A Metro Ride to Anacostia

Mayor Proposes Moving Headquarters

Southeast development got a boost with Mayor Anthony A. Williams's proposal that Metro sell its valuable headquarters downtown and move to a site at the Anacostia Metro station. Williams (D) said he wants the city to build a municipal building at the station as well and move some city offices there.

Some Metro officials were receptive to the idea. If it goes through, it would broaden development east of the river, across the bridge from the area where the new baseball stadium is planned.

Settlement for Unjust Detention

Deaf, Mute Man Was Held Without Charges

A deaf, mute and mentally disturbed man, held mistakenly at the D.C. jail for nearly two years, will get $1.2 million to $1.5 million from the District and a private contractor to settle his suit. The District also agreed to pay reasonable attorney fees, although that sum is in dispute.

Joseph Heard was arrested in November 1998, and charges were dismissed nearly a year later, but Heard was taken to jail because of a computer error and was there until August 2001.

A Presidential Boulevard

Reagan Proposal Riles D.C. Officials

A Republican congressman from South Texas wants to honor Ronald Reagan in Washington again by changing the name of 16th Street NW to Ronald Reagan Boulevard. That has D.C. leaders protesting.

Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.) pointed out the presence of Reagan National Airport and the Ronald Reagan Building and said if Rep. Henry Bonilla wants something else named after the former president, he should look to his own district in San Antonio. The Reagan Alamo?

Grades for the Schools

Elementary Scores Rise; Secondaries Slip

The results for District public schools on spring standardized testing show gains in math and reading for elementary students and declines at the secondary level.

The number of schools meeting their one-year academic benchmark increased this year from 63 to 72, but the number failing to meet benchmarks for two years in a row also increased -- from 68 to 81. Under federal law, those schools -- which are classified as "in need of improvement" -- must offer their students free tutorial services and the option of transferring elsewhere in the system.

Abduction Mystery

Nun Taken From Convent, Released

A nun hanging laundry behind Our Lady Queen of Peace Convent was grabbed in a mysterious abduction in Southeast. Two assailants threw a blanket over her head and forced her into a van before speeding off, police said.

She was let off about two miles from the convent, which is in the 3300 block of Wheeler Road. Police said they couldn't figure out a motive. The nun, from India, suffered minor injuries, police said.

A Slightly Deadlier Year So Far

City Still Headed for Fewer Than 200 Killings

Homicides, fed by nine slayings in seven days, edged past the total for last year at this time -- by one.

The District remains on pace to record fewer than 200 for the second year in a row, and that would mark the first time it has tallied so few homicides in consecutive years since the mid-1980s.

A Healthy Start With Mei Xiang out of the room, National Zoo personnel were able to scoop up her baby for a nine-minute exam. Results: The new panda is healthy and male.