The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown Area

HOPE VALLEY CT., 7914-Jeffrey J. and Patricia A. Crawford to Sarah Abigail Blank Whitelocke and Lorraine R. Blank, $426,000.

Brunswick Area

H ST. E., 200-Brent A. Ferree Jr. to Charli R. and Shawn E. Crawford, $279,900.

ORNDORFF DR., 10-John and Lisa Stowers to Christopher R. Ridley and Vanessa N. Mangione, $154,000.

Frederick City Area

ALLINGTON MANOR CT. W., 7002-Richard P. and Dawn L. Franzese to Laura R. and Randall J. Geitner, $512,500.

AZTEC DR., 818-Mark Anthony Young to Charles H. Mason, $465,000.

BEALL DR., 5415-William D. and Laurie J. Ridgway to Margaret M. Novicky and Carole E. Schwenk, $595,000.

BEAR DEN RD., 2230-Cassandra S. Corridon to Mary A. and Darryl R. Drapeaux, $374,900.

BELLHAVEN CT., 9540-Teri L. Boteler to Kyle James Hendrickson, $310,000.

BLUE HERON DR., 8203, No. 2D-Lynn M. Clemente to Beverly J. and Michael S. Hill, $161,725.

BLUE HERON DR., 8204, No. 2B-Carolyn Lousie and Glen Eric Baker to Edward L. and Shirley C. Aronson, $182,000.

BRENTWOOD DR., 6008-Stanley D. Webb to Carolyn and Jonathan D. Hofflinger, $345,000.

CAMERON WAY, 2608-Laura R. and Edwin G. Brush to Catrina A. Williams, $305,000.

CAREY PL., 1586-Scott T. and Heidi L. Daily to Carroll M. and Christian L. Lambert, $210,000.

CARROLLTON DR., 437-Donald L. and Dana M. Wiles to Candelaria Cortez and Adan F. Martinez, $218,000.

CARROLLTON DR., 478-Chester L. and Betty M. Baker to Teresa and Christopher N. Wilson Sr., $230,000.

CATOCTIN CT., 2503, No. 4-2D-George W. and Gail L. Reese to Charlotte M. and Clyde A. Dinsmore, $255,000.

CHARLESTON LANE, 102-Amy C. Shurtleff to Julie T. and Jack F. Mason, $230,000.

COLONIAL WAY, 1679-Paul Kevin Tobery to Lorena Azofeifa and Jailor Gerardo Vindas, $219,500.

CRABAPPLE DR., 5628-Theresa M. Ridgley to Delores H. Hovermale, $243,000.

DANIELLE DR., 1247, No. 1247-David Dwayne and Lori Anne Reeder to Edith Margaret Hileman and George Robert Severine, $130,000.

DAVID LANE, 1348-Nicole S. and Joseph S. Shockey to Manuel A. Espinoza, $223,000.

DOCKSIDE CT., 1491-Debra and Louis E. Binkley Jr. to Bridget D. Borish, $195,000.

GROUSE CT., 1414-Michael R. and Therresa M. Adams to Laurie B. and Scott H. Lindberg, $355,000.

HANNOVER TERR., 5818-Holly Christine Smith to Beth A. and Grayson A. Johnson, $260,500.

HAYLOFT CT., 5516-DEZ Corp. to Ann Marie and Peter Snyder, $442,000.

HEATHFIELD DR., 131-Danilo C. Banados to Sudha Komaragiri, $211,900.

HILLMEADE SQ., 1743-Robert E. Fritts to Linda L. Draper, $185,000.

HILLMEADE SQ., 1771-Rebecca A. Jordan to Arturo Gyles, $205,000.

JEFFERSON PIKE, 5639-Charles E. and Cathy L. Abrecht to Lisa G. and Robert J. Smith, $396,900.

JUBAL WAY, 919-Sharon M. and Michael A. Stracka to Joanne V. Kemper, $296,000.

KIRKLAND DR., 5625-Leslie N. and Pamela I. Chisholm to Aneeta V. Singh and Davon Woolcock, $450,000.

LAKESIDE DR., 2402-Anna M. Remsberg to Myra J. and Arthur L. Gilbert, $285,000.

MARKET ST. N., 722-Donna J. Damskey to Martha and Charles Roddy, $247,000.

OLD LIBERTY RD., 10124-Katherine and Leroy C. White to Robert W. Sexton, $173,000.

PEAR TREE CT., 1308-Gary E. Wharton Jr. to Laura C. Phelps, $211,900.

PRINCE WILLIAM CT., 5470-Walther C. and France E. Montes to Geraldine C. and Edward Dwimoh, $274,000.

PROVIDENCE CT., 1139-Diane and Paul Roberts to Terrell D. Stansbury, $187,000.

SEA GULL CT., 6697-Dat T. and Leyen T. Phan to Jamie L. and Steven M. Day, $254,000.

SEMINOLE RD., 908-John W. and Doris W. Brennan to Lian Niang and Khai C. Pau, $220,000.

SPRINGHOUSE CT., 1707-Francis A. and Jeanne C. Visk to Sheela E. and Eduardo C. Volante, $185,000.

SPRINGWATER TERR., 6340, No. 1300C-Michael J. and Joellen M. Dooner to Susan E. and Shawn A. Chandler, $215,000.

STAGHORN AVE., 1032-Brian Clinesmith to Carrie S. Lively and Craig A. Williams, $228,000.

TRAIL AVE., 802-Larry E. and Judy P. Hallman to Sheila L. and Timothy L. Wims, $128,680.

TURNING POINT CT., 909-Sean A. Sell to Bruce M. and Renee H. Schaefer, $245,000.

UPPER COLLEGE TERR., 106-Joseph E. Jr. and Anne Elkins to Gail Mann and Albert Radcliffe III, $640,000.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1620-Thomas J. Wilson to Virginia Z. Takuva, $313,500.

WHITLEY CT., 1203-Pradeep and Gopi Saini to Don Mahinda Siyambalapitiya and Mauluda Ahmed, $329,000.

WILLOW CREEK CT., 1813-Rebecca Lauder to Raymond G. Collado, $275,000.

FIFTH ST. E., 218-Damon E. Barbour to Christopher Dean Madden, $235,000.

EIGHTH ST. W., 1504-Philip M. and Elsie V. Stonestreet to Hilda C. Jandres and Carlos I. Morales, $199,900.

NINTH ST. E., 23-Ann K. and Matthew J. Anders to Karen M. Graham, $289,000.

Frederick City-

Adamstown Village Area

AERIEL PL., 5532-Jennifer A. Goldberg to Diane K. Nichols, $324,900.

Ijamsville Area

OLD NATIONAL PIKE, 10401-Hard Work Properties Corp. to George Eckenrode, $329,900.

Jefferson Area

STURBRIDGE CT., 4107-Phillip Ray and Cheryl Ann Lowery to Dolly A. and Randall S. Stephens, $432,900.

Knoxville Area

PETERSVILLE RD., 3628-Brian J. and Nickole L. Hackney to Keith Furr and Shawn E. Daugherty, $310,000.

Libertytown Area

LIBERTY RD., 11920, No. 110A-Dale Alan Arnold to Holly M. Barrow, $114,000.

Middletown Area

KNOLL SIDE LANE, 7-Kathy E. and Stephen W. Alexander to Pedro R. Barojas, $427,000.

SHALE CT., 7093-Jose D. Gomez to James Manousoff, $275,000.

Mount Airy Area

BEACH DR., 6646-Nancy A. Maxey to Linda F. Ruhnow, $273,000.

FOX CHASE CIR., 10306-Michael Hausler to Anthony W. and Edie L. Ciufolo, $406,500.

MONOCACY BOTTOM RD., 2711-John Leroy and Faye Louise Nichols to Vanessa Bechas Vanscyoc and Jeffrey Lynn Lane, $329,900.

OLD NATIONAL PIKE, 12409-Kevin and Teresa B. Martin to Michelene M. Knight Taylor and Garry E. Taylor, $230,000.

SPRING GATE CT., 310-Anthony W. and Susan P. Derrenberger to Heather and Jeremy Wein, $372,000.

Myersville Area

CHURCH HILL RD., 10413-Donald L. and Barbara J. Lewis to Kimberly S. and Mark R. Payne, $358,000.

Thurmont Area

EYLER RD., 8-M. Douglas Jr. and Anita E. Matthews to Wendy R. and Gregory A. Conley, $235,000.

GATEWAY DR. W., 520-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Toni and Barry Zimmerman, $171,000.

Walkersville Area

EUREKA LANE, 8804-Kathy E. and Thomas H. Schultze to Vijay J. Patel, $140,000.

REVELATION AVE., 8320-Bernard W. Flanagan to Beverly L. and Charles R. Carlson, $165,000.

REVELATION AVE., 8398-Michael Wade Shoemaker to Shirley and Wilbur E. Bright, $170,000.

SANDALWOOD CT., 102-Paul G. and Rebecca A. Starkey to Robyn L. and Kristofer D. Langdon, $180,000.

UTOPIA PL., 8808-Sharon and Gary Duvall to Ma Crisbedel O. Gandionko and Clent E. Gandionko, $180,000.

Woodsboro Area

ROSEWOOD CT., 11, No. 313-Vivian S. Buch to Deborah K. and John D. Santelli, $220,000.