The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

CLIFTON OAKS DR. SE, 5924-Richard A. Mills to Massoud and Mitra Farhang, $900,000.

GENTLE CALL SE, 5955-Catherine O. Meltzer to Carol Lynne Horton, $440,000.

Columbia Area

ALDERLEAF PL., 5818-A. Alleane Taylor to Joel Omar Galan and Abigal Toledo, $265,000.

ALLEN LANE, 6617-Fawn E. Foerster to Bryan D. Conley, $325,000.

BATTLER CT. SE, 9478-Chris Plaisted to Reid S. Gurnee, $359,750.

BILLINGS GATE ROW, 10927-Bilal O. Altunyay to Richard M. and Allison Wilbur, $452,000.

BRETT LANE NE, 9450-Ingomar Partnership to Shaun P. Gormley, $230,000.

CEDAR LANE W., 5476-Cleva L. Baylor to Jeanell J. Hines, $150,000.

CORN TASSEL CT., 9659-David F. Chesbro to Shaggs A. Jeylin, $450,000.

CROSS FOX LANE, 10578-Syedmh Shah to Brooke Robbins, $153,000.

DEEP RIVER CANYON N., 6265-Arley O. Sica to Son Jung Mi and Song Ho Lee and Son Jung Mi, $353,000.

EL CAMINO, 5435-William L. Baxter to John and Jennifer Gonzalez, $229,900.

FAULKNER RIDGE CIR., 10564-Robert Skinner to Kim J. Hughley, $215,000.

FRIETCHIE ROW N., 6559-Brian A. Stephens to Sylvia Wainwright, $160,000.

GLEN OAKS LANE NE, 9601-Kyung J. Yoo to Eun S. Sim, $485,000.

GULF STREAM ROW, 5633-Christopher Haven to Meredith K. Chuk, $269,000.

HARNESS CT., 5811-Joseph H. Weber to George E. Bibaz and Lezlie L. Bibaz, $220,000.

HAWKEYE RUN, 6679-Luke N. Pannekoek to Kelly R. White, $273,000.

HAYSHED LANE, 8727-Richard Brian Olenick to Monica Nieves, $145,000.

HELAINE HAMLET WAY NW, 9135-Kachi I. Nworah to Philip Gilbert III and Donna Gilbert, $340,000.

HILDEBRAND CT., 5449-Kirk N. Pozadzides to Serge E. and Tanya L. Astaud, $240,900.

KERRY HILL CT. W., 7329-Judith L. Boyer to Richard T. Chiroff, $300,000.

KIND RAIN W., 6256-Hector Franco to Julie A. and Alan F. Millbach, $376,000.

LIFE QUEST LANE SW, 7230-Shawn Gannon to Michael J. and Katherine Mae Leone, $327,500.

MAJORS LANE, 6003-Velma Noellien to Richard L. Stokes, $120,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6091-James H. Boswell to Christine Fahey, $111,000.

MALLARD CT. NE, 8903-Laurel Santamarina to Eastway Trust, $260,000.

MANORSTONE LANE, 11533-James E. Callahan to James T. Moore and Pamela P. Cheung, $1.18 million.

MAY WIND CT., 10425-Memuna Waritay to Robert Fiscina, $299,987.

MYSTIC CT., 5490-Joann K. Lundquist to Jessica Frick and Andrew J. Commins, $226,000.

OLDE WOODS WAY SE, 10855-Keyvan Agahi to E. Larry Gutierrez Jr. and Gita Khadem, $302,000.

ORCHARD GREEN, 5198-Miroslaw Turek to James E. and Catherine E. Owska Reed, $365,000.

PLACID LAKE CT., 10168-Susan M. Boehm to Janet L. Hanson, $228,400.

RIVERARK RD. SE, 9457-Mark Steven Levine to Eric D. Wisler, $237,000.

RUNNING BROOK RD. W., 5106-Frederick R. Hock Jr. to Kenneth and Kellie Johnson, $392,300.

SEA CHANGE NW, 7464-Scott A. Ratcliffe to Brett Hadlock and Karen Collins, $250,000.

SENECA FARM RD., 6624-Matthew R. Horowitz to William Douglas and Janice M. Maughan, $570,000.

SHADOWFALL TER., 5652-Hailu Derbe to Barbara A. Dodson, $252,000.

SILVER TRUMPET DR. E., 8368-Debra Bedard to Steven Cook and Erica Beaderman, $255,000.

SLEEPSOFT CIR. N., 7200-Robin M. Johnson to Daniel J. and Amy R. Gough, $219,000.

TARKINGTON PL. N., 5342-Heather Black to Calin Walter Nicolau and Monica Dragomir, $386,000.

THUNDER HILL RD. W., 5340-Warren Mitchell to Maurice R. King and Toni Lee Khaled, $345,000.

WANING MOON WAY, 6580-Lational Y. Caputo to Lucy Klaus Li, $264,000.

WHITE ACRE RD., 9627-Leslie Renee Thorne to William V. and Tanya T. Elliott, $70,000.

Elkridge Area

AUTUMN SPELL, 5927-Roberta D. Dolinger to Young Kuk and In Sook Kim, $339,000.

BAYBERRY CT., 6310-Robert D. Corley to Michael J. Almasy, $207,000.

CASEY CT. NW, 8156-Jacqueline M. Laske to Mahendra Marathe and Rupali Nandode, $280,000.

GRASSY GARTH, 7838-David M. Hale to Shana M. Greenberg, $334,900.

HUNTER RD. SE, 6665-Joan McFadden Cain to James M. and Nancy M. Gumbel, $358,500.

HUNTSHIRE DR. NE, 6678-Jeffrey Raymond Yingling to Rama Krishna R. Vegesna, $338,000.

MEADOW ROSE E., 5903-Brett E. Moseley to Sanjay Choudhary and Chitralekha Ratnawat, $385,000.

PATUXENT QUARTER RD. N., 6217-Gregory F. Gentry to James F. and Lisa J. Faulkner, $450,000.

ROCK GLEN DR. W., 6025-Eric Gerard Thanner to Andrew D. Ashby, $180,000.

SANDPIPER CT. NE, 6215-Brent E. Sollenberger to Arthur G. Kang, $205,000.

SANDPIPER CT. SW, 6243-Bethune Julian Brown to Jennifer C. Sanz, $235,000.

Ellicott City Area

BERKSHIRE LANE S., 10216-Warren M. Gitt to Christopher M. and Karla Simmons Baker, $560,000.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7940-Matthew C. Morraye to Desmond and Pearl Coelho, $327,500.

BUCKSKIN WOOD DR. NE, 4202-Joseph T. Irrgang to James W. and Lisa N. Hawes, $950,000.

CHATHAM RD. N., 3489-Veronica R. Phillips to Perpetual Revolving Trust Inc., $493,650.

DIVERSIFIED LANE E., 9864-Clifford Bernstein to Melissa M. Moore, $610,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. NE, 4870-Angie Horan to Eva Cha Yom, $110,000.

HARVEST VIEW CT., 8525-Mahmoud Kashfipour to Altug and Asude Alper Dincturk, $345,000.

HERITAGE HILL LANE, 4000-Victor M. Couchoud to Christopher D. and Lynn O'Brien, $593,500.

JOYCIN CT., 3648-Scott M. Barrett to Yukan Duan and Dongli Huang, $260,000.

LINWOOD DR., 8489-L. Vernon Hendrickson III to Daniel R. McGuire, $300,000.

MELBA RD., 2501-Dennis L. Hand to Walter Chongwon and Susan S. Lee, $400,000.

MICHAELS WAY SW, 9563-Michael Ehrstein to Michael V. and Virginia Ehrstein, $591,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. E., 8355-John Ferdinand Voith to Frank and Emily Petty, $209,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. E., 8355-Cristina M. Amaro to Sean M. Coleman, $227,500.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8375-Denise Murders to Gregory V. and Karen Giammalvo, $212,175.

MOUNT HEBRON DR., 2121-Melissa M. Moore to Mary H. Frost, $495,000.

NOTTINGHAM WAY, 7905-Charles Doherty to Joshua A. and Kelly J. Bowie, $400,000.

PINE RUN CT. SE, 8552-Scott C. Lanni to Zainab Adetoro, $315,000.

PLUM TREE DR., 3458-James Y. Lee to Kyong S. Song, $269,900.

POPKINS CT. E., 10414-John H. Zeller to Eric and Vicki D. Bringe, $690,000.

POSTWICK RD., 9926-Elmer W. Katzenberger to Francisco Gonzalez, $399,900.

QUAKER BROTHERS DR., 8623-David C. Steele to Denise Furtaw, $305,000.

RIBBLE CT., 4705-Denise Kim Hughes to Andy Bertsch, $445,000.

SONIA TRAIL, 3307-Garrick Starks to Brian T. Roach, $740,000.

TIMBERKNOLL LANE, 9996-David Claus to Stephen and Maryann Maher, $539,000.

Fulton Area

HALL SHOP RD., 12580-Robert D. Quigley to Espen and Lena Munther Andersen, $1.5 million.

SCAGGSVILLE RD. NE, 12054-Timothy Buscher to Peter Yong and Esther Young Im, $850,000.

Glenwood Area

CAMPAIGNE CT., 3325-Cynthia S. Rosser to Gary M. and Pamela J. Ladson, $299,900.

Highland Area

BROWNS BRIDGE RD. W., 7527-Donna Jean Hayman to Thomas E. Mock and Sandra R. Grove, $450,000.

Jessup Area

FAIRHAVEN PL. NW, 8710-Phillip M. Kenyatta to Tyrese B. and Corisha M. Johnson, $305,000.

PINE TREE RD., 8612-Steven D. Bonnefond to Michael B. and Andrea D. Buecker, $449,900.

WILLOWWOOD WAY S., 8858-Craig A. Cox to Thomas E. Mulinazzi and Sandra Holt, $168,000.

Marriottsville Area

HENRYTON RD., 1355-Harry B. Simpson to Thomas W. Walker, $333,000.

Mount Airy Area

OLD FREDERICK RD. S., 16209-Sean Connor to Kathleen M. Lattea, $479,900.

Savage Area

ELLEN WAY N., 8116-Jane Raulin Kissel to Mary Jane Tomlinson, $268,051.

LINCOLN ST., 8920-David Keys to Michele E. Kelley and Patricia W. Quintus, $400,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9190-William T. Greeson Jr. to Kelley and Stacey Rush, $226,000.

DOVES FLY WAY E., 8671-Joseph F. Pipitone to Steadman Caldwell Crawfoed and Kathleen Ann Levetzow, $575,000.

EARL LEVY CT. NW, 9509-Enid R. Earle to Benny M. and Aisha N. Evans, $255,000.

MOONSHINE HOLLOW, 9060-Lewis Bailey Jr. to Sheri Michelle Jones, $190,000.

NAYLOR AVE., 9945-Kevin D. Heinbuch to Lance W. and Dawn M. Lewis, $271,900.

REDBRIDGE CT. W., 9234-Pamela Linoise Farrare to Tianna M. Moore, $225,000.

ROSEMONT DR. SE, 10402-Julio E. Alcaine to Christopher and Vicki Garland Zimpo, $477,500.

STEEPLE CT. SW, 9404-Gordon Robbins to Gregory S. and Caroline W. Seidman, $325,000.

STREAM VIEW LANE W., 9248-Arrian B. Mercer to Damon Moats, $390,000.

WHISKEY RUN, 9814-Limberg Adolphus Bannerman to Erica Kea, $200,000.

West Friendship Area

CLOVER HILL DR., 12587-James Peter Mortensen to Kevin and Mary Kaye Cassidy, $770,000.

LOUANNE CT. S., 2582-Ginny Carroll to Ahmed N. Alkowsi and Tracey J. Davidson, $585,000.

Woodstock Area

FOLKESTONE WAY SE, 10730-Michael A. Skoglund to Cynthianna J. Schneider, $495,000.

MERION POND W., 2234-Robert E. Young to Michael E. and Stephanie A. Schultze, $420,000.