The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Aspen Hill Area

BAUER DR., 14644-Robert L. and K.M. Quackenbush to Bradley and Ekaterina White, $301,000.

BURNSIDE DR., 5578, No. 7-Maria J. Biondi to Celeste E. Medina, $242,000.

CLIFF SWALLOW WAY, 15690-Mary E. Paculba to Ryan R. Grant, $299,500.

DENNINGTON PL., 14218-Ti Yu and John Devers to Elisa My Nguyen, $420,000.

EASTLAND ST., 13814-Matinee Uapinyoying to Gohar A. Khan, $405,000.

FLINT ROCK RD., 14129-John C. and K.C. Ahlers to Rosa E. and Alfonso Motta, $445,500.

FRANKFORT CT., 13700-V. and Robert M. Whittington to Joseph R. Moran, $360,000.

HAVERFORD DR., 4445-Gerald H. and P.U. Daly to Sabrina M. and David A. Boyd, $632,000.

ORIENTAL CT., 13403-Thomas Z. Zambetis to Martha Claros and Jose Mendez, $395,000.

SOUTHEND RD., 4105-Henry L. and L.G. Taylor to Chia and Frank Portera, $334,750.

TANGIER PL., 13410-Israel and S.H. Cornejos to Maria and Freddy Medina, $250,000.

Bethesda Area

CHALFONT PL., 4409-Thomas J. and Kristin H. Roesser to Erin E. and Matthew E. Harcourt, $1.11 million.

CROMWELL DR., 5605-James M. Proctor III to Sibylle F. and John R. Zitko, $819,000.

EDGEFIELD RD., 4815-John Patrick McGloon to Teresa K. and Scott A. Whittier, $485,000.

FAIRFAX RD., 7109-C.P. and Joseph J. McGreal to Karen C. London, $1.15 million.

GREENLAWN DR., 5806-Frank G. Fernandez to Maria C. Garcia and William Bara Jimenez, $1.09 million.

GREENTREE RD., 7252-Judy F. King to Robert E. Fay III, $552,000.

HARROGATE RD., 9912-Richard J. Murphy to Beverly A. and William Manning, $755,000.

KING CHARLES WAY, 5339-Lisa Marie C. Monsanto to George W. Liu, $565,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 5700-Deborah C. and Rodney H. Fisk to Kathryn Shohl Scott, trustee, $850,000.

MELVERN DR., 5906-Ann E. James to Sharon L. and Javeed J. Froozan, $651,250.

MILLWOOD RD., 6612-Karen J. Nurick to Mary F. and Bruce Schulman, $925,000.

MILLWOOD RD., 7009-Jeanne Winberg Evans, trustee, to Shahin Kamran, $835,000.

NAMAKAGAN RD., 5505-Norman James Graham Yooll to Rahemoon and Lutz Halfmann, $1.6 million.

PELHAM RD., 8600-Marvin J. and N.S. Karten to Anita L. Fourcard Bazer and Brian S. Bazer, $760,000.

PELHAM RD., 8606-Geeko Properties Corp. to Amy S. Mullin and John T. Fourkas, $1.22 million.

RADNOR RD., 7408-Paul S. and Jean Cooper to Denise Montroy McNally and Robert C. McNally Jr., $1.78 million.

RIDGE RD., 8618-Dean R. Hatch to Carmen Ruzza and Guillermo Perez Vega, $612,550.

SENTINEL DR., 4990, No. 16-505-Robert B. and G.H. Carter to Joan M. and James D. Rosenbaum, $466,000.

SPRING LAKE DR., 7545, No. C-1-Carmen Zayas to Susan E. Morey, $291,250.

SPRING LAKE DR., 7552-A-Kathryn S. Noyes to Katherine M. Miller, $315,000.

TERRACE GARDEN WAY, 8629-Courtney C. Gunter to Natasha P. and Thomas A. Haag, $1.11 million.

WAUKESHA RD., 5125-Frederick Graham Yooll to Diane L. Ty and Daniel J. Connors, $1.63 million.

WEHAWKEN RD., 5110-Robert L. James to Norman J. Graham Yooll, $710,000.

WELBORN DR., 5917-Margaret T. Norris, trustee, to Evangeline C. and Matthew E. Vilardo, $781,000.

WESTBARD CIR., 5301, No. 407-Gracia C. Marlow, trustee, to Susan P. Lester, trustee, $303,600.

WESTPATH WAY, 5128-Gregory E. and J.B. Van Der Vink to Suzanne D. and Michael J. Jakobowski, $1.23 million.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10638-Marie Wilk to Nitin Tandon, $312,600.

Boyds Area

ROSECREST DR., 12411-D. Ann Ponder to Nella and Yakov Gindin, $633,875.

Brookeville Area

DUBARRY DR., 19521-Henry C. and C.D. Sierka to Bonnie Lawford Manaloto and Giancarlo Manaloto, $470,000.

Burtonsville Area

CHILDRESS TERR., 3554-Alexander A. Andino Denis to Lucas S. Tcheuko, $300,000.

CHILDRESS TERR., 3632-Carissa L. Barnum to Marilin Perez, $295,000.

STEPPING STONE LANE, 3753-Yassin Ahmed to Fadil A. Faqi, $304,000.

TAPESTRY CIR., 3244-Fatou Gaye to Uttam and Sharmila Thapa, $215,000.

Cabin John Area

CYPRESS GROVE LANE, 8009-Ali R. Ghassemi to Aeysha and Shahab U. Chaudhry, $810,000.

WISHBONE TERR., 6418-Inna Golubeva to Morris Nunes, $715,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

ALABASTER DR., 1910-James E. Powers to Paul Goldberg, $526,000.

BEAUMONT RD., 201-Tam Vu to Farida M. and Masoud A. Malik, $420,000.

BLUE VALLEY PL., 13004-Kay A. Robinson, trustee, to Robert J. Blatt, $500,000.

BRAHMS TERR., 13119-Vicki L. Maurer to Sivakumar G. Nair and Priya Sivakumar, $358,000.

BROADMORE RD., 13153-Joseph Wong to Daniela Dimitrova and Doudou Ba, $360,000.

BUCKLEY DR., 12501-Guy A. Weigand to Han Hoan Duc Dang, $461,007.

DAWN VIEW CT., 22-Timothy T.Q. Nguyen to Yanira L. Ridriguez and Edwin R. Zayas, $410,155.

ELDRID DR., 626-Eduardo Galleno to Rayli A. Rios, $405,000.

ELDRID DR., 75-Charles N. Rafferty to Edna M. and Cesar Ortiz, $502,000.

HAWKSHEAD TERR., 12705-Jacylyn Robinson to Fritz Mayhew, $347,000.

MIMOSA LANE, 1402-D.B. and Michael R. Thompson to German Estevez, $398,000.

MODRAD WAY, 13703, No. 9-Chi Y. Choi to Jahmal W. Delegall, $218,000.

MORNING BREEZE CT., 3-Frederick Keaton to Enrique De La Rosa, $389,000.

MOZART DR., 2808-Rosamond I. Quarshie to Sophia Pryce Rodney, $325,000.

MOZART DR., 2811-Wossenseged Girma to Edmond Vanathayan, $330,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 12001, No. 414-Dolores J. Mantua to Frania Carcamo, $210,000.

PEBBLE BEACH DR., 704-D.M. and Charles S. Cook to Richard D. Carr, $730,000.

SIR THOMAS DR., 3307, No. 5-B-23-K.P. and George Ladany Jr. to Deborah Jordan Bishop, $230,000.

SIR THOMAS DR., 3313, No. 4-C-31-David Manchester to Kennice L. Mason, $180,000.

SPRINGBROOK DR., 125-William G. Ligon to Barbara G. Matthews and S.P. Frost, $910,000.

STRAVINSKY TERR., 13261-Hamdine Hann to Olayinka D. Wright, $337,500.

WINDMILL CT., 21-Edward and K. Montgomery to Zabader Tesema and Mulu Tasew, $488,000.

Chevy Chase Area

BROOKVILLE RD., 7401-Henry H. and C.B. Goldberg to Sharon K. Marcil and Thomas L. Monahan III, $2.6 million.

CLIFFORD AVE., 8801-Paul T. Bowen to Victoria E. and John T. Bassett, $675,000.

CUMBERLAND AVE., 4511-Alicia R. and Diego F. Calderon to Maxine Finkelstein, $1,003,000.

HAWKINS LANE, 8818-Mark R. Cabrera to Bradley E. and Suzanne L. Jones, $600,000.

KENILWORTH DR., 3708-Sally L. Klippel, trustee, to Alicia and Diego F. Calderon, $1,320,000.

TAYLOR ST., 3518-Anita Dunn to Jenny A. Hughes, $675,000.

WILLARD AVE., 4515, No. 147-Charles C. and Cynthia P. Allen to Marcia Reynolds Aly and Tarek Aly, $289,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

AMBERLEIGH TERR., 14251-Kwang I. and S.J. Bae to Mi Sook and In Suk Oh, $580,000.

COUNTRYSIDE DR., 2321-Christine J. and Lance C. Miller to Sheila M.S. Jackson, $452,000.

ELM GROVE CIR., 1207-Joseph A. Piemontese Jr. to Florence and Osner Chery, $260,000.

LEAR LANE, 14924-David M. and M.R. Uppole to Khang Nguyen and Toan T. Vu, $470,000.

MIDDLEGATE RD., 15109-E.D. and Haller J. Curtin to William D. Brown, $470,000.

OXFORD SQUARE DR., 712-Mark A. Vosburgh to Angela J. and John M. Butler, $277,000.

WHITEGATE RD., 15004-Richard W. and T. Jones to Melissa J. and Robert M. Silverman, $542,500.

Damascus Area

BLOOM CT., 29-Christopher S. and Stacy M. Harmon to Jin and Roberto M. Carvallo, $400,000.

CARLYN RIDGE RD., 10433-Michael Daniels to Nora Talavera and Jose A. Jeronimo, $413,000.

GUE RD., 9137-Nate C. Kunkle to Marion M. Patel, $345,000.

Derwood Area

BOWIE MILL RD., 17940-Howard R. Caine to Robert L. Clark Jr., $315,000.

GLEN OAK RUN, 16901-John S. and A.D. Goodwin to Linda and Paul Kwiatkowski, $499,000.

MOCCASIN LANE, 7602-Bernhard Griesinger to Ivelisse M. Cabrera and Jose R. Cuadrado, $360,000.

WINEGROVE CT., 5812-B.W. and William D. Travers to Norbert Carte, $795,000.

Gaithersburg Area

APPLE KNOLL CT., 12013-K.C. and Kenneth C.H. Zhao to Scott H. Perlmutter, $523,000.

BEACON HILL TERR., 411-Sarah M. Gorsline to Erik P. Mettler, $389,000.

BRAMBLE BUSH CT., 9018-Miguel Raful to Hosni Eleazar Parada, $270,000.

BRIAN CT., 12, No. 243-Maria and David Juarez to Felix Njamen, $240,000.

CARRINGTON HILL DR., 12546-Jack J. and L.D. Depont to Corrin M. Ferber and Brian C. Abraham, $628,000.

CENTERWAY RD., 8969-Susan Walters to John C. Lee, $275,000.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 435, No. 113-Nooreddin Mirmirani to Sofya and Yevgeniy Segal, $180,000.

CLUB HOUSE RD., 19321, No. 104-Shari and Jonathan Schuman to Cindy Wong, $152,000.

CURRY FORD LANE, 818-Mary H. and David C. Williams Jr. to Eugene S. Mercado, $342,000.

DUFIEF DR., 15120-Gary M. Watts to Angela L. and Robert T. Neff, $534,500.

DUVALL LANE, 100, No. 16-104-Christopher C. Hopkins to Jose F. Carranza, $144,000.

DUVALL LANE, 114, No. 96-T-4-Wilfredo Perez to Hosanna Assefaw, $140,000.

DUVALL LANE, 114, No. 97-101-Emelyn Bonilla to Esther Amponsah, $183,000.

EMORY GROVE RD., 8252-C.M. and Darlingston G. Johnson to Aida E. Browne, $450,000.

FLAGLER DR., 828-Kurt R. and Carolyn J. Harrington to Rafael Alamo and Rebecca D. Ahrendt, $339,900.

FLEECE FLOWER DR., 112-Marian Maylath to Carlos P. Avery, $370,000.

FOREST VIEW PL., 9974-Eric Vonpost to John L. Milton, $249,900.

FRAMINGHAM DR., 19420-William N. and E.L. Brocato to Guillermo A. and Alicia D. Casay, $471,000.

GATESTONE ST., 814-Walter T. and Carolyn D. McCoy to Alejandra B. and Daniel Losada, $879,000.

GOLDEN MEADOW CT., 11202-Nora Sokhon to Shakiba Babazadeh, $527,500.

GUILDBERRY DR., 18409, No. 203-David Azhdam to Anne M. Dorsey, $175,000.

HAMLET SQUARE CT., 13531-Grace Logan Murcer Drakes to Byron Darden, $332,000.

HAWK RUN CT., 11-James D. Rusnak to Marlene Galvez, $288,000.

HIGH POINT DR., 18920-Katherine A. Good to Pio P. and Theresa M. Cabrera Jr., $480,000.

JERICHO DR., 19116-David Melendez to Renee Ranere, $540,000.

LA BELLE LANE, 9238-Awatif E. Hamad to Jessica M. and Raul H. Rivera, $290,000.

LAKELANDS DR., 410-Wayne B. and D.T. Zussman to Yun W. and Richard C. Lamagna, $880,000.

LINDSTROM CT., 17607-Santos D. and Maria S. Romero to Rosaura Mendez and Jose J. Diaz, $405,000.

LIONS CREST WAY, 8027-Chad A. Griffis to Evgeny Y. Karavaev and Cristina F. Kerry, $730,000.

LITTLE STAR LANE, 18713-Chani D. Thakkar to Julie Devassy and Anil Joseph, $415,000.

PRAIRIE LANDING TERR., 10609-J.J. and Gail C. Flynn to Ephraim Zlotnitsky, $280,000.

PURPLE MARTIN LANE, 18739-A.F. and Samuel Taylor to Emeterio U. Ortiz, $300,000.

PURPLE MARTIN LANE, 18818-Dwayne E. and Claribel M. Brown to Norberto Polanco, $275,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 848, No. 101-Xujuan and Weiming Hu Lu to Marcy and Andrew Schechter, $167,900.

ROCK LODGE RD., 416-Sara and Matthew Bechard to Jose Godoy, $465,000.

RUSSELL AVE., 8, No. 2038-Jason S. and Gina L. Chandler to Viviana Giraldo, $182,000.

RUSSELL AVE., 8, No. 4098-Richard A. Allen to Ephi Zlotnitsky, $165,000.

SANDY LAKE DR., 19368-Daniel R. Milne to Pamela Taylor, $315,000.

SENECA FOREST CT., 5-Dan S. III and Judith Mosely to Josue and Erika V. Ramirez, $676,200.

SKIDMORE BLVD., 302-Chieko Tanaka to Shu J. Lien and Chenjyou Teng, $400,000.

SKIDMORE BLVD., 517-Won Kook and Jin Sook Choi to Sheng Wu and David Seen, $630,000.

SMOOTHLEAF LANE, 104-Hababalah A. Mansourabadi to Gholamreza Mansourabadi, $350,000.

SOLITAIRE CT., 39-Hsien Ting and S.H. Wang to Shu M. Yuan and John C. Lee, $641,000.

SPORTSMAN WAY, 206-Keith B. and L.R. Jacobs to Hsin Chieh J. Shen and Adam H. Hsieh, $515,000.

STONEBARN LANE, 13604-Gregory J. and C.S. Owens to Nicole and Michael Celeste, $1.53 million.

STRATOS LANE, 7100-Connie Y. and Z.E. Zhang to Kamla and Bhagwant R. Vohra, $900,000.

SUMMIT HALL RD., 545-Ruben R. Rosales to Ana Perez Mendoza, $299,000.

SWARTHMORE AVE., 312-H.S. and Woon B. Koh to Jule Hallerdin, $609,000.

TANYARD HILL RD., 1618-M.S. and Evariste G. Soglo to Ibrahim Bah, $353,000.

TIMBERBROOK LANE, 127, No. 103-Mary K. Busse to Mary Ellen Mess, $315,000.

TYGART LANE, 19919-Sharanjit Vedbrat to Ariel Orquera and Lucia J. Miglionico, $335,000.

WASHINGTONIAN BLVD., 9754-Zhengrong and Qiyu Wu to Wei Xu and Aiping Sui, $540,000.

WISELY SQUARE CT., 8-Seshasai W. and Sruthi T. Kristipati to Tuyet M.T. Nguyen and Hai T. Dinh, $520,000.

YANKEE HARBOR DR., 7827-Sandeep Rampurne to Marla Zalis, $374,000.

Germantown Area

AMARILLO CT., 17, No. 138-Denise M. Pawlowski to Wenjie Hua, $301,000.

ANSEL TERR., 13432-Brian C. and Kellie D. Misenheimer to Jose and Claudia M. Rivera, $415,000.

APPLEDOWRE CIR., 19935, No. 116-Michelle Delucien to Cristina M. Delucien, $217,000.

BAY LEAF WAY, 18510-Leonard M. Karban to Rodney G. Everett, $190,000.

CHALET DR., 18120, No. 11-204-Joseph W. Edouard to Sienna Marie and Ronald Silawan, $204,900.

CHALET DR., 18130, No. 8-202-Helen Dorman to Ninel and Igor Vinnikov, $197,900.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13007-Orlando Rodriguez to Kwabla Ameevor, $315,000.

CRUSADER CT., 6-S.L. and Maurice E. Whitsett to Yeon Joo Kim, $353,000.

DAVIS MILL RD., 23345-Clara E. Arnold to Mayra L. and Merlin W. Shorb Jr., $383,000.

DEER PATH LANE, 13110-Celine Harripersaud to Agapito M. and Eileen Nadal, $392,000.

DIAMOND HILL DR., 13110-Zeno Lee to Won K. Kim and Hae R. Lee, $395,000.

DUCK POND CT., 12, No. 706-Minna S. Han to Jasmine and Sang K. Park, $353,500.

EAGLES NEST CT., 12212-A-Cheryl L. Fetz to Mary Ellen Thieroff, $232,000.

EAGLES NEST CT., 12221-F-Anthony R. Minter to Kimberly Copps, $266,500.

ETON MANOR DR., 11824, No. 102-Mavis D. and Waylon C. Hinton to Clayton C. Reed, $264,990.

FOUNTAIN HILLS DR., 18917-Roberto J. Jr. and S.K. Clark to Heidi M. Casta and Hector M. Rodriguez, $625,000.

GERMANTOWN RD., 17320-Candace and Matthew R. Powell to Christopher L. Thompson, $455,000.

GINGER CT., 18714-Fulvia N. and Nelson J. Lainez to Elber A. Coreas, $245,000.

OPEN HEARTH WAY, 13037-Roger and D.M. Jones to Osmin and Sonia D. Amaya, $270,000.

PARTRIDGE WOOD DR., 19038-Andrew C. Do to Cristobal Barrera, $305,000.

PINE RIDGE LANE, 18925, No. 10-6-Daniel L. Whitlow II to Stanislav A. Frukhtbeyn, $268,525.

PLACID LAKE TERR., 20061-Lalleh Mahlouji to Mark D. Barbieri, $345,000.

PLUMMER DR., 19100-James G. Cubbison trust to Sherrel W. Maison, $472,000.

POPPYSEED LANE, 18827-Jason Goldberg to Lourdes and Rafael Castillo, $240,000.

QUAIL WOODS DR., 12401-Raudel Perez to Ramona and Magnus C. Lied, $275,000.

RED ROBIN TERR., 18911-Phillip James Poulin to Sam Williams, $315,000.

ROYAL CROWN DR., 12614-Ghalib Bradosti to Anh N. and Thuy Lan Pham, $548,800.

SCOTTSBURY TERR., 11505-J.L. and Guna MacDonald to Carlos A. Echevarria, $399,000.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13034, No. 14-243-Henry E. Christian to Roberto C. Da Silva and Kristyna Vitkova, $237,000.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13115, No. 10-159-Edgar Galdamez to Joyce M. Hunter, $255,000.

SHIPLEY TERR., 20229, No. 3-B-202-Lorena Laurenzano to Shahma Ameen, $208,000.

SKIP JACK DR., 12143-Lauren E. and Robert K. Greene to Sammy Roca, $340,000.

SMOKE HOUSE CT., 18241-Robert E. Gangloff to Andrea G. Hurtado, $280,000.

SMOKE HOUSE CT., 18243-Benjamin J. Herman to Tiffany Bryant, $303,000.

SOJOURN CT., 21056, No. 55-James R. and Stephanie Y. Walker to Edyta Pawelczyk and Arun Balakumaran, $390,500.

STAFFORDSHIRE DR., 20520-Erich and Karen L. Chamberlain to Nodira Alimkhodzhayeva and Denis Stankovski, $335,000.

STAFFORDSHIRE DR., 20534-Leonard D. Grant to Roxana and Alberto Barra, $337,500.

STONE HOLLOW DR., 18453-Josephine Corigliano to Bobby L. Stanley, $299,900.

SUMMER OAK CT., 18829-Matthew E. and Jennifer M. Skrodzki to Gloria F. and Michael Ortwerth, $310,000.

SUMMER OAK DR., 11574-Kenneth C. Kihiu to Lillian Karuri Magero and Francis Magero, $210,000.

SUMMERSONG LANE, 20488-Pedro L. Reyes to Gregory D. and Catherine Cox, $323,500.

VALLEYSIDE CT., 14-David A. Dollarhide to Maria L. and Arturo R. Balana, $250,000.

Kensington Area

BYEFORDE RD., 9712-John Patrick McGloon to Louise Bison and Christopher Slark, $700,000.

CABLE DR., 9504-Karl E. Olsoni Jr. to Silja M. Young, $321,750.

MCCOMAS AVE., 2907-M.J. and Steven M. Salata to Helen Dimsdale, $439,000.

PERRY AVE., 3510-Richard B. and V.L.D. Largent to Ellen and Brian Woodward, $490,000.

PLYERS MILL RD., 3603-Zahava and Amnon Shemesh to Eloisa F. Taberdo, $435,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3211, No. I-21-Carolyn R. Waller to Christine J. Sartwell, $138,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3333, No. 306-Michael Verchery to Wylma M. Bright, trustee, $325,000.

WASHINGTON ST., 3942-Marian Ronsaville, trustee, to Aletta A. and Harold A. Frazier II, $900,000.

Laytonsville Area

BRINK RD., 7011-Kimberly J. Tucker to Charles D. Hendricks, $680,000.

BROOKE KNOLLS RD., 20912-James L. and J.V. Moore to Brenda L. and Shane A. Stephens, $480,000.

BUSH HILL CT., 13-Thomas E. Murphy to Tammie L. Snyder, $260,000.

FOXLAIR PL., 9524-Rodney D. and S.A. Clark to Suzanne and Alan H. Snyder, $780,000.

HAWKINS CREAMERY RD., 8375-Joyce C. Mayer to Wendy M. and William M. Harper, $450,000.

PRIMROSE VIEW CT., 9413-James T. Duffy to Linda M. Duffy, $487,500.

ROSEWOOD MANOR LANE, 7324-T.L.R. and William D. Homick to Franklin Benavides, $700,000.

WHITE PILLAR TERR., 9514-Justin and Christina McKevitt to Hye K. and Si H. Kim, $285,000.

Montgomery Village Area

BATTLERIDGE PL., 10017-Gregory L. and Diane L. Scharer to David L. and Elaine A. Craig, $315,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19417, No. 202-Angeline Warebei to Elena A. Spratling, $196,000.

BROOKRIDGE CT., 9846-Tuan D. Nguyen to Shi Meng, $195,000.

CAPEHART DR., 19107-L.L. and Samuel J. Neubauer to Jinelle C. Wilkinson, $290,000.

CHADBURN PL., 9263-James T. Kelley to Juan R. Ruiz, $235,000.

DUNBROOK CT., 9509-Daniel K. and J. Bempong to Maria Luisa R. and Arturo Balana, $250,000.

GRAZING WAY, 20300-Estela N. Argueta to Alonso Parada, $275,000.

HICKORY VIEW PL., 9434-Francine E. Swenson to Lisa and Sebastian D. Andion, $320,000.

KINDLY CT., 10404-Jorge Mejia to Hugo Alvarenga, $318,000.

LINDOS CT., 20410-Tun A. Wai, trustee, to Israel D. Groveman, $368,000.

MILLS CHOICE RD., 18913, No. 5-Wanmei Zhao to Jefferson Dias Teixeria and Eliana Oliveira, $187,750.

MILLS CHOICE RD., 19032, No. 1-Bianca and Ross D. Vesotsky to Thoa K. Nguyen, $164,500.

MILLS CHOICE RD., 19062, No. 4-Matilde M. Tejo to Li Ling Tsai, $164,900.

SPUR HILL DR., 20019-Susanna A. Bien to Santiago Amaya, $290,000.

THOMAS LEA TERR., 8859-Alain Talla Nwafo to Isaac Djampouop, $350,000.

WALKER HOUSE RD., 9802, No. 3-Suzanne A. Shepard to Sofiya Zayats, $150,000.

WEATHERVANE PL., 9311-B.A. and Larry A.N. Larue to Michalene M. Katzer, $320,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8849-Jose J. Diaz to Yolanda O. and Armando C. Mayuga, $255,000.

WHEELWRIGHT DR., 19929-Rejean Bertrand to Ashar Farhan, $270,000.

New Hampshire Estates-

Hillandale Area

ADELPHI RD., 9509-Marvin Hernandez to Ciro Castro, $385,000.

CAHART PL., 9806-Jon M. and Chelsea G. Woody to Gnanamuthu L. Pushpam and Kandasamy Kaliappan, $381,000.

11TH AVE., 8610-Mohini and Kanu Sanjnani to Saravan K. Krishnan, $237,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

ADDERLEY CT., 3180, No. 240-Alice C. Hagerty to Elizabeth L. Gaffney, $205,000.

AQUARIUS AVE., 3026-B.K. and Karl E. Krueger to Maria E. Fuentes, $356,000.

BAILEYS LANE, 15431-Jennory V. and Christian V. Guevara to Ali F. Palmieri, $515,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3970, No. 7-Michael T. Morrison to Jenny and Gary Mohammed, $157,000.

BIG BEAR CT., 14420-L. and Herbert I. Cantor to Mark Bruininga, $767,000.

CALLOHAN CT., 15109-Miranda A. Davies to Virginia M. Sotiriou and Antonios Papadopoulos, $365,000.

CATOCTIN TERR., 1949-Joseph Kehyaian to Remedios and Raymond Pepper, $352,000.

CLEAR SHOT DR., 2806, No. 1-29-Charlene W. Pace to Charles Harried, $215,000.

CLEESE CT., 14903, No. 5BC-C. and Hespy Edwards to Angela Lazo, $241,000.

DAHILL RD., 4408-A.C. and Herman V. Gill to Halima Elidrissi, $276,000.

DEWEY RD., 11815-Maria V. and Pedro Duarte to Oscar Saucedo, $404,900.

DRESSLER LANE, 2502-G.A. and George F. Fuller to Mouhamadou Moustapha Ly, $511,500.

ELBY CT., 3809-J.M. and Charles R. Warner to Salomon Segovia, $371,500.

HAMMERSMITH CIR., 14811-Kim L. Powell to Dadeiva M. Saavedra, $305,000.

HEWITT AVE., 2815-Jeffrey W. Anderson to Silvia L. Velasquez De Ruano and David Ruano Leemus, $474,000.

HICKORY HILL CT., 3-Jalinder and Monika Mahabare to Shawna D. and Matthew D. Morris, $345,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15101, No. 1-202-Carol J. Taylor to Sarah D. McGowan, $175,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15101, No. 1-908-Meriam G. Shapiro to Leon Wahrhaftig, trustee, $305,000.

LAYHILL VALLEY CT., 14302-Thai V. Trinh to Than T. Nguyen and Roxie Trinh, $650,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3330, No. 5-314-Grace F. Bessette, trustee, to Joyce S. and Rudy Fischer, $330,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3330, No. 5-321-F. and Amiel Kirshbaum to Marcia Sirulnik, $290,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3330, No. 5-516-Rebecca and Louis Warshawsky to Carmen San Miguel Menendez, $256,000.

LONDON BRIDGE DR., 2333-Ivonne and Luis M. Botello to Jennifer P. Rubenstein, $323,000.

VALLEYFIELD DR., 14101, No. 11-4-Michael W. Hetu to Carise M. Conner, $265,000.

VALLEYFIELD DR., 14106, No. 4-6-Nancy O. Gentile to John C. Graybill, $267,500.

Olney Area

ASHMORE CT., 3329-Rita A. Phillips to Kelley and Shepard Winckler, $569,500.

BUEHLER RD., 17605-Kenneth and Linda Stone to Maria A. and Americo S. Pereira, $465,000.

LONGVIEW LANE, 17518-Mary S. Saah to Juan C. Alas, $320,000.

ST. THERESA CT., 3402-Hafizur Rahman to Jason L. Francella, $485,000.

SPARTAN RD., 3200, No. 2-C-3-Alan Damon Breece to Ediie A. Olaechea, $195,000.

THICKETT WAY, 2819-Shepard S. Winckler to Erin M. Fillah, $430,000.

WINDSOR HILL DR., 18202, No. 301-Americo S. and Maria A. Pereira to Dorabela R. and Victor R. Palmeiro, $270,000.

Poolesville Area

CHISWELL RD., 17216-Anna K. Harper to Marsha A. Ryan, $425,000.

SELBY AVE., 19704-Philip G. and J.A. Kaplanis to Rebecca A. and Prescott R. Brammell, $633,937.

Potomac Area

BARN WOOD LANE, 10700-Douglas K. and Y.H. Da Costa to Ladan and Gary G. Rykiel, $1.43 million.

BELLS RIDGE TERR., 8434-Jeanette M. and Robert R. Fiallo to Christopher Kuri, $640,000.

BERGER TERR., 11329-Stephen D. and M.J. Hursting to Wenwen Jin and Yuwen Zhang, $850,000.

BRONSON DR., 9020-D.M. and David S. Stempler to Mark D. Rothman, $2.13 million.

DEBORAH DR., 10957-Robert Ingram to Salig L. Bendit and Grace V. Jillella, $521,000.

DEBORAH DR., 11618-Li Qiang to Susan and Hamid Z. Ford, $675,000.

DEVILWOOD DR., 12100-Victoria B.E. Hudimac to Richard M. Biederman, trustee, $693,500.

GREENLEAF AVE., 12200-Joseph R. Schmid, trustee, to Nimrod Shmul, $710,000.

LONGHILL DR., 1405-Linda R. Bruck to Monique Perret Gentil and Pablo Cardinale, $675,000.

MISTWOOD DR., 9027-Stephen E. and R.L. Morrow to Nicole and Bryan Kustner, $965,000.

PADDOCK LANE, 9016-Harvey M. and K.H. Harris to Michael S. and Nilufer Loy, $702,500.

PLEASANT HILL DR., 10812-Howard M. and Barbara O. Silby to Maureen S. and John F. Reim, $2.78 million.

SANDRINGHAM CT., 10412-Dennis S. and A.R. Charney to Philip E. and Lorraine A. Altschuler, $1.11 million.

STREAMVIEW CT., 10503-William E. and J.A. Bunney to Jian Sun and Kong P. Chen, $602,000.

TIMBER HILL LANE, 8626-Ioannis and E. Karmokolias to Ling Xu and Xiang Ning Li, $810,000.

WHITERIM DR., 10803-Tracy S.M. Lynch to Wendy Ann Wilk Markarian and Thomas Franklyn Markarian, $643,000.

WHITERIM TERR., 7727-Yong Jin Kang to George Economou, $720,200.

WOODEN BRIDGE RD., 9109-John H. and B.S. Beachley to Barbara T. and Jeffery S. Brown, $716,200.

Rockville Area

ASHLEY DR., 11415-L.M. and F.A. Evangelista to Dean D. Evangelista, $300,000.

BALD CYPRESS DR., 9903-Roger K. and S.F. Hoover to Wendy Gao and Richard Yan, $1.13 million.

BEALL AVE., 720-Edmund J. Blau to Mohsen Hodjatzadeh, $447,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12204, No. 232-Judith and Avner Koldaro to Toba Greenbaum, $282,600.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12211, No. 81-Menachem Tulchinsky to Chanan Zlotnitsky, $215,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12409, No. 518-Alona T. Edut to Toba Greenbaum, $222,000.

CARNATION DR., 1035-John R. and C.J. Yockey to Debra Dew Vaughn and Andrew Powell, $703,750.

CHINA ROSE CT., 3-M. Suleiman and S.Z. Hessami to Catherine and John Nestoriak III, $980,000.

CROYDON AVE., 211-Robert E. and Judith C. Christian to Elysium and Alex Shekhdar, $425,000.

DIAMOND COVE TERR., 15306, No. 2L-Robert A. Komlo to Brian A. Hahs, $310,000.

FEATHER ROCK DR., 409-Bruce H. and L.A. Cherkis to Staci B. and Ryan A. Sisco, $608,000.

LAMBERTINA PL., 13805-Janet B. Clear to Tina and Steve L. Kuan, $588,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 632-Jason Goldberg to Paul S. Cutter, $320,000.

MONET DR., 510-Joanne B. Hillyard to Christine and June S. Hong, $490,000.

MONROE ST., 118, No. 118-J.P. and David E. Bruton to Margaret J. Drury, trustee, $226,000.

MOUNT VERNON PL., 315-Denise D. Pinkerton to Monte D. Fitch, $416,500.

NEAL DR., 1015-M.S. and Earl R. Walthall to Kahlid Faheem, $400,000.

NEILWOOD DR., 6104-Jerome and M. Brodie to Barry L. Forrest and Emily O. Goldman, $800,000.

NOLAN DR., 10436-Bong J. and Sung H. Rhee to Salma Samad and Steven P. Salchak, $495,000.

OLD STAGE RD., 6815-Nava and Kochav Yadid to Talma Shmul, $698,000.

PARKLAWN DR., 11925, No. T-2-Stephen Wissing to Michelle Hanley, $175,000.

PINE VIEW LANE, 13608-D.Q. and William Tittley to Charles H. Cheung, $1.06 million.

WADDINGTON CT., 22-Peter Shum to Jeremy Rusnock, $534,900.

WATCHWATER CT., 4-Jay S. Josephs, trustee, to Julie A. and Danny J. Gurewitz, $563,000.

WAYCROFT WAY, 11105-Georgetown Preparatory School Inc. to James G. Fegan, trustee, $775,000.

FIRST ST., 820-Stephen S. and Amy S. Newton to Benjamin D. and Amy H. Zoll, $330,000.

Silver Spring Area

BRUCE DR., 9503-K.S. and James H. Flannery to William L. Morrow III, $632,500.

CORNWALL ST., 712-Reynaldo Granados to Rhina E. Villatoro, $380,000.

DALLAS AVE., 10112-Danee H. Alaniz trust to Panduka Wijegunawardana, $414,000.

FOREST GLEN RD., 1203-June Mosby Conte, trustee, to James E. Stewart, $340,000.

FRANKLIN AVE. E., 214-Donna Marie Calacone to Elizabeth L. and William D. Thomas, $423,000.

GLENVILLE RD., 8825-Jose L. Perez to Emmanuel Lakra, $375,000.

GRUBB RD., 8329, No. G-102-Jennifer H. Camacho to Erika S. Benke, $255,000.

HILLMOOR DR., 204-C.C. and Edward J. Sweeney to Jeffrey L. Americo, $445,000.

INDIAN SPRING DR. E., 207-Michael P. Persico to Rommel E. Moreno, $525,000.

LADSON RD., 319-R.M. and Robert D. Bergeron to Benjamin M. Valenti, $350,000.

LOMBARDY RD., 11009-Nelson U. and A.Y. Argueta to Marilyn J. Gitierrez Medrano and Jose O. Medrano, $385,000.

LORAIN AVE., 10515-William F. and Julie M. Knopf to Heather F. and Scott C. Moran, $565,000.

NOYES DR., 1225-Robert D. and S.F. McGilvray to Brian E. and Barbara C. Ditzler, $760,000.

OAK LEAF DR., 11452-D. and Thomas J. Ohagan to Kathy A. Burkhardt, $549,000.

RED OAK DR., 1518-Gloria Weissman to Carl Hurwitz, $697,500.

REDDICK DR., 10030-Curtis R. Trimble to Dominic Quattrocchi, $537,100.

RICHMOND AVE., 703-Wolde M. and A.A. Girma to Jason McClellan and Mary Tyler Harrill, $465,000.

RITCHIE AVE., 131-Debra Rogan to Alexander Strand, $493,120.

SUDBURY RD., 9106-Claire E. Vande Polder to Sarah Ann Huck, $516,700.

SUTHERLAND RD., 9919-Sarah Henderson to John C. and Isaura T. Hundertmark, $375,000.

THAYER AVE., 610-Robert C. Devlin to Sandra Schmidt, $550,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. E., 227-Kamil Radzyminski to Isaias Martinez, $329,000.

WALDEN RD., 9007-Lola R. Luke to Aaron D. and Bithiah R. Reed, $475,000.

WEAVER ST., 9319-Simon M. Kamau to Mary N. Solomon, $158,400.

WHITE OAK DR., 1702-Bryan S. Buchanan to Tina Williams and Randolph S. Pappas, $512,000.

WOODBURN RD., 9923-Amy L. and Eric J. Pelletier to Edwin Y. Park, $502,000.

Spencerville Area

ASA DR., 16104-Robert D. Daniel III to Edgar A. Gomez, $529,900.

SPENCERVILLE RD., 2138-Clifford C. Macananny to Martha R. Ribeiro, $449,000.

Takoma Park Area

COLUMBIA AVE., 34-Emile Rutner, trustee, to Lieselotte F. and David S. Groberg, $425,000.

FIFTH AVE., 6409-F.C. and Richard R. Willis to Morena Membreno, $325,000.

Wheaton Area

ALBERTI DR., 1907-Desiree A. Beck to Sara L. Sulzbach and David M. Johnson, $345,000.

BLUHILL RD., 12130-Carline Brice Webb to Rosa Mendez, $237,000.

BUCKNELL DR., 10869, No. 53-Roger A. and A.L. Estrada to Abner A. and Maria L. Jimenez, $350,000.

DELANO ST., 3603-E. and George Malavakis to Zahra Coe, $396,000.

ELNORA ST., 2607-Jeannine L. Wheeler to Joshua Kreiser, $380,011.

GEORGIA AVE., 9900, No. 27-505-David H. Harrington to Susan M. Walsh, $256,000.

GREEN HOLLY TERR., 10331-E. Kaye Miller to Bettina D. Acuna and Bryan R. Osborn, $427,000.

HARDY AVE., 2719-Stewart A. Zelman to Elizabeth C. Westin, $395,000.

IVYDALE ST., 2807-Christopher E. Fetterman to Rebecca and James B. Landers, $407,000.

LADD ST., 1608-Anthony J. Jones to Theodore C. Papaloizos, $450,000.

LOVEJOY ST., 11523-Victor A. and J.W. Mack to Laura E. Chap and James L. Hanssen, $494,000.

MILTON ST., 12021-C.N. and Jose S. Flores to Franklin Gaitan, $278,000.

MILTON ST., 12034-E. and Aristides Ekonomo to Irving E. Estrada Garcia, $255,000.

TILTON DR., 1609-Michael L. and K.F. Bloom to Jennifer D. and Eric W. Jentsch, $460,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1111, No. 411-A-Simisola M. Sanni to Maria A. Estrada, $182,000.