Cook Ross Inc., a Silver Spring diversity training and consulting company, recently launched CultureVision, an online reference tool that doctors and nurses can use at a patient's bedside to learn within a few minutes whether there are cultural traditions that could affect the patient's care.

Howard Ross, the firm's president, said the product addresses a growing need in health care -- understanding how treatment protocols can be improved on the basis of patients' beliefs.

"We also work very carefully to help practitioners understand the difference between cultural patterns and stereotyping," Ross said. The idea, he said, is not to say all Asian women won't want cold water after giving birth. The idea is to ask what temperature of water they'd prefer.

Some 25 hospitals around the country have already signed up to use the system, which, depending on the size of the facility, can cost upward of $12 per practitioner. Locally, the system is being used by Carroll County-based Bon Secours Health System, a Catholic health care ministry that helps to operate dozens of facilities in the region.

Lodging, Plus the Links

Marriott International Inc.'s golf resort division has launched a new reservation system: Rounds & Rooms. The system allows golfers to log on to a Web site -- -- and in the same online session book tee times and rooms at more than a dozen golf resorts worldwide.

The Bethesda-based hotel company is collaborating on the new service with GolfHero, an Arizona technology firm serving the industry.

"Through the GolfHero technology, Marriott Golf is able to bring our portfolio of leading golf resorts together to provide golfers a simple method for booking their golf vacation," said Ed Utz, director of marketing for the golf resort division. "Golfers have always been forced to find a resort, book a lodging package and then call for tee times."

Some of the top resorts include the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami and the Mirage City Golf Club in Cairo.

Drug Firm Raises $9.7 Million

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc., a Rockville biotech company that went public via a reverse merger earlier this year, recently raised $9.65 million from investors in Korea.

The company said it would use the money to help develop its lead product, a treatment for several kinds of cancer tumors.

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