Citing privacy and safety concerns, Holy Cross and Montgomery General hospitals do not release names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing the hospital's proof of birth letter to The Washington Post at 301-279-5665 or mailing it to Births, The Washington Post, 51 Monroe St., Suite 500, Rockville, Md. 20850. For more information, call 301-294-2600.

Shady Grove Hospital

June 17

Bryce Grayson White, a son, to Denise Catherine Lane-White and Neil Ray White of Rockville.

June 18

Riya Milan Patel, a daughter, to Tejal Milan Patel and Milan Vimalbhai Patel of Germantown.

June 19

Samuel Brooks Facciobene and Carmen Joseph Facciobene, triplet sons, and Leah Marie Facciobene, a triplet daughter, to Sarah Hays Facciobene and Carmen Joseph Facciobene of Bethesda.

Tyler Omooria and Tytus Omooria, twin sons, to Lucy Njuguna and Cyprian Omooria of Damascus.

June 20

Demitri Tercell Clayborne, a son, to Pearl Kashansky and Raymond Clayborne of Gaithersburg.

Ashton Boyd Lezcano, a son, to Tracy Lynn Lezcano and Eddie William Lezcano of Middletown.

Parker James Shipe, a son, to Page Shipe and Brian Shipe of Adamstown.

Mary Chaysang Vu, a daughter, to Phichim Ung Vu and Anh Tuan Vu of Rockville.

June 21

Rachel Robin Jyoti David, a daughter, to Mildred David and Ajay Robin David of Gaithersburg.

Jackson James Dunn, a son, to Alicia Dunn and Clayton Dunn of New Market.

Charlotte Norment, a daughter, to Mary Elisa Norment and Clarence Forbes Norment of Bethesda.

Giovanni Angel Paul, a son, to Rocio Jesus Paul and Frederic Torsten Paul of Gaithersburg.

Emma Mary Schmidt, a twin daughter, and Ethan Montgomery Schmidt, a twin son, to Carolyn M. Schmidt and Karl M. Schmidt Jr. of Rockville.

Colin Patrick Steele, a son, to Erica Darlene Steele and Damon Patrick Steele of Clarksburg.

Nicole Michelle Wojcik, a daughter, to Lydia Jadwiga Wojcik and Christopher Adam Wojcik of Rockville.

June 22

Braedon Heath Matthews, a son, to Ginnette Matthews and Casey Matthews of New Market.

Grayson Mitchell Moyer, a son, to Eva Marie Moyer and Peter Jay Moyer of North Potomac.

Shalena Kim'ra-Neraeh Palmer, a daughter, to Shalena Palmer of Rockville.

Jackeline Tryshelle Taylor, a daughter, to Zandy J. Taylor of Gaithersburg.

July 23

Christopher Victor Barakat, a son, to Kandilarya Barakat and Nader Barakat of Silver Spring.

Simon Marcel Bueno, a son, to Julia Calvo Bueno and Pedro Antonio Bueno of Silver Spring.

Grace Huang, a daughter, to Jianmei Lin and Kenneth Huang of Potomac.

Devin James Rodriguez, a son, to Rosa Rodriguez of Frederick.

Johnathan David Rogers, a son, to Donna Maria Rogers and David Lee Rogers of Germantown.

Christopher Luigi Tanzi, a son, to Suzanne Tanzi and Luigi Tanzi of Rockville.

June 24

Yasmen Anita Hunt, a daughter, to Tasha Denise Hunt and Ronald Ellwood Hunt of Rockville.

Arianna Madre Jonathas, a daughter, to Annissa L. Jonathas and Leonol Jonathas of Gaithersburg.

Vaughn Joseph Malamut, a son, to Jennifer Altman Malamut and Todd Benjamin Malamut of Potomac.

Isabella Rose Kaufman, a daughter, to Angela N. Kaufman and Darren T. Kaufman of Gaithersburg.

Angel Jevon Rosario, a son, to Rosemarie Sterling-Rosario and Jorge Ismael Rosario of Silver Spring.

Colin Joseph Simpson, a son, to Katie Busbey and Joseph Simpson of Damascus.

Sibley Memorial Hospital

July 13

Keya Patel Gillenwater, a daughter, to Bindiya Patel and Michael Gillenwater of Silver Spring.

July 16

Grace Castellani Hull, a daughter, to Erin Marle Donovan Hull and Stephen Andrew Hull of Potomac.

July 19

Ian Christopher Truitt Galt, a son, to Kristen Elizabeth Truitt and George Galt of Bethesda.

Henry Raymond Cradlin, a son, to Leslie M. Cradlin and David W. Cradlin of Chevy Chase.

July 21

Njandee Leila Murangi, a daughter, to Nagla'a D. El-Hodiri and Kavemuii Murangi of Silver Spring.

July 26

Brooke O'Kelly Entwistle, a daughter, to Angela Thompson Entwistle and David Dent Entwistle of Bethesda.

-- Compiled by TINA TOLL