April 19

Kyra Nicole Hill Goldsborough, a daughter, to Kelli Hill and Joseph Goldsborough of Mechanicsville.

June 14

Khadija Margaret Darbo, a daughter, to Farrah Proctor and Bakary Darbo of Nanjemoy.

Sara Jane Griffith, a daughter, to Jo Lyn and Bill Griffith of Mechanicsville.

June 16

Nathan Michael Parker, a son, to Jamie and Michael Parker Jr. of Bryantown.

June 19

Nash Brody Vargas, a son, to Roxanna and David Vargas of Nanjemoy.

James Aaron Olmsted, a son, to Alexis and Edward Olmsted of La Plata.

June 20

Skylar Grace Loeffler, a daughter, to Sandra and Gary Loeffler of Waldorf.

Connor James Sowers, a son, to Kimberly and Richard Sowers of Waldorf.

June 21

Summer Beth Dobry, a daughter, to Ellen and Chris Dobry of Nanjemoy.

Riley Anne Mote, a daughter, to Jill and Steve Mote of Swan Point.

Samantha Renee Mammano, a daughter, to Cynthia and Nicholas Mammano of Waldorf.

June 22

Ariel Emilie Viar, a daughter, to Tracey and Willard Viar of Hollywood.

June 23

Mackenzie Brooke Wheeler, a daughter, to Kimberly and J.R. Wheeler of La Plata.

Megan Veronica Taylor, a daughter, to Candice and Robert Taylor of Waldorf.

June 24

Alona Chanel Jones, a daughter, to Avril Vera and Larme Jones of Waldorf.

John Henry Miller, a son, to Paige and Donald J. Miller Jr. of Bryans Road.

June 25

Caleb Michael Floyd, a son, to Jennifer and Michael Floyd of Waldorf.

July 12

Andrew Sawyer Wiggen, a son, to Karen and Brett Wiggen of Mechanicsville.

July 13

Landen Xavier Grimes, a son, to Shauna and Michael A. Grimes Jr. of La Plata.

Hannah Joy Crawford, a daughter, to Candace and Mark Crawford of Charlotte Hall.

July 14

Janiela Figueroa Rios, a daughter, to Janice Rios and Pedro Figueroa of Waldorf.


June 16

Ka'moni C. Barnett, a daughter, to Shirley Barnett and Christopher Watters of Lexington Park.

June 17

Taylor Michelle Rainer, a daughter, to Karen and Paul Rainer of California.

Aidan William Ronnin Davis, a son, to Katherine Dean and William Davis of Scotland.

Kaylee Danielle Bowen, a daughter, to Lisa and Stephen Bowen of Mechanicsville.

Gage Riley Fiedorowicz, a son, to Tracey and Tim Fiedorowicz of Lexington Park.

June 18

Joshua Allen Daigle, a son, to Jamie and Jeffrey Daigle of Valley Lee.

Anna Frances Long, a daughter, to Heather and Michael Long of Hollywood.

June 20

Justin Lee Garza, a son, to Kandace and Eddie Garza of Patuxent River.

Ethan Christopher-Lee Rucker, a son, to Angie and Christopher Rucker of California.

Neha R. Harikumar, daughter, to Renuka Umapathy and Hari Kumar Kanagavelu of Waldorf.

June 21

Kristen Renee Bean, a daughter, to Christina and Sean Bean of Hollywood.

Brooke Elizabeth Baney, a daughter, to Robyn and Jan Baney of Lexington Park.

June 22

David William Webster, a son, to Jenny and Marcus Webster of Cobb Island.

June 23

Samuel Nathan Wathen, a son, to Kenda and John Wathen of Mechanicsville.

June 24

Kristen Faith Dyess, a daughter, to Tiffany and David Dyess of Patuxent River.

Anaiyah Renea-Lee Bush, a daughter, to Nicole Barrows and Timothy Bush of Callaway.

June 26

Jacob Alan Mumford, a son, to Susan and Michael Mumford of Mechanicsville.

Natalie Anne Thomas, a daughter, to Marsha and Timothy Thomas of Tall Timbers.

June 29

McKenna Nichole Hill, a daughter, to Jeanne and Aaron Hill of Great Mills.

Liana Rose Deaderick, a daughter, to Andria and Jason Deaderick of Chaptico.

Lillian Rose Merritt, a daughter, to Mary and Travis Merritt of Ridge.

Bridgette Rhea Jones, a daughter, to Andrea and Ronnie Jones of Hollywood.

Javen Ellis Gates, a son, to Dana and Jerry Gates of Avenue.

Nicholas Alexander Tayman, a son, to Katie and Matthew Tayman of Hollywood.

June 30

Paul Michael Paolillo, a son, to Linda and Paul Paolillo of Great Mills.

Mason Andrew Hewitt, a son, to Tammy and Donald Hewitt of Lexington Park.

July 1

Lindsey Mari Young, a daughter, to Crystal Knott and Tramaine Young of Great Mills.

Kinsley Elamore Lake, a daughter, to Heather and Kevin Lake of Mechanicsville.

Christopher John Bell, a son, to Kelly and Christopher R. Bell of Lusby.

July 4

Bradley Dale Richards, a son, to Rachel and Chris Richards of Great Mills.

July 5

Alaisia De Jesus, a daughter, to Renee and Angel De Jesus of Lexington Park.

July 6

Lauren Nicole Gaines, a daughter, to Sherry and James Gaines of Mechanicsville.

Samuel Allen Freudenthal, a son, to Sharon and John Freudenthal of Great Mills.

Mason Chandler and Kayden Chandler, twin sons, to Crystal Major and Patrick Chandler of Lexington Park.

July 7

Judith Loren Booth and Judah Lee Booth, twins, a daughter and a son, to Deneka and Rodney Booth of California.

Ava Elizabeth Jones, a daughter, to Erin and Edward Jones of Lexington Park.

July 8

Leena Tagouri, a daughter, to Salwa and Yahia Tagouri of La Plata.

Jaidyn Emery Raley, a son, to Dana Bishop and Steven Raley of Lexington Park.

Madison Nicole Meade, a daughter, to Christina Kennedy and John Meade of Hollywood.

July 9

Patrick Ronald Stormberg, a son, to Nicole Stormberg and James Garlock of Mechanicsville.

Joseph Curtis Kline, a son, to Angela Hardy and Joseph Kline of Leonardtown.

July 11

Morganne Louise Thompson and Jeffrey Scott Thompson Jr., twins, a daughter and a son, to Patti and J. Scott Thompson of Mechanicsville.

July 12

Victoria Agaby Sabella, a daughter, to Beronica and Ray Sabella of California.

July 13

Anya Celaine Jordan, a daughter, to Kirsten Ferney and Louis Jordan of Tall Timbers.

July 14

Leah Grace Schrum, a daughter, to Nancy and Brian Schrum of Lexington Park.

Bianca Renee Bright, a daughter, to Natasha and James Bright of Lexington Park.

Eilee Marie Barger, a daughter, to Michele Prentiss and Chad Barger of California.

Brett Daniel Liston, a son, to Alice and Daniel Liston of Leonardtown.

July 15

Hayden Samuel Yokley, a son, to Elizabeth and Shanon Yokley of Lexington Park.

Arne Edwin Anderson IV, a son, to Rolina and Arne E. Anderson III of Lexington Park.

July 16

Dylan James Young, a son, to Cheryl and Samuel Young of Hollywood.

July 17

Aidan Christopher Stone, a son, to Stacey Wheeler and Christopher Stone of Mechanicsville.

July 18

Jaden Terrell Dyson, a son, to Suan and James Dyson of Lexington Park.

July 19

Skyla Hope Gillis, a daughter, to Jodyanne and Randy Gillis of Leonardtown.

Philp Martin Brubacker, a son, to Miriam and Phares Brubacker of Leonardtown.

July 21

Trevor David Drys, a son, to Wendy and David Drys of Lexington Park.

July 22

Travis Cameron Newton, a son, to Julie and Lawrence Newton of Lexington Park.

Jonathan William Gray, a son, to Lisa and David Gray of California.

April Riley Burkman, a daughter, to Kimberly Eatmon and Frank Burkman of Lusby.

July 23

James Gavin Veitch, a son, to Dana and Fletcher Veitch of Leonardtown.

-- Compiled by TIMOTHY WILSON