The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

BAY DR., 115-John R. Hosford to Jane C. Bowen, $1.346 million.

BELVEDERE CT., 4-Kimberlin S. Bower to Madaline J. Stokes, $260,000.

BLACKWALNUT CT., 1309-Hewitt Relocation Services Inc. to Robert Turcic, $420,000.

BOUCHER AVE., 1227-David E. Maxey to Ronni Burns, $675,000.

CEDAR RIDGE CT., 1092-Laura A. McClintock to Paul Kelley and Janice L. Fisher, $249,000.

CHESTER AVE., 824-Steven W. Hayes to Alfred and Leslie Hunt, $560,000.

ELLIOTT DR., 3204-Andrew D. Hughes to Christie Marie Stack Sides and William Thomas Sides, $445,000.

FISHING CREEK RD., 1343-F. Thomas Richardson to James R. Campbell, $328,500.

GENTRY CT., 64-Mindy L. McDaniel to Raffaella Calabria, $257,500.

HEARTHSTONE CT., 20-Jason L. Francella to Charles H. and Patricia Ann Moore, $219,000.

HIDDEN RIVER VIEW RD., 3421-Richard E. George to Gary V. and Christine J. Harkins, $925,000.

IRONSTONE CT., 10, No. 10C-Steven M. Stone to Elizabeth A. Eck, $270,000.

JANWALL ST., 130-Edward J. Rowles to Edwin L. Alvarado, $302,000.

KING JAMES LANDING RD., 924, No. 14-C. Allen Foster to Thomas Cooper James, $510,000.

LAWRENCE AVE., 20-Matthew A. Mosk to Ronald L. and Karen M. Ricketts, $575,000.

SARGENT CT., 16-Kevin C. Kauffman to Gregory D. Perry, $235,000.

SEVERN AVE., 100, No. 407-Murray Graber to David W. Godbold and Helen M. Thompson, $385,000.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 22, No. 5-Donald L. Henry to Theodore D. Downey, $132,500.

WASHINGTON ST., 309-Jonathan P. Gordon to Mary M. Sherwood, $760,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point

State Park Area

ALMOND DR., 1386-James V. Aorilio to Robert Steinat, $255,000.

BROADMOOR DR., 706-John D. Reece to Keegan Mills, $325,000.

CARRIAGE HILL PKWY., 1092-Joseph H. Judd to Keith A. and Jennifer Falcone, $600,000.

CHERRY GROVE AVE. S., 5-James R. Wheeler to Sara and Peter Thompson, $360,000.

DREAMS LANDING WAY, 601-Timothy T. Pohmer to Douglas H. and Patricia M. Henry, $525,000.

ELDERWOOD CT., 329-Sidney J. Ford to Alexander K. and Lisa M. McKeague, $229,000.

FRANCIS NICHOLSON WAY, 508, No. 5-Katherine L. Brian to Joshua and Nathanael Gumlia, $355,000.

GREENBRIAR LANE, 2634-Bessie Wright to GTF Greenbriar Corp., $85,000.

ISLAND CREEK CT., 618-Cynthia L. Bennett to Chih Sun Hsieh and Yih Chwen Hsu, $222,500.

LAKE CLAIRE DR., 1034-William H. Chapin to James M. and Elena M. Keller, $325,000.

LAKE CLAIRE DR., 1050-Philip K. Hissom to Steven D. and Patricia L. Park, $374,900.

MEADOW VALLEY DR., 1772-William H. Hawk to Dennis K. and Susan K. Olsen, $785,000.

PROVIDENCE RD., 206-Eli J. Lloyd to Jeffrey C. and Karla S. Milanette, $500,000.

RAMBLEWOOD DR., 1160-Kevin W. Madden to Jennifer L. Mitchell, $309,000.

RIDOUT LANE, 1496-Janet T. Towers to Lawrence K. Doll, $1.55 million.

RIVER BAY RD., 1252-Owen B. Dall to Charles W. Gutcher and Joan P. Lord, $475,000.

ROSEDALE ST., 704, No. 73-Jonoco Corp. to James L. and Tiffany Cook, $85,500.

SMITH AVE., 127-John R. Wellschlager to Christopher C. Whatley and Melissa G. Brown, $560,000.

WOODS RD., 1824-Daniel J. Callahan III to Veryla Henry and Millard H. Alexander, $3.3 million.

Arnold Area

BIRCHCREST CT., 1226, No. 107-Theodore E. Pitt to Kenneth M. Skinner and Erin E. Will, $220,000.

JUPITER HILLS CT., 634, No. 5F-Edward R. Fallon Jr. to Margaret W. Frey, $165,000.

JUPITER HILLS CT., 738, No. 1K-Heather M. Garrett to Brandi Belcher, $208,000.

MALLARD CIR., 901-Sheldon J. Hillman to Gary Edward and Carol Jean Zierhoffer, $1.6 million.

MARINA VIEW DR., 1202-Gerald J. Knapp to Joseph D. Giles and Bernice Rivera Giles, $1.325 million.

RITCHIE HWY., 1600-James C. Vickery Jr., trustee, to David Nefores and Jane Williams Nefores, $594,000.

SEMINOLE DR., 1268, No. 24-Timothy C. Berquist to Robert J. Calhan III, $265,000.

Brooklyn Area

BROOKWOOD RD., 5020-William W. Wright Inc. to Ashland Corp., $65,000.

CHATHAM RD., 5608-Edwin Segarra to Wesley and Sandra S. Olson, $230,000.

CRESSWELL RD., 609-Joshua McKnight to Allison L. Lavens, $184,500.

MAGIE ST., 5714-Michael Devon Archibald to Jamie Heather Mangum, $180,000.

TOWNSEND AVE., 206-Vernon C. Acevedo to Channel Sanderson, $150,000.

Crofton Area

AUGUSTA WAY, 1505-Jack B. Shelton Jr. to Dawn R. Fowler, $465,000.

BANCROFT LANE W., 1718, No. 225-Shane M. Fanning to Kenneth B. King, $198,000.

BRITE CT., 2817-Jonathan A. Winternitz to Tu Cuu and Bich L. Nguyen, $495,000.

CHELMSFORD DR., 2497-Wallace B. Lum to Ronald J. Maseroni and Katherine E. Cottrill, $540,000.

DANEWOOD CT., 1504-Brian C. Williams to Joseph and Meagan Desilva, $236,000.

EVERGLADE CT., 1913, No. A-Penny A. Nieman to Victoria V. Martin, $192,000.

GOLDEN CT., 1726, No. 81-Alfred A. Merchlinsky to Nicholas B. and C. Alicia Simon, $268,000.

HAPPY LANE, 2065, No. C-Thomas W. Lawless to James P. McGovern, $150,000.

LEISURE WAY, 1721, No. B-Shana E. Catandella to Robert T. Anthonson, $189,900.

MARA VISTA CT., 1476, No. 115XA-Susan C. Stanton to Kathleen T. and Alice M. Deseve, $225,500.

MAYNARD RD., 2700-Eric W. King to Michael Collins and Todd Bettin, $575,000.

MONTAUK DR., 2206-Deborah L. Gyaki to Zacary Mann and Leigh A. Toombs, $325,000.

REMINGTON CT., 1744-Prudential Residential Services to Michael P. Dawson, $364,900.

SWINBURNE AVE., 1714-Patricia Turner to Kathleen H. Fagan, $390,000.

TRURO LANE, 905-Barry C. West to Teresa A. James, $375,000.

WENTWORTH DR., 2477, No. 19B-Ronald Ressler to Martha M. Johnson, $248,000.

WESTPORT LANE, 2305-Howard V. Brown to Thomas K. Chan, $315,000.

Crownsville Area

BEECH TRAIL, 361-Robert L. Sanford to David A. and Darlene Susan Lowe, $239,500.

BREWSTER GATE RD., 1508-Timothy P. McGill to Barry C. and Laurie P. West, $1.024 million.

KYLE RD., 411-Eric J. Devroye to Kyle Stephen Gaahan and Allyson A. Kearney, $315,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 425-Karen L. Ours to Michael D. Hoshor and Julie E. Flavell, $329,900.

Curtis Bay Area

CHESTNUT MOSS CT., 1001-Arnold T. Hence to Dennis R. Bentley, $236,000.

FERNHILL RD., 632-William C. Smith Jr. to Scott R. Hurd, $139,500.

STONEY POINT WAY, 1422, No. 261-Scott A. Shipley to Derrick and Lauren Dubiel, $186,900.

Davidsonville Area

CHEVAL DR., 2543-Eric J. Liedholm to John T. and Kathryn D. Byrnes, $663,000.

FOXHALL DR., 3541-Lorraine L.B. Burdette, trustee, to John K. and Linda J. Bruins, $715,000.

Deale Area

WHITTINGTON PL., 604-Thomas S. Manifold to Allen A. and Debra A. MacDonald, $229,900.

Edgewater Area

BEVERLEY AVE., 304-Jeffrey J. Buckmaster to Mary P. O'Brien and James R. Larue, $230,000.

CADLE CREEK RD., 4154-FCS Consulting Services Inc. to Kurt C. and Nancy S. Gastrock, $675,000.

CEDAR GROVE RD., 403-John J. Marx to Joshua K. Boyer, $165,000.

DELMAR RD., 607-John H. Branzel to Bryan C. Brassford, $612,500.

HILLMEADE RD., 736-Peter H. Murdock to Michael and Mary Trahar, $448,000.

OAKWOOD RD., 313-Danni M. Magill to Thomas L. Houser Jr., $225,000.

POPLAR POINT RD., 48-Lee D. Davisson, trustee, to Barry R. and Maryann G. Gosnell, $2.2 million.

Gambrills Area

GREY FOX CT., 2104-Albert J. Finocchiaro to Atta and Shagufta Warraich, $634,000.

Glen Burnie Area

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 7109-Nho Ngoc Tran to Pamela Eichelberger, $265,000.

CENTRAL AVE., 500-Jay L. Lechliter to Scott L. and Toyan N. Espeut, $309,500.

CHESTNUT LANE, 102-Albert O. Boyer to Donna K. Abel, $130,000.

DORKING RD., 907-Evelyn M. Hall to Hilda Neal, $160,000.

ELLWELL CT., 446-Jonathan Jensen to Tarry A. Morris, $187,500.

FOXTREE DR., 105-Matthew P. Wozar to Ashwani and Kiran Goyal, $245,925.

GREAT BEND RD., 8193-Gershon Hoffer to Lucille Kammer, $158,900.

HOUGHTON RD., 1415-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Adela A. Pereira, $158,000.

IRENE DR., 421-Marie J. Swiderski to Robert D. and Dorothy R. Carpenter, $210,000.

KIMBERLY LANE, 1203-John A. Painter to Alfredo Calizaya, $230,000.

LAMPLIGHTER RIDGE, 6449-Linda J. Lesniewski to James D. Heffernan, $112,000.

LEISURE LANE, 1711-Gordon W. Browne Jr. to Robert and Helene Bianco, $247,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 310-Gerald C. Thomas to Collin Charles and Brigitt Odera, $234,900.

LINDERA CT., 358, No. 7-Mary Sheppard to Rose and Ava Tasker, $190,500.

LONGTOWNE CT., 471-Michaeline A. Bellamy to Matthew F. Stanton, $185,000.

MCHENRY DR., 1113-Ranjith Weerasinghe to Jeff Kunkle and Lisa Salatti, $280,000.

NEWFIELD RD., 605-M.J. Albrecht to Duane M. Phillips Jr. and Jorge Zelaya, $227,000.

OLD STAGE RD., 603-Yun Hak Kim to Woo Sik and Ki Sun Hong, $250,000.

WHALER CT., 7522, No. 699-Kevin W. Clark to Michael S. Roxas, $204,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BERTRAM CIR., 207-C.W. Solutions Corp. to Nikkiya N. and Eric A. Galloway, $200,000.

BLUE WATER CT., 304, No. 301-MAFC Residential Inc. to Melvin and Janet Ruzicka, $187,900.

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1108, No. 3D-Donald P. Drury Jr. to Christopher L. Guerrini, $155,000.

DOVER RD., 7713-Gregory J. Conaway to Michael C. Vaeth, $265,000.

EDGERLY RD., 1010-David L. Wienhold to Brian Williams and Amanda Welsh, $169,000.

EIDERDOWN CT., 6608-John C. Smith to Ki H. Yu and Hyang D. Price, $267,900.

GARRETT RD., 123-Channel Sanderson to Charles B. and Michele L. Dorsey, $205,000.

HIGH OAK RD., 8062-Robert D. Fay to Gregory L. and Danice L. Mervis, $428,755.

ILENE RD., 123-Theo C. Schmidt to Avery H. and Pamela D. White, $229,900.

MARGATE DR., 225-Howard Browning to Newman Enterprises Corp., $200,000.

MORRIS HILL AVE., 190-Raheem Adolemaiu Bey to Steven R. and Tawanda J. Lowery, $265,000.

TAYLOR AVE., 377-Roland D. Gover to Maryland Select Homes Corp., $105,000.

WILLOW TREE DR., 714-Jennifer Brodie to Michael and Christina Sames, $412,000.

Hanover Area

CRANBERRY CT., 7524-Ellen V. Newman to Darrin and Sharnee Smith, $255,000.

KAWSHEK PATH, 7795-Bobby L. Wagner to Thomas C. and Denise E. Woodard, $419,900.

Harwood Area

WHITE BEECH DR., 3005-Paul Larochelle to Dara Ung and Ay Rothany Tieng, $632,500.

Laurel Area

FEDERALSBURG S., 228-Wilberth D. Flores to Jose J. Amaya, $260,000.

FORESTS EDGE PL., 136-Jameson A. Cool to Nick Donadio and Jenny Randall, $267,000.

HAMMERSTONE RD., 3532-Dana M. White to Robert F. and Cherrie M. Hughes, $354,000.

IRONSHIRE S., 254-Daniel S. Hinkel to Daniel Pronio, $294,650.

OLD LINE AVE., 463-James E. Rakes to Linda W. Harried, $290,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

DARLENE AVE., 308-April L. Calton to Paul K. and Jennifer D. Bachmann, $394,000.

Lothian Area

SONNY DR., 5806-Geaton A. Decesaris to John E. and Marie O. Riddick, $1.15 million.

Millersville Area

HOPE POINT CT., 8316-Jeffery Gray to Tyler S. and Juliana M. Brown, $651,000.

JUMPERS HOLE RD., 350-Kevin D. Weaver to Kinder Road Homes Corp., $525,000.

KEITH CT., 234-Rosalind R. Holland to Linda M. Chester, $210,000.

MICHELE CIR., 224-Kevin E. Boblits to Alexis and Carmen M. Lluch, $203,000.

NATHAN WAY, 236-William W. Houck to David M. and Jacqueline M. Kauffman, $207,500.

PASADENA RD. W., 290-Bernard M. Deckman to Paul E. Thompson, $600,000.

VALLEYWOOD RD., 564-Tammy A. Deavers to Daniel D. and Tracey L. Wheaton, $200,000.

Odenton Area

BLUE SPRING CT., 2442, No. 102-Cherle Pressley to Soon J. Yoo, $235,000.

CHAPELVIEW DR., 1335-Chih Wu to Charlene R. Rioz, $209,950.

LIONS GATE LANE, 713, No. 27-713-Melanie K. Shields to Benjamin R.H. and Karen S. Castro, $250,000.

PROVANCE PL., 8604-Scott L. Dryden to Jodi M. Zangwill, $276,000.

SUMMER BREEZE CT., 2616-Susan L. McCarthy to Leon and Linda Anglin, $299,000.

SUMMERS RIDGE DR., 2546-Dharma Pachner to Brian L. and Heather Y. Luke, $317,000.

SUMMERSHADE CT., 2400-John H. Mayberry to Daniel J. and Stacey L. Mitry, $600,000.

Owensville (West River) Area

PLANTATION BLVD., 660-H. Nelson Bengel III to Phyllis C. Malley, $475,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

APPALACHIAN DR., 8224-Brian T. Dembowczyk to David M. and Leslie L. Nunn, $251,000.

BAR HARBOR RD., 119-Mary C. Evans to Brian J. and Maria Roe, $303,000.

BAYSIDE BEACH RD., 1786-Elizabeth Kramer to Salvatore and Ann Marie Vella, $499,900.

BRISTOL CHANNEL CT., 2905-Rolf Johansson to Sung Ryong Han and Hani Moon, $269,900.

CEDAR DR., 669-C.W. Ryer Jr. to Alice J. Schultz, $275,000.

COKESBURY CT., 3505-Robert T. Hagedorn to Nicholas Uttenreither, $184,900.

CRYSTAL PALACE LANE, 2963-Daniel Hensley to Daniel C. Bush Jr., $210,000.

DAVENPORT CT., 3501, No. B-Jeremiah Davis to Ronald S. and Karen A. Cucina, $135,000.

EDWARD DR., 4-Grace L. Bowles to Tammy Vanskiver, $255,000.

FARMINGDALE CT., 7940-Charles G. Hall Jr. to Craig and Jacqueline Crouse, $324,900.

FOREST GLEN DR., 8347-Thomas H. Magnuson to Bryan P. and Diana L. Athey,


FRIENDLY RD., 1500-Thomas W. Robey Jr. to H. and R. Investors Corp., $280,000.

HARLEM AVE., 416-D.M. Byrd to Kathy L. Coates and Edwin D. Johnson, $320,000.

JADE CROSSING CT., 8136-Brian Dietz to William J. and Lita L. Barboza, $302,000.

JUNE DR., 7850-Steven B. Ferciot to James R. and Bessie Scharf, $370,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 201-Nick A. Bortle to Jonathan T. and Melissa K. Bishop, $284,900.

NOTLEY CT., 1093-Robert C. Marsh Jr. to Alex D. Hagopian, $193,000.

RIPPLE CT., 1210-Sharon M. Rossi to Mitchell and Patrice M. Rubin, $379,000.

SCORTON HARBOUR, 8668-Brian E. Budzynski Sr. to William and Linda L. Budzynski, $112,000.

VESPERS WAY, 1579-Michael J. Flinko to William A. McConkey, $266,000.

205TH ST., 819-Phyllis K. Jones to Jianxun and Liping Wang, $255,000.

215TH ST., 758-Robert J. Obiecunas to Thomas Dimartino, $263,000.

Riva Area

PERCH DR., 3060-Robert D. Collett Jr. to Landon L. and Sara E. Howe, $315,000.

Severn Area

CITADEL DR., 7907-David J. Boyer Jr. to Lawrence R. and Lorraine C. Stiller, $300,000.

DOWNEY RD., 8713-Shirley M. Bryant to Andrew F. Batch Jr., $155,000.

JACOBS MEADOW DR., 1707-Damian J. Johnson to Rodeshia D. Mitchell,


LASALLE PL., 1769-Nadeem Bhatti to Qanta and Ashraf Malik, $379,000.

LOVING RD., 1071-Jack Schroeder to Kenneth Kaelin, $292,500.

PIONEER DR., 8507, No. 18-Pioneer Associates Corp. to Abimbola and Olutoyin Fasosin, $119,000.

POPLAR GROVE RD., 7905-Paul Ammon

to D.J. Lewis and Roger W. Gower,


SEA PINE CIR., 1702, No. 120-Javed Hamayoun to Michael and Cristina Von Seggern, $295,500.

STEVENSON RD., 779-William W. Airey to Christopher A. and Angela M. Turner, $278,000.

STEWARTON CT., 8227-Larry Sylvester Martin to Nadine Godbolt, $135,000.

TOMLINSON CT., 8213-Susan Leibenhaut to John T. Barts, $72,000.

Severna Park Area

BRICEPOINTE CT., 55-Thomas R. Genetti to Robert S. and Helen A. Schiro, $630,000.

COTTONWOOD DR., 735-Edward J. Mick III to Mark and Jaime Mench, $380,000.

HATTON DR., 28-Robert A. Hawkins to HSC and Associates Corp., $380,000.

LYNELL CT., 212-Donald E. Cielewich Jr. to Stephen W. and Lisa G. Darley, $504,000.

OLD COUNTY RD., 502-John P. Richman to Thomas G. and Mary M. Dugan, $775,000.

SHEFFIELD RD., 367-Mark W. Reynolds to Matthew L. and Laura R. Masone, $635,000.

Shady Side Area

ELM ST., 4918-David J. Canning to Robert J. Anderson and Barbara J. Phelps, $349,000.

WEST SHADY SIDE RD. E., 1424-William N. Papian, trustee, to Paul S. and Mindy L. Aisen, $800,000.