The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

BEDDER STONE PL., 9632-Tonya L. Rozsi to Diana Jones and Sean D. Hodgson, $310,000.

BENCHMARK LANE, 8929-Anna M. and Stergios Dendrou to Herbert A. Mansilla, $355,000.

BREVARD PARK CT., 12101-Ellis and Geraldine Rosenberg to Mark A. Brinkmiller, $424,900.

BROADSWORD DR., 10183-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Nayeem Chowdhury, $682,079.

CALYPSO FALLS WAY, 12404-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Connie S. Burton, $523,080.

CASCADE FALLS DR., 9211-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Tracy J. and Patrick W. Statler, $393,320.

CASCADE FALLS DR., 9213-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Laurie and David Iannamico, $378,480.

CASCADE FALLS DR., 9234-Michelle B. and Steven M. Moore to Brian A. Lemaster, $399,990.

CHIPPENHAM CT., 12561-Tina M. and Cliff L. Batcheler to Raul Zepeda Monterroza, $545,000.

CROSSMAN CREEK WAY, 12720-Richmond American Homes to Linda and Paul Hawley, $626,265.

CUNARD CT., 13420-R. Wendell Presgrave to Jennifer E. Feather and Edward T. Danis, $539,500.

DENHAM WAY, 13727-Erin M. Fahey and Jeffrey J. Majewski to Nomie D. Bates, $325,000.

DIAMOND HILL DR., 8767-Jill L. Lockwood and Frank A. Wynes to Yulianti Tanuwijaya and Dody Mulyadi, $460,000.

EARLS FERRY CIR., 9800-Diane L. and Dennis R. Druyor to Estella and Arquimides Privado, $379,000.

EDMONSTON DR., 8946-Beazer Homes Corp. to Farkhanda Iqbal and Mahboob Butt, $512,075.

FALLING WATER DR., 9237-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Lori Ann and Christopher R. Magee, $617,630.

GLEN MEADOW LANE, 9235-Rebecca K. and Thomas F. Allen to Sandra K. and Patrick P. Ott, $523,000.

GOLDERS GREEN PL., 13253-Tara D. and Roger D. Faulk Jr. to Phillip Ryan, $340,000.

GRANARY PL., 9705-Allison J. and Jon R. Goings to Yenenesh Desta and Girma Tadesse, $534,000.

HARTWOOD MEADOW PL., 12083-Washington Homes Inc. to Marlene C. and Eddie Smith Gbolumah, $565,509.

HOOP CT., 12207-Ann M. and Michael R. Foltz to Nancy C. and Thomas T. Truett, $495,000.

INNERWICK PL., 9651-Kay B. and Daniel R. Cook to Jennifer E. Quick and Clinton R. Barg, $387,500.

IONA SOUND DR., 12336-Ghazala G. and Khizr M. Khan to Mary and Patrick Stiehm, $585,000.

IRON BRIGADE UNIT AVE., 11612-Centex Homes to Kristine and Kevin Maggs, $492,205.

ISLAND FOG CT., 10011-Kathy R. and Mark H. Neely to Beth A. Brandt, $552,900.

JENNELL DR., 12208-Jose W. Torres to Jorge Ramos, $675,000.

LANIER OVERLOOK CT., 8446-Richmond American Homes to Ami S. and Sunil P. Shah, $564,255.

MALVERN WAY, 12328-Michelle Lynn and Timothy K. O'Malley to Prudential Relocation Inc., $345,000.

MARQUETTE MEWS, 9101-Linda R. Sippel and Anthony W. Sippel to Theresa L. and Michael K. Branham, $530,000.

OPEN MEADOW LANE, 12192-Moniza S. Afzal and Kamran Afzal to Sarah Firoz and Karim Khan, $595,000.

ORLAND STONE DR., 10048-Julie Gonzalez to Sonia Majano, $460,000.

ORLAND STONE DR., 10081-Naina Bhagat and Kailash Chopra to Daniel C. Smith, $489,000.

SAINSBURY CT., 9011-Jennifer C. and Karl R. Swink to Prudential Residential Services, $525,000.

SCALES PL., 9575-Christine and Todd D. Sanford to Holly Ann and Kevin M. Fennell, $299,990.

SLATE STONE LOOP, 9063-David M. Young to Xuan Ou and Shaoming Cheng, $319,900.

SLATE STONE LOOP, 9069-Karin A. Fowler to Terry J. Nold, $325,500.

TANALIAN FALLS LANE, 12305-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Chansay and Lee Inthavong, $398,200.

TANALIAN FALLS LANE, 12307-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Denielle Joy and Michael Shane Johnson, $439,760.

TARVIE CIR., 9580-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to Aroon Kanchanayothin, $490,990.

TARVIE CIR., 9628-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to Quang Khong, $439,390.

TARVIE CIR., 9656-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to Patricia P. and Gordon L. Riley, $505,515.

TARVIE CIR., 9664-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to Pak Kyong Ha and Young Mi, $464,740.

TARVIE CIR., 9688-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to Nguessan and Marie Flore Kouame, $523,815.

TRADE WIND CT., 8537-Chah Jahan Kazemi to Vida Asiedu and Dora Yeboah, $60,000.

TRIPLE FALLS LANE, 12171-Winchester Homes Inc. to Mary S. and Patrick W. McInerney, $575,200.

TULANE FALLS DR., 12277-Beazer Homes Corp. to Amalee and Somphone Aphayvong, $586,740.

TUMMEL FALLS DR., 10050-Eneida Lopez Berry and Stanley D. Berry to Stacy L. West, $505,500.

UNITED PARK WAY, 12264-Beazer Homes Corp. to Gail Sharpe and Ralph Sharpe, $665,276.

Broad Run Area

THOUSAND OAKS DR., 17090-Maureen A. Price to Sharon Green and Danny G. Snow, $1.379 million.

Dumfries Area

AMBERGATE DR., 15485-Jessica Huynh and Kai Yu to Jose Saravia, $507,000.

ANTRIM CIR., 3173-Jenny L. Fuchs and Judith Fuchs to Gilbert Sanchez Jr., $262,900.

ASHMERE CIR., 4144-John K. Dwobeng to Rita K. and Donald L. Vecchioni, $266,000.

ATTERBURY CT., 15539-Stephanie M. Sweeney to Santiago and Ernestina L. Macias, $515,000.

BAYOU BEND CIR., 17470-Beazer Homes Corp. to Elaine W. and Stephen D. Andrusia, $314,177.

CHERRY HILL RD., 2144-Deborah L. and Meredith Wayne Underwood to Christie Marie and Goeffrey Robert Darrah, $162,000.

GENTLE WOOD LANE, 16925-Waseem Abbas to Gonzalo Rodriguez Burgos, $400,000.

GLENNVILLE DR., 17441-Jefferson Group Corp. to Roxeene and Randal M. Justus, $457,500.

HOLLEYSIDE DR., 15073-William Cavett and Valerie Schannen to Paul E. Steinmetz, $350,000.

HOLLEYSIDE DR., 15074-Charlotte Biddle to Peta Ikambana, $405,000.

JONATHAN CT., 4206-Paul R. Schuessler to Fitzgerald Vargas, $281,000.

KENTON CIR., 4201-Glenda Gonzales and Jose Alfaro Hernandez to Maria T. and German M. Ayala, $316,000.

KILDARE LANE, 17366-Tammy Warner and Rupert R. Warner Jr. to Alberta Wilson Sey, $321,101.

LAZY DAY LANE, 15812-Allison A. Wilbur and Richard M. Wilbur to Ingrid Boehm Myers, $375,585.

MCCLELLAN CT., 2345-Mobeen A. Khan to Jesus Rodriguez, $213,000.

MYRTLEWOOD DR., 2982-Chester Tapp Jr. to Cecelia Bell, $550,000.

ROCKY MOUNT LANE, 17339-Monique M. and J.F. Douglas to Kume Lemassa, $334,990.

SEDGEWICK PL., 2520-Marvin I. Rodriguez to Dolores Fernandez, $226,000.

SPRING BRANCH BLVD., 5228-Nancy J. Mika and Robert J. Collett to Cheryl and Steven Furman, $328,000.

TALON DR., 4182-Centex Homes to Won Kang, $493,030.

TALON DR., 4199-Centex Homes to Johnny and Ting Nina, $541,635.

TOMS RIVER LOOP, 16838-Kelly Stuber and Jonathan L. Michael to Ellen J. Clawson, $275,000.

TRIPOLI BLVD., 17520-Jorge Hernandez to Seledonio Sanchez, $358,600.

TUCKAHOE CT., 3417-Carol M. Gierwatoski to Patience A. and Daniel A. Owusu, $305,000.

VAN BUREN RD., 17710-Sharon D. and E. Joseph Merkert to Palmira Plaza and John Plaza, $495,000.

WAYSIDE DR., 17500-Pighini Builders Inc. to Brenda S. and Charles W. Davis, $513,395.

WHITE HAVEN DR., 4023-Lynn M. and William R. Godshalk to Elizabeth Alvarado, $309,900.

WINDSONG LANE, 15472-Charles X. Murray to Gina R. Hilsen, $305,000.

WINTERCRESS CT., 15020-Catherine W. and Michael A. Montes to Michelle R. and Jeffrey W. Custer, $490,300.

YELLOW STONE LOOP, 4093-Amy M. Sullivan to Jessica Vernon and Lance Guilfoyle, $301,500.

Gainesville Area

ABBERLEY LOOP, 6734-Michael T. Crosby to Paula Andrea and Paul Marinero, $549,000.

ALBERT WAY, 14109-Michael P. and Catherine M. Campbell to Oi Sook and Shang Du Song, $600,000.

ALPINE BAY LOOP, 14939-Eileen S. and Eric E. Nelson to Joseph R. Daniel Jr., $1.2 million.

ANCHOR MILL PL., 15034-Glenkirk Neighborhoods Corp. to Zahida V. and Vinod V. Malhotra, $548,866.

AVALON ISLE WAY, 6809-Katherine D. Herzig to Whitney W. Wright and Katherine S. Berardelli, $307,000.

BRIGHTVIEW WAY, 13476-U.S. Home Corp. to Patricia E. Evins and Alan C. Evins, trustees, $589,392.

BROGUE CT., 13406-U.S. Home Corp. to Lynne J. and Allen H. Block, $335,147.

BROGUE CT., 13425-U.S. Home Corp. to Audrey C. Guarino, $350,038.

CLATTERBUCK LOOP, 14013-NVR Inc. to Tammy Braschi, $546,290.

DANEHURST CIR., 15126-Oh Jeong Ok to Marcos C. Garcia, $439,500.

DENSWORTH MEWS, 18000-Ok Ja Tom to Hee Suk Jeung, $510,000.

DOVER DOWNS CT., 8566-John T. Dawson III to Naomi I. and Samuel H. Smith, $540,000.

EARLY MARKER CT., 7322-NVR Inc. to Yanjun Chen and Xiangyang Wang, $480,025.

EDGARTOWN WAY, 6718-Homeyra Mokhtarzada and Ogie Gardizi to Noreen and Amer Jahangiri, $579,000.

EMMANUEL CT., 6730-Donald C. Heyd and Jennifer C. Yager Jr. to Sean P. Colgan, $380,000.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15026-NVR Inc. to Jeffrey R. and Marie A. Davis, $502,225.

GREAT DOVER ST., 7675-Richmond American Homes to Harinder K. and Harinderbir S. Warraich, $860,000.

HUNTERS RUN WAY, 14137-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Michele L. and Scott R. Horvath, $492,000.

HUNTERS RUN WAY, 14153-Robert E. Burr to Dawn W. and Peter J. Kelly II, $480,000.

HUNTERS RUN WAY, 14183-Michael H. Gifford to Nithya Shivasankar and Anand Kaliyamurthy, $380,000.

HUNTERS RUN WAY, 14185-Amy G. and Ryan Allen to Mario and Amanda Locklear, $386,900.

LAWNVALE DR., 4454-Kathryn A. and Richard J. Young to Donna R. and Steven G. Parrish, $474,500.

LIBER CT., 5520-Caroline A. Stief to Jennifer and P. Walsh, $685,000.

LINK HILLS LOOP, 8429-Airston at Lake Manassas Corp. to Lorien M. and Daniel S. Alves, $684,641.

LINKS POND CIR., 14772-Jessica R. and Antonio A. Guzman to Eun Ju and Jin Ro, $509,000.

LINKS POND CIR., 14799-Vinitha Ranasinghe and Ravinder K. Bedi to Tijuana and Terrell Wilbourn and Toby Smith, $439,000.

LORDS VIEW LOOP, 8752-Hosneara Begum and Mohammed A. Gofran to Daniel D. Durante, $665,000.

MONTOUR HEIGHTS DR., 8016-Christine P. Binkowski and Eric R. Binkowski to Sang Tok Pak, $566,000.

MORVEN PARK LANE, 6429-NVR Inc. to Gregg T. Mossburg, $596,515.

PAPER BIRCH LANE, 12164-Richmond American Homes to Olga and Oleg Detinin, $587,277.

PAPER BIRCH LANE, 12172-Richmond American Homes to Alexis J. Yun, $466,940.

PAPER BIRCH LANE, 12183-Richmond American Homes to Shazia N. and Qamar S. Khan, $498,315.

PAPER BIRCH LANE, 12187-Tuan Vo to Savinna Y. and Jason An, $579,900.

RESPITE CT., 7308-Erica M. Farr and Robert G. Farr to Charles W. and Cynthia A. Kennedy, $494,500.

RESPITE CT., 7316-Ricarda and Gerald Murphy to Laurel Morse, $439,990.

SAUVAGE LANE, 7044-Sherry Leighty and Allan Leighty to Danny Daza and Valeria Cariaga, $350,000.

SPYGLASS HILL LOOP, 15706-Nelson Construction Corp. to Eileen S. and Eric E. Nelson, $800,000.

SPYGLASS HILL LOOP, 15755-Airston at Lake Manassas Corp. to Tria A. and Kenneth S. Kim, $950,285.

STANWICK SQ., 6901-Eun Min Lee to Lieu T. Dang and Khoa D. Pham, $460,990.

STANWICK SQ., 6902-Kamini M. and Mukesh D. Chapatwala to Veronica and Derek L. Showers, $460,000.

TALLYRAND WAY, 13509-U.S. Home Corp. to Marlene and Ezan Bagdasarian, $317,851.

TOWN COMMONS WAY, 14287-Yeon Mi Sim and Keunbo Sim to Karla Velasquez and Alfredo Torres, $472,000.

TRIPLE CROWN LOOP, 13024-U.S. Home Corp. to Sandra M. and John T. Robbins, $468,282.

TRIPLE CROWN LOOP, 13040-U.S. Home Corp. to Kathleen T. and Peter J. Vergano, $341,060.

TUXEDO LANE, 15524-Airston at Lake Manassas Corp. to Catherine O. and Patrick Goodwin Flanagan, $629,015.

WHEELING WAY, 7106-Glorinel Colon Rios and Carlos E. Rios to Scott D. Rasmussen, $390,000.

WITTON CIR., 6886-Pandu R. Soprey to Min Shik Kim, $419,900.

Haymarket Area

ADDLERFIELD WAY, 5225-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Patricia K. and John C. Green, $457,051.

ALDERBROOK DR., 15691-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Christine and Okey Cart Jr., $587,990.

CARIBBEAN CT., 5732-Nick and Michelle L. Carolla to Christina M. and Kevin J. Jersey, $575,000.

CARIBBEAN CT., 5736-Thomas Staples to Stephanie and Rocky Gugino, $550,000.

DOWDEN DOWNS DR., 14420-Patriot Homes of Virginia Inc. to Edwin T. Loureiro, $744,640.

FELLS BRIDGE PL., 15032-Jennifer M. and Christopher M. Howell to Cynthia L. and Richard E. Brockman, $609,000.

GOLF VIEW DR., 15210-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Assiya and Altay Kadyrzhanov, $1.2 million.

GUILFORD RIDGE RD., 14514-Thu Nguyen to Betty G. Lambuth, $465,000.

HUNTING PATH RD., 6648-Marilyn June Balderson to Sondra T. Payne, $275,000.

LATHAM DR., 4032-Janet R. and Gary L. Holderman to Nam Soo Jo and Jeong Yon Jo, $510,000.

MOZAMBIQUE CT., 14805-Richmond American Homes to Tara J. Aziz and Ahmed Kareem, $658,115.

MOZAMBIQUE CT., 14808-Richmond American Homes to Ghazala and Muhammad Chughtai, $694,415.

PENNSHIRE DR., 14681-Ofelia V. Guerrero Kirlin to Carolyn K. and Ricky L. Byrd, $549,000.

PIEDMONT VISTA DR., 13752-Deborah A. Pietrzyk and Michael A. Pietrzyk to Karissa Kelly and Michael Wells, $790,000.

SHOAL CREEK DR., 5680-Myung H. Kim to Dong R. Kim and Kyung Shin Kim, $729,000.

SIMMONS GROVE DR., 14904-U.S. Home Corp. to Ahvaz Farzi, $599,900.

SOLHEIM CUP DR., 5686-Barbara Shapiro to Brenda and Edmundo E. Moncayo, $513,900.

WHEELWRIGHT WAY, 5686-Frank R. Lonza to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $540,000.

WISHING ROCK WAY, 6008-U.S. Home Corp. to Kye Soon and Jong H. Lee, $653,671.

Manassas Area

ASHLEY CT., 12203-Debra J. and Archibald J. Kielly to Vivian and Eugene Buckingham, $595,000.

BERMUDA LANE, 10382-Maria Molina and Jose M. Campos to Maria Claudia Viafara, $245,000.

BLAND DR., 7616-Darlene M. and Gregory H. Fields to Maria M. and Frank H. Brigham, $374,999.

BRENTSVILLE RD., 9404-Willie F. Williams Jr. and Mary Ann Felmly to Katina A. Koster and Daniel L. Fisk, $278,000.

BROOKSTONE CT., 10250-Mary E. Nicolas and Biennenido Nicolas to Walter Lopez, $315,000.

CENTURY OAK CT., 7516-Classic Concept Builders Inc. to Cynthia F. and Michael A. Ward, $788,179.

CHADDSFORD TER., 13033-NVR Inc. to Reina Lynn and Steve D. Graham, $886,251.

COLTON LANE, 7425-Mazar Mangal to Rahat R. Khan, $285,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8154-John P. Bucsko Jr. to Stephen E. Mayes and Christopher Scott Duns, $155,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8216-Syed Askri to Darryl and Michael Monroe, $235,000.

COVINGTON PL., 9578-Roberta E. and George D. Marton to Matthew J. and Francis G. Brooks, $269,900.

DOUBLEDAY LANE, 11076-Luis O. and Kelly N. Ventura to Lidia C. Martinez, $375,000.

DUNEIDEN LANE, 7554-Joseph P. Bellamy to Michelle Johnson, $314,500.

FINCASTLE DR., 5942-John R. Crider to Jodi L. and Robert Corey Rankin, $530,000.

HEATHER GREEN DR., 9617-Ingrid and Nicholas Ballano to Eufemia R. and Mario M. Alegre, $574,900.

IRONGATE WAY, 8377-Felecia L. Pickett to Diocelis Navarrete, $266,000.

JAMAICA LANE, 10284-Rachel Shepherd to Julio J. Espinoza Deleon, $307,000.

KESSLER PL., 11319-Tammy L. and Mark Barbour to Rajib and Shahpar Chowdhury, $335,900.

KING GEORGE DR., 9336-Ellen S. Becker to Nery Raul Bautista, $325,000.

LOMOND DR., 10004-Hon Thach to Ly Quang Tan, $394,000.

LOUDOUN AVE., 9703-Shannon L. and John C. Carlton Jr. to Opportunity Investments Group Corp., $390,000.

LUCASVILLE RD., 12220-Mary Elizabeth Shoemaker to Mary Allen Zombro, $399,900.

MICHELLE CT., 7646-Nubia Del Carmen and Walter Barahona to Jose Treminio, $382,000.

MINOR HILL RD., 7928, No. 56-Andrew W. Ellis to Darnell E. Ball, $230,000.

MOONGLOW CT., 10508-Latifa Shoja and Alam Shoja to Bradford Steven Tempchin, $602,000.

PERSINGER HOUSE CT., 6037-Carla A. and Jimmie L. Mitchell Jr. to Beverly J. and R. Daniel Hunter, $635,000.

PLAIN DEALING PL., 15632-Nancy and William Martin to Patricia and Kenneshia D. Murray, $305,600.

POPE ST., 10983-Oscar and Julio Hernandez to Cenia and Elmer Villatoro, $330,000.

QUAIL RUN LANE, 7565-Susan M. Wertjes to Katharine Williams, $293,000.

QUAIL RUN LANE, 7584-Sue P. Payne to Barbara W. Hutto and Kevin G. Hutto, $259,900.

RAMSEUR PL., 8209-Lewis Jesse Branning and Gladene J. Branning III to Bonnie and James Dennis, $322,000.

RAPHIEL CT., 8130-Kimberly A. and Lloyd Hersey to Jennifer M. and John P. Jones, $400,000.

RAYBORN CREEK DR., 11993-Leticia A. and Adam R. Zeitz to Timothy W. and Michelle A. Barker, $509,000.

REMINGTON RD., 7518-Mary Ann Petrosino to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $275,000.

RIVER FOREST DR., 6183-Penelope K. and Nile S. Lockwood, trustees, to Karen and David Skeens, $575,000.

SADDLEHORN CT., 7912, No. 31-Tamyra B. Caple to Lorna L. and Michael J. Dibblee, $150,000.

SIMMONS RIDGE CT., 7204-Old Dominion Builders Corp. to Jason A. and Tonia Y. Bock, $812,017.

SPRING DR., 12523-Raymond Scott Knutson to Angela N. Linden and Scott H. Reever, $325,000.

SPRING DR., 12526-Laura B. and Ned Sutton Cabe to Raymond Scott Knutson, $410,000.

STATESBORO CT., 10135-Amr Abdalla to Moon Hee Choi, $239,900.

STONE HILL LANE, 10846-Joseph P. Romeo III to Carin R. White, $305,000.

STONE HILL LANE, 10866-Wendy and Francisca Dominguez to Erasmo Garcia, $285,500.

Manassas Park Area

ALBEMARLE DR., 7401-Ok Soon Shin and Kyung Soon Im to Hermes Ramirez, $345,000.

ALLEGHANY RD., 7516-Raymond S. Bernstein, trustee, to Everett P. Kilby, $210,000.

BOSBURY CT., 7507-Steven A. Miller to Orlene A. Naggie, $220,000.

CALM POND CT., 8216-Naheed and Shekiba Azamy to Roda Mohamud and Ami Ali, $645,000.

CHARNWOOD CT., 8502-Mario F. Garcia to Seong Ran and Keo Hoon Park, $310,000.

COBBLE POND WAY, 8193-Comstock Blooms Mill Corp. to Malti Bahl, $409,100.

GRANITE LANE, 8433-Comstock Blooms Mill Corp. to Nahid A. and Ayyaz M. Baluch, $562,025.

JANET ROSE CT., 9706-NVR Inc. to Chin Ming Hung, $653,590.

MANASSAS DR., 7920-Elba H. Contreras to Juan Carlos and Nancy and Juan R. Perez, $335,000.

PINEVIEW RD., 10575-Sandra D. Payne to Shokouh Amin Khalilian and Simin Soltani, $495,000.

RAINWATER CIR., 8142-Alka Sethi and Rajesh Sethi to Mi Sook Park and Hyun Woong Ra, $380,000.

RUGBY RD., 9014-Anna Owen Goeddel and Robert V. Goeddel to Julliana and Jose R. Lopez, $399,900.

SPRUCE ST., 8209-Clyde H. Dewitt Jr. to Julio L. Virula Escobar, $392,000.

TOWERING OAK WAY, 8093-NVR Inc. to Maria and Jose Aldana, $590,720.

WALCOTT CT., 8630-Tanya S. Shkaki and Dyari A. Shkaki to Evelin Sanabria, $338,000.

WHISPERING WIND LANE, 8120-Maria D. Carbonell to Vilma Lemus and Oscar Ernesto Cisneros, $564,900.

Nokesville Area

BREEZEWAY DR., 10196-Richmond American Homes to Bryce W. and Jennifer Austin, $509,865.

BREEZEWAY DR., 10198-Kim Nguyen and Pha Dinh to Linh My Collier and Craig A. Collier, $502,990.

WINDY HILL DR., 9741-Susan A. and John E. Henry to Charlene G. and Francis L. Bartol Jr., $799,000.

Triangle Area

ANCHORAGE COVE, 3622-Clarence Frazier to Skekil Corp., $150,000.

FULLER HEIGHTS RD., 18902-Nabil B. Rihane to Christina N. and Rodney S. Decarteret, $254,900.

PERRY ST., 19113-Aimee and Michael Jakubik to John A. Stortz, $299,900.

RIVERVIEW DR., 3205-Phylis M. Benner to Dawn and John Lafalce, $487,000.

STONEWALL MANOR DR., 3765-Edgemoore Stonewall Corp. to Ellen S. Findley, $658,192.

WHARF LANE, 3652-Alford D. Baggett to Jaime Velis and Maria Amanda Douglas, $235,000.

Woodbridge Area

ADAMS ST., 3106-Roberto C. Perez to Rene Rojas, $340,000.

ALLSPICE CT., 12214-Henry J. Crews to Fryda and Maria Gonzalez, $294,975.

ANCHORSTONE DR., 5017-Stephanie L. and Lawrence B. McCray to Mindy Mucci and Arthur Lambros, $365,000.

ANN SCARLET CT., 1705-Naimatullah Abbasi to Lucinda and Orlando Maldonado Cruz, $520,000.

ANN SCARLET CT., 1762-Hong Chen to Julie and Kwang H. Yeo, $540,000.

ANN SCARLET CT., 1774-D.R. Horton Inc. to Suk Cha Pae, $448,955.

APPALOOSA DR., 3827-Deanne P. and Derek W. Avance to Keren L. and Brian M. Fields, $400,000.

ARKANSAS ST., 14817-Paul D. Harnage to Kwag Young Cheol, $264,500.

AZTEC PL., 12283-Tina Marie and Danny L. Dickerson to Gina L. and Michael A. Corbin, $300,000.

AZTEC PL., 12344-Juanita Smith to Mohammed A. Khan, $261,900.

BACON RACE RD., 10993-Basheer Edgemoore River Falls Corp. to Rokshana Mannan and Abdul Mannan, $920,389.

BACON RACE RD., 11421-Amy and Bartholomew Posselt to Alisa L. and David D. Thurston, $699,000.

BAKERSFIELD ST., 14659-Malcom Ademar Sanz to Isaac Yiadom, $255,000.

BAKERSFIELD ST., 14666-Miriam Villafana and Luis Enrique Aceves to Reliable Management Group Corp., $245,000.

BALD EAGLE LANE, 15389-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Lorraine and David H. Comings, $540,000.

BEALE CT., 3433-Gary S. Shuey to MJH Investment Group Corp., $213,000.

BEAUMONT RD., 3403-Michelle T. Dubois to Cecilia Latham, $315,000.

BERKSHIRE DR., 14363-Anni E. Tate to Michael A. Jones, $255,000.

BINDER CT., 15421-Ridgedale Inc. to Muhammad Aataf, $370,495.

BINDER CT., 15425-Ridgedale Inc. to Girma Alemayehu Metcha, $381,828.

BINDER CT., 15427-Ridgedale Inc. to Imran N. Khan, $371,840.

BINDER CT., 15436-Ridgedale Inc. to Abdul Karimu Oyofo, $432,623.

BIRCHDALE SQ., 3203-Christopher J. Bonneville to Maria Isolina Cedillo, $276,250.

BIRCHDALE SQ., 3210-Claudia Ramirez and Edwin Arias to Farid Ahmad, $275,000.

BOMBAY WAY, 12740-Sheila I. Bradford to Martha Salvatierra, $370,000.

BONNEVILLE LANE, 4683-Nguyen Thi Be and Lance E. Booth to Shafali and Sandeep Nagpal, $505,000.

BOTTS AVE., 13823-Nancy E. Segovia and Carlos F. Gonzalez to Sonia and Luis Lovo, $340,000.

BRANDON CT., 14412-Mahmoud Mahdawi to Francisco Rodriguez, $246,000.

BRISTOL CT., 3398-Angel Veliz to Sueun and Shane Williams, $315,000.

CALEDONIA CIR., 3464-Matthew Thompson and Kristian Pedersen to Indrani and Arup Panth, $316,525.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1402-Francisca and Edgar Walter Marroquin to Rosa Pineda, $325,000.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1489-Marvin I. Delcid to Garcia Carlos A. Reyes, $325,000.

CANTANIA PL., 2705-Linda Ann Gerry to Simin and Timor Jalali, $230,000.

CARA DR., 12781-Angela Y. Glasgow to Luis R. Alvarez, $190,000.

CARA DR., 12866-Robert L. Bruton Jr. to Yenisseth Arbaiza and Roger A. Torres, $235,000.

CARDAMOM DR., 11964-Kenneth E. Flournoy to Mary Maureen and Gregory L. Harbac, trustees, $185,000.

CAROLYN FOREST DR., 13067-Elizabeth H. Burch and John W. Burch to Daniel Mateescu Ene, $275,000.

CASTILE CT., 12644-Elmer B. Lovell to Amir I. Mohammed, $237,000.

CASTLE HILL DR., 3519-Patricia A. Green, trustee, to Nicole Mitchell, $255,000.

CASTLEBRIDGE LANE, 13581-Robert D. Harris to Fredis A. Romero and Susana Bonilla, $446,000.

CHABLIS CIR., 2836-Deanna L. Mann to Silvester Woods and Calvin J. Thompson, $202,000.

CHANCEFORD DR., 11792-Basheer Edgemoore River Falls Corp. to Marietta Y. and Alfredo D. Bowen Jr., $827,311.

CHARLTON CT., 4608-Veronica Okai and Ebenezer A. Larbie to Elva Mendez, $252,000.

CHARLTON CT., 4641-Maria M. Allen and Willie G. Allen to Pamela E. and Stephen O. Ovwigho, $220,000.

CHELSEA DR., 3414-Lorena and Jose M. Escalante to Iris Chirino Lainez and Rafael Chirino Amaya, $343,000.

CHERRYDALE DR., 15057-Katy J. Coello and Roger Avila to Nelson Beltran and Vanessa Beltran, $285,000.

CHOWNING CT., 16723-Jose A. Deras to Manuel A. Espinoza, $250,000.

COLLINGTON CT., 749-Centex Homes to Quynh T. Nguyen, $396,080.

COLONY CREEK CT., 14461-SRM Family Revocable Living Trust to Marie C. and Russell C. Barnes, $640,000.

CONCORD DR., 15126-Beeren and Barry Investments to Liuva and Jesus S. Solorzano, $280,000.

CRANMER MEWS, 3491-James G. Evenson to Mid Atlantic Development Corp., $210,000.

CRONIN DR., 1274-Maria Monroy and Alcides Flores to Joseph Arcie Ramos, $335,000.

DALE BLVD., 4496-Roberto D. Ramirez to Joaquim Pires, $400,000.

DAPPLE GRAY CT., 12296-Matthew Johnson to Mary B. Sherman, $300,000.

DARA DR., 12753-Elaine E. McNulty and Donald J. McNulty, trustees, to Kevin S. Wingfield, $143,000.

DARLINGTON LOOP, 2025-Temuri and Saher Farid to Vikas Alaigh and Vikas Gulati, $257,000.

DILLWYN CT., 15305-K. Hovnanian at Lake Terrapin Corp. to Wahid Azimi, $660,634.

DODSON DR., 14724-Betty Jean and Dale Duane Moeller to Jose Hernandez, $369,900.

DUBOIS CT., 4002-Cheryl A. and Thomas A. Porter to Anila Kanwal, $365,000.

DYER DR., 14813-Tiffany Y. Jackson and Kenyatta Jackson to James L. and Marion J. Hammon, $300,000.

EAGLE ROCK CT., 3618-Lori R. and Jeremy K. Kopp to Michelle A. Henson, $318,500.

EDEN LANE, 12442-Phyllis B. and Wilbur L. White Jr. to Molly E. and David L. Selby II, $310,000.

EVANSDALE RD., 4379-Ne Van Nguyen to Reina M. Turcios, $345,000.

EVANSDALE RD., 4635-Bashir Noory to Melcer Ismael Delgado Flores, $282,000.

FAITH CT., 14589-Ambrosio and Ana M. Escobar to Griselda Villatoro and Robles Emilio Cruz, $527,500.

FELMORE CT., 3617-Donna L. and Rogelio H. Salinas to Nurul Khan, $275,000.

FERNDALE RD., 14314-Eric Sarin Thlang to Mohammad Shams Pervaz and Rehana Shams, $285,000.

FORTUNA CT., 3800-Donna C. Smith and Donald E. Nicholson to Angel and Jose Morales, $328,000.

FRONTIER LANE, 12814-Yesenia Gonzales and Elmer Pereira to Raga Omer and Adel Eltahir, $320,000.

GARDENVIEW LOOP, 1060-John A. Palmer to Casey L. McAllister, $232,750.

GASCONY PL., 11747-Kathy K. Koziol and Brian Lee Koziol to Michael J. Firtag, $424,000.

GATEHOUSE TER., 15348-Michael R. Mills to Edward Glass, $249,600.

GEDDY CT., 16611-Innovative Real Estate Corp. to Hugo Cespedes, $215,000.

GEORGETOWN RD., 16617-Cherylece M. and Kenneth C. Watkins to German Rivas, $216,000.

GINA PL., 3293-Lisa Ann Conway to Amanda L. and Brian A. Chesser, $330,000.

GOLDEN CT., 14018-Jeffrey T. Coleman to Willco Properties Corp., $245,000.

GRAN DEUR DR., 13716-Melissa S. and Filipe F. Nunes to Gilberto Rodriguez, $350,000.

GRANADA WAY, 12318-Della J. and James R. Bonner to Julia A. Scoleri, $250,000.

GROSBEAK CT., 1528-NVR Inc. to Komal and Yasser Suhail, $430,030.

GUNSMITH TER., 15404-Commercial Lending Corp. to Oy Bill Lieu, $215,000.

HACKWOOD ST., 14732-Debby Lynn Clark to Coppertop Properties Corp., $150,000.

HADDOCK RD., 13118-Mehran Golnia and Mahmoud Ghavami to Russell L. George, $285,000.

HAWK CT., 4505-Collette Davis and John R. Davis to Winston S. Beavers, $310,000.

HAZELTON DR., 4506-Dina M. Osorio and Carlos Osorio to Jose Oscar Gonzales, $307,000.

HAZELTON DR., 4512-Marta Quintanilla and Manuel Rivera to Oldin Paniagua, $280,000.

HEATHERBROOK CT., 1952-Priya Kaur to Shikha Minocha, $350,000.

HEMINGWAY DR., 4303-Roger M. Velez to Darwin and Nelson Ferrufino, $305,000.

HILDAS WAY, 2520-Beazer Homes Corp. to Peggy Roman, $401,705.

HOLLYHOCK CT., 12321-Adrienne P. and Josef G. Csatary to Kevin R. Sorem and Joseph Moore, $386,000.

INDIANA AVE., 1393-Bertha L. Herrera and Cesar A. Fuentes to Reina Isabel Rubio and Israel Aguilar, $325,000.

INLAND LOOP, 2026-Christopher E. Martin to Bari Noon, $319,000.

JACKS DR., 13608-Mary H. and Carl M. Day to Noemi and Reynaldo A. Herrera, $420,000.

JADESTONE WAY, 13005-NVR Inc. to Diana and Paul E. Grusky, $352,590.

JADESTONE WAY, 13011-NVR Inc. to Anis and Seyed Mohammad Ali Alemzadeh, $415,000.

JENNINGS ST., 2147-Elizabeth and Ted H. Adefris to Amsale Adefris, $540,000.

KATHERINE CT., 1587-Michael J. Mauck to Rodolfo Garcia, $315,000.

KEPHART LANE, 13227-Vilma A. Cabrera and Wilfredo A. Mayorga to Precious Lee Thomas, $329,900.

KERRYDALE RD., 13108-Donita L. and Carlus W. Breland to Michael E. White, $384,900.

KEYSTONE DR., 13337-Viola D. and Joseph L. Williams to Capital Investments Corp., $260,000.

KIRKDALE DR., 4812-Karen A. and Timothy R. McCorvey to Daniel Bonilla, $345,000.

KURT CT., 4990-Tuyet Lan Thi Vuong to Me Jung Jung and Yong Joon Kim, $385,000.

KURTZ RD., 13247-Georgia C. and Herbert C. Abraham to Jessica M. and Scott M. Poblete, $350,000.

LEAF LAWN LANE, 3941-Susan K. Hrubes to Ana C. and Juan B. Flores, $615,000.

LEBOURGET CT., 15575-Amanda Tate to James A. Kirkpatrick, $276,000.

LESTRIC LANE, 14035-Ed B. Sims Jr. to Jessica B. and Ryan P. Manor, $290,000.

LINDENDALE RD., 14314-Jodi E. and Robert P. Williams to Rita E. Pacheco, $325,000.

LOCKLEVEN LANE, 12926-Vickie S. Bruffy to Providence Property Corp., $275,000.

LUCKLAND WAY, 2511-Beazer Homes Corp. to Eugene Daniel and Jeffrey J. White, $381,060.

LUCKLAND WAY, 2521-Beazer Homes Corp. to Terry Payne and Angela Sutton, $380,705.

LUPINE TURN, 13037-Sandra S. and Jeffrey S. Sorenson to Wilbur L. White Jr. and Phyllis B. White, $570,000.

LYNHURST DR., 13728-Gustevo Cardenas Magallanes to Rosa M. Aparicio, $335,000.

MACWOOD DR., 5308-Lori R. Sandoval and Morio H. Sandoval to John J. Fulayter, $329,900.

MADEIRA CT., 2939-Marya Ireland to Amanda M. and Shaun M. Brown, $286,000.

MADEIRA CT., 2940-Ginette M. Florvil to Steven Anthony Patten, $280,000.

MADRIGAL DR., 14104-Shinhee P. Kim and Sung D. Kim to Amanjit and Kawaljit Singh, $366,000.

MANCHESTER WAY, 12394-Carmela Martinez Ortiz and Glenn A. Ortiz to Thomas E. Traywick, $330,500.

MAPLE RIDGE DR., 2683-Lilia and Purvis Atkinson Jr. to Leslie M. Armstrong, $455,000.

MARBURY LANE, 13709-Miguel A. Pensabene to Jose William Chavez, $250,000.

MARSALA CT., 2954-Donna Catherine Wong to Angelica E. Cruz and Jose Alonzo Garcia, $287,000.

MATHEWS DR., 14013-Maria C. and Pedro M. Gomez to Yesenia Carolina and Sonia Yamileth Benitez, $365,000.

MERCER HILL CT., 11717-Equity Homes Corp. to John B. Alumbaugh Jr., $785,266.

MICHIGAN RD., 15403-Paul D. Henderson to Mary Carman Contreras, $380,000.

MIRANDA CT., 2644-Jeffrey Randolph Martin to Linda R. and Ladislaus Bozoky, trustees, $310,000.

MONTGOMERY AVE., 2213-B. Kaye and Lawrence Starcher to Juan Vicente Alcantar, $345,000.

NOBLE FIR CT., 2780-Mariam and Abdul G. Rahim to Cynthia and Kenneth Waldman, $490,000.

NORTHTON CT., 5644-Maria C. Vasquez to Rosa A. Guzman and Tomas G. Portillo, $550,000.

OAKWOOD DR., 12627-Margarita E. Parada and Elith S. Parada to Gerald S. Oliva, $290,000.

OLD SALEM CT., 12158-James R. Cannell Jr. to David Warner, $189,000.

ORCHARD DR., 13406-Margaret A. and Ray J. Cox to R. and R. Residential Corp., $245,000.

OREGON AVE., 1400-Maria A. Hernandez and Melvin S. Hernandez to Sharon and Marcelo Rodriguez, $300,000.

PHOTO DR., 13452-Keith Brock to Wilber Leonel Yanez, $404,000.

PILGRIMS INN DR., 13061-Omega Williams and Michael Williams to Roger L. and Debra A. Mayberry, $574,990.

PILGRIMS INN DR., 13070-Bonnie A. and Eric C. Ramsdell to Hope and Donald M. Phillips, $519,000.

PINETREE DR., 13407-Teresa R. Bernal and Herman Aparicio to Rene Hernan Amaya, $305,000.

PLAINVILLE LANE, 6115-Jose Martinez Torres to Rachid Elmissouab, $360,000.

PLUMWOOD LANE, 5932-Cristine B. and Kevin N. Battick to Yu Soon May, $380,000.

POHICK CREEK CT., 1902-James G. Lowe to Lorena and Walther Omar Velasquez, $295,000.

POMANDER LOOP, 13424-Kevin E. Mullen to Philip Rosenthal, $317,492.

PORT POTOMAC AVE., 2552-NVR Inc. to June E. Jordan, $467,375.

PRINCETON ST., 12232-Kimberly R. and Michael D. Barnett to Ali N. El Hage, $297,000.

PRINCETON ST., 12236-Paul M. Kosmicki to Jose F. Argueta, $275,000.

PURDHAM DR., 12722-Lucille M. Tew and Steven A. Tew to Sara D. and James Brian Roman, $520,000.

QUANN LANE, 13148-Sheree Maria Hill to Willco Properties Corp., $235,000.

QUINCE CT., 5219-Milton A. House to Carla Sanabria and George Winningham, $243,000.

RACE POINTE PL., 5156-Mohamed Diallo to Victor Sarkodie, $350,000.

RAINBOW CT., 1948-Robert Paul Daerr to Colin Young, $200,000.

REHFIELD CT., 14332-Mai P. Than and Duc K. Tran to Sonia Cavero and Nhu Khanh T. Nguyen, $350,000.

RHODE ISLAND DR., 5936-Myung H. and Alva L. Brewer to Margaret M. Miller and Kirk Miller, $649,999.

ROUNDTREE DR., 5653-Linda A. and David Allan Hileman to Thomas R. Whitehead, $368,000.

SALT POND PL., 5189-Rosa E. and Hector M. Linares to Maritza D. and Celson A. Herrera, $325,000.

SAPHIRE CT., 5311-Yessenia Gonzales and Elmer Pereira to Sonya Westbrook, $330,000.

SHERWOOD PL., 16564-Maximiliano Bueso to David G. Johnson, $223,000.

SILVERDALE DR., 14259-Deborah Matthews to the Leesburg Companies, $325,000.

SLIPPERY ELM CT., 14944-Joanna M. Charlton and Kevin L. Thomas to Zohra and Osman Taher, $475,000.

SOURWOOD WAY, 13056-NVR Inc. to James M. Dameron, $374,575.

SOURWOOD WAY, 13058-NVR Inc. to Virginia and Daniel K. Whitton, $346,965.

SOUTH PARK CT., 4743-Gloria A. Coates to Rozell Patton, $237,000.

SOUTHGATE CT., 14313-Julie C. Hannan and Brion Hannan to Malallai S. Nabi and Khawer Sultan Sakhi, $342,400.

SOUTHGATE CT., 14363-Laura and Bryant Haines to Grian A. Laws, $345,000.

STAPLES LANE, 5403-Jeffry D. and Beverly J. During to Renee L. and Christopher L. Amick, $472,500.

STEVENSON CT., 12208-Sam Love Jr. to Bianca Necol Banks, $175,000.

STOCKHOLM WAY, 2916-Annette R. Florence to Myung Ja Han and Jane Chung, $410,000.

SWEENEY LANE, 16750-Emilio Cruz to Mariano Siles, $330,000.

TAG CT., 6173-Joset A. Powell to Osman and Blanca Castillo, $387,000.

TAMBORINE CT., 6131-Thomas R. and Tessie R. Summers to Jose Eldar Hernandez Bernal, $399,900.

TAPESTRY DR., 5985-Sandra and Corey Mason to Patricia and Jerome Fields, $469,000.

TONBRIDGE PL., 3776-Tanja Calamonici and Brian T. Koch to Marilyn D. and Ian J. Shortle, $430,000.

TRETHAWAY DR., 13402-Mary E. Geimer to Mary Baldwin, $275,000.

UPPSALA CT., 15920-Maria M. and Timothy R. Gibbs to Dolores De Jesus Portillo, $350,000.

VANDERBILT CT., 3167-Suzy C. Majerich to James A. and Donna E. Williams, $283,250.

WENTWOOD LANE, 15170-Terrylynn Harrell to Cheryl Lucas, $255,000.

WILLOWOOD DR., 12022-Jennifer D. and David L. McKay to Wilfredo Velazquez, $380,000.

WREN CT., 2922-Derrick L. Fowler to Cynthia A. and Sal A. Aref, $170,000.

WYNDALE CT., 3240-Tiffany P. Dixon and Robert H. Dixon Jr. to Barry Franklin Hibner, $239,900.