The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

LONG LEAF DR., 13336-Warren W. Matzen to Rabdakk D. Specht and Catherine Specht, $930,000.

WESTERN SEA RUN NW, 5729-Leon R. Laporte to Frank M. and Jessica Nezu, $625,500.

WHISTLING WINDS WALK, 5712-Kiran K. Adhya to Gagan C. Adhya and Krishna Adhya, $474,750.

Columbia Area

AVALANCHE WAY, 11218-George M. Zeleznik to Bernard M. Declman, $90,000.

BLUE FEBRUARY WAY, 11890-Linda M. Kwiatkowski to Thomas E. Pope, $320,000.

BRONZE BELL CIR. S., 9109-Chris A. Cowles to Raymond and Lee K. Gabler, $220,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE LANE SE, 9187-Jonathan J. Goodwin to Guy J. Scarpaci and Jennifer L. Wilner, $342,000.

CLOCKTOWER LANE, 9443-Dawn K. Burch to Gerard V. Versace, $288,000.

CORDAGE WALK, 10700-Patrick M. Matthews to Seyed Mansour Marashi and Maryam Badiei, $300,000.

EARLY SPRING WAY E., 9732-Kiernan A. Murphy to Melissa S. Greene, $309,900.

ELIOTS OAK RD. NW, 5298-James T. Dixon Sr. to Gladayo O. Oyeleye, $280,000.

GRACIOUS END CT., 9050-James W. Rosevear to Teddy and Dee Mi Lee, $207,000.

GRACIOUS END CT. SE, 9100-Jai S. Shin to Alex Jiho Jung, $257,000.

GRAY SEA WAY, 6321-Kevin Stoll to Robert and Meredith Brodsky, $395,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 10850-Marie M. Chilton to Kathryn E. Gardner, $64,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 5041-Laurence S. Paulman to Randall L. and Linda M. Whipkey, $110,000.

HARPERS FARM RD., 5673-Maria Padilla to Jeffrey Scott and Victoria Smith, $206,000.

HOBNAIL CT., 9256-Raymond C. Jackson to Jason M. Jay, $287,500.

LIGHTSPUN LANE, 5606-Katherine Magwood to Andrew Ufot and Robinson Comfort, $405,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6003-Robert L. Scolnick to Tonya N. Beiger, $115,000.

MAY DAY CT., 9210-Helen L. Cooper to Nelson P. and Elizabeth J. Conover, $308,700.

MOVING WATER LANE, 9033-Cheryl L. Vota to Kylew and Mary E. Stults, $328,000.

PLACID LAKE CT., 10155-P. David Fields to Dmitriy Matthew Shlosberg, $301,000.

PROCOPIO CIR. S., 7230-Ron Onyango to Scott C. Rosenkrantz, $210,000.

QUARRY BRIDGE CT. SW, 9545-Pamela E. Kloman to Porittany Jenness and Michael Hemolia, $175,000.

QUARTERSTAFF RD., 10676-Jay Steven Fridkis to Krishnan Narasimhan, $749,900.

QUIET HOURS S., 6520-Allen R. Furey to Rebecca A. and Troy N. Carter, $259,000.

ROCKCRESS CT. SW, 8616-Grace McClenon to D.L. and Nicole L. Jenkins, $465,000.

SEA SHADOW, 9591-David Joseph Rose to Yevgeniy and Violetta Mironenko, $292,000.

SKYROCK CT. SE, 8938-Philip W. Adams to Karen M. Ruiz, $323,000.

STEAMERBELL ROW SW, 7271-John C. Wesloh to Karim Nazir, $354,000.

SWANSFIELD RD., 10967-Nance J. Pettit to Paul J. Carter, $448,670.

TAMAR DR. NW, 6106-James M. Ntambi to James L. and Hiromi Stephens, $300,000.

TAMEBIRD CT., 8858-Delory Waters, trustee, to Elizabeth F. Davis, $165,000.

TILTED STONE, 5436-Michael A. Field to R. Rioux, $271,500.

TOLLING CLOCK WAY, 10539-Ronon R. Hoffman to James Dore, $245,000.

TWILIGHT CT. SW, 9532-David C. Lichtenwalner to Timothy W. and Jacqueline D. Hamilton, $394,000.

VANTAGE POINT RD., 5457-Brian E. Winder to W. William and Sharon L. Schneeman, $260,000.

WHITE MARBLE CT. N., 6127-Jung Wook Kim to Kerstin Mahoney, $454,900.

YELLOW DAWN CT. E., 6204-Joseph F. Dalonzo to Quentin and Patricia Coelho, $364,000.

Dayton Area

LINTHICUM RD., 4255-Joseph A. Cook to Jon Levine, $265,000.

RUTHERFORD WAY W., 4512-Kathleen P. Gibson to David and Carmen Black, $776,525.

Elkridge Area

HOOKS LANE, 6157-Christopher P. Campo to Kenneth Witwer II and Yekaterina N. Lisina, $251,000.

HUNTSHIRE DR. NE, 6636-Paul D. Bassette III to Mohit Garg, $365,500.

MANCHESTER WAY SE, 6201-Edward F. Hoy to Shane T. and Michelle R. Stezelberger, $350,000.

MONTGOMERY RD., 6908-Albert Wilford Jr. to Misbah Waqar Syed, $308,500.

OLD HIGHGATE DR. SW, 6452-Lisa H. Jones to Tony L. Honeycutt and Cherlita A. Honeycutt, $345,000.

ROCKLEDGE CT. NW, 6439-Scott Chapman to George E. and Brian Michael Bickerton, $250,500.

SANDPIPER CT. NE, 6215-Charles A. Gransbury to Neel K. Lakhani, $220,000.

SEDGWICK ST. NE, 6463-Steve Robert Corbin to Ronald and Julie Elrod, $310,000.

Ellicott City Area

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 8020-George Sundaram to Brian J. Park and Mi Chang, $315,000.

BRIGHTMEADOW CT., 7939-Christian W. Vandenassem Jr. to Stuart G. and Roberta K. Breslow, $315,000.

BRIGHTSTONE PL. N., 10215-Laurens N. Sullivan Jr. to Robert P. and Lisa O. Singh, $750,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. N., 4986-Grace Kiang to Margret Greb, $270,000.

DORSEY SEARCH CIR. W., 3756-Michael T. Reese to John D. and Cindy Raye Gilbert, $679,900.

ELMMEDE RD., 3109-Robert Michael Burd to Carl J. and Karen D. Lorenz, $555,000.

EVERGREEN WAY, 3114-William D. Druschel to Edward F. and Tracie D. Hoy, $575,000.

FELLS LANE, 3618-James A. Deshields to Stuart Allan Shad and Ann M. Eustis, $282,900.

GOLDFINCH CT. NW, 5731-Randolph Brown to Vaibhav and Urvi Joshi, $315,000.

GOLDFINCH CT. NW, 5769-Timothy Brassell to Ashish and Seema Parikh, $351,000.

HALLOWED STREAM SW, 4669-Mary Virginia Graham to Richard and Dorothy L. Boulton, $320,000.

HEARTHSTONE RD., 3114-Carrington S. Cobbs to Vincent R. and Sharon L. Lorenc, $421,225.

HERITAGE HILL LANE S., 4245-William Tempchin to Mathieu and Donette Poulard, $1.93 million.

HIGH RIDGE RD., 8533-James L. Giles to Bethany A. Dipaula, $415,000.

MAYFAIR CIR. SE, 7888-Dorothy M. Farquhar to Mary Owens Fox, $275,000.

MILLBROOK RD., 9313-Dennis A. Kinsel to Jae Yong and Young Hee Lee, $375,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. E., 8341-Joan M. Browne to Karla K. Adams, $198,500.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8381-Roger Malvern Lash to Bernard and Margaret O'Hanlon, $215,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8387-Susan B. Robson to Gerald Stanley and Rebecca Jean Gutshall, $215,000.

PINE BLUFFS DR., 3240-John F. Gohde to Brent W. Ladd and Kathryn A. Fleming, $620,000.

ROGERS AVE., 2862-Nicholas Taylor to Eugene Daugherty, $389,900.

RUSTY GATE SW, 4505-Dennis J. Plouff to Karen Mitchell, $525,000.

SADDLE RIDGE TERR., 8318-W. Layton Stewart, trustee, to Jed A. and Heather L. Sutton, $525,000.

SPRING FALLS CT., 3729-Barbara A. Munson Co., trustee, to Robert and Cheryl L. Amaro, $600,000.

STONEHOUSE DR. S., 8785-Than Thi Luong to Laura E. and Robert L. Bendik,


WILTON AVE., 8918-Betty Ann Taylor to Corey R. Cooke, $376,000.

WOODED GLEN CT. E., 8100-Richard Azrael to Mark A. Difilippo and Karen E. Brownlie, $309,500.

WOODED GLEN CT. W., 8113-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Apostolos A. Nikolopoulos and Theodosia Gougousl, $292,000.

Fulton Area

LOVAT RD., 9448-John P. McMahon Jr. to Edward and Kari Montgomery, $655,000.

Hanover Area

KRISTIN DR. N., 6418-Michael J. Heron to Cornelius and Staci Harrison, $394,500.

Highland Area

HIGHLAND RD., 13437-Charles Edward Johnson to Milton M. and Lina M. Nunez, $650,000.

Jessup Area

CELITA CT. S., 8713-Phillip E. Cole to Jose S. and Jose E. Portillo, $330,000.

LINCOLN DR. E., 8238-Eric A. Smith to David L. Byrd Jr. and Nache K. Byrd, $350,000.

MISSION RD. NE, 8696-George Williamson to Vinh N. Tran, $300,000.

WINTERBROOK LANE SW, 10140-Jack Harrington to Mulikat M. Ademiluyi and Oluwarotimi A. Ademiluyi, $449,000.

Marriottsville Area

BARLEY FIELD WAY W., 11334-Thomas F. Schields to John and Donna Sokich, $749,900.

Savage Area

SAVAGE GUILFORD RD., 8224-Joseph N. Antkowiak to Jeffrey Robert and Maria M. Dorsch, $275,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

BREAMORE CT., 9340-Kathleen S. Chan to and Sandhyakiran Apparaju and Srikanth C. Nallani, $320,000.

BRYANT AVE. SE, 9105-Asime J. Atuboyedia to Kimberly J. Hudson, $297,500.

EARLY BUD WAY E., 8433-Charles T. Edwards Jr. to Elizabeth C. Hair and John B. Salmans, $620,000.

FENS HOLLOW S., 9467-Raymond Scott Ruegg to Teresa Holman, $123,843.

GRAELOCH RD. SW, 10497-Donald B.W. Messenger to Ann L. Gruber and J. Randall Baldini, $575,000.

HAMMOND PKWY., 7925-Stephen L. Law to Damon E. and Juliet Pruitt, $445,000.

HARDING RD., 11040-James R. Costello

to Mark J. and Sherri L. Ashby,


HITCHING POST LANE, 9180-Priscilla Siler to Futoshi and Rieko Yumoto, $163,000.

JEANNE CT., 9548-Karen V. Pfohl to Vimal H. Patel, $411,000.

LAUREL RD. N., 9401-Donna R. Lauer to Horizons Unlimited Homebuilders Corp., $310,000.

MARY LEE LANE W., 8360-Mary J. Fait to Feng Ding and Yan Luo, $299,000.

MCKENSTRY DR., 8016-D. Craig Horn to Suzanne M. Martin and Eric J. Devroye, $675,000.

HARRIETT TUBMAN LANE, 8034-Samuel J. Crawford to C.O.R. Talkin and BS Land Acquisition Corp., $500,000.

Woodbine Area

FREDERICK RD., 16440-Irvin Washington

to S.E. Myung and Young Ran Oh,


HUNT VALLEY DR. SE, 2881-Thomas V. Dibacco to Drew Kimble and Mary Ellen Willson, $1.32 million.

Woodstock Area

ENFIELD DR. NE, 10722-Michael R. Brubaker to William F. Porter and Jennifer Ralph, $410,000.

MERION POND S., 2247-Song Gi Kim to Helen K. Yungmann, $465,000.