The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

BATHGATE WAY, 13034-Christina J. and Jaime E. Escobar to Kimberly S. Wain, $370,000.

BEDDER STONE PL., 9628-Shawna Marie and Jonathan James Bates to Nanette M. Galinanes and Ramon S. Santiesteban, $338,000.

BROADSWORD DR., 10124-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Carmen and Pedro De Rivero, $543,740.

BROADSWORD DR., 10187-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Deana and Dwight Coy, $684,290.

CALYPSO FALLS WAY, 12405-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Holly Schupp Gorham and Dave Gorham, $527,210.

CALYPSO FALLS WAY, 12407-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Chauncey Erwin Ford, $568,460.

CORNCRIB CT., 12361-Gail and Stephen J. Hurst to Shawn L. and Sonia J. Freeman, $459,900.

EDMONSTON DR., 8938-Beazer Homes Corp. to Melissa P. and Brandon Brown, $626,105.

EDMONSTON DR., 8958-Beazer Homes Corp. to Asma and Uzma Iqbal, $523,170.

EDMONSTON DR., 8966-Beazer Homes Corp. to Miriam V. and Mark S. Baker, $567,750.

ELGIN WAY, 10142-Susan L. White to Samuel S. Cho, $370,000.

FARNHAM WAY, 8720-Hyon Sun Yu to Sung Jin Hong and Yu Mi Ko, $360,000.

GREAT FALLS DR., 12428-Winchester Homes Inc. to Kongsavanh and Samnieng Satrakoun, $551,410.

GRIMSBY LANE, 12295-Kimberly Ann and Peter S. Gaytan to Claire and Russell Brasser, $530,000.

HARTWOOD MEADOW PL., 12092-Timothy F. Garritty to Corey A. and Undrena D. Gause, $589,000.

HARTWOOD MEADOW PL., 12100-Washington Homes Inc. of Virginia to Yen Hoang and Alex P. Vu, $579,106.

HUDDERSFIELD WAY, 8620-Aurelia and Joel D. Dinoso to Tracy B. and K.D. Fields, $490,000.

KENNOWAY CT., 9723-Pamela A. Johnson to Patricia and Billy Sexton, $384,850.

KIMILWICK PL., 13379-Leslie M. and William M. Kulik to Erika I. Cardona and Mario F. Garcia, $530,000.

LUCK PENNY CT., 9817-Neil A. Powers to Robin L. and Jay B. Burkhart, $484,900.

MAIDEN CREEK CT., 12504-Richmond American Homes to Anjuan Tian and Xiaoxiong Zhong, $429,265.

MALVERN WAY, 12320-Shirley A. and Lawrence S. Wigley to Marcus E. Weaver, $348,900.

MOAT CROSSING PL., 8888-Leigh Ann Ross and Robert W. Ross Jr. to Chelsea L. and Corey J. Snyder, $335,000.

ORLAND STONE DR., 10065-Michael L. Ola to Kimberley A. and Terrel A. Williams, $515,000.

ORMOND DR., 13094-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to Barbara Jean Jenkins, $329,790.

RAINBOW FALLS DR., 9201-Beazer Homes Corp. to Karine K. and Stephen C. Szakos, $486,117.

RUMSEY CT., 13590-Jin Sang Choi to Belen and Marcus C. Sample, $302,500.

RUTHERGLEN PL., 12000-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to Patricia M. and Calvin M. Church, $505,790.

SANDOWN CT., 12105-Aletha B. and David W. Walker to Ruth G. and Peter A. Joudry, $499,999.

SAYBROOKE DR., 9623-Melissa L. and Christian M. Cottingham to Veronica Morales, $449,900.

SEAFIELD PL., 9712-Metro Place Holdings Corp. to Michael J. Buglio and Carol J. Spinner, $525,000.

SELKIRK CIR., 12423-Karen Prock to Tracey L. Loveman and Paul J. Skafidas, $307,000.

SELKIRK CIR., 12433-David P. Whitbeck to Nancy J.B. McCaleb, $324,000.

SHENVALE CIR., 13013-Rebecca D. and Kyle P. Beggan to Clark Coates, $335,000.

SLATEFORD LANE, 12961-U.S. Home Corp. to Lawrence Budsock and Cynthia Oporto, $350,696.

SLATEFORD LANE, 12965-U.S. Home Corp. to Joshwa Rock, $336,051.

SOLITARY PL., 9871-Joan S. Culbertson to Tamara L. and Kenneth R. Shipley, $510,000.

TARVIE CIR., 9568-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to Sue A. and David L. Johnston, $551,615.

TARVIE CIR., 9576-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to Thanda Wai, $543,065.

TARVIE CIR., 9620-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to Garry Lee Walker, $437,414.

TARVIE CIR., 9632-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to Allison Taylor, $625,790.

TOMBRECK CT., 9795-Aso A. Kurda and Basoz A. Rashid to Susanne and Calvin Frederick, $479,900.

TRADE WIND CT., 8509-Richmond American Homes to Fan Fong, Shan Hsu and Jason Qiong Xu, $523,240.

VICTOR LANE, 8913-NVP Inc. to Ijaz Ahmad, $684,255.

WISHING WELL WAY, 12900-Roderick T. Murphy to Christopher Mitchell and Charlotte Baker, $374,900.

WOOLEN KILT CT., 10061-Mary E. Stiehm Patrick S. Stiehm to Brenda A. Bright, $450,000.

WORTHINGTON DR., 9302-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Richard Drake Jr., $538,000.

Dumfries Area

ANTRIM CIR., 3063-Tracy Anne Ruff to Gayle B. and Timothy J. Ryan, $282,000.

ANTRIM CIR., 3155-Louise A., Andrew J. and Harry W. Ravert to William T. Anderson, $296,500.

ANTRIM CIR., 3162-Paula Y. Harris to Jessica M. Lafond, $265,000.

BEACHLAND WAY, 15429-Deborah C. and Michael R. Andrews to Myra Lenore Valdez, $326,500.

BROCKENBROUGH DR., 3631-Karen M. Ruiz to Omar Gales, $144,500.

BUCK LANE, 15708-Lisa and Richard W. Baumgartner to Joyce Wagner and Alexander Santiago, $390,500.

FORT DONELSON CT., 2137-Silas Brown Jr. to Renee L. Bridgett, $275,000.

FORT FISHER CT., 1608-Mobeen A. Khan to Carlos J. Zambrana, $235,000.

FORT MONROE CT., 1903-Miriam M. and Jose A. Gomez to Safia Jarrah, $220,000.

GENTLE WOOD LANE, 16904-Miller and Smith at Southbridge Corp. to Ghazala Bashir, $402,000.

KENTON CIR., 4204-Shirley T. and Ryan W. Orr to Julian O. Boggan Jr., $305,000.

MAJOR CT., 4158-Centex Homes to Candida A. Hernandez and Angel A. Benitez, $488,365.

MARLINGTON DR., 15911-James E. and Amy S.K. Reilly III to Kim and Billy Ellis, $343,500.

MCCLELLAN CT., 2335-Hugo Ordonez to Cecilia Arias, $225,000.

MYRTLEWOOD DR., 2804-Robert S. Hopkins and Frankie M. Woodley to Joyce M. and Harold Menton, $585,000.

NUGENT LANE, 17325-Heather M. and Clemente D. Avery to Elisa C. Hensz, $316,000.

SIGEL CT., 3019-Wendall Keith Williams to Derek K. Hutson, $178,000.

SPRING BRANCH BLVD., 5251-Theresa and Thomas A. Erskine to Gloria E. Coronel and Donald D. Dickson, $310,000.

TELESCOPE LANE, 16615-Virginia M. Tisino to Helga W. and Gregory Wheeler, $439,900.

TRIPOLI CT., 3622-Longstreet Investments Corp. to Stephen E. Mayes and Daniel J. Neylon, $185,000.

WEXFORD LOOP, 17350-Kathryn E. Clarkson to Muhammad A. Bhatti, $337,500.

WHITE HAVEN DR., 3989-Rebecca A. and John R. Coughlin to Jeffrey S. and Bradley B. Costello, $200,000.

Gainesville Area

ALBERT WAY, 14105-Sateesh Valluru and Ravi Sajja to Rebecca P. and Keith L. Fletcher, $535,000.

ALPINE BAY LOOP, 14924-James A. and D. Jean Alt to Susan A. and John E. Henry, $900,000.

ANCHOR MILL PL., 15016-Glenkirk Neighborhoods Corp. to Beth L. and Keith J. Dumais, $507,699.

ANCHOR MILL PL., 15020-Glenkirk Neighborhoods Corp. to Tram Q. Tran, $654,162.

ANCHOR MILL PL., 15024-Glenkirk Neighborhoods Corp. to Agnes A. Sakyi, $651,331.

ARTHUR HILLS DR., 6732-U.S. Home Corp. to Susan M. and Howard J. Landsman, $455,924.

CLATTERBUCK LOOP, 14085-NVR Inc. to Holly C. and Christopher H. Cuddington, $551,515.

DUCKTAN LOOP, 14702-Leah W. and Daniel L. Glicoes to Kimberlee and Larry Turner, $375,000.

EARLY MARKER CT., 7305-NVR Inc. to Candida A. Hernandez, $474,580.

FALLSMERE CIR., 14348-Aniya A. and Anwar W. Aziz to Marisa H. and Steven R. May, $485,000.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15022-NVR Inc. to Nancy Ewing Gabel, $530,365.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15028-NVR Inc. to Samira T. and Zuhair P. Murad, $487,480.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15050-Antonia C. and James A. Spaith to Norman Mauricio Caballero, $400,600.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15127-NVR Inc. to Jesse James Williams II, $401,640.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15129-NVR Inc. to John L. Clark, $375,890.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15131-NVR Inc. to Farzana Sikandar and Atif I. Khan, $374,640.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15145-Vijay Balusu to Aarti and Anubhav Sethi, $475,000.

GENERAL LAFAYETTE WAY, 6820-Soon Ae Lee and Edward Lee to Chang Sun Park and Young Jin Oh, $345,000.

HARROWHILL WAY, 14288-Hye Yon Han and Hyung Kun Kim to Genoveva and Jose Oscar Aguilar, $469,990.

HOLSTEIN PONY CT., 8401-Suzanne B. and James M. Ash to Christina C. and Anthony P. Creeden, $561,000.

LANDFALL CT., 8183-Melanie F. and A. Cameron Kelly to Nirmalraj Yuvaraj, $511,000.

LEE HWY., 13716-Nicole and Anthony Middlebrooks to Teresa and Jaime Hernandez, $325,000.

LINKS POND CIR., 14795-Sandy J. Wallace and James A. McDonald to Jeong Jae and Hye Young Lee, $449,900.

LORDS VIEW LOOP, 8705-Thu Vu to Samantha I. Camacho, $587,000.

LUCAS POINT LOOP, 6708-Lori M. and Jeffrey S. Grimm to Christopher Elkins, $384,500.

MURPHY TER., 14243-Susan Johnson to Jason Osborne and Sherri Hish, $524,900.

NEWBERN LOOP, 14262-Jaime E. McCauley to Syed Zahid Hussain, $265,000.

NEWBERN LOOP, 14303-Kara C. Ledford and Benjamin L. Branscome to Daisy E. Judd, $339,900.

PAPER BIRCH LANE, 12165-Richmond American Homes to Qingguo Gao, $508,390.

PEDIGRUE CT., 8366-Renaissance at Lake Manassas Corp. to Karen S. and Jeffrey W. Epstein, $844,267.

RODERICK LOOP, 6674-Marsha M. and Jason M. Lafroth to Akwasi Kusi Agyeikyem, $365,000.

SNEAD LOOP, 8154-Quaker Lake Manassas Corp. to Andrea L. and David W. Hiltner, $554,001.

STANWICK SQ., 6900-Lawrence J. Wasserman to Tricia J. and Steven L. Haynes, $460,000.

TACKHOUSE LOOP, 8513-Kyung Ah Chang to Nicole Kim, $315,000.

TALLYRAND WAY, 13505-U.S. Home Corp. to Jill P. Calderwood, trustee, $298,875.

YEWING WAY, 5722-Etta D. and Brian K. Cannon to Tara Refek, $765,000.

Haymarket Area

ALDERBROOK DR., 15670-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Joseph Hon Ho Wong, $666,704.

ARROWFIELD TER., 5500-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Georgine Portnoy and Jay Portnoy, $492,420.

ASHBY GROVE LOOP, 6434-Carolyn Trexler and Terry Decarbo to Aravinda L. and Rammohan R. Joginapalli, $575,000.

BENT GRASS DR., 5217-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Brenda and James Raley, $624,046.

BENT GRASS DR., 5221-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Ronald U. Muse, $506,922.

CONTEST LANE, 2305-Juliana and Willem Dykhuizen to Victoria and Brandon D. Cosby, $515,000.

COURTYARD WAY, 7061-Jay Michael and Yvette B. Lofthouse to Yvonne A. Reid, $438,000.

DONNA MARIE CT., 4280-Lynn E.D. and Timothy C. Dietrich to Stephanie T. and David Fischer, $620,000.

DOWDEN DOWNS DR., 14460-Patriot Homes of Virginia Inc. to Deborah E. Taylor, $786,464.

GORE DR., 2109-Darlene M. and Bruce M. Culmer to Keesha Sullivan, $359,990.

JACKSON DR., 2597-Amanda A. Kidd and Jerry A. Williams to Collette E. and John R. Davis, $339,900.

JACOBS CREEK PL., 5269-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Young Ja Lee and Su Kil Lee, $606,225.

JACOBS CREEK PL., 5281-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Krista and Jon Estridge, $584,839.

OLD CAROLINA RD., 6519-Norborne P. Beville Jr. to J. and R. Land Investments Corp., $550,000.

PICKETTS STORE PL., 15610-Jennifer L. and Victor Spahic to Melissa D. and James K. Hedrick, $475,000.

PICKETTS STORE PL., 15647-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Brian T. Bell, $354,830.

RYDER CUP DR., 15662-Ara Mafil to Muhammad Jahangir, $820,000.

SMOOTH STONE PL., 6002-Sally J. and Jack C. Briggs to Suzanne and Chic Arey, $550,000.

SOLHEIM CUP DR., 5632-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Rachel A. and James K. Miller, $550,411.

SOLHEIM CUP DR., 5732-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Jackie and Seung Hak Yu, $686,816.

SOLHEIM CUP DR., 5749-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Jea O. Lim, $690,502.

SOLHEIM CUP DR., 5757-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Sun Ok Kim, $705,998.

TULLOCH SPRING CT., 5872-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Eun S. Jeong, $543,847.

TULLOCH SPRING CT., 5875-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Jose Delcid Romero and Josefina Reyes, $515,320.

TULLOCH SPRING CT., 5899-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Karen Sue and Peter Van Rensselaer Parlier, $553,427.

WATERFALL RD., 15911-Ivy M. and Rocky L. Hutt to Beeren and Barry Investments Corp., $510,000.

Manassas Area

ADEN RD., 14613-Russell S. Jasper to Michael W. Hess, $90,000.

ASSATEAGUE PL., 5573-Arlene S. and Alex V. Witcher to Gwendolyn C. Craig, $455,400.

BARBADOS LANE, 7401-Kabir Timory to Damaris H. and Felix P. Mendoza, $340,000.

BASIL CT., 6509-John A. Adams and Dawn J. Adams to Sarah H. and Michael E. Javins, $395,000.

BLUE GRAY CIR., 7951-Janice A. and Richard M. Shook to Trung Tran, $340,000.

CAMPBELL CT., 7515-Victoria and Andres Collado to Pedro Asencio, $295,900.

CLAREMONT ST., 8301-Juan Bonilla to Francisco P. and Jose M. Posada, $366,000.

COLTON LANE, 7397-Erin K. and Bruce R. Isaachsen to Oscar Ferdinando Rivera, $295,000.

COVINGTON PL., 9584-Raymundo A. Baltodano and Betty G. Baltodano to Santos Gonzales, $275,000.

DAMASCUS DR., 9514-Katherine J. McCarthy to Angelina T. and Jose R. Pozo, $325,000.

DAMASCUS DR., 9542-Jose A. Martinez to Jose R. Perez, $360,000.

DOUBLEDAY LANE, 11077-Krista M. Galenski and William K. Galenski to Stephanie A. Turos, $370,000.

ETHERINGTON CT., 6600-NVR Inc. to Stephanie D. and Samuel D. Hillmon, $912,631.

FINCASTLE DR., 5773-Cynthia M. Hogan to Chena C. and William F. Crocker, $471,000.

FINGERLAKE WAY, 11761-Sharon L. and Steven J. Sepkowski to Florestela A. Fuentes, $640,000.

FLAGER CIR., 7841-Karen S. and Steven M. Trumbull to Elizabeth Masaitis, $359,900.

HILLIARD DR., 8029-Kathleen A. Holbrook and F. Matthew Ball to Lewis W. Billingsley, $351,500.

KAHNS RD., 13118-Thomas Dwayne Turner to Shelley Johnson, $565,000.

KING GEORGE DR., 9432-Agnes F. and Kenneth G. Poling to John A. Tompkins, $240,000.

LANDVIEW DR., 12675-Eric Scott George to Tara K. and Stephen D. Melville, $469,000.

LYNDELL CT., 11305-Jeffry Schwarz to Norma Cardenas and Jose L. Miranda, $700,000.

MARIPOSA DR., 7300-Shelley Hogeland to Mauricio Figueroa, $375,000.

MARIPOSA DR., 7308-Debra A. Pletcher and James W. Pletcher to Kimberly and Michael Barnett, $375,000.

MOLLY PITCHER CIR., 11954-Gregory A. and Eileen D. Hough to Jacqueline Cole, $449,900.

NORFOLK ST., 9638-Jorge Dimas to Ricardo A. Santos, $335,000.

OMEGA LANE, 6057-Ridgedale Inc. to Barbara W. Koerner, $409,350.

PERSHING DR., 13098-Melissa E. Faught and David L. Faught to Barbara A. and Gerald E. Ferguson Jr., $659,900.

PERSINGER HOUSE CT., 6046-Anamaria and Peter Barkhuff to Patricia E. and F. Mark Webster, $543,000.

POPE ST., 10918-Angela R. May and Scott W. May to Carlos Soriano, $320,000.

PURDUE CT., 7509-Irma Y.Z. Chavez and Francisco J. Guevarra to Suresh K. Suryawanshi, $210,000.

PURDUE CT., 7518-Roger Castro and Rigoberto Mendoza to Jose Flores, $235,000.

QUAIL RUN LANE, 7560-Luis E. Martinez to Julio Torres, $282,000.

RAPIDAN LANE, 10448-Barbara J. and David V. Tenney to Candy E. Orris, $242,746.

REBEL WALK DR., 7853-Iluminada E. and Jerry M. Ford to Raymond R. Escorpizo, $346,000.

ROBLING CT., 13303-Harriet W. and Freeman L. Ellington to Joan A. and Philip R. Patterson, $665,000.

ROLLING RD., 8506-Rebecca A. and John R. Coughlin to Kellie and Stephen B. Pless, $355,000.

SENTRY RIDGE RD., 11023, No. 14-Deborah Gould to Juan Carlos Linares Osorio, $255,000.

SHARPSBURG CT., 7892-Glenda Y. Flores and Luis A. Escobar to Ena M. and Carlos R. Lopez, $220,000.

SMITHFIELD RD., 11312-Erin L. and Wesley E. Barton to Jordan K. Carpenter and Brent D. Martin, $300,000.

SNOWFALL DR., 8192-Doina Heinz and Todd W. Heinz to Michelle Rae Cowin Gantz and Robert F. Barse, $440,000.

STATESBORO CT., 10147-A.D. Escobar and Francisco Ceballos to William Ceballos, $233,000.

STATESBORO CT., 10158-Emma L. and Jose L. Treminio to Jose Wilmer Cornejo Molina, $242,000.

STONE HILL LANE, 10809-Chui Y. and Vincent W. Wu to Lauren Ping Yiu, $225,000.

STONINGTON LANE, 10488-Gregory A. Prutzman to Jason O. Bonomo, $246,370.

SUNSET DR., 8224-Sheila K. and Lee E. Tomlinson to Delilas and John Corbett, $443,000.

THREE OTTERS PL., 15528-Erin M. Comstock and Ian M. Comstock to Nikishia Lluvera Holman, $300,000.

TRUNDLE PL., 10304-Ada Bonilla and Noe Cruz to Oscar Heriberto Lopez, $278,000.

VERNON ST., 8206-V.X. Matamoros Irias and Luis Mejia Cruz to Omar Barahona, $300,000.

WEDGEWOOD DR., 7602-Michelle Johnson to Sonia and Celer E. Delgado, $235,000.

WESTMORELAND AVE., 9413-Amy L. Hancock and Donna L. Stolnacker to Jesus Torres Ventura, $346,000.

WESTMORELAND AVE., 9503-Charles S. Cousins Jr. to Corina A. and Jose Daniel Villanueva, $322,500.

WHITE EAGLE DR., 12312-Zoe L. and Dale E. Austin to Said Azimi, $436,500.

WINFIELD LOOP, 10630-Jounghea Her to Zille Husnain, $314,000.

Manassas Park Area

ARLINGTON AVE., 9301-Pedro Rivera to Jose Salgado, $310,000.

BECKHAM CT., 7757-Rosa H., Ivette and Dimas A. Mejia to Maria Abarca, $520,000.

BREEZY KNOLL DR., 8101-NVR Inc. to Lidia and Jose M. Alvarez, $646,259.

CABOT CT., 8577-Reina and Claudio Ramirez to Sherri King and Peter Edman, $319,970.

CENTERTON LANE, 8609-Jennifer Pearson and Jeffrey H. Pearson to Khaled Paymozd, $317,000.

COBBLE POND WAY, 8183-Comstock Blooms Mill Corp. to Nisha A. and Augustine A. Moonjelly, $415,300.

COLONEL WEAVERS CT., 7501-NVP Inc. to Hoang A. Nguyen and Suzanne Thai, $784,400.

COLONEL WEAVERS CT., 7504-NVP Inc. to Rosa M. Portillo, $784,600.

DAVIS FORD RD., 6619-Troy A. Hendrickson to Francisco J. Guevara, $397,000.

JANET ROSE CT., 9621-Qingguo Gao to Christine Mary and Thomas Forrest Tyson Jr., $559,900.

KIMBERTON CT., 7571-Michelle L. Varona to Vibhu Sethi, $335,000.

KNIGHTSHAYES DR., 7534-Kay C. and Michael E. Conn to Nancy and David P. Dailly, $750,000.

OLD CENTREVILLE RD., 7819-Sheerley D. and Manuel Felipe Jr. to Michael R. and Ann Marie Foltz, $649,999.

PRINCE COLE CT., 7501-William Alfredo Garay to Ghazi Hamad, $120,000.

PRINCE COLE CT., 7507-Charlotte B. Norrthon to Ron Hamad, $99,000.

RAINWATER CIR., 8136-Balwinder Singh to Shehzad Ali Ashraf and Lubna Shehzad, $350,000.

RUGBY RD., 8308-Beverly Baker and Robert T. Bruce Jr. to In Soo Choi, $200,000.

SCULLY CT., 7850-Ramandeep Kaur and Satwinder Singh to Benjamin and Jessica L. Argueta, $460,000.

TOWERING OAK WAY, 8065-Wendy M. Barker to Marta A. Ruiz Garcia and Abel Polanco, $600,000.

WHISPERING WIND LANE, 8084-Erika J. and Robert J. Potter to Penny A. and Donald R. Moore, $415,900.

WILLOW POND CT., 7780-Ha Sok Kang and Sung Sook Oh to Kyu Hong Park, $481,000.

Nokesville Area

ADEN RD., 12722-Robert Lee Heatwole and Theresa A. Crum to Tammy Russell, $350,000.

AQUA VIEW CT., 10241-Prudential Residential Services to Pamela A. Wilkerson, $530,000.

BREEZEWAY DR., 10198-Richmond American Homes to Kim Nguyen and Pha Dinh, $390,515.

BREEZEWAY DR., 10200-Richmond American Homes to Ro T. Nguyen, $533,965.

CRASHING THUNDER PL., 10101-Richmond American Homes to Kathleen E. Dorr and Adam R. Simmons, $567,740.

ORLANDO RD., 13501-William Westley Mahoney to James P. Dennis, $424,900.

SNAPSHOT CT., 12003-Richmond American Homes to Teresita Lindo and Romulo Lindo, $476,670.

Occoquan Area

WASHINGTON SQUARE CT., 1511-Westwynde Homes Inc. to Patricia Litteral and Clyde Smith, $555,317.

Triangle Area

CABIN RD., 18306-Donna M. Angel to Leonor and Fernando Luis A. Jara, $374,900.

GERMAINIA CT., 3508-S. Wall Corp. to Jenny Phan and Khue Thanh Thai, $990,000.

HUNDRED ACRE LANE, 18833-Wall Neighborhoods Corp. to Robert Overbey, $530,934.

STONEWALL MANOR DR., 3693-Wall Neighborhoods Corp. to Hoang Lam and Hanh K. Tran, $545,792.

STONEWALL MANOR DR., 3727-Edgemoore Stonewall Corp. to Miguel Angel Carballo, $511,741.

Woodbridge Area

AIDEN DR., 1404-Sam Malikzada to Oscar A. Rodriquez, $337,400.

ALASKA RD., 14971-Carla J. Inturias to Jose Andres Orellana, $289,750.

ALASKA RD., 15128-Bertha A. and Jose I. Avila to Teresa and Jose Ramirez, $350,000.

ARDMORE LOOP, 15048-Hong T. Huynh and Dung P. Pham to Puley Rani and Pryalal Karmakar, $340,000.

ARDMORE LOOP, 15052-Betty B. and Ruben Williams to Louis A. Birdsong, $315,000.

ARIZONA AVE., 14767-Brian C. O'Keefe to Mahmood Nazari, $270,000.

ARUM PL., 15085-Bafour Boateng and Afua Mensah to Hilaire Ntiganzwa, $245,000.

ASHBY CT., 3502-Laura A. Gentile to Jackson H. Miller, $257,000.

AYRSHIRE LANE, 769-Centex Homes to Tuyen Thanh Truong, $374,785.

BAKERSFIELD ST., 14520-Carolyn R. and Roger A. Wagner to Wilfida Osorio Perez, $250,000.

BARKSDALE ST., 14773-Ramon Guerrero to Arles Yeovany Escobar and Santos Martinez, $260,000.

BARNABAS TRAIL, 15317-Manuel A. Velasco to Carlos Rivera and Ingrid Soto, $345,000.

BATH CT., 3536-Catherine and Francisco Rubio to Albert J. Ament, $236,000.

BEAUMONT RD., 3310-Ingeborg and Oscar Gatlin Jr. to Demaris Centeno, $340,000.

BEECHTREE LANE, 2793-Antonio R. Rocha to Patrice Etta Pope, $237,000.

BEECHTREE LANE, 2866-Kimberly E. Walker to Roger Y. Gomez, $195,000.

BELFRY LANE, 3469-Yolanda Rivera and Humberto Rivera to Rosa C. Pineda Chavez and Jose D. Chavez, $258,500.

BELVEDERE DR., 14434-Reina Castellon and Wilfredo Alvarez Lopez to Jose Alvarez and Luis Lobo, $260,000.

BELVEDERE DR., 14454-Chester A. Martin and Vernon L. Martin to Miguel Sosa, $251,000.

BENTLEY CIR., 13600-Leydi Fernandez and Wilfredo Velasquez to Frank Obaro, $260,000.

BERKLEY LANE, 3217-Katherine B. and Dominic V. Gorruso to Robert Cadima, $400,000.

BIRCH WHITE CT., 5788-Daniel L. Calo to Lindsey and Kenneth Vanderwerf, $459,900.

BISBEE CT., 14536-Sabrina and Darrell L. Archard to Pan Soon Jun and Do Hoon Kim, $269,000.

BRADDOCK DR., 3415-Kenneth Jones to Katherine and Jason Bower, $240,000.

BRIDGETON CT., 3084-Sharon B. Martin to Olga Alonso, $315,000.

BROKER LANE, 3309-Virk Hameedullah to Mohammad Ismail, $378,000.

BROOKE FARM CT., 1940-Samuel D. Hillmon and Stephanie D. Hillmon to Carolina and Walter F. Serrano, $630,000.

BUFFALO CT., 3536-Marilyn and Gerreon N. Deguzman to Elisa S. Cadua, $235,000.

BUTTONWOOD CT., 14859-Rebecca A. Slone and Jon E. Slone to Kimberly D. and Douglas E. Schlereth, $424,000.

CARA DR., 12879-Ricardo B. Rosales to Maria M. Rivas, $227,000.

CARDAMOM DR., 12198-Linda M. Masching to Jerry L. Curtis, $219,990.

CARTER LANE, 1638-Anthony E. Duku to Brian Yasnowsky, $262,000.

CASTLE HILL DR., 3545-Jessica M. Valli and Jason R. Valli to Charles and Tricia Lowery III, $180,000.

CATALPA CT., 15011-Ovidio D. Herrera to Genaro Munoz Franco, $234,000.

CATALPA CT., 15035-Phillip E. Horton to Joanne V. and James G. Reid, $262,500.

CHABLIS CIR., 2812-Christopher G. Paul to Timothy J. Bills, $204,900.

CHARLTON CT., 4605-Stephen J. Burwinkel to Epifania Bravo and Alfredo Buruca, $240,000.

CHARLTON CT., 4617-Capital Investments Corp. to Laura D. Dunn, $253,500.

CHERRYDALE DR., 15018-Majid R. Setayeshpour to Imran Saeed, $285,100.

CLEEVE HILL CT., 2836-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Mohammed Shafi Choudhry and Mohammed Javeid, $520,000.

COLBY DR., 12600-Elaine L. and Marcel R. Zamora to Georgina and Janos Godor, $350,000.

COLORADO AVE., 15320-Ana G. and Daniel A. Ramirez to Reginaldo Da Cruz Santos, $300,000.

COPPER TURTLE PL., 15076-Stephen and Reina L. Graham to Dolores M. and Gary L. Elder, $570,800.

CORBETT PL., 1244-Jalal Shakoori to Myung Ja Han, $330,000.

COXCOMB MEWS, 3513-Abdi A. Hirsi and Abdullahi H. Essa to Nancy Ngan and Dien Thanh Nguyen, $290,000.

CREEL CT., 3025-Carol R. Modesitt and Michael G. Modesitt to Yasmeen Khan, $319,000.

CRESSIDA PL., 3963-Persimmonie Jones Holdings Corp. to Hope and Cliff Norton, $259,000.

CREST DR., 15912-Shirley A. Armstrong to Maria Gutierrez, $283,000.

CRITTON CIR., 11740-Sherry A. Martin to Kyle D. Hill, $320,000.

CULPEPER DR., 2124-Dinora Sorto and Yanira E. Ayala to Concepcion Bercian, $355,000.

CULPEPER DR., 2202-Rebecca A. and John R. Coughlin to Juan Carlos Guerra Sandoval, $335,000.

DALE BLVD., 4496-Maria L. Gracias to Roberto D. Ramirez, $375,000.

DALEY LANE, 14798-Ellen L. and Charles J. Hall to Gregorio and Sonia Amurrio, $415,000.

DARA DR., 12753-John A. Farr to Eleanor L. Hume, $132,000.

DAWSON CT., 1280-Soon Im Ji Kwon and Young Jae Ji to Seema Bahbahani, $340,000.

DELANEY RD., 13514-Maria Parada and Roman Romero to Mirian Mendoza, $394,000.

DOCKSIDE CT., 2202-Calvin E. and Kelly S. Durgin to Blaise Liess, $430,000.

DULCINEA PL., 12629-George T. Felder Jr. to Guido O. Alba and Maria L. Cordozo, $275,000.

DULCINEA PL., 12680-Kudirat Giwa and Abdul Sodik Lawal to Dora Flores, $275,000.

DULCINEA PL., 12762-Sarah L. and Phillip S. Luna to Julia Benitez and Walter Santos, $198,000.

EARLHAM CT., 14584-Kimberly S. Jackson and Paul J. Landsberg to Steven W. Hall, $242,000.

EMBERDALE DR., 14839-Norma E. Jiron to Sandra E. Gonzalez and Felix Rivera, $270,000.

EMBERDALE DR., 14892-Thippawan and Somjai Sridurongrit to Total Investments Corp., $261,500.

ENTERPRISE LANE, 14923-Joan J. Johnson to Karla Velasquez and Lewin Artiga, $293,000.

ESKEW CT., 3548-Shinae and John B. Alumbaugh Jr. to Rita A. and Scott R. Watson, $566,000.

ESSEX DR., 14110-Bonita S. and Herman H. Aylor Jr. to Franklin D. Reyes, $346,500.

ESSEX DR., 14125-Elizabeth Alvarado to Joaquin Soto Moya and Maria L. Chiri, $330,000.

FAIRFIELD LANE, 3705-Stephanie Adair Toteff to Alfredo Guardado, $282,400.

FALMOUTH DR., 14422-Mercedes and Baltazar Portillo to Flora Benitez, $262,500.

FELMORE CT., 3621-Steven A. Salinas and Melissa Anne Reed to Abdulkader Niori, $265,000.

FILARETE ST., 14417-Nowruz Rasteh to Bonifacia Sandoval, $235,000.

FOOTHILL ST., 3218-Professional Intermediary Exchange to Bushra and Shana H. Baig, $306,000.

FORTUNA CT., 3802-Emily S. and Daniel L. Bushey Jr. to Ramiro Solis, $297,500.

FOX GLOVE CT., 14650-Lisa D. Tillery and Christopher J. Coulther to Alba Luz and Arnoldo Diaz, $259,000.

FREDA PL., 14009-Dennis S. Polanco to Nha Huu Cao and Lynn Chiem, $375,000.

FULLERTON RD., 14304-Willie M. Wright Mullings to Jorge Villatoro, $349,000.

GASCONY PL., 11735-Janice Y. Heflin to Karen L. Groth, $379,000.

GERMANDER WAY, 2022-Patricia Tueros Lavarello and Jesus Lavarello to Sakinah and John Jewett, $560,000.

GRAN DEUR DR., 13706-Virginia M. and Jose L. Solis to Bernal Misael, $301,000.

GRAN DEUR DR., 13724-Muhammad S. Islam to Candida and Freddy Hernandez, $345,000.

GRANADA WAY, 12326-Evelyn Clarke to Karen and Kent Kettell, $250,000.

GRASSY KNOLL CT., 14900-Joan M. and Mark Holyfield to Bertin Osorio, $520,000.

GRAYTON LANE, 2565-John C. Kupcha to Vivan V. Nguyen and Henry Hoanh Ngoc, $330,000.

GREENDALE DR., 13965-Centex Homes to Amer Mian, $386,120.

GREENDALE DR., 13967-Centex Homes to Sharon A. and Dewitt T. Hardin Jr., $386,022.

GREENMOUNT DR., 15042-Ellen J. and Raymond P. Clawson to Jae Y. Chung and Hee Kyoung Pyon, $550,000.

GREENWOOD DR., 13830-Irfana and Ahmed Qadeer to Mudassar Ahmad Nasir and Ali Imran, $288,000.

GUNSMITH TER., 15356-Sahar M. Kublawi and Salim A. Kublawi, trustees, to Chandika and Basu Shrestha, $225,000.

HAMPSTEAD LANE, 4110-Ana Reina Rodriguez to Zohreh and Kamran Ohi, $305,000.

HARBOR DR., 12203-Susan B. and Kevin A. Stout to Dina D. and Pedro Benitez, $440,000.

HARVEST CT., 4205-Ruby A. Meek and Carolyn Snipe to Salvador and Samuel Tenorio, $236,500.

HAWTHORN LANE, 13211-Lilian and Juan A. Palacios to Alejandro P. Melendez, $304,000.

HEATHER GLEN CT., 1871-Michael A. Green to Frank A. Willy III, $300,000.

HEATHERBROOK CT., 1956-Reena and Manish Arora to Haider Akram, $335,000.

HERCULES LANE, 4695-James W. Walker to W.A. Colindres, $250,000.

HILDAS WAY, 2516-Joseph Heath and Robert Dama to Satwant K. Singh, $399,000.

HORNER RD., 1609-Randolph T. Steele to Jane E. and Edward M. Nevins, $270,000.

HYANNIS LANE, 12836-Anne C. and Phillip C. Wessel to Maurice A. and Anita L. Blake, $340,000.

HYLTON AVE., 1618-Sandra G. and Juan E. Argueta to Omar Leon, $260,000.

ILLINOIS RD., 15025-Leonard Brooks and Christa D. Sorrell to Julia Adina and Rudy Rabanales, $363,000.

INGLEBROOK DR., 1939-Shirley White to Ato Smith Mensah and Pearl Acquaah, $325,000.

IRONWOOD ST., 1383-Khalid Ali to Ameeq Urrehman Khan, $270,000.

JADESTONE WAY, 13001-NVR Inc. to Mary E. and David Rushing, $389,240.

JOYCE RD., 13703-Donald B. McCulloch to Felicia Vu and Thomas Vu, $215,000.

KENNEWEG CT., 16460-Margaret Abbew and Rashid Adams to Samuel Quaye, $480,000.

KERRYDALE RD., 13400-Patricia D. and Daniel G. McLeod to Alber Bonilla, $350,000.

KETTERMAN DR., 13004-Lorenzo Ayala to Elmer S. Mendez, $320,000.

KIDWELL DR., 12913-Joann L. and Jeffrey A. Jewell to Lucy and Steven Orsi, $250,000.

KILBANE RD., 4815-Laura M. and Ronald L. Kelley Sr. to Jose Javier Perez, $394,000.

KNOLL CT., 13300-Philip Rosenthal to Douglas Whiting, $285,000.

LOCKLEVEN LANE, 12910-James A. Fournier to Karen E. and Kent W. Kettell, $316,000.

LONGVIEW DR., 2331-Maria D. Arriaza and Jose B. Gonzalez to Jose E. Ventura, $350,000.

LONGWOOD CT., 13758-Sevdije Shala and Lirije Shala to Yamileth Del Carmen Flore and Maria L. Gracias, $385,000.

LUCKLAND WAY, 2505-Beazer Homes Corp. to Son Thanh, $381,050.

LUCKLAND WAY, 2507-Beazer Homes Corp. to Richard Phung, $382,450.

LYNHURST DR., 13908-Jerome C. James Jr. to Damian O. Bonilla, $320,000.

LYNWOOD DR., 5004-Bianca Bonilla and Feliciano Flores to Alex Waldo Ortuno Mujica, $350,000.

MACWOOD DR., 5305-Fabio Flores to Ana Carmen Valle, $324,900.

MADRIGAL DR., 14186-Kwang C. Mau and Soo Jin Mau to Alicia Marie and Michael Lee Sharp, $360,000.

MALTA ST., 14091-Kaye Marie and Landy Donnell Dunham to Erin J. and Peter K. Patacsil, $357,500.

MANCHESTER WAY, 12307-Anne E. Glenn to Deanna J. and Gary C. Vieaux Jr., $319,999.

MARSEILLE LANE, 1160-Carlton J. O'Riley to Beth R. and William T. Francis Jr., $739,900.

MARSH OVERLOOK DR., 15409-Linda B. and Brian A. Thompson to Marybeth and David Bradley, $525,000.

MATTAPONY DR., 13913-Amber Marie Gardner and Daren Taylor Gardner to Sharon G. and Craig V. Williams, $330,000.

MEAD TER., 1308-Luis A. Ferman to Maria I. Flores, $275,000.

MERRYWOOD CT., 2577-Heather A. and Anthony R. Bone to Doreen Hylton, $216,000.

MIRANDA CT., 2617-Tobi J. Harden and Michael M. Harden to Josephine Evans and Brigitte Evans, $339,990.

MIRANDA LANE, 16832-Sara L. and David E. Stout Jr. to Todd Y. Fontaine, $300,000.

MISTY LANE, 12857-Katherine A. Chada and John A. Chada to Richard F. Purgahn, $327,000.

MONTEGA DR., 4747-Martine Arents to Jose and Narda Hernandez, $580,000.

MONTOCLAIR LANE, 13896-John Patrick Flaherty to Antonia Barrientos and Jose Gochez, $370,000.

MORRISON CT., 14123-Joyce A. Hopkins to Wenceslao Chauca Huanac, $260,000.

NEDDLETON AVE., 5652-Nakita Agyemang and Solomon Adusei to Theresa O. Agyeeman, $373,000.

NUTMEG CT., 12222-Chapman Marshall to Julian E. and Donna S. Jones, $232,000.

OGILVIE CT., 3865-William C. and Atmi A. Ashby III to Mi Yeon Park, $326,000.

OLD POST TER., 1914-Carol Johnson to Cristabel and Pedro Alfaro, $252,000.

OUST LANE, 6089-Ashleigh T. and Christopher B. Burnette to Lisa L. and Anthony W. Taylor, $410,000.

PACKARD DR., 13386-Gregory S. Frye to John J. Fulayter, $375,000.

PADDLE BOAT LANE, 2005-Frantz S. Colon to Michael Shores, $319,200.

PILGRIM DR., 2079-Alva E. Henriquez and Francisco R. Escobar to Rafat A. Hussein, $264,000.

PINETREE CT., 1902-Roxana M. and Jose O. Martinez to Maria O. Argueta, $328,500.

POMANDER LOOP, 13422-Doris M. and Jorge R. Cano to Ajshay N. James Cluff and Paul R. Cluff, $318,750.

PORT POTOMAC AVE., 2544-NVR Inc. to Martin V.B. Bostetter Jr., $418,890.

POWDER HORN TER., 1756-Sherri L. Andrews and Paul Hardesty to Nicole Rosado and Alberto Campos, $255,000.

PRATHER PL., 4683-Jessie L. Steele and Janet M. Blue to Lilian Barrientos, $248,000.

PRINCEDALE DR., 13501-Kamel Benyahia to Marta A. and Rufino Menjivar, $300,000.

PRINCETON ST., 12250-Griselda and Roberto Roque to Elizabeth and Craig Rutler, $284,900.

QUELL CT., 5023-Ridgedale Inc. to Chrisyn A. and Jeffrey A. Desart, $600,745.

RANDOLPH CT., 14068-Linda J. Herren to Christopher Leitch, $345,000.

RANDOLPH CT., 14069-Eleanor J. Johnson to Clara De La Cruz and Celina Ayala, $350,000.

REDBUD CT., 1343-Maria E. and Fernando Munevar to Amanda Ruth Chute and Kelly L. Jerabek, $218,000.

RIBBON CT., 5686-Jeremy O. Vredenburg to Carmen Rodriguez, $340,000.

ROSEWOOD DR., 13822-Erin A. Melton and James H. Melton to Rohina R. and Abdul Baig, $399,000.

ROUNDTREE DR., 5707-Linda M. Wortham to Raquel Ortiz and Carlos O. Mejia, $332,000.

SALEMWAY CT., 3823-Cendant Moblility Financial Corp. to Tirapol Rodtim, $230,250.

SENECA CT., 5375-Ana Ortega and Keny Ortega to Martin M. Alvarado, $337,000.

SHERBROOKE CIR., 3555-Jonathan L. Rollinson to Evan and Patricia A. Remele, $233,500.

SILVERDALE DR., 14259-The Leesburg Companies to Jose F. Campos, $413,000.

SMALLWOOD CT., 5640-Debbie and William H. Oakley to Selvin Melendez, $345,000.

SOURWOOD WAY, 13054-NVR Inc. to Andre R. and Dorothea E. Lovelle, $367,490.

SPARROW CT., 4533-Dorothy Ann Harris to Angela L. Ross, $200,000.

STEVENSON CT., 12288-Eddie M. and Luther Allen to Joan M. Krakie, $205,000.

STOCKHOLM WAY, 2907-Orlando C. Maldonado to Roberta M. and Bobby R. Daniels, $376,000.

STURBRIDGE RD., 13231-Debra L. and Thomas L. Fowler to Domingo De Jesus Aviles, $350,000.

SUNNY BROOK CT., 3963-Scott A. Poblete to Modesta Jultiniano, $260,000.

TARPON LANE, 4082-John Salvador Felt to Maria A. and Melvin S. Hernandez, $401,000.

TAVERNER LOOP, 13151-Bushra Chaudhary to Maria Parada and Ramon Romero, $575,000.

TECUMSEH CT., 3078-Darryl Lewis to Gonzalo Molina, $314,900.

TIPTON LANE, 3403-Mary Ann and James R. Stagner to Pepe N. Prado, $587,500.

TWO CHIMNEYS CT., 5060-Richmond American Homes to Pramila Shrestha and Ishwar Rajbhandari, $553,390.

TWO CHIMNEYS CT., 5100-Richmond American Homes to Doris E. and Fernandito Montanez, $430,715.

WALNUT ST., 1414-Anthony L. Hagler and Wanda S. Hagler to Edgar W. Marroquin, $319,900.

WARREN DR., 1908-Reza Fatahi Yar to Jose Mauricio Ayala, $360,000.

WENTWOOD LANE, 15234-Valerie D. Hamlett to Sultana and Rafat A. Hussein, $252,000.

WETHERBURN CT., 2902-Rosa M. Aparicio to Teresa Contreras, $220,000.

WETHERBURN CT., 2920-Reina De Guzman and Jose S. Guzman to Daisy Euceda and Gladys Canales, $237,000.

WHITTIER LOOP, 14941-Patricia L. and Russell C. Smith to Megan and Karl Luis Rios, $351,000.

WINONA DR., 12144-John C. Flemin to Fredy Pineda Leiva, $280,000.

WOODSMAN DR., 15158-Emily Flores to Christine W. and Paul M. Kosmicki, $425,000.

WOODVALE CT., 13508-Anne R. Clark to Gregorio Soto and Jose Fernando Reynoso, $349,900.

WOODWAY PL., 4642-Mid Atlantic Development Corp. to Moises T. Yabut Jr., $274,000.

WREN CT., 2913-Ana P. and Denis Velasquez to Tomas A. Bonilla, $251,000.