The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1105, No. B2-Elizabeth M. Hunter to David W. and Amy W. Hawkins, $282,750.

GLEN DR., 2003-Amanda J. and Peter F. Crowley to Lee V. and Donald W. Walter, $1.5 million.

OLDE TOWNE RD., 1402-Robert L. and Rose M. Franca to Marion D. and Veronica T. Tunstall, $610,000.

SWEETBRIAR DR., 2231-John G. and Kelly A. Valceanu to William B. Hurd and Gayle C. Todd, $330,000.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6621, No. 809-Blanca M. Westgate to John B. Bodwin, $285,000.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6641, No. 616-Helen R. Davis to Betty Griffith, $300,000.

WAKEFIELD DR. W., 6717, No. B1-Scott J. Boren to Bradley J. Byrnes, $260,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ASHBY LANE, 7505, No. D-Michael J. McCabe to Kimberly Clapper, $280,500.

BROOKVIEW CT., 5705-Frank P. Brennan to Michael Clipper, $488,500.

BUCKHAVEN CT., 5731-David J. and Dana K. Mutscheller to Michael J. and Michele A. McCabe, $520,000.

CHINA GROVE CT., 6519-Carlos Terrazas and Miriam Gongora to Miguel A. Gonzalez and Vanessa S. Romero Aguilar, $375,000.

CURTIER DR., 6003, No. D-Sharon C. Brown to Crystal G. Trainor, $253,050.

DESIREE ST., 7742-Ramon and Barbara E. Cortes to M.E. and Darlene B. Christopher, $440,000.

EWING PL., 5930-Kagey H. Price to Fadi Saroufim and Walhamina Maalouf, $810,000.

FOGLE ST., 6250-Cletus W. Conrad to Ali Billoo, $358,000.

FOUNDERS HILL DR., 5901, No. 204-Joseph Michael and William Stanley Behan to Lillian M. Tanner, $345,000.

GADSBY SQ., 7444-Rajiv Kamalakaran and Leena Shrestha to Nathan D. and Jennifer L. Perkins, $450,000.

GRANGE LANE, 6579, No. 404-Keith A. Krapels to Matthew C. Flora, $416,500.

GROVEHURST PL., 3161-Fern D. and Mark Austin to Michael G. and Hollace J. Bamford, $599,900.

HARBIN DR., 6253-Tolar G. and Barbara K. Bryan to James L.C. and Ann P. McKenzie, $580,000.

HYDRANGEA DR., 6012-Bem Chang to Alex Yi, $377,000.

KINGS MANOR DR., 7073-Jalbuu Choinhor and Sanjmyatav Maijargal to Kimberly D. Chappell, $450,000.

LAKE COVE DR., 7188-Elizabeth A. Nehls to Alexander J. Kosowski and Carolyn M. Bleck, $424,950.

MARTINIQUE LANE, 5313-Elijha and Myrtle Ellington to Almaz Kidane and Samson Abraham, $326,000.

MERSEY OAKS WAY, 6009, No. E-Byron W. Robinette to Siavosh Agahy, $320,000.

NETTIES LANE, 6612-Hyun J. Kim to Patricia M. Rivers, $319,000.

NORHAM DR., 5963-Linda D. and Scott L. Smith to Yosief Tuquabo, $500,000.

OLD CARRIAGE LANE, 6505-Michael K. Scherzer to Alejandro C. Kishimoto, $332,500.

PINEY WOODS CT., 6066-Centex Homes to Jonathan J. and Christina A. Johnson, $699,470.

PINEY WOODS CT., 6077-Centex Homes to Janice M. and Lawrence E. Inguagiato, $572,850.

PINEY WOODS CT., 6093-Centex Homes to Douglas X. Rodriguez and Irma Cortes, $725,930.

ROSE HILL DR., 6420-Gary F. and Maria G. Paumen to Luz M.P. Ospina and Teodoro A. Pacheco, $400,000.

SULLIVAN WAY, 6722-Sharon A. Fowkes to Paul A. Miller and Amy M. Daigle, $545,000.

TOWER HILL CIR., 5600-Alexandra Wiredu to Hugo and Sonia G.D. Biggemann, $810,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6904, No. K-Rania Sayegh to Philip J. Ghareeb, $275,000.

WALKERS CROFT WAY, 6249-Meredith L. Smalley to Matthew J. Lestina, $415,000.

WENDRON WAY, 6018-Yancy B. and Stacey G. Lindsey to Mary A. Dacey, $527,000.

Annandale Area

AMERICANA DR., 4309, No. 4309E-David J. Forniciari to Xavier Chacon, $180,000.

ANNANDALE RD., 3700-Anthony L. Gaines and Sherianne L. Gaines to Seville Homes Corp., $675,000.

CHANEL RD., 3807-Douglas J. and Meredith T. Heffner to Thomas F. Hufford and Jeffrey T. Liabraaten, $614,000.

CHIPPENDALE CT., 8712-Hea Nan Kim to Michael J. and Mary P. Muratore, $625,000.

CONWELL DR., 4636, No. 192-Richard G. Lamp to Jenny Fowler, $271,000.

DANIELS AVE., 4104, No. 401-Marvin C. Rodney to Willco Properties Corp., $153,000.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7746, No. 205-Paul D. and Anne D. Kohler to Matthew G. Liberati, $188,500.

DOWNING CT., 6436-Robert L. and Sally E. McMurrer to David A. Jabro, $630,000.

FALCON ST., 7125-Sue H. Kim to Donald M. Benack and Lindsay M. Dudbridge, $550,000.

GREENBERRY LANE, 4350-Van U. Nguyen to Scott J. and Caryl Lynn Pearson, $441,100.

HERKIMER ST., 4907-Noemi C. and Paul A. Hebert to So H. Kim, $400,000.

IVYMOUNT CT., 4360, No. 38-Tim Diguiseppe to Tyler Tufty, $170,000.

KING DAVID BLVD., 5007-Donald G. and Janes R. Gentry to Edward Barbano and Caroline Chow, $620,000.

LAVAINE CT., 3901-Michael Tapper to James L. and Lisa M. Bicksel, $600,000.

LITTLE RIVER TPK., 7483, No. 104-Necati Ciner to Lisa M. and Charles N. Tutt, $201,000.

MONTGOMERY ST., 4817-Lan B. Duong to Y. Nhi and Hieu Phung Nguyen, $558,000.

PARKMAN CT., 4741-Susan A. McBride to Samy Farag and Nabil Rezkalla, $320,000.

PINE DR., 7208-Ellen Mishtal to Muneeb Adam, $350,000.

QUEEN ELIZABETH BLVD., 8403-Pamela G. Hesseltine to Joseph L. and Elizabeth C. Gross, $575,000.

TABARD PL., 4815-Vera L.B. Dasilva and Filho Gilberto Pacheco to Daniel and Anne Carey, $627,250.

THOR DR., 7842-Abbas and Dina Abutaa to Deepak Kumar and Pratibha Hadya, $585,000.

VAN MASDAG CT., 4920-Edward E. and Rose M. Plowman to Christopher W. and Heather K. Crowl, $426,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3304, No. 31-Jeffrey D. and Evelyn E. Pazmino to Andrew S. Tinio, $237,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

LAKESIDE VIEW DR., 3409, No. 17-1-John W. and Priscilla J. Morgan to Manuel A. Recio, $325,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 1014-Thomas A. Pyle to Samia Benidir, $332,151.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 509-Jason M. Polychrones to Pierre Pollin, $267,800.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3701, No. 807N-Hossein Rashedi to Peggy Weiss, $289,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705, No. 2103S-Thierry T. Diallo to Daniel Smith, $229,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705, No. 810S-Zarrabi Investments Corp. to Jihad Sarkis and Homme Sole, $217,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3713, No. 906-Brian P. Mruk to Salaheddine Malouki, $349,900.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. T13S-Terri Acey to Ema Ayminsky, $226,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 813N-Mordechai Newman to Daniel Claros, $182,000.

Burke Area

BANNING PL., 5875-Alan D. Reeder and Yun S. Reeder to Tarun and Komal Jain, $406,000.

BRIDGETOWN PL., 10368-Erin and Thomas C. Wyld to Michael S. Miller and Hope E. Bachman, $350,000.

BURDETT RD., 9506-Hee Jae and Young Shin Shin to Conan W. Smith, $335,000.

BURKE RD., 8905-Richard Harrison and Patricia K. Doyle to William H. and Cathy L. Ettinger, $640,000.

CANVASBACK RD., 5826-Richard Vega to Stacey and Jeffery Cook, $366,000.

CARTHAGE LANE, 5308-Hwa C. Han to Hye Kim, $460,000.

CHATHAM ST., 7308-George J. Collins and Thomas A. Graves to James T. and Ann W. High, $385,000.

EDGEWATER OAK CT., 5707-Jose M. Zelaya to Fanny M. Bonilla, $376,000.

LUCAS POND CT., 6156-Michael and Cindy Easley to William and Sarah Scott, $670,000.

NORDEEN OAK CT., 5713-Mi Su Lee to Adolfo Guillen, $342,000.

OLLEY LANE, 5204-Lowry J. and Marjorie D. Miller to Kokob Amanuel, $501,500.

QUIET POND TER., 10264-Steven M. Bookwalter to Gary M. Cribbs, $405,250.

TELEGRAPH RD., 6223-Sergio Gonzales and Marie Castle to Abdul R. Rahimi, $940,000.

TODMAN LANDING CT., 10405-Raymond C. Myers to Kyung S. Chung, $360,000.

Centreville Area

BRITTNEY ELYSE CIR., 5132, No. B-Wandee Khattiyakornjaroon to Leonardo Medina, $356,000.

CASTLEFORD CT., 14533-Denise J. Gorol to Jason A. and April L. Zengel, $346,000.

CHESTNUT HOLLOW CT., 6007-Kevin C. Hunter to Paul and Carla Bucco, $290,000.

CLARENDON SPRINGS CT., 13646-Gisela Ruth Rosen to Kyojune Chu, $359,900.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14317, No. 303-Maurita A. Simonds to Hyeree Park, $233,000.

CRANOKE ST., 14811-Byron L. and Teresa J. Terry to Mollianne George and Kenneth Logerwell, $525,000.

CUB RUN CT., 6725-Randall G. Lee to Jason T. and Melissa Beland, $359,000.

FIERY DAWN DR., 13450-Hojin Kim and Myung H. Baek to Yusuf Hasan and Mojdeh Haeri, $495,000.

GLADE SPRING DR., 14237-Sung Ja Kim to Paul and Yong Osterhaus, $429,000.

GLENCREST CIR., 14431-Sindhu Devadas to Richard M. Meyer, $350,000.

GREENHOUSE TER., 5018-Pulte Home Corp. to Saji Eapen, $516,875.

HARVEST MILL CT., 6508-Tung T. Do and Nhu Lan T. Huynh to Wade R. Murphy and Christina A. Henderson, $549,900.

HONSENA DR., 15112-Robert T. Coyne and Teri L. Rukenbrod to Andres Hillar and Susana C. Lagger, $552,900.

KENDRA WAY, 6128-Ching Y. Chang to Jonathan Lewis, $419,000.

KERRYWOOD CIR., 6888-Dong Joo Lee to Chris A. and Amy K. Bishop, $430,000.

LAURA RATCLIFF CT., 13873-Ouattara Amadou to Valerie M. Kaiser, $352,000.

LAVENDER MIST CT., 5379-Winchester Homes Inc. to Stephen S. and William R. Gilchrist, $476,487.

LOCK DR., 14700-Roxanne T. Messinger to Rock Springs Corp., $343,000.

MANASSAS GAP CT., 14418-Dawn J. Robinette to Mark P.S. and Jennifer K. Krekeler, $286,000.

OWENS WOOD CT., 5477-Natalie J. and Rodney D. Gunn to Betty J. and Matthew P. Tsun, $520,000.

PRAIRIE WILLOW LANE, 5205-Winchester Homes Inc. to Tiffany Ngo and Jin Kuang, $511,900.

RED RIVER DR., 14144-Willette G. Henderson to Walter I. Manosalvas and Maria I. Intriago, $360,000.

ROCKDALE CT., 5855-Mark A. Altman to Man K. Lee, $388,000.

ROUND LICK LANE, 14427-Rosy W. Yau to Chicas Alexander Guzman, Reyna Mendoza and Adalberto Guzman, $460,000.

SEASONS DR., 14678-Peter C. Baek to Yeon K. Han, $430,000.

SERVICEBERRY ST., 5476-Winchester Homes Inc. to Derrick Y. Ma, $584,250.

SHERBORNE KNOLLS, 5637-Kuo C. Chao to Samadiye Ismailpour, $387,000.

STONE RANGE DR., 14605-P. Kellie and Judy A. Moran to Arnold J. Barrow, $339,900.

TRAVIS EDWARD WAY, 5111, No. F-Nicol L. Schwandt to Stephen Breighner, $355,000.

TRAVIS EDWARD WAY, 5121, No. B-William H. Wood to Gary W. and Lori W. Marsengill, $301,000.

UPPERRIDGE CT., 14223-Raymond C. Ditmeyer to Richard J. and Shannon M. Rice, $340,000.

WATER SPRINGS CT., 13680-Keli N. Dixon to Cade Miller and Metaxia Lazos, $386,000.

WATERY MOUNTAIN CT., 14302-Jorge Lobo to Christopher S. and Rebekah L. Bartley, $330,000.

WESTBOURNE PL., 6008-Peter and Charity Revutin to Yaw Opoku and Christina Dapaah, $352,000.

WOOD ROCK WAY, 14100-George A. Shultz and Rebecca P. Jaffers to Richard Y. Yu and Natalia M. Dahm, $615,000.

WOODGATE MANOR CIR., 14604-Fred and Toni L. Glumsic to Sulaiman Sulaimani, $430,000.

Chantilly Area

AUTUMN GLORY WAY, 4890-Ryun Soon Cho to Kevin P. and Lisa O'Connor, $899,000.

FLATLICK BRANCH DR., 4676-Ryan Sboray and Thomas E. Ruqua to Michael S. and Dayna Martin, $435,000.

LEE JACKSON MEMORIAL HWY., 13519-Saul S. Salgado to Chevan Elton, $395,000.

VIRGINIA DARE CT., 3012-Chukwuma Agogbua to Pawan and Sajina Gurung, $326,000.

WEEPING WILLOW CT., 4145-Charles M. Byrley to Christopher S. Kenney, $261,990.

WILLOUGHBY CT., 4308-Young S. and Saeng K. Kim to Soon H. Yeon, $395,000.

Clifton Area

CLIFTON HUNT CT., 7914-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Kunel and Gueneer Kher, $1.45 million.

NORTHGATE SQ., 1326-Stephen L. and Abbey P. Siciliano to Sohil Mansourimoaied, $275,000.

ROCK LAWN DR., 6605-Michael A. and Theresa R. Tomasulo to Jeffrey W. Canavan and Dawn M. Kennedy Canavan, $720,000.

ROCKLAND DR., 6561-Brian F. and Christine A. Donga to Larry and Melissa Mills, $610,000.

WILDFLOWER LANE, 13607-Bruk Alemayehu to Lee R. and Bernadette B. Hughes and Louis Dale and Marjorie Dale, $356,000.

Fairfax City Area

ABERNATHY CT., 5389-Zion Neighborhoods Corp. to Jeffrey R. Hall, $761,045.

BEECHWOOD DR., 8743-Carl S. and Vera M. Keller to Timothy T. Mai, Tanya Tran and Hoang Man, $561,000.

BLACKBIRD PL., 13046-Julie O'Reilly to Steven G. McLernon, $735,000.

BUCKHORN RI., 4628-Jeffrey A. Agoos to Timothy A. and Debra L. Ryan, $552,000.

CABOT RIDGE CT., 5427-Julie Kirkwood to Laura and Benjamin M. Kovach, $375,000.

CAPELLA AVE., 6228-William H. and Juanita A. Butler to Gary A. and Gretchen B. Kriebel, $500,000.

COMMONWEALTH BLVD., 10316-Michael Lynn and Beverly J. Barrett to Jeffrey A. Browning and Allison B. Lothman, $410,000.

CROFTON GREEN DR., 5511-Hampton Estates Corp. to Jin W. Kim, $956,292.

DOGWOOD HILLS LANE, 12730-Debra Haddad to Robert D. Steele, $501,000.

ENGLISH HOLLY DR., 4522-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Shaw K. and Lily L. Zee, $502,325.

ENGLISH HOLLY DR., 4530-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Arthur Chen and Mary L. Chang, $492,540.

ENGLISH HOLLY DR., 4538-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Scott P. Monsefan, $529,570.

ENGLISH HOLLY DR., 4546-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Taylor T. Cu, $518,385.

FAIRFIELD HOUSES DR., 12221-Mansour A. Mosannen to Frank Demming, $331,500.

FOUNTAINSIDE LANE, 4142, No. E103-Rossana L. Price to Jin Soo Kim, $340,000.

FRIENDSHIP CT., 10278-Stephen M. and Kim L. Daley to Relocation Advantage Corp., $455,000.

GRAYS POINTE RD., 12929, No. C-Deborah G. Moore to Sonny Nazemian, $305,000.

GREEN LEAF CT., 12104, No. 201-Carlos H. Ortega to Carolyn D. Clark, $328,700.

GREENWAY CT., 12101, No. 201-Stuart D. Murray to Karin Romney, $287,500.

HEARTHSIDE LANE, 13114-Chris A. and Melinda A. Trump to Michele K. and Michael K. Lombard, $430,000.

HUNT MANOR CT., 12713-Christie C. Booth to Michael G. and Debra S. Rechkemmer, $858,000.

JERSEY DR., 9000-Steber H. Sharisse and Samman Amer to Keumja and Chan S. Park, $395,000.

KINGS CROWN CT., 9705-Michelle S. Kim to David Engler, $217,000.

KRISTIN LANE, 9243-John D. and Ruth A. Sterle to Juan C. and Kathleen M. Silva, $556,000.

LEE HWY., 13011-Michinner L. Nguyen to Lee Estates Corp., $475,000.

LITTLETON ST., 9020-Josephine E. and John W. Hammond to Robert Grey, $565,000.

MARBLE LANE, 4119-Bryan S. and Jennifer L. Raughley to Joseph Fernandez, $445,000.

MISSION SQUARE DR., 2987-Nestor E. Galvan to Dore J. and Nancy C. Berlin,


MONMOUTH ST., 4533-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Lisa Merrill and Harry E. Dean, $587,110.

MOZART BRIGADE LANE, 4200, No. W-Katrina P. Funkhouser to Robert C. Good, $400,000.

PARK GREEN DR., 11634-Qun Yue and Shi J. Wang to Peter K. and Kathryn A. Stevenson, $525,900.

PICKSTONE DR., 4012-Samir and Sreelekha Nandy to Nigel A. and Yma T. Sharp, $482,000.

QUAIL CREEK LANE, 13159-John P. Oh and Patricia C. Palmer to Vanessa R. Vasquez, $465,000.

QUIET HOLLOW CT., 12327-Bonita Hartbarger to Larry V. Hartbarger, $430,000.

RHETT LANE, 4509-Fair Chase Development to Yong and Eun Park, $743,642.

ROYAL LYTHAM DR., 4027-Gerald N. and Carol A. Gambino to Mark S. Smith and Kim Dung T. Nguyen, $599,900.

SAN CARLOS DR., 4403-Haidah and Rokai M. Yaqub to Enrique Solis, $501,000.

SHIRLEY GATE CT., 11406-Yifang and Yuhua Z. Ren to Minh V. Dang, $740,000.

STEVEBROOK RD., 9538-Daniel R. McKay and John E. Merkel to Joao A. Blomberg, $553,500.

SWEET LEAF TER., 12552-William Fonseca to John R. and Laura L. Knight, $420,000.

SWINTON DR., 5008-Henry Hugh and Carolyn J. Sheldon to Castulo and Ninfa Rodriguez, $509,888.

TOBEGO CT., 5509-Richard N. and Martha J. Bennett to Fares and Sonja Aoun, $550,000.

TRACTOR LANE, 5267-John H. and Suzanne E. Thurtell to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $840,000.

Fairfax Station Area

CHASE GLEN CIR., 8626-Clifford and Brenda Sharpe to Seung T. and Kum Ok Wang, $775,000.

HENDERSON RD., 10708-Richard M. and Sue A. Murray to Matt R. McKnight and Terri P. Marrs, $1.1 million.

JUMET CT., 6400-Mark and Barbara J. Olivola to Joseph C. Stroh, $855,000.

MEADOW CROSSING WAY, 9416-Louie L.F. and Rebecca R. Ling to Aleth Yu, $640,000.

OAK BRIDGE PL., 9711-Bryan W. Brown and Rosanna L. Millora to Michael and Sabeena Hickman, $664,000.

OAK POINTE WAY, 8522-Ivey Owens to Innovative Real Estate Services Corp., $550,000.

ROBERT CARTER RD., 11311-Sarah R. Upton to James V. and Valerie H. Young, $729,900.

SHADY SLOPE CT., 9910-Gerome S. and Jennifer C. Buck to Chad R. and Michele Andersen, $851,000.

Falls Church Area

ARNOLD LANE, 3429-George R. and Judith A. Berryhill to Russell C. Lusher, $600,000.

CAMERON RD., 2807-Robert C. and Stacie B. Duffy to Peter and Kristen M. Condon, $540,000.

CHESTNUT AVE., 6926-George I. and Harry B. Pettit to Anne Reamer, $481,000.

DEVON DR., 3546-Lawter Homes Inc. to Joseph A. and Amanda Cerroni, $775,000.

HOLLY HILL DR., 3229-Benjamin F. Benoski to Christopher S. Graham, $476,000.

KINGS CHAPEL RD., 2904, No. 12-Peter K. Kelly to Garret R. Lum, $196,000.

LAURA DR., 2632-Zachary J. Brand and Catarina M. Couto to Kristen L. Badawy, $601,000.

LE HAVRE PL., 8000-Hassan Eojlali to Walter Pineda, $250,000.

LEE HWY., 7314, No. 201-Mary S. Enriquez to Tracy Reynolds, $180,500.

NEW PROVIDENCE DR., 7752, No. 30-Bilal A. Khan to Mohammad N. Khan, $337,000.

PINE SPRING RD., 2902-Ernesto S. Bravo and Maria C. Rutherford to Jong H. Lee, $500,000.

SEVEN OAKS DR., 6409-Michael D. and Susan C. Rosen to Jeffrey Fisher and Roy G. Russell, $485,000.

SEWELL AVE., 7207-Daniel M. Haines to Kara L. Bue, $650,000.

WESTCOTT RD., 6701-Sanchez German to Charles A. Shelton, $435,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

ANDERSON RD., 1812-Todd D. and Teresa S. Smoot to Evan R. and Patricia A. Remele, $375,000.

FALLS REACH DR., 7034, No. A-Edward P. Hughes to Nina M. Eejima and Charles K. Greenfield, $445,000.

HAYCOCK RD., 2139-Kirkbride Construction Inc. to Bonnie J. Alvarez, $502,000.

PIMMIT DR., 2156-Quentin Lee and Janet R. Pennington to Vihn, Lan, Robert and James Newgen, $485,000.

VIRGINIA LANE, 7614-Citicapital Relocation Inc. and Prudential Relocation Inc. to Charles T. Cutler and S. Kelly Glazier, $755,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

INLET COVE DR., 6917-John F. and Rosemary Donoghue to William L. and Jeong Youn Blacker, $587,000.

Fort Hunt Area

CAVENDISH DR., 2208-Charles C. Clark to Charles F. and Mary K. Herrmann, $531,000.

LINTON LANE, 8801-James R. and Shirley A. Bambery to William S. Moore and Hilari G. Moore, $628,000.

WAYNEWOOD BLVD., 915-Charles E. and Delores H. Davidson to Jeffrey A. Gunhus, $420,000.

Great Falls Area

GEORGETOWN PIKE, 9500-Abdorasool and Forouzendeh Janati to Douglas Colton and Betsey Clark, $2.95 million.

HOBNAIL CT., 1106-Subramaniam and Bhanumathi Krishnan to Albert W. Hazard and A.L. Hazard, $1.775 million.

HOLLY KNOLL CIR., 12113-Sohela F. Haghdan to Bonnie H. Wolfe, $625,000.

OAK FALLS CT., 9489-Carole A. Friedman to Donald W. and Michele Frank, $1.32 million.

OLE DIRT RD., 416-Eunice L. Stewart to Brian J. and Sandra L. Hardie, $1.725 million.

PATOWMACK DR., 10865-Jerome P. and Melanie M. Martin to Sirva Relocation Corp., $1.4 million.

RIVA RIDGE DR., 1109-Katherine A. Vogeley to Brock D. and Lisa A. Bierman, $650,000.

WINSTEAD ST., 900-Andrea G. Lang to Frank C. and Susan L. Hawkins, $1.33 million.

Herndon Area

APPLEGROVE CT., 3308-Gerard F. and Sandra G. Johnson to Xun Chen and Qi Fang, $635,000.

ARNSLEY CT., 12524-John J. and Anna J. O'Connor to Yangsoo Jeon and Woon Yong Yeo, $556,000.

BIG BOULDER RD., 13591-Michael N. Margolis to Rajeev and Renu Gupta, $557,000.

BRADLEY WOODS CT., 13205-Calvert Homes at Middleton Farms Corp. to Jogarao Gobburu and Lavanya Juluri, $816,000.

BRANCH DR., 941-James C. Pan to the Leesburg Companies, $320,000.

CABIN CREEK RD., 13008, No. 13008-Fox Mill Station Corp. to Brenda McGrath, $331,390.

CEDAR CHASE CT., 1071-Stephen F. and Suzanne M. Bell to Adam J. and Dawn M. Harrison, $1.05 million.

CLOVER FIELD CIR., 2405-Indravyasa Susatijo to Jun Yu, $435,000.

CRESTVIEW DR., 834-Charles Wheeler and Gweneth R.D. Wheeler to Jose I. Rodriguez and Maria S. Amaya, $430,000.

CYPRESS TREE PL., 1203-John S. French to Fida and Raz Mohammad, $370,000.

ENGLISH GARDEN CT., 12410-Mark A. and Colleen M. Grimes to Jeffrey S. and Darlene S. Lesser, $1.2 million.

FLORIDA AVE., 565, No. 202-Shabana Qureshi to Samina Saleem and Seema Malik, $200,000.

FORTNIGHTLY BLVD., 115-Fortnightly Square Inc. to Aly Kewan, $584,815.

FORTNIGHTLY BLVD., 119-Fortnightly Square Inc. to Nancy B. and Joseph C. Schmelter, $594,502.

GRAND HAMPTONS DR., 1111-Roland Bailey to Michelle H. Tian and Benjamin H. Russo, $926,000.

GRANT ST., 1350-David L. Meinert and Lora E. Mackie to Arnulfo Hernandez, $510,000.

HIDDENBROOK DR., 1549-Khalid Yousaf to Seshaddri and Rajarajeswari Nallabola, $455,000.

HUNGERFORD PL., 13343-Thomas A. and Nancy L. Pickering to Faustino Urbina, $286,000.

HUNTINGTON DR., 2576-J. Jay and Margaret M. Conklin to Richard P. Nyren and Jacqueline M. Frustace, $570,000.

HUNTSFIELD CT., 13514-Peter J. and Megan E. Stein to Anne M. Beard, $491,000.

JAMES MADISON CIR., 2597-David J. Cho and Chaemee Kwak to Cong Liu and Ying Tao, $465,000.

JONQUILLA CT., 3009-Archana and Deepak Kataria to Liping Zhang, $790,000.

KINGS CT., 1013-Margaret Boada to Paul C. Park, $330,000.

MEADOWVILLE CT., 12024-Mark A. and Flora M. Justice to Ralph J. and Francine Rossen, $755,000.

MONROE ST., 760-Samuel Zingaro and Andrew S. Mahoney to Walter L. and Megan M. Ferguson, $777,000.

MONROE MILLS LANE, 108-Neighborhoods Corp. to Robert H. Sirmans, $635,500.

POLLY JEFFERSON WAY, 2509-Warren A. Brown and Rita I. Gonzalez to Shayleen Schutz, $505,000.

ROCK CHAPEL RD., 1375-Brian S. and Robin P. Geiger to Robert and Melissa Schaaf, $540,400.

SCHWENGER PL., 13315-Reyes Velasco to Victor Bonilla, $296,000.

STUART POINTE LANE, 1748-Gary A. Hughes and Karen S. Burkardsmaier to Kavitha Jagadeesan and Rajashekara V. Kumar, $550,000.

TREVINO LANE, 1084-Victor Aguilar to Luis F.S. Lopez, $386,000.

WHEAT MEADOW CIR., 2485-Robert J. and Ruth I. Conley to Karen and Ian A. Ivey, $456,000.

WOOD CRESCENT CIR., 12974-Nguyen T. and Lu T. Ha to Reza Ahmadpour, $500,000.

Huntington Area

BERKSHIRE CT., 5833-Charles N. Dragonette to Robert E. True, $350,000.

EDGEHILL DR., 5922-Sherri L. Kurtz to George D. Mickalonis, $341,000.

ELMWOOD DR., 3118-Edward Lee and Martha J. Lambert to Ben and Sarah Black, $385,000.

ELMWOOD TOWNE WAY, 3792-Oleg Kolesnikov to Kenneth D. Norris and Tamara J. Oster, $680,000.

FARRINGTON AVE., 2305, No. 203-Robert Overbey to Sophea Nuth, $190,000.

FORT FARNSWORTH RD., 2632, No. 140-Raymond W. Bowers to James J. Puryear, $228,000.

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2615, No. 49-Moses Kanene to Lucy N. Muriithi, $185,000.

JEFFERSON DR., 2808-Robert T. Welch and Brenda S. Hegedus to Heidi Lifson, $344,900.

SCHOOL ST., 3007-John A. and Martha C. Trocki to Walther F. Mendoza, $404,000.

Hybla Valley Area

BERTRAM LANE, 7115-Christopher P. Sheedy to Mohammad Ali, $430,000.

CLIFTON FARM CT., 8229-Jananne B. Vanderstaay to Luke J. and Oksana Kluchko, $451,800.

DAWN DR., 2605-Gabriel A. and Esther A. Boateng to Ivy Inocencio, $395,000.

DOUGLAS ST., 2916-Joseph Q. and Regina B. Lewis to Johnnie L. Abram, $260,000.

DUMAS ST., 2905-Bison Building Co. to Reginald A. and Wanda V. Coleman, $520,913.

MIDDAY LANE, 7703-Donald G. and Juanita J. Przybylinski to Michael P. and Janelle A. Day, $750,000.

RICHMOND HWY., 6437-Gerald A. Miller to Cedric and Daphne Perry, $121,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7512, No. B-Karen M. Marakowski to Ahmad A. Ahmadi and Akram A. Ebrahimia, $305,000.

STOVER DR., 7231-Silvia R. Castillo to Marvin Rivera, $336,000.

Lincolnia Area

BERYL RD., 6313-Marc C. and Sharon G. Johansen to Michael C. Eberly and Brooke S. Barker, $505,000.

BISMACH DR., 5612, No. T3-Mary A.F. Hoadley to Jennifer M. Fadden, $237,000.

CYPRESS POINT RD., 6515-Edward C. and Lourdes R. Fletcher to Jeffrey A. Monroe, $466,000.

FAIRLAND ST., 6405-Vicki H. Althaus to Ildiko I. Dobos and Gheorghe D. Dobos, $450,000.

SPLIT CREEK LANE, 6216-Hao Peng and Ellen H. Sun to Jeffrey S. and Melissa Sallet, $602,000.

THIRD ST., 6458-Delfin A. Lazo and Febes B. Lazo to Buntann Saing, Kevin K. Chanthakhoune, Sophea Saing and Sok Mich, $525,000.

Lorton Area

ACHESON ST., 9081-Jose C. Umeres to Jessica R. Stoyle and Vincent R. Deperi, $532,000.

ASPENPARK RD., 7518-Timothy G. Dunn to Pamela A. Ihle, $355,000.

CALIFORNIA POPPY LANE, 8793-Pulte Home Corp. to Sung K. and Hye J. Park, $798,575.

CARDINAL FOREST LANE, 9224-Kelli S. Flores to Andre K. and Jeanne E. Briscoe, $302,000.

CARDINAL FOREST LANE, 9253, No. 202-Christina Osborne to Min N. Choi, $315,000.

CATBIRD CIR., 8234, No. 101-James Edwards to Michael Coseo and Edwin Worsham, $267,000.

EATON WOODS PL., 9638-Corey Dean Paul to Linda Tran, $385,000.

FLOWERING DOGWOOD LANE, 8703-Centex Homes to David W. and Cheryl A. Barton, $799,235.

FLOWERING DOGWOOD LANE, 8711-Centex Homes to Gary L. and Lucille Q. Fain, $773,130.

FUREY RD., 9060-Washington Homes Inc. to James and Sherry Lawson, $696,334.

HAGEL CIR., 9737, No. A-Stanley L. Lea to Ana J. Zelaya, $185,000.

HARLEY RD., 11840-Diana L. Rock to David J. and Kristi A. Hellmuth, $1.285 million.

HENRY KNOX DR., 7667-David M. Gilmore to Floyd and Janine Britt, $620,000.

INVERARY CT., 9558-Keri D. Dalton to Rana S. Bhatti, $285,000.

KOLUDER CT., 8547-Michael J. Jensen to Brendan and Lauren McCaughey, $295,000.

LARNE LANE, 7415-Rene Jose Guevara and Marcela I. Aguilera to Robert B. Armstrong, $342,000.

MILFORD HAVEN DR., 7750, No. 50C-Wissam F. Ali to Carrie Ann Cardell and Jason Moss, $395,000.

MOCKNGBIRD WOODS CT., 6724-Mark T. and Susan K. Raeder to Brian and Ashia Watson, $405,000.

PAPER BIRCH DR., 8095-Pulte Home Corp. to Jose I. Soria, $819,600.

PLASKETT FOREST LANE, 9749-Karla S. and Michael O. Jackson to Carla D. Kendrick, $600,000.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8261-Marcela B. Montequin to Michael Kwon, $530,000.

SUSQUEHANNA ST., 8727-Quoc D. Hoang to Jeffrey D. Glusko, $320,000.

TIMARAND CT., 7924-Walter N. Acevedo to Seth T. and Sharon E. Stark, $200,000.

WAITES WAY, 8917-William C. Embry to Trinidad Asencio, $304,000.

WILDWOOD ST., 9215-William K. Ames to Somchay Chinyavong, $869,000.

McLean Area

AERIE LANE, 1612-Stewart M. and Sharon N. Weltman to Cheryl B. and Christian M. Gilbert, $1.1 million.

BARBEE ST., 1730-Tracy James and Edward Rossi to Pandit G. Patil and Sudha P. Patil, $695,000.

BASIL RD., 1004-Steven Barth to Lammot J. Dupont, $3.35 million.

BENJAMIN ST., 6722-Michael Pusateri to Michael L. and Susan P. Larson, $3.05 million.

CHADSWORTH CT., 1212-Daniel P. and Cynthia P. Walsh to Jeffrey P. and Kelly A. Wilson, $1.8 million.

CHINQUAPIN RD., 902-Wilfred Robello and Gopal S. Pal to Nikki Nguyen and Phuong M. Huynh, $1.4 million.

EVANS MILL RD., 7244-Patricia A. Yi to Wendy R. Gottlieb, $816,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8360, No. 111-Modcon Inc. to Edward T. and Christopher B. Flaherty, $361,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8380, No. 518-Nabil and Nadia Sadek to Othman and Rita Baban, $605,000.

HARVEST CROSSING DR., 1408-Hampstead Village Corp. to Hyun Chan Cho and Juhee Kang, $1.253 million.

HAZEL LANE, 6705-Heirs of Geraldine F. of McKeon to John P. Terry and Helena Skotowska, $620,000.

HOLLY LEAF DR., 8432-Jeffrey P. and Kelly A. Wilson to Young J. Chun and Keun S. Lee, $1.285 million.

PINE HILL RD., 1244-William and Joann Emerson to Deborah Lembo, $799,000.

POOLE LANE, 1926-Jeffrey B. and Shannon L. Price to Paul J. and Holly T. Shannon, $1.25 million.

POTOMAC KNOLLS DR., 709-Judd and Kathleen Gregg to Eugene and Patricia L. Scalia, $2.265 million.

SPRING GATE DR., 1570, No. 7408-Kofi A. Boateng to Margaret Dapaah, $410,000.

SPRING GATE DR., 1601, No. 1305-Roberta J. Hood to Ebrahim Ipakchi and Shahin G. Ipakchi, $310,000.

STUART ROBESON DR., 1209-Loretta Cassidy to Roberto and Marcelo Toso, $1.575 million.

TREMAYNE PL., 7700, No. 204-Martin Richard Scahill to Hara Amdemariam, $465,001.

VIRGINIA AVE., 2114-Carroll D. and Donald H. Arrington to Liam F. and Mary Caroline Coakley, $899,900.

WESTWIND WAY, 1679-Keith J. Apton to Monique M. Milucky, $369,000.

WILSON LANE, 1910, No. T2-Ashley E. Williams to Martha J. Parks, $299,900.

WOODGATE LANE, 1907-John E. and Sandra H. Fricker to Ismail Arslan, $750,000.

Mount Vernon Area

BEEKMAN PL., 8627, No. D-Cynthia A. Backe to Esteban Pizarro, $196,000.

BROCKHAM DR., 8332-Cornelius A. and Doreen R. Barber to Edgar Gomez and Joseph Arcie Ramos, $330,000.

BUCKMAN RD., 4256, No. 26-Johnnie L. Abram to Devadas Venugopal, $105,500.

DANDRIDGE TER., 4202-James J. and Martha G. Turner to Jonathan T. and Beth A. Folz, $615,000.

DEL NORTE CT., 8403, No. 82-Elgoria Harrison to Juan R. Delcid, $195,000.

GROOMBRIDGE WAY, 4405-Irma N. McKnight to Edgar Gomez, $290,000.

JUSTIN RD., 8359-Kenneth S. and Tria A. Kim to Randolph J. Bender and Thi A. Bender, $860,000.

KEELER ST., 8130-Thelious Clark to Chowdhury M. Aliazam, $405,000.

LEAF RD., 8429-Leonardo Orellana to Al Fatha Mirza, $360,000.

MANZANITA PL., 3876, No. B-Jerry W. and Sybil C. Kintz to Armida and Mirna Cienfuegos, $237,000.

OLD MANSION RD., 9300-Thomas A. and Gloria E. Stumm to Jack K. and Heather G. Norris, $745,000.

ROXBURY LANE, 3725-Ana P. Hernandez to Omar Serrano Pineda, $290,000.

SEVEN WOODS DR., 7950, No. F-Hakeem H. Abdul and Lynn Muhammad to Willie L. Armstrong and Ferland Sun, $238,500.

SUNNY VIEW DR., 3404-Don L. Carlson and Ann F. Terchek to Sun Up Corp., $550,000.

VILLAGE GREEN CT., 8746-Mariame Diarrassouba to David A. and Kristina L. Donchatz, $290,000.

WINDBREAK DR., 2425-Ronald F. and Rebecca Pollack to Sarah S. Pollack and Oswaldo Zavala, $314,000.

WOODHUE PL., 3939, No. 19-Faye P. De Veira to Juan A. Molina, $210,000.

WOODLAWN MANOR CT., 5500-Raymond L. and Linda W. Williams to Aqsa Khan, $275,000.

North Springfield Area

BOSTWICK DR., 6744-Sean S. and Barbara B. Sibson to Soo Y. Cheon, $420,000.

LEESTONE ST., 7069-Vincent W. and Virginia W. Totaro to Adam S. Miller and Lucinda K. Johns, $438,000.

LEESVILLE BLVD., 7112-T. Tam to Lisa Y. Kim, $420,000.

QUEENSBERRY AVE., 5539-Tracy N. Grevert to Eduardo and Nancy Espinoza, $489,000.

UXBRIDGE CT., 8389-Robert J. and Maureen E. Reitwiesner to Susanne Denham Laurvick, $368,500.

Oakton Area

BRADFORD WOOD CT., 3130-John J. and Mary J. Kilgannon to Jimmy J. and Ha S. Chu, $481,000.

Reston Area

ABERCORN CT., 11878-National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Jennifer F. McCullen, $440,000.

CAPTIVA CT., 12149-Aracely Paez and Salvin Rodriguez to Forrest D. Jaggar, $269,900.

CASTLE ROCK SQ., 2237, No. 12C-Teri C. Westbrook to Brian Olivia, $240,000.

CHIMNEY HOUSE RD., 1614-Basil T. Shakarchi to Barry J. West, $285,000.

COBBLESTONE LANE, 2093-David B. Simpson and Leigh Hume Simpson to Ron P. Johnson and Karen L. Consiglo, $515,000.

COCQUINA DR., 2240-Fernando V. and Martha Saravia to Jose W. Villatoro and Blanca A. Reyes, $380,000.

COLTS BROOK DR., 2312-Franco A. Schmatz to Sonia McGowan, $706,000.

CRANBERRY LANE, 1810-Jaikumar Mirpuri to Bilal A. Khan, $570,000.

DURAND DR., 2038-Richard E. and Carol A. Hartgen to Douglas and Susan M.Z. Fuller, $695,000.

EMERALD HEIGHTS CT., 2292-David C. Durbin and Taymi Oelapaz to Doris Holmes, $315,000.

FIELDTHORN DR., 1657-Peter G. and Mary R. Davidson to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $351,000.

GREAT OWL CIR., 11742-Mary E. Holder to Robert L. Nelson and Marie E. Cunningham, $451,000.

HEADLANDS CT., 11328-Jean A. Mills to Valerie G. Wade, $390,000.

HEMINGWAY DR., 11537-Charles A. Thompson to Brian L. and Mary P. McDonnell, $690,000.

HERITAGE OAK CT., 11422-Derek J. and Dara R. Fulkerson to Mariam Sorond, $604,518.

HUNTERS RUN DR., 2320-Ian C. Davidson to Audrey Johnson, $300,000.

IVY BUSH CT., 11500-Kimberly Hartke to Nathan A. and Kristin L. Russell Mouttet, $372,000.

LAKE SHORE CREST DR., 1708, No. 11-Thelma R. Basham to Lindsay Quigley, $289,900.

MARKET ST., 12000, No. 105-Savoy at Reston Town Center Corp. to Yun Xu, $324,900.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 429-Dana R. Argiro to Ercin Gobuluk, $420,000.

NEWBRIDGE CT., 11638-Tammy Perkins to Lauren Vo, $410,000.

ROYAL FERN CT., 2033-Ronald W. Rosenberger to Daniel A. Butt and John K. Cassidy, $325,000.

ROYAL FERN CT., 2052, No. 12B-Cheryl T. Brame to Tracy McNeil, $260,000.

SAGEWOOD LANE, 1951, No. 126-Roberta A. Paugh to Thomas P. and Jeanne S. Archibald, $150,000.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 108-Carlton House Development Corp. to Sergio E. Rojas, $383,900.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 123-Carlton House Development Corp. to Ronald W. Kim, $217,900.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 210-Carlton House Development Corp. to Robert and Susan Jones, $229,900.

THRUSH RIDGE RD., 11032-Steven D. Thoman to David Clover, $750,000.

VALENCIA WAY, 1612-Jose A. and Janett Sandoval to Killic S. Gunek, $355,500.

VIRGATE LANE, 11604-David and Theodore G. Kim to Richard J. and Jessica L. Clarke, $609,950.

Seven Corners Area

FABER DR., 3108-Eric J. Dewaardt to Fruzsina M. Toenniessen, $559,000.

FEDERAL HILL DR., 3005-Joan C. Martin to John A. and Kristin W. Daniel, $540,000.

GREENWOOD DR., 6198, No. 201-Noha Kammouna and Saad Mohammad Ridha Ali to Tony Tran, $150,000.

LAKEVIEW TER., 3801-Richard J. and Carol O. Norris to Peter H. and Sarah A. Cressy, $620,000.

MANCHESTER ST. S., 3100, No. 1028-Shan Zhao to Yan and Xianhui Zhang, $245,000.

Springfield Area

CALAMO ST., 7219-Ron Ghaffarian and Krista Vanness to Thi Nhu K. Nguyen and John H. Winner, $665,000.

CATON WOODS CT., 6995-Trang Vu to Han K. and Kyung S. Lee, $850,000.

CATON WOODS CT., 6998-Richmond American Homes to Jaeho J. Yang and Shirley H. Jo, $698,360.

CHANNING RD., 5804-Sue L. and Chung W. Han to Daniel G. Arias, $425,000.

CUTTERMILL PL., 8816-Joseph and Chong Makarsky to Michael Todd Doss and Jennifer Lea Thornton, $550,000.

DAYSPRING CT., 8019-Yvette L. Wood to Diane M. Rainey and Nikolas A. Short, $311,000.

FLOYD AVE., 7152-James S. and Janet M. Crupper to Manolis Ponirakis, $435,000.

FRONTIER DR., 6022-Mary A. and Joseph M. Russell to Abdul Kader, $450,000.

GRANDVIEW CT., 8016-James C. Pan to Patrick H. Donlon, $310,000.

HIBBLING AVE., 6204-Phuong Huyen to Argueta Nelis Del Carmen, $475,000.

HILLMEAD CT., 7228-Donna L. Steibel to Salima B. Benabdi, $374,000.

JUNE ST., 7528-Sam and Fatima Noory to Abdul N. and Hamiddullah Ahmadi, $410,000.

LURETA ANN LANE, 6404-Rickie N. Hunter to Kevin G. and Heather L. Tehan, $423,500.

MAGIC TREE CT., 8466-Dena Claassen and Jeffrey E. McKinney to Habib and Homa Marzi, $395,000.

MIDDLEWOOD PL., 8002-Alvin J. Ross and Christine Powers to Terri M. and Jonathan J. Moore, $780,000.

PYRACANTHA CT., 8002-William Richard and Colleen S. Lucas to Thomas and Amanda Wedige, $595,000.

SPRING GARDEN DR., 7096, No. 202-Manuel Delgado to Enrico E. and Elizabeth R. Villaroman, $213,000.

SPRINGFIELD OAKS DR., 8430-Karen L. Sweetland to Michael C. Allison, $395,000.

SUPREME CT., 6817-Nosheen Shehzadi to Badar Zaman, $330,000.

WILLOWDALE CT., 8160-Andrew F. Zok to Zaven Saroyan and Nancy Ruggeri, $325,000.

Vienna Area

BLANDFIELD DR., 1433-Harold E. Lieding to Stephen F. and Suzanne M. Bell, $905,000.

CARNEGIE HALL CT., 8181, No. 201-Laura Gray to Karen, Zhao Y. and Bixia Yao, $320,000.

CENTERBORO DR., 2765, No. 446-Marquis at Vienna Station to Pingxiu Ouyang, $382,900.

CORSICA ST., 9920-Alexander K. and Ann Marie Darrough to Keith T. and Elizabeth B. Haas, $755,000.

FOX REST LANE, 9818-Jeffrey S. and Darlene S. Lesser to Maryam Saba and Arash Raoufinia, $810,000.

GALLOWS TREE CT., 2020-Mustafa B. Mohamed to Charles and Lindsay Spooner, $649,900.

KELLEY ST., 1207-Anne B. Hisgen to Jesus Ramos and Santos Castillo, $566,900.

LAFORA CT., 2803-Huy Hiu to Bryan J. Olmos, $459,000.

MELODY LANE SW, 122-William R. Conner to Christopher B. and Heather E. Hazard, $528,026.

MENDON LANE, 124-John D. and Lucy L. Steele to Marilyn E. Jenkins, Glen Sorenson and Evelyn Sorenson, $650,000.

PARK TERRACE CT., 206-Etshiwot B. Beshah to Abeer and Ibrahim Sharqieh, $212,000.

QUAINT LANE, 8510-Richard R. Shurtz to Makram Bannourah and Bassam Ibrahim, $600,000.

RACHEL LANE SW, 1009-Ursula Wohlfahrt to Patrick and Dee Murphy, $440,000.

SNOWBOUND CT., 9857-Chad R. and Michele Andersen to Thuc D. Nguyen and Trinh Dao, $602,000.

STREAMVIEW LANE, 9009-Larry D. and Jennifer G. Loy to Shahbaz Mian and Farrukh Shahbaz, $740,000.

SUTTON OAKS LANE, 2883-Bruce N. Scott to Thomas M., Susan S. and Martin V. Flanigan, $500,500.

TAMARACK DR., 10237-James M. and Mary J.M. Maas to Thomas J. and Christine L. Wisnewski, $650,000.

VALE RD., 10300-Oscar A. Gomez to Sung K. and Young A. Kim, $610,000.

VALEVIEW CT., 313-Roberta J. Schrage to Francis C. Scott and Janice K. Cullers Scott, $550,000.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 202-Robyn J. Darmody to Ching Tien Lee, $349,900.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9490, No. 340-Marquis at Vienna Station to Ethan L. Walters, $462,900.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9490, No. 429-Marquis at Vienna Station to Katharine Kropp and Jerry Hoffman, $383,500.

WALTER THOMPSON DR., 10508-Christopher L. Bruner and Marie F. Lugo Bruner to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $965,601.

WOODLAND CT., 518-Valerie W. Smith to David G. Grossman and Judith B. Fox, $602,600.

SECOND AVE., 8250-Paul and Julia A. Pasmanik to Erinc Ogutcu and Selin Ozertugrul, $640,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

COAL TRAIN DR., 2346-Michael W. Brice to Eric Z. Dong and Lois L. Zheng, $1.015 million.

West Springfield Area

ALBERTA ST., 6312-Hung D. and Hai N. Do to Truong Bui and Ly Tri, $459,000.

ALEXIS LANE, 6516-Lee T. Bennett to Jessica K. and Soon C. Seo, $377,000.

ANSON CT., 7841-Gladys Manachi to Astier Neftaliem, $530,000.

ASHBURY DR., 7001-Nexar Delgado to Maria E. Vascones and Jannina M. Flores, $555,000.

BARDU AVE., 6208-Kaori Ryan to Ana Aguilar, $480,000.

BARRINGTON CT., 8500, No. J-Sharon A. Faith to Christopher Gogat, $185,000.

BELLAMY AVE., 6702-Mark W. and Kathleen Fleschner to Nathan C. and Deanna S. Duffy, $542,500.

CARRLEIGH PW., 8123-Alan R. Vance to Matthew A. and Kendra S. Schlueter, $400,000.

GARFIELD CT., 8329-William M. and Harriet B. Burnett to Amy Harper, $405,000.

KINGSGATE RD., 8318, No. A-Jeanette Balanza to Marisol R. Zambrana, $273,000.

MALLOW CT., 6801-Thomas Jefferson and Julia P. Lapham to David E. and Sharon L. Sprowls, $650,000.

REXFORD CT., 5760, No. D-Muhammad Z. Rahman and Naheed Zia to Farhana Shoaib and Ali Hasan, $213,920.

ROYAL RIDGE DR., 5808, No. P-William J. Vernon to Josine R. Jones, $189,900.

SWEET OAK CT., 6033-William E. Waldron to Robert D. and Margaret G. Snyder,


TIMBER HOLLOW LANE, 6000-Roberto Molinari to Miriam A. and Gerardo Querbes, $394,000.

WINTERCRESS LANE, 7809-Joseph R. Cooper to Agnes Dodoo, $433,000.