The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

CHESAPEAKE AVE., 3650-Marylee and John C. Propeck to Jennifer A. Stotler, $257,000.

F ST., 7408-Jing Sheng Wei to Joseph Dial, $335,000.

Dunkirk Area

PERRYWOOD LANE, 12535-Renzy H. Bryant II to Andre Reveley, $775,000.

Huntingtown Area

QUAIL RIDGE WAY, 3120-Earl F. and Mildred M. Dement to Diane K. and Richard M. Abboud, $456,500.

WOOD DUCK WAY, 1760-Ryan J. and Courtney M. Morey to Lori and Christopher Conlon, $450,000.

Lusby Area

CHECOTAH CT., 12478-Beverly A. and Stanley P. Karwoski to Ryan M. Epstein, $161,000.

CIMARRON RD., 1130-Tammi L. and Thomas E. Auman to William J.T. Monk, $283,000.

COMMANCHE RD., 11230-Randall E. and Karen L. Dornan to Christie F. and Mark J. Thompson, $236,800.

GOLDEN WEST WAY, 1049-Charles Copenhaver to Marvin J. Gatton, $182,000.

GOLDEN WEST WAY, 925-Sharon M. Nicholson to Bruce W. Gilroy and Kelly A. Karels, $259,000.

LESSIN DR., 207-Debra A. and Richard D. Wilkinson to Daniel Jacobs, $275,000.

LITTLE COVE POINT RD., 11485-George C. Klein to Joyce and Jon Baki, $220,000.

LONGHORN CIR., 318-Richard S. Myeress to James L. Russell and Linda Jean Lease, $193,000.

LONGHORN CIR., 341-Melissa and Jeffrey Wayne Murphy to Jim Seymour, $224,000.

PARRAN DR., 12926-David L. and Lola A. Semat to Eileen L. and Robert D. Jackson, $295,000.

QUAPAW CT., 734-Chad Dawson to Fabiano Pinto, $215,000.

SAW MILL RD., 7555-Belinda N. and Danny R. Adams to Jamie H. Montague, $267,500.

SCHOONER DR., 7830-Anita M. and Daniel F. Urbanek Jr. to Sarah M. Breidenbach, $265,000.

SITTING BULL TRAIL, 11375-Christine Kastrinos to Tina Chan, $230,000.

TOMAHAWK TRAIL, 11337-Tracy R. Thompson to Jean E. Smith, $182,000.

WILDCAT CT., 11545-Todd and Debbie Dimperio to Calandra Taylor and Jonathan W. Weems, $215,000.

Owings Area

DANT DR., 6340-Cynthia W. Graham to Howard Lynwood Arthur and Kelly A. Dunlap, $495,000.

Prince Frederick Area

CAMBRIDGE PL., 208-William F. Goddard to Jeffery Gibbs and Theresa Lynn Richardson, $342,900.

CASSELL BLVD., 3723-William F. Higgs to Samuel Z. and Janet W. Tayman and Stacy O. Bowen, $229,900.

J. HARRIS RD., 1805-Donald Lee Savoy to Dale C. Champion, $480,000.

Solomons Area

RUNABOUT LOOP, 1405, No. Q-5-Solomons Homes and Marina Corp. to Debra A. and Peter A. Hughes, $18,200.

RUNABOUT LOOP, 821-Benjamin H. and Patricia B. Bowie to Lynn C. and Kathryn M. Liebschutz, $315,000.

Solomons Landing Area

BELLE FIELD RD., 14450-U S Home Corp. to Jennifer Rexroad and John A. Kort, $459,694.

St. Leonard Area

BOND ST., 7650-Earl and Eula Thompson to Tammy and Steven Nagi, $20,000.

HARBOR DR. N., 1756-Tracy and J. Gary Doyle to Bayview Investments Inc., $19,000.

WILLIAMS WHARF RD., 3790-Randi Parker to Allison Yvonne Stenson, $205,000.

WILLIAMS WHARF RD., 4785-Barbara L. Rausch to Gayle M. and Jack R. Smith, $499,999.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

AMHERST RD., 6763-Christine M. and Chris M. Coley to Bonnie L. Vroman, $230,000.

GERARD CT., 2435-Brian K. and Antionette L. Thomas to Bery D. and Roy L. Hoskins, $229,900.

STRAWBERRY PL., 7256-Cary N. Northrop to Valerie Best and Jason Mellen, $239,000.

Cobb Island Area

PIEDMONT DR., 18256-Amanda L. and James A. Reese Jr. to Sheila M. White, $201,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

SCOUT CAMP RD., 15775-Southern Maryland Contractors Corp. to Frank L. Sams Jr., $230,000.

Indian Head Area

DOVE TREE CT., 21-Brian P. and Kimberly V. Danks to Salvatore and Barbara Impollonia, $173,000.

PACKARD PL., 5500-Frances T. and David Rotenberry to Glenn F. Fulton Jr., $319,900.

Issue Area

LIMESTONE CT., 11950-Andrew J. and Dorothy A. Goodpaster to Elizabeth S. and Lewis S. Roach, $720,000.

La Plata Area

NORFOLK DR., 1004-Ralph and Adelaide E. Martin to Carlos A. and Iris M. Gautier, $520,000.

PLOWDEN DR., 8155-Rajendra P. and Roop Sood to Ann K. and Fred Sawyer, $715,000.

ST. MARYS AVE., 327, No. 7-L-Alice M. Norris to Christopher Kumbar and George Gott, $150,000.

Nanjemoy Area

WINNICONNE CT., 3585-Daniel M. Hartman to Martha J. and George Vollmann III, $300,000.


Rock Point Road Area

POTOMAC VIEW DR., 12110-Diane and Arthur W. Strickland Jr. to Michael Payne Investments Inc. and JRW Properties Corp., $30,000.

Pomfret Area

STRATFORD RD., 4520-Bobby R. and Shirley A. Spencer to James Scott and Catherine S. Stewart, $399,900.

St. Charles Area

CALICO WOODS PL., 11952-Lee B. Potter to Rubirosa and Johnny Vargas, $275,000.

DORSET DR., 1070-Diane C. and Ronald G. Sabo to J. Russell Boyce, $156,500.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3067-L. Michelle and James H. Buckler to Ojo Odagbodo, $137,900.

MORRISTOWN PL., 9958-Darrick Stackhouse to Casey Kehm and Stephen Alexander, $305,000.

MORRISTOWN PL., 9965-Leigh D. and Winston R. Thompson Jr. to Kimberly S. Spangler, $255,000.

NORTHGATE PL., 3916-Antoinette and Edward Hyer to Maxine J. Garner, $152,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 3574-Chopp Properties Corp. to Shaikh and Shaheen Matin, $439,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 4084-Sun Ok and Young Koo Paik to Frank Sams Jr., $165,000.

PATCHWORK PL., 11885-Timothy E. Baroody to Waldorf Creek Properties Corp., $260,000.

QUAKER CT., 2494-Lane Muir Coyle and Thomas Coyle to Yvette Baylor, $277,000.

RAWLINGS PL., 4543, No. 32-M-Orville W. Davis Jr. to Arnesa L. Moody, $125,000.

ROBINSON PL., 2577-Asiya Aftab to Mai Hong Thi Tran, $170,000.

SAVOY PL., 4905, No. 19-K-Celeste E. and Chad D. Hutchinson to Frederick M. Russell, $166,000.

TADCASTER CIR., 12-Deborah A. Scott to Luis D. Claudio, $250,000.

TURTLE DOVE PL., 12477-April A. and Darren S. Graf to Eric Hunter, $253,000.

UNIVERSITY DR., 518-Michele T. Powell to Angel G. Chavez, $303,500.

Waldorf Area

ACTON DR., 11300-Carolyn R. Arndt to E. Gonzalez and Susan M. Cunningham, $374,900.

AMWICH CT., 20-Stacy L. Baldwin to Diana L. and J. Scott Smith, $290,000.

BLUE ANCHOR CT., 2041-John W. and Tiffany A. King to Bertha L. and Rodney L. White, $304,000.

DORCHESTER CIR., 5030-Gregory T. Starke to Diana L. and Wayne F. Best, $317,486.

DRAKE CT., 4277-Hector L. Hernandez Jr. to Donna M. Goode, $210,000.

GARNER AVE., 530-Carole I. and William B. Facey Jr. to James L. Barrack, $280,000.

GREENWOOD DR., 2113-Nancy L. and Albert E. Kennedy to James R. Cox, $284,482.

JANICE PL., 10317-John A. and Elizabeth T. Cordone to Carla J. and Matthew Poole, $244,000.

KEEPSAKE PL., 20-Samoni Y.J. Coleman to Doris M. King, $180,004.

KNOTWEED CT., 2319-Thomas E. and Barbara E. Carruth to Linda L. and Brian P. Doran, $525,000.

LANTERN LANE, 11582-Beltway Properties Inc. to Claire S. Davis, $275,000.

LARKSPUR CT., 805-Thomas Tomasky to Natasha Ewell, $181,000.

LARSON PL., 9811-Michael L. and Christine S. Marshall to Marc Hawkins and Shaily Nair, $303,000.

LOCUST ST., 8945-Joyce F. and James L. Lundstrom to Monica Guardian Moses, $356,900.

MARBELLA CT., 12158-Amy N. and Mark W. Baseman to Russell R. Gatewood, $255,000.

MORAN DR., 2706-Nina and Nina Buccelli Hudson to Timothy R. and Tara L. Wood, $295,000.

MORRISTOWN PL., 9952-Tanya R. and Abdulah P. Baytops to Katrina Emerson, $300,000.

MURRE CT., 11820-Alva C. and Quenton L. Rodgers to Lorpu M. Gibson, $410,000.

OAK MANOR DR., 11844, No. 32-Colette M. Moussavi to Lisa and Thomas Lyles, $136,000.

OPALEYE CT., 5813-Frank L. Sams Jr. to David A. Linn, $329,900.

PIN OAK DR., 1644-Keyana L. Epps to Ethel D. Valenzuela, $187,000.

ROCKSPRAY CT., 11354-Delores A. and Joseph R. Curtis Swann to Terra S. and Gregory J. Hoffman, $295,000.

ROCKY ROAD PL., 10215-Richard S. and Vicki Lynn Willett to Claudia S. Rivas and David A. Munn, $325,000.

SILVERLEAF ST., 8804-John N. and Diane K. Kirkland to Mary M. and Linda L. Nasatka, $322,500.

STINGRAY CT., 5303-Lorelie V. and Nicholas D. Goodpaster to Amir Hanif, $307,000.

WESTDALE CT., 3213-Anthony M. Niave to Warren A. Magruder, $205,000.

WHISTLERS PL., 6294-James L. Oliver to Michelle M. and Matthew B. Sheldon, $199,000.

WHISTLERS PL., 6292-Lee A. and Steven D. Durity Sr. to Deborah M. Wright, $196,625.

WOLVERINE PL., 6247-Linda M. Belanger to Jonathan and Elizabeth Pollock, $189,900.

Welcome Area

GUNSTON RD., 9215-Valley View Family Partnership to James Morgan, $33,333.

White Plains Area

JACKSONHOLE PL., 10612-Angela L. Morina to Rachel and Calvert Edison, $262,000.

TAHOE PL., 4057-Sandra R. James to Keisha and Thaddeus Whetstone, $270,000.

WINDSOR HEIGHTS PL., 4145-John M. Wojeckowski to Karina L. and Joseph T. Hurley, $279,900.

St. Mary's County

Avenue Area

COLTON POINT RD., 21834-Hazel E. Thomas to Frederick G. Busching, $190,000.

ST. WINIFREDS LANE, 22715-Raymond A. Harding Jr. to Virginia D. Richardson, $299,900.

Bushwood Area

MONTFORD RD., 21425-Bernard A. Bailey to Frank Monopoli, $650,000.

WOODBUSH DR., 36869-Thelma B. Cofer to Kelley M. and Daniel W. Burch, $169,900.

California Area

OLD ROLLING RD., 22488-Scott D. Armsworthy to Karen K. and William A. Holt, $222,000.

Callaway Area

BLACK DUCK CT., 20967-James J. Anderson to Lan T. Phan, $300,000.

Chaptico Area

MCGLUE RD., 24299-Isaac Outten to Tonja D. Fraser Jenkins, $80,000.

MECHANICSVILLE RD., 25683-James T. and Dora L. Hill to Charlotte M. and Jessie D. Higgs, $320,000.

Great Mills Area

CASTLE POLLARD WAY, 22518-Lawrence G. Silvestro to Carrie S. Rowe and Troy C. Jackson, $270,000.

ST. JOHN'S CIR., 22028-Terri L. Hoffman to Denise E. Mallett, $185,000.

VILLAGE CT., 21340-Pamela Ann Thomas to Catherine Aikens, $185,000.

Lexington Park Area

COLUMBUS DR., 46352-Catherine and Bobby B. Gill to Benjamin Casey, $116,900.

DEVIN CIR., 47722-Bay Country Enterprises Inc. to Premier Investment Corp., $110,000.

ENTERPRISE RD., 21687-Robert Bellarmine Gant Jr. to Allyson Brennan, $128,900.

ESSEX DR. S., 21428-Peggy and James H. Regel to Peter Clifford Snyder III, $250,000.

FOX RIDGE RD., 21975-John N. and Gloria J. Pritchard to Stacy C. and Jeffery J. Phillips, $165,000.

KIMBERLY CT., 22990-Mark Steven Kestler to Vera J. and Jeffrey L. Harmon, $360,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 47326-Thurman Davis to Karen Lynn Cogborn, $90,000.

MAINSAIL DR., 21675-Kevin W. Andersen to Ana S. and John G. Blake, $339,500.

MAYFLOWER DR., 47980-Gordon M. Curran to Penney and Bruce E. Kaetz, $230,000.

SANDSTONE ST., 20870-James F. Carter Jr. to Keith Francis, $310,000.

SORREL DR., 47067-Landdevco Corp. to Deborah R. Parish and Brian Frounfelker, $341,700.

SPRINGWOOD CT., 21950-William E. Potts to Nancy V. and Johnny A. Perez, $189,000.

Mechanicsville Area

ARMY NAVY DR., 35911-Charles R. Mothershead Jr. to Karen P. Keiser and Joshua F. Kelley, $277,000.

COOLIDGE DR., 29875-James Goldsmith to Patricia and Douglas Adams, $244,000.

DOGWOOD CT., 37671-James E. Harris to Cynthia F. Kline, $238,000.

FARMINGTON CT., 27240-Edward Thomas Smith Jr. to Samantha Nicole and Andrew Earl Keefer, $280,000.

GOLF COURSE DR., 35511-Margaret A. and Richard Mowry to Cynthia L. Mitchell, $303,000.

JEANNIE CT., 27069-James A. Bush to Phillip Buler, $233,000.

MARSHALL RD., 29744-Kristen L. Baine and Mark A. Robb to Adelaide E. Martin, $249,900.

NEW MARKET TURNER RD., 39514-Judith Mae Owens to Edward Gryszkiewicz, $429,900.

OAK RD., 29781-Richard A. Lumpkins to Autumn Kelley, $275,000.

PARLETT MORGAN RD., 40571-Wayne S. and Danielle M. Wilmoth to Karen M. and Harry R. Bowling, $335,000.

PASTOR CT., 28035-Miriam Brooks to James R. Rowell, $509,900.

SYCAMORE DR., 26107-Eugene F. Woodburn to Felicia Marie and Nicholas Maguire Drury, $269,000.