From the Columbia Heights listserv:

The arrest last month of the graffiti artist known as Borf provided ample fodder.

Author 1: This is truly good news. I wonder if the "main borf" is the same borf that borfs everything from Columbia Heights to Shaw to Adams Morgan and beyond. Or, whether there are all sorts of borfs running around. If it is the one and only borf, I say severe punishment! Hell, severe punishment even if it isn't!

Author 2: . . . I say severe punishment for all who take it upon themselves to take over and destroy public property.

Author 3: What's really funny is that I live in this neighborhood and all of you people on this list seem quite paranoid. (Am I the only one who is entertained by Borf's antics?)

Author 5: You would probably be far less entertained if you arose one morning to find Borf's 5-feet tall artistic endeavors painted on the side of your house, your brick wall, patio fence or your car. My neighbor on Columbia Road has been tagged three times and three times he has tried to restore his garden wall.


The mystery of the stolen ferns became a hot topic on the forum in June.

Author 1: We had two hanging ferns stolen from our porch last Thursday. They were just hanging -- not wired or anything. This is the first time we have had plants stolen in several years but in the past there has been someone that steals planters and hanging plants from porches and tries to sell them Mt. Pleasant Street or in Adams Morgan. Perhaps he is back.

Author 2: Could you give more details on this? I may be able to get the word out about it and hopefully prevent future snatchings!

Author 3: Some hanging impatiens were taken from our front porch this morning too. Our house is set pretty far off the street, so the thief didn't just pick them up as he walked past. Too bad he didn't take the dead plants as well.

Author 4: why ferns and not other house plants? more pricey?

Author 5: A few days ago, a man who lives on Kilbourne at 17th, had his hanging pots of red geraniums stolen. They usually take them more around Mother's Day.

Author 6: My welcome to the neighborhood, 30 years ago, was to have a little Japanese maple in a container stolen from my porch.

A June entry from M. Marie Maxwell's InShaw.Com/blog:

Maxwell: Well I hadn't seen our friendly neighborhood drug dealers for several days and thought that maybe, just maybe, this was the beginning of the end of for dealing on the corner. Nope. I still haven't seen them, but I've seen their chairs out on the sidewalk where they will hang.

Author 1: Lately, I've seen neighborhood women sitting on those, but who knows.

Author 2: Since I've lived in Shaw, I've walked by those dealers approximately 450 times, we're not on a name basis but we certainly have acknowledged each other. . . . As a side note, since the dealers have been gone, so too has the number of chicken bones. Unanticipated effect of drug dealers on the street are the chicken bones they leave in their wake.

From Glover Park's listserv:

Enter your vote today!

We've tried a happy hour and some activism . . .

what other events should we try in Glover Park?

- Way more happy hours

- Block Party

- Running club

- Glover Park cleanup day

- Spin the bottle make out party

- Glover Park Olympics

- Who cares? I am a shut in and won't attend anything.


A rumor that first daughter Jenna Bush had applied for a teaching job at a Mount Pleasant charter school bounced around the neighborhood late last year and inevitably made its way onto the local Web site.

Author 1: Did it disturb anyone else that Jenna Bush has applied for a job at the Elsie Whitlow Stokes charter school? Regardless of how your politics run (and I'll fully admit mine run against her father) I can't imagine it being a good thing. What sort of disruption can we expect on 16th Street, every day, twice a day, as her Secret Service detail comes into our neighborhood? What sort of media crush can we expect?

Author 2: Disturb me? I'm no GWB fan myself but the short answer is no . . . VIP's with security details larger than Jenna's go up and down 16th Street all the time. A bit more police presence in the neighborhood may even help a bit -- though I think the MPD folks in MtP have been doing a good job.

Author 3: What, you don't think she'll just take the S2 from the White House?

Author 4: This coincides [with] what I've long said to my political appointee neighbors -- we're the next Georgetown.

Author 5: Our city council is completely dysfunctional, PEPCO is lighting Mt P homes on fire and we're worried about Jenna Bush? Who the . . . cares?

From Adams Morgan's listserv, sent June 15 at 11:23 p.m.:

Does anyone know why there are two armored humvees on 17th and Euclid? Who's invading?