The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

BROOKESIDE CT., 6427-Tiffany M. and John S. Hilton to Prudential Relocation Inc., $310,000.

BROOKESIDE CT., 6427-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Leanne M. and Rodney S. Githens, $310,000.

C ST., 8225-Frank P. and Veda G. Davis to Marie-Pierre C. and D.F. Bartholomew Jr., $500,000.

ST. ANDREWS DR., 8814-James A. and Mary E. Gasch to Margaret Hight, $334,900.

Dunkirk Area

DUNLEIGH DR., 2870-Doyle E. Jr. and Joyce L. Vincent to Kimberley A. Cox and John D. Baione, $810,000.

YELLOW BANK RD., 3650-Colleen E. Bossier to Rex Thompson Plant, $200,251.

Huntingtown Area

BOWIE SHOP RD., 555-Valerie and Theodore R. Phillips Jr. to Carlos Lopez, $240,000.

FOXFIRE LANE, 4428-William L. Bowles Jr. to Robert G. Pruitt, $300,000.

M.I. BOWEN RD., 1615-Christopher Anglim to Robert J. Estes, $365,000.

WALTON RD., 15-Deborah L. Wisniewski to Marquerite Anne Herten, $250,000.

WILSON RD., 1325-Ernest M. Jr. and Evelyn Rita Riddle to Christopher A. and Evelyn J. Barth, $299,900.

Lusby Area

CATALINA DR., 12109-Marilyn F. Burdick to Maria S. and Steven E. Murray, $172,500.

DEEP FORD DR., 720-Jody B. Miller to William Aaron Lee, $230,000.

FARGO RD., 189-Jeffrey A. Denale to Jennifer L. Andreas Williamson, $249,900.

HISPERIA RD., 12410-Brian G. and Shannon L. Crush to Sabrina and Joseph Hesse, $217,900.

OTTAWA DR., 12968-Kathleen Ann Heil to Kirsten L. and Kenneth R. Sleeth, $200,000.

SIDEWINDER LANE, 11588-Clarence Murrin to Dwayne J. and Pamela D. Richard, $225,000.

STAGECOACH TRAIL, 1067-Michael Lewis and Denise M. Bender to Todd D. Shenk, $260,000.

STIRRUP LANE, 11486-Sarah C. Goebel and Detroy N. Penny to Christina M. and Richard L. Young, $209,000.

WESTERN CIR., 12635-Larry James Patin Jr. to Alice and Frederick Hand, $175,000.

North Beach Area

FIFTH ST., 4004-Kimberly M. and Edward P. Johnson to Kenneth S. Floren, $215,000.

SIXTH ST., 3900-Joseph W. Dial to John D. Hood II, $230,000.

10TH ST., 3745-Dawn M. Davidson to Christine Meyers and John Rothe, $252,000.

Owings Area

CARAVAN TRAIL, 925-Annette R. Wallace to Robert G. Stansberry and David R. Bobbitt, $545,000.

Port Republic Area

BROOMES ISLAND RD., 8515-Crystal Jones to William G. Winchester, $150,000.

Prince Frederick Area

GRAY INN CT., 59-David L. Wright to Quinyun Zhang and Jing Zong Jiang, $265,000.

Solomons Area

BACK CREEK LOOP, 1122-Kathleen N. Chenoweth to Myrtle Lewis, $250,000.

BACK CREEK LOOP, 1221-Richard C. and Sandra K. Matthai to Mollie M. and Philip A. Thorn, $264,920.

RUNABOUT LOOP, 826-Alta Ada and R. Bruce Williams to Wang Chen Chan, $251,000.

Solomons Landing Area

FOXHALL RD., 14426-U.S. Home Corp. to Malalai Azmi, $395,123.

St. Leonard Area

FLORAL CIR., 5664-Marilyn Van Wagner to William W. Grover and Helen C. Koehn, $242,000.

LONG BEACH DR., 6315-Bayview Investments Inc. to Jessica M. Hoots and Anthony P. Williams, $234,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

DAKOTA ST., 2632-Mary Jane Tomlinson, trustee, to Teri C. and Isaac D. Horton, $246,000.

GARDEN LANE, 2214-Linda S. Hilwig to Darrell A. Cooper, $238,000.

INDIAN HEAD HWY., 6515-Southern Maryland Real Estate Inc. to Jacqueline Woods East, $295,000.

MATTHEWS RD., 6577-Metropolitan Development to Jessica Haskins and Nathan Novotny, $260,000.

Charles Street-

Trinity Church Road Area

CARRICO MILL LANE, 7710-Gary M. and Jennifer A. Guy to Kelli L. and Frederick P. Kieser, $352,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

BITTERSWEET DR., 14435-David W. Litz to David W. and Deborah L. Stephenson, $490,000.

Indian Head Area

GILWELL PL., 5420-John E. Boswell to David Rowe, $225,000.

LOX ST., 3362-Charlie M. and Phyllis J. White to Laura M. and John C. Crawford, $227,500.

MEADOWSIDE CT., 14-Mary V. and Michael J. Kisamore to Peter Hamelman, $115,000.

PUEBLO CIR., 20-Eric C. Estes to Norbert A. Proctor, $200,000.

Issue Area

POTOMAC VIEW RD., 11985-Marla R. and Robert J. Wustner to Chris J. Thompson, $998,000.

La Plata Area

JUNCTION CT., 104-Norma G. and Paul R. Adderty to Freddie Jackson, $347,000.

NELSON DR., 6400-Wayne P. and Vera P. Robey to John P. and Wanda L. Melenson, $319,900.


Rock Point Road Area

GUY WASHINGTON RD., 13170-Mosher and Learona Wells to Kelli M. and Carter F. Forbes II, $130,000.

ROCK POINT RD., 14535-Bill Marr Bek Inc., trustee, to Benjamin T. and William W. Hurley, $200,000.

Port Tobacco Area

ELAINE CT., 7715-James M. and Sheila Spencer to Terence and Tiche Tolliver, $690,000.

POTOBAC LANDING, 8251-James R. Sr. and Catherine E. Lockrow to Marla R. and Robert J. Wustner, $899,900.

St. Charles Area

ALLWARD DR., 1008-Robert J. Pfuelb to Randy F. Kraft, $239,000.

DORADO BEACH CT., 11639-Iris M. Gautier to Dirk A. Greene, $419,900.

KEARNYS INN PL., 3841-Margaret B. and Albert Rennie to Bernadette Peterson, $190,000.

KELLY GREEN PL., 3824-Leslie M. and Joseph Weingarden IV to Craig Dyson, $175,000.

KING JAMES PL., 17-Edwin and Leonilda Santiago to S. Craig Waul and Anthony R. Waul, $160,000.

KINGS WHARF PL., 33-Crystal L. Bruffy and Joseph A. Nelms to Lisa A. Robinson, $173,000.

MANNING CT., 3204-Richard E. Jr. and Ruby C. Dean to Leslie and Joseph Weingarden IV, $130,000.

MCIVER DR., 908-Thelma W. and Augustus W. Bowling Jr. to Sean A. Mason, $241,950.

NEVILLE CT., 2205-Thomas J. Burke to Eileen E. Mumford, $241,000.

PIMLICO CT., 2442-Francis and Sherry L. Potts to A.J. Follman and Richard W. Petruzzi, $289,900.

ROBINSON PL., 2569-David H. and Wendy N. Wan to Tiffany M. and Bradley W. Johnson, $145,900.

TACOMA PL., 2385-Wanda L. Ramey to Skira N. and Reese A. Massey Jr., $295,000.

WADDELL RD., 905-Jennifer L. and Michael Macon to Carrie Cianciolo, $244,900.

Waldorf Area

ACADIA RD., 203-Charles E. and Barbara J. Thompson to Marina and Manuel Saravia, $245,000.

AVON PL., 2667-Tanya D. Drake to Hui Sun Chon, $257,500.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4065-Valerie T. Johnson to Amy J. Dilcher, $195,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4125-Denise Stokely to Jessica Mellom, $195,000.

BREAKWATER CT., 2516-Joshua G. and Lindy R. Brown to Sudart and Joseph B. Nguyen, $319,900.

BRIDLE PATH DR., 2251-Chandra M. Swan to Alfred Adams, $213,000.

CASSIDY CT., 10359-Margo F. Sisk to Debra R. and Kevin J. Wyatt, $345,000.

COATI CT., 6706-John and Judy Hume to Beverly A. and Josue S. Santoyo, $350,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 2236-Stacey M. and Michael T. Stansbury to Reginette V. Osby, $389,000.

DESERT SUN CT., 2806-Lydia C. Coffiel to Mirna Guerrero, $400,000.

EAGLE CT., 4426-Joseph E. Potthast to William D. Farri, $147,500.

EUTAW FOREST DR., 3072-Mary K. and Robert F. Frey to Pamela S. Treadwell, $365,000.

GORAL CT., 6339-Paul F. IV and Carrie A. Ludwig to Carrie J. and Robert E. Cole, $290,000.

GOSSETT CT., 3252-Melanie and Brian Gamage to Michael J. Askew, $459,900.

JAY ST., 9440-Vicki L. Grimm to Stephen W. Buchanan, $238,000.

KEMPSFORD FIELD PL., 3703-Christopher B. and Taneeya Valentine to Rhonda and Kerry Darden, $165,000.

KINGFISHER CT., 4788-Todd R. and Tanya V. Hughes to Debra F. and David D. Leege, $210,000.

KIRK DR., 2722-Cathlyn H. and Jeffrey A. Coles to Dajuan R. Whorley, $342,500.

LEONARDTOWN RD., 4634-Nancy S. and Gary L. Kelley to Robert L. McKinney, $385,000.

LIGHTNER CT., 3648-Mark R. Hutson Sr. to Sarah B. and Timothy J. Thompson, $289,900.

MEADOW PL., 20-Gwendolyn J. Humphrey to Charles F. Overmiller IV, $130,000.

MERGANSER CT., 2545-Brian P. and Linda L. Doran to Alva C. and Quenton L. Rodgers, $367,500.

PINEVIEW CT., 2162-Tanya Y. Coram to Jesmer S. Sevilla, $230,000.

PUPFISH CT., 5006-Gary J. and Susan T. Ross to Kathleen M. and Gregory J. McHallam, $384,000.

SAGEWOOD CT., 2458-Deborah A. Seckler to Monique R. Carr, $202,500.

SPRINGDALE LANE, 2300-Mary G. and William G. Workman to Melissa C. Riley, $529,900.

SPRUCE ST., 1010-Margaret G. Langley to Kevin M. Ryder, $250,000.

TORPEDO CT., 5506-Crystal F. and Sean D. Rose to Crystal V. Harris, $353,000.

WESTDALE CT., 3338-Karen J. Parker to Thelma and Jesse Owens Sr., $202,000.

WHISTLERS PL., 6308-Steven R. Mosedale to Laura A. Denton, $202,900.

WILSON RD., 1325-Shannon L. and Jason S. Martin to Cris and Todd E. Martin, $289,900.

WYE CT., 2691-Luther A. and Tammara J. Gilliam to Theresa L. and Leon R. Hollowell, $360,000.

St. Mary's County

California Area

ARGYLE CT., 23113-Christopher P. Morgan to Richard S. Myeress, $270,000.

BELLWOOD LANE, 22688-Dawn L. Kay to Mary Jean and Paul C. Orwig, $165,000.

CHESTNUT OAK CT., 23250, No. 8C-RMJ Corp. to Philip R. Doyle, $147,900.

GREY SQUIRREL LANE, 23153-Xiaowei Yang to Grace Starling Mahaffey, $325,000.

MIMOSA LANE, 44177-Thomas Mehringer to Merri W. and William J. Clark, $387,500.

PATUXENT BEACH RD. N., 24179-Barbara B. Grimes to Karol O. and Donald C. Selby, $575,000.

SUGAR MAPLE CT., 23309, No. 8A-Dale E. Ritchie to Carol Gallagher, $143,000.

WOODLAWN DR., 45521-Patrick Scott to Patrick G. Wathen and Barbara S. Laigle, $160,000.

Compton Area

ST. CLEMENTS AVE., 22373-Pamela R. Harmon to Helen C. Whitney, $413,000.

Great Mills Area

CHURCH DR., 45810-Kimberly Johnson to Steven W. Harrington, $190,200.

CLIPPER DR., 21973-Wayne Anthony Molock to Juanita and Earnest L. Hagan, $240,000.

HORSEHEAD RD., 45768-Charles E. Young to Tina M. and Robert M. Felitsky Jr., $215,000.

RAGGEDY LANE, 45930-Michael R. Westman to Patricia A. and William A. Keen, $492,900.

Hollywood Area

MERVELL DEAN RD., 23539-Jeffrey William Sappington to Alamo Properties Corp., $160,000.

Leonardtown Area

CEDAR ST., 22302-Susan Lee Elliott to Michael Martin Chikar and Maude M. Chikar, $250,000.

CHARLES ST., 41415-Blaise A. Higgs to Christina M. and James M. Wallace, $225,000.

GUM SPRING DR., 43290-Michael Andrew Denny to Roland W. Levesque, $449,900.

LAWRENCE AVE., 22905-M. Cromwell Robert to John Erskine Inc., $134,809.

SPRING HOUSE LANE, 40835-James B. Grimes to Kirk E. and Kelly W. Windsor, $300,000.

Lexington Park Area

FAR CRY RD., 48705-Donald A. Frantz to Sara M. and Robert M. and Robert Scott Gaines, $100,000.

LIVONIA CIR., 48140-Victor C. Disanto to Audrey A. and Matthew P. Cosgrove, $223,700.

PINEY ORCHARD ST., 48021-Tanya L. and Thomas A. Pfister to Charles John Browne, $225,000.

SUNBURST DR., 48394-Ralph L. Moore III to Roberta R. Dimond and Frederic S. Stonesifer, $284,900.

WHEELER DR., 47656-Edna McCracken Richards to Beck and Beck Corp., $100,000.

Mechanicsville Area

DANVILLE ST., 27206-Felicia M. McClain to Gayle Newman and Sage Saliba, $225,000.

DUDLEY RD., 30215-Hae Yon Best to Dana V. and Brian R. West, $295,000.

HILLS DR., 26094-Christopher A. Parker to Misty H. Zopelis, $247,200.

LORI'S CT., 39056-Teresa Adele and Joachim F. Otero to Shannon M. and Joseph G. Tippett Jr., $325,000.

OVERLOOK CT., 29752-Thomas Tomasky to Jeremy A. Sikes, $234,500.

QUEENS LANDING RD., 41501-Anthony Agramonte to Peter Clifford Snyder III, $260,000.

QUEENTREE RD., 27198-Hans Peter Misch to Jorgina L. Denyer, $525,000.

SKYVIEW DR., 29911-Barry N. Alsup to Carmel A. Reilly, $232,000.

Piney Point Area

LOCUST ST., 45409-John Donald Roberts to Kathleen and Raymond Albright, $103,000.

St. Inigoes Area

WOODSCROFT RD., 17139-Thomas R. Drury to Kristine E. and Kenneth A. Mansky, $420,000.

Tall Timbers Area

SHALLOW FORD CT., 44639-Douglas L. Reier to Bava and Sean McDermott, $672,000.