Letter Writer Uninformed

About Kensington Traffic

In her letter to the editor published Aug. 4, Beverly Eakman implied that speed enforcement by Montgomery County police on Connecticut Avenue in Kensington is unnecessary and creates a nuisance. She also implied that the speed limit is set artificially low.

Perhaps if she knew the facts she might reach a different conclusion. The 11-block stretch of Connecticut Avenue from Saul Road to Knowles Avenue is a dangerous place for pedestrians and motorists. The busy road bisects the residential portion of two historic towns that have burgeoning populations of young children.

Pedestrians going to and from transit stops, parks, playgrounds and one of the four places of worship or the nursery school must contend with missing or narrow sidewalks placed against the curb in uncomfortable proximity to speeding vehicles. Marked crosswalks are few and far between. The curving geometry of the road makes for poor sight lines.

These conditions and impatient drivers make for a dangerous combination. During the last three years alone, 99 speed-related collisions were reported that resulted in property damage, injury or fatality.

The posted speed limit is 35 mph, but the average speed of drivers given citations is 57.

We appreciate the efforts of the Montgomery County police to protect our neighborhood from unsafe driving on this dangerous stretch of road.

Alfred Carr

David Furman

Kenneth Goldsmith

Kensington Town Council members