Here are some things that most locals know about riding Metro.

Don't Eat or Drink It's banned in the stations and on the trains. Try it, and you may find out why Washingtonians recognize the phrase "French-fry girl."

Stand Right Sure, it's a holiday for you. But the Washingtonian behind you on the escalator is very important and has places to be. So stand to the right and let that person pass.

Train Doors They aren't like elevator doors that bounce back when they hit an object. If you linger too long between the train doors after the "ding dong" warning, you'll find they're more like big clamps with rubber edges.

Farecards Before you can ride the trains, there's an admissions test called the Farecard machine. Look below the stationmaster's window to figure out the fare to your destination. Then walk over to the nearby machine that, if it's in a good mood, will accept bills and spit out a card you'll put into the fare gate.

SmarTrip When parking at a Metro garage, it's smart to remember that you'll need to buy one of these electronic cards from a vending machine to get out at the end of the day.