The following were among cases handled recently by the Washington Humane Society. The society operates its own shelter at 7319 Georgia Ave. NW and the District's shelter at 1201 New York Ave. NE. For more information or assistance, 24 hours a day, call 202-723-5730 or visit

Pit Bull Leaps Onto Roofs

BAY ST. SE, 1700 block, July 30. A pit bull broke through a second-story window and jumped onto porch roofs. An animal control officer climbed out of a window at one home and retrieved the dog from a neighbor's roof. The animal was to be returned to its owner after it was neutered.

Shepherd Chained in Yard

L ST. NE, 300 block, July 26. Investigating a report, a Humane Society officer found a male German shepherd tangled in its chain in a back yard. The dog's owner, who had been warned the previous day not to keep the animal chained in hot weather, said he was afraid his pet would escape through a broken fence. The dog was held at the D.C. shelter pending repair of the fence.

Owner Rides in Cab to Claim Dog

17TH AND INDEPENDENCE STREETS SW, July 30. Police arrested a man driving without a license and called animal control for help with a 3-year-old Pomeranian found in his vehicle. An animal control officer took the dog to the D.C. shelter. The owner arrived in a taxi the next day to claim the pet.

Thin Puppy Trapped in Doghouse

TRINIDAD ST. NE, 1600 block, Aug. 1. Police called the Humane Society after they found a puppy in a doghouse that faced a fence, which blocked the dog's exit. There was no water for the 5-month-old male pit bull, which was thin and missing some fur. The pet's owner abruptly fled after an illegal drug was allegedly found in the area, police said. The puppy was impounded pending contact by the owner.

Shepherd Checks Into Hotel

14TH ST. NW, 100 block, July 26. A stray German shepherd ran into a hotel, and an employee confined it in a restroom. An animal control officer took the dog to the city shelter. The owner, who had filed a lost-pet report at the shelter, claimed the dog that afternoon.

Injured Dove in Front of Home

Q PL. NW, 4500 block, July 27. Investigating a report about a bird with a broken wing, a Humane Society officer found a mourning dove in front of a home. The injured bird was transferred to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Abandoned Dog Impounded

V ST. SE, 1600 block, July 26. A tenant moved from a property and left a Labrador retriever mix behind. An animal control officer impounded it at the city shelter, where it was to be evaluated for adoption.

Dog Tied With Tangled Rope

R ST. SE, 1700 block, July 27. Investigating a report, a Humane Society officer found a male German shepherd attached to a tangled, four-foot rope in a back yard. A man came out of the house and said it belonged to a male relative, who was supposed to have found it other living arrangements. The dog was held at the society shelter pending contact by the owner.

Band Embedded in Cat's Paw

BRANDYWINE ST. SE, 700 block, July 28. A woman asked the Humane Society for help with her cat, whose leg appeared to be injured after children played with the animal. An officer went to the home and discovered a rubber band embedded in the paw. The officer took the cat to a veterinarian, where its wound was treated, and the animal was neutered. The cat was returned home after the owner paid the bill.

Lost Dog Found in Park

ROCK CREEK PARK, July 25. Investigating a report, an animal control officer found a mixed chow running loose. The owner, who had recently filed a lost-pet report with the Humane Society, claimed the dog the next day.

Society Volunteers Sought

For information about becoming a foster pet caretaker or a volunteer with the Humane Society, call 202-576-6839.

-- Compiled by RIA MANGLAPUS