenton Area

BLUE SPRING CT., 2440, No. 304-Joseph M. Antkowiak to Steven L. Teybner, $215,000.

BRAGG BLVD., 115-Steven C. Shoap to Stacey Williams and Jennifer Davidson, $385,000.

EAGLE LANDING CT., 319, No. 319F-John D. Zeits to Monica Stringer, $190,000.

KING MALCOM AVE., 510-Daniel B. Schiltz to Marjorie E. Sisson, $240,000.

LIONS GATE LANE, 600, No. 19-James G. Redman Jr. to Scott F. Nichols, $265,000.

PISCATAWAY RUN DR., 2845-Rose M. Cole to Randal G. Skalski, $300,500.

SYCAMORE GLEN LANE, 8624-Adeleke Osundina to Oluwadare T. Akinwale, $294,000.

WENTWORTH DR., 2490, No. 32B-Thomas J. Desiderio to Michael J. and Kimberly R. Baker, $250,000.

WESTRIDGE CIR., 79-Roy L. Hines Jr. to James B. and Clara S. Cole, $329,500.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ABBEY CT., 8034, No. D-Donna L. Bawroski to Lee R. Bruce, $140,500.

ARBUTUS RD., 8429-Harry Dehart to James A. and Sara C. Shipley, $269,900.

BRICKWALL LANE, 3535-Robert Stranski to Thomas E. and Karen R. Filler, $280,000.

COOL BREEZE CT., 373-Mary J. Bandorick to Harold J. and Dawn M. Harding, $245,900.

DUVALL HWY., 824-Jo Anne M. Simmons to Stephanni K. Stafford, $250,000.

ELIZABETH RD., 8122-Thomas J. Neidert to Raymond and Susan Sabol, $242,000.

HEAD HARBOUR, 8660-Troy M. Helms to Tom Bergling and Autumn Opaska, $238,000.

HICKORY NUT CT., 341-Jennifer S. Farsworth to Elizabeth B. Veronis, $239,000.

KINGS RD., 1073-Frank E. Cortina to Kimberly R. Taylor, $175,000.

LIBERTY CIR., 7903-Michelle D. Scott to Clifton and Josephine McBride, $150,000.

LOCHEARN CT., 3501, No. C-Michael S. Schaefer to Ray M. and Shannon M. Hatfield, $135,000.

MIRAMAR RD., 8444-Rich J. Lubunyz to Edward and Carrie Nalley, $301,000.

MOUNTAIN VIEW CIR., 8134-George R. Easton to Andrea C. and Joshua J. Alcombright, $280,000.

NEWCOMB CT., 8072, No. 113-Andrew N. Archer to Henry Boffen III and Shawna Collison, $195,500.

PINK LILY CT., 8005-Arnold J. Stadlin to Andrew S. and Theresa A. Lord, $287,000.

RAMBLING RIDGE CT., 329-Thomas S. Thompson to Barbara Purkey,


RED WING CT., 8208-Robert A. Kay to Landamerica Onestop Inc., $505,000.

SILVERQUEEN PATH, 323-Jack A.W. Shenkan Jr. to Jeffrey A. and Katherine M. Richardson, $580,000.

TENNESSEE AVE., 22-John E. Walls Jr. to Wayne Snyder, $345,000.

VENTNOR RD., 8095-Douglas B. Roberts to Mark W. and Jean F. Reynolds, $680,675.

WALL DR., 1563-Eileen E. Koontz to Steven and Tara Koontz, $185,000.

WEDGEWOOD CT., 3502, No. L-Laura L. Bartkowiak to Dennis L. and Jennifer Roeding, $136,000.

WEDGEWOOD CT., 3503, No. J-Dawn M. Lafreniere to Phillippe D. Gerdes, $148,500.

Riva Area

GRISDALE HILL, 202-Deane R. Charlson to Steven L. and Patricia M. Howard,


Severn Area

ALDERNEY CT., 1885-Joseph H. Johnson to Thomas M. and Veronica M. Gomez, $257,000.

CLEARFIELD CIR., 1510-Janet Craig to James D. and Delores Ann Beatty, $285,000.

HEATHER MIST DR., 7924, No. 67-George Martin Jr. to Eric V. and Angel N. Jordan, $260,000.

JACOBS MEADOW DR., 1724-Andrea Y. Mock to Kenneth J. and Yvonne D. Mock, $127,000.

JACOBS MEADOW DR., 1752-Rhonda L. Whittington to Jason S. and Melissa A. Smith, $150,000.

MCABBOTT CT., 1505-Ryan P. Mudd to Matthew W. and Jamie B. Kotanko, $479,000.

PIONEER DR., 8502, No. 6B-Gagan Kandhari to Tyrone and Monique Barnes, $112,000.

PIONEER DR., 8527, No. 19G-Pioneer Associates Corp. to Troy J. Gross, $85,900.

REDWOOD TREE RD., 7817-Rmx 33 Corp. to Richard Lollis and Ahchara Feazell, $285,000.

REECE HEIGHTS DR., 8235-Francis A. Sadowski to Earl and Carol Van Alstine, $215,000.

SEA PINE CIR., 1811, No. 199-Arthur L. Britt Jr. to Naqi Sayed and Siama Rizvi, $327,000.

SEVERN STATION RD., 1337-Adewale A.

Dada to Santos I. and Josue O. Joya, $345,000.

SHARP CT., 7601-Gregory E. Toornman to Jin Hyun and Yong Suk Kwoun, $495,000.

THOMPSON AVE., 1120-Julia K. Votolato to Amy E. Meyers and Doris C. Bettinger, $350,000.

TOMLINSON CT., 8221-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Shaundra Mercado, $73,700.

Severna Park Area

BOONE TRAIL, 41-John E. Kennedy Jr., trustee, to Courtney A. and Jon Szymanski, $2.575 million.

COTTONWOOD DR., 712-John Claypoole to Bruce R. and Eilene R. Pottorff, $480,000.

DIVIDING RD., 828-Gladys L. Gladden to John and Janet Eslinger, $335,000.

MCKINSEY RD., 60-Richard L. Lowman to Patrick D. and Young Suk Holben, $469,900.

RIO LANE, 1029-James A. Hash to Mary and Harold Quayle, $435,000.

TRENTON AVE., 736-Sue S. Flaherty to Donald S. and Polly H. Wilson, $376,000.

WESTMORELAND PL., 634-Clay Kiser to Julie A. Bigelow, $359,000.

Shady Side Area

CEDAR AVE., 1167-Daniel L. Jacobs to Nerina Gilbert Evans Trust, $285,000.

CEDARHURST RD., 1527-Tracy J. Frazee Sr. to David W. York, $245,000.

ELM ST., 4957-Christopher S. Mandrich to Thomas R. Patterson, $339,900.

HAILE PKWY., 1439-Michael Joshua to Stephen Michael Jackson, $185,000.

HAWTHORNE ST., 1305-Bryant E. Wilson to Ronald and Tracy R. Clark, $288,600.