The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

AIRPORT LANE, 1607-Sonja M. and Jaime N. Bowks to Inez E. Branch, $247,750.

ALLEVA CT. N., 2002-Marc S. and Elaine A. Magdinec to Gerell and Marvin Jones, $389,000.

CHARITY LANE, 18508-Jonathan A. and Karen M.L. Munk to Rosalynn V. and Anthony R. Gaskins Jr., $405,000.

CHATSWORTH DR., 700-Fred Sawyer to Shelley Wright, $355,000.

HOLLY WAY, 16840-Stacy O. and James A. Harris Jr. to Cloyd B. Penaflor, $295,000.

Adelphi Area

ADELPHI RD., 9272-Mui Thi Hoan and An T. Nguyen to Carolyn Armstrong, $100,000.

ADELPHI RD., 9321-B. Benjamin and Mary B. Abraham to Prospero and Santos Garcia, $327,000.

CALVERT ST., 2219-Raul A. Rivas and John T. Major to Jose Estrada, $343,000.

EDWARDS WAY, 9200, No. 1215-Myrtis L. Williams to Elias Zeleke, $111,000.

KEOKEE ST., 1701-Maria Batres and Oscar Palma to Gilberto River, $310,000.

LAVERNE DR., 8610-Rodney and Ruth V. Walker to Marie C. and Roosevelt Francois, $350,000.

MEDWICK DR., 6516-Neoma V. Seibert to Lilian N. Cruz and Martires Fuentes, $250,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1802, No. 402-Tonyia L. Ryland to Marvel George, $121,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1806, No. 401-Blossom M. and Kirsly Lindsay to Carlos Ventura, $134,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1824, No. A-3-Gillian V. Evans to Adrian Wright, $96,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1125-Mohamed Kamara to Thomas A. Elias, $130,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 2018-Bianka M. Lebeouf to Ben Rosen, $95,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 618-Rene O. Diaz to Fred Gomez, $130,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 710-Margaret L. and Chris M. Young to Vikram Kansal, $80,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 922-Luciane R. Berrouet to Fred Pierre Louis Jr., $140,000.

PHILBEN DR., 2712-Dorothy and Eustace Foster to Margrita Arevalo, $340,000.

QUEBEC ST., 2101-Samuel W. Alleyne to Anthony O. and Julia O. Ugorji, $230,000.

RIGGS RD., 7304-Arturo Cruz Chorro to Jose Umanzor and Oscar Ardon, $52,000.

RIGGS RD., 7926-Jerome and Ernestine Dempsey to Joseph R. Rozario, $192,000.

WEST PARK DR., 7504-Eddie L. and Jeanette B. Jackson to Israel C. Reyes and Maribel Palen, $260,000.

17TH AVE., 8212-Maria M. and Samuel Trejo to Sharon G. Lawrence, $285,000.

Aquasco Area

CHRIST CHURCH RD., 22928-David S. Lloyd to Laura and William Bingaman, $399,900.

EAGLE HARBOR RD., 17012-Donna K. Ford to Sheri and Jeff Odell, $55,000.

Beltsville Area

BLACK FOOT CT., 11217-Annette M. Harlow to Chirwat Hkamphong, $248,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11216, No. 304-Shirley A. Porter to Rafiu Ogunfowora, $164,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11324, No. II-O-Deborah A. Pate to Mary and Ramesh Mirchandani, $119,000.

CLEAR BROOKE CT., 11318-Randy S. Amonick to Yetunde Onyekweli, $247,900.

FRANKLIN TERR., 4406-Timothy L. Jr. and Sharon L. Hipp to Tema D. Burns and Michael Schaffer, $296,500.

HAWK RIDGE CT., 11415-Juliet Ntabgoba to Jacqueline and David T. Jones-Dove, $255,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 4717-My Nguyen to Fidelina Cruz and Jose B.C. Daiz, $282,000.

MONTGOMERY RD., 11420-Eric S. and Dawn Elkins to Sukhjit S. and Kulwinder Batth, $265,000.

Bladensburg Area

EMERSON ST., 6011, No. 714-Obioma Liyel Imoke to Diamond Investment Group Corp., $55,000.

NEWTON ST., 5204, No. 202-Mary Brown to Karen E. Hill, $70,000.

NEWTON ST., 5215-Steven Amoky to Dennis Olaniyi, $65,000.

NEWTON ST., 5215, No. 101-Joyce Ross to Sandra H. Washington, $70,000.

TAYLOR ST., 5407-Belen Reyes to Abigail Romero, $220,000.

54TH ST., 4102-Benyam Amanu and Gelila Berhanu to Maria Garcia, $322,000.

56TH AVE., 4203-Timothy Eddings to Blas C. and Miguel Salmeron, $250,000.

Bowie Area

ANDER CT., 2805-Peter A. Magarelli to Henry McRufus, $530,000.

APPLE GREEN LANE, 2906-Marion L. Webb to Emmett T. Ridley Jr., $527,000.

BLUEBERRY LANE, 2923-Edward N. Clark to Lisa R. Russell, $292,500.

EAGER TERR., 4012-Theresa McNair to Queen Ola, $249,000.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15756-Maria C. Pena to Kimberly B. Cvitkovic, $127,000.

EASTON DR., 3437-Diane P. Levi to Rafael Montenegro, $225,900.

EASTON DR., 3443-Kevin L. Ball and Amanda L. Groves to Janet M. Trevathan, $221,000.

EDMOND WAY, 3606-Thomas I. Judkins to Yolanda Green and Kevin Thomas, $236,000.

ELEGANT CT., 16027-Curtis W. Jennings to Marcus Wiseman, $305,000.

ELLIPSE TERR., 16226-Mike Casey Realty Inc. to Rhea R. Santiago, $256,000.

EMPEROR CT., 3519-Brian K. Long to Sandra Boateng, $260,000.

EMPRESS WAY, 15429-Colleen and Peter J. Despres to Candice Drummond, $252,000.

EMPRESS WAY, 15433-Puck Fai Yan to Yolanda Hannan, $282,000.

EVANS MILL CT., 3502-Daphanie M. Sanders to June Richards, $310,000.

GOTHIC LANE, 6230-Shelby and Natasha Small to Donald C. and Angerine A. Dorneval, $297,500.

GULLIVERS TRAIL, 13709-Anita D. Banks to Archer S. Mitchell Jr., $277,000.

GWINNETT LANE, 6419-James C. and Ann M. Shieder to Deidre J. and Ricardo A. Wilkinson, $460,000.

HAMPTON LANE, 4306-Fatimah M. and Keith A. Moody to Bekri Nuru, $580,000.

HILLMEADE STATION DR., 12646-Thomas P. and Margaret L.T. Downs to Gladis E. and Richardo Velasquez, $325,000.

HOLIDAY LANE, 12720-Rosalind T. and Donald R. Dixon to Joseph Alexander, $282,000.

IRONGATE LANE, 3705-Loy J. and Myrna L. Acord to Olusola Oyebade, $300,000.

IRONGATE LANE, 3859-Julie M. and Donald R. Peyton to Steven Doetschman, $240,000.

KILBOURNE LANE, 12504-Herbert B. and Shirley Steiner, trustees, to Joanna D. and Leo Shane III, $349,900.

NEW OAK LANE, 3012-Joyce A. Williams to Desmond C. Parson, $210,000.

OLD CHAPEL RD., 12800-Michael J. and Linda F. Gifford to Susan J. and Steven E. Puffpaff, $310,000.

OLD CRAIN DR., 5811-Ignacio P. Concepcion to Jeremy and Joy George, $286,425.

PANTHER LANE, 2514-Dale Kostishak to Patrick K.A. Besham, $255,000.

PEACH WALKER DR., 15920-Tammy L. and Clark L. Martens to Stella Mitsopoulos, $278,000.

PINE CT., 13003-Abigail M. Banks to Angel and Kevin Scott, $429,900.

PLATTE DR. N., 15602-Stefani M. Jackson to Clarinda and Gene Carter, $180,000.

PRICE LANE, 1814-David L. and Sharleen R. Schmeltz to Patti A. and Richard L. Lahey, $330,000.

RIDGELINE TERR., 4702-Arthur L. Pettaway to Pool General Partnership, $133,500.

RIVER VALLEY WAY, 4833, No. 120-Euril W. Perry to Mbaye Ndour, $206,000.

RUNNING DEER WAY, 4553-Robert D. Lueck to Tamika Shockley, $250,000.

SANDAL LANE, 12414-Blanche H. Cefaly, trustee, to Audrey L. and Mark B. Cefaly, $330,000.

STARLIGHT LANE, 12413-Carolyn P. Thompson to Ruby K. Russell, $287,000.

TABB CT., 8601-Mark S. and Cheryl C. Solomon to Arlene E. and Mark S. Andersen, $465,000.

WILLOW CREEK RD., 6703-Mavis A. Barnes to Christopher Butler, $429,000.

YARMOUTH LANE, 3912-Kevin C. Grant to Beverly and Jerald Bryant, $277,500.

Brandywine Area

BADEN NAYLOR RD., 16306-Mary L. Kennel to Ronald D. Tippett Sr., $190,000.

CRAIN HWY., 12410-Donald G. and Catherine M. Cooke to Elindsey C. and Pamela D. Dodson Jr., $289,900.

Brentwood Area

LAWRENCE ST., 3909-Joseph A. Mandanyohl to Rafael Cisneros, $200,000.

VARNUM ST., 3503-Louise D. and Richard M. Weaver to Sara E. Prigan, $235,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ALABASTER CT., 810-Roberta and Clarence J. Orebeaux to Nataki S. McCowin, $233,300.

ALABASTER CT., 836-Trevor I. and Yvonne D. Gray to David Mshana and Angelica Bakirane, $207,700.

ALTON ST., 3905, No. 10-Elizabeth A. Kouadio to Yekini Sani, $186,000.

CARMODY HILLS DR., 500-Diane G. Spriggs to Myrtle Spriggs, $135,000.

DAIMLER DR., 64-Frances M. Wilson to Tracy A. Golden, $138,000.

DUEL PL., 5105-Monique C. Queen to U. Win Properties Corp., $113,000.

EASTERN AVE., 805-Mega Serve to Hilda Rodriguez, $173,000.

JAMES FARMER WAY, 6706-Omolara Olaniyi to Courtney Parker, $180,000.

MARTIN L KING JR CT., 6023-Kinney Ajiboye to Martha R. McLean, $120,000.

NOVA AVE., 1909-Sandra M. Woods to Evelyn Epps Freeland, $185,000.

NYE ST., 1304-Kendra and Andre Hill to Zanda Bryant, $160,000.

ONSLOW WAY, 5646-Cedric Parke and Edna Fields to Robert K. Harris, $210,428.

PRESCOT CT., 5616-Calvin J. Wimbush to Rafiu A. Adeoye, $201,999.

QUADRANT ST., 4714-Urania Straughter to Francisco A. Tolentino, $196,000.

QUEENSDALE CT., 814-Kenneth Pearce to Kenneth Jarvis, $185,000.

QUID PL., 4505-Duane and Natasha Bumpass to Lynn Lock and Aprill Bright, $220,000.

ROLLING RIDGE DR., 6509-Gloria L. and Zonnie Bugg Jr. to Tart E. Dickerson, $210,000.

ROLLINS AVE., 1313-Dorothy E. Womble to Charmaine P. Flowers, $115,000.

SAMUEL DR., 1302-Andrea G. and Barry E. Champ to Emmanuel Fisher, $220,000.

SEAT PLEASANT DR., 6008-Anthony B. Wright to Tcho Tcho Pinckney, $203,900.

TORQUE ST., 4205-James F. and James D. Ehrenfried to Len C. Davis, $148,399.

59TH AVE., 702-Ruth C. and William E. Marshall to Ali Hessari, $112,000.

62ND PL., 605-Raja Pervez and Asghar Sayed to Edwin J. Maldonado, $178,786.

65TH AVE., 700-Sheila E. and Allen Brown to William Flowers, $220,000.

68TH ST., 510-Dwight E. Walters to Anthony Okosun, $120,000.

Cheltenham Area

ANGORA DR., 10214-Carlos Ventura to Lee Anderson Jr., $252,000.

FARRAR AVE., 10503-Jaime Solis to William S. Brown, $257,000.

TERRACO TERR., 10501-Donnamarie A. Spence to Lisa Maria Carter, $300,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

BURNSIDE RD., 7843-Marjorie J. Pittas, trustee, to Norman and Rosandra Robinson, $99,450.

CARLOUGH ST., 721-John R. Fenwick to Nalango and B.T. Tunson, $240,000.

CEDARWOOD CT., 1800-Nicky D. Jones to Juawanna Habershon, $180,500.

COLUMBIA AVE., 1516-Mabel Hailes to Elba F. Pirir and Willy P. Rojas, $225,000.

DUTCH VILLAGE DR., 1701, No. M-390-John B. Byrd Jr. to Olumuyiwa A. Fafoyeku, $103,000.

FOREST TERR., 6944-Atonye T. Oguara to Federal National Mortgage Association, $77,000.

GREYMONT ST., 7711-Housing Initiative Partnership to Milvett S. Alston, $147,000.

GROUSE PL., 7526-Priscilla J. Jennings to Nicole and Thomas Rumeau, $180,000.

KENT VILLAGE DR., 2312-Carlean R. Robinson to Angeline S. Gower, $145,000.

LAKE POINTE CT., 9720-Nicole D. Emrick to William and Roberta Richardson, $190,000.

MONTROSE RD., 6103-Marilyn K. and Douglas P. Argy Sr. to Karl H. Spielmann, $269,950.

NORMANDY RD., 7706-Harry A. Blumenkrantz to Larry D. Ravenell, $144,900.

PALDAO TERR., 743, No. 2-Anthony Lync and Opal Green to Benjamin Shelton, $199,900.

PENBROOK PL., 7714-Guanina S. Jenkins Serrano to Sergio A. De La Torre, $155,000.

PICARD LANE, 8119-Xiomara D. Chalmers to Dawn K. Nichols, $195,000.

RAY LEONARD CT., 8004-Felicia A. and Bernard Haynes to Jo Ann Haltiwanger, $160,500.

RISA RD., 709-Leon D. Hodge to Van Vu General Partnership, $183,500.

ST. JOHNS PL., 3605-Winston I. Joefield to Karina and Juan Torres, $243,500.

TAMO CT., 7206-Sabrina R. Sims to Donna M. Mann, $210,000.

TAMO CT., 7226-Diana Page to Adelaide Van Buren, $240,000.

TOLA CT., 705-Robyn L. and Marvin Q. Parker to Katrina Jones, $161,000.

VERMONT AVE., 2101-Beverly Lyseight Samuels to Ana Amaya and Agustin G. Cedillos, $178,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 1913-John P. and Cecil J. Briggs to JBN Realty Investment Inc., $104,000.

Clinton Area

BIRCHVIEW PL., 5705-Shee Fells to Tammy R. Avent, $277,000.

BONIWOOD TURN E., 5833-5833 E. Boniwood Turn Trust to Takiea Ferguson and Sean M. Fuller, $250,000.

BONIWOOD TURN W., 5239-Lillian and Colvin Lemley to Wardell N. Broady Jr., $250,000.

BUCKLER RD., 6311-Natasha D. Hamilton to Aria N. Porter, $240,000.

DANGERFIELD RD., 9405-Audrey and Eldridge Catterton Jr. to Luke T. Capasso, $275,000.

DIXON DR., 9117-Rosa M. and Robert A. Decker to Alfonzso Daggett, $205,000.

FRIENDSHIP RD., 7203-Barbara J. and Mario A. Munoz to Anthony O. Knox, $401,000.

GLENELG CT., 7209-Gwenda Woodland to Michelle R. Dixon, $325,000.

GOBLET CT., 7204-Jacqueline B. Rota to Nellie M. Pope, $283,000.

GOBLET WAY, 7120-Gloria and Hilliard Daniels Jr. to Shirley A. Little, $257,900.

KIDDER RD., 3707-Ollie B. and Kathryn D. Johnson to Adrienne R. and Horace Kennerly Jr., $199,900.

LINHURST DR., 9310-Dietra M. Shepherd to Comora D. Brock, $289,000.

MILLIGAN LANE, 7705-Ronald S. and Cynthia B. Holston to Paul C. and Corey Lancaster, $228,000.

ROCKWELL DR., 8401-Marie I. Lacroix to Richard A. Walker, $233,500.

SHEILA TURN, 7247-Anna D. Jones to Christy M. Small, $160,000.

SINGER CT., 8005-Adewole and Julianah A. Adesioye to Vera C. and Everett C. Miller, $387,000.

STRAWBERRY HILL DR., 3601-Byron S. and Darlene W. Jordan to Reginald J. and Sherry A. Frisby, $410,000.

SURRATTS RD., 7815-Dalton Graham to Daphne and Rudolph Tilghman, $245,000.

SWEENEY DR., 8305-Linda M. and William H. Dyer Jr. to Cedar Chase Development Corp., $200,000.

TEMPLE HILL RD., 8104-Tamara L. Hill to Carol Edmonds, $299,000.

TRENT ST., 5401-Ronald C. Adams to Emerson O. Njoku, $260,000.

WOODYARD RD., 8990-Basil M. Western Jr. to Estela M. and Ernesto Feliciano, $399,900.

College Park Area

CREE LANE, 5005-Sean P. Lynch to Rosa L. Juarez and Carols A. Gonzalez, $283,000.

LACKAWANNA ST., 4912-Nancy M. Corley to Amy A. Greene, $265,000.

PONTIAC ST., 6302-Alexandria Stewart to Mohammed Mohsin, $325,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 6907-Tamara Cibor to Alexandra E. Bely and Leo H. Shapiro, $422,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6100, No. T-10-Paula A. and Frederick H. Welsh to Kawana L. Lloyd, $142,000.

48TH AVE., 8502-John F. Williams Jr. to Jon S. St. Onge and Theresa A. Foley, $210,000.

District Heights Area

BELWOOD ST., 6107-Gary M. Gross to Jerry Allen, $195,000.

DARKWOOD CT., 6725-Latasha Austin to Ann C. Satchell, $228,000.

DONNELL PL., 7262, No. C-6-Jean M. and Wayne Johnson to Byron D. Tolver, $103,000.

DRIVER PL., 2400-Malachi Malik to Aliecia Shorts, $180,000.

DYNASTY DR., 3122-Linda and Dejuan S. Huntley to Carmen Dunlap, $205,000.

DYNASTY DR., 3125-Margaret J. Maxwell to Michael A. Thompson, $175,000.

EDENVILLE DR., 1312-Veronica M. and Donald R. Moore to Yves Ebendeng, $250,000.

HALLECK ST., 6931-Clinton Borland to Ericka Byrd, $197,000.

HALLECK ST., 6937-Barbara D. Mason to Latonya R. Ward, $206,500.

HIL-MAR CIR. N., 6019, No. 103-Dawn S. and Brian K. Belton to Paul J. Carr, $195,000.

JUNEAU ST., 6614-Joe L. and Derilla Frazier to Jacqueline E. and Ronald S. White, $220,000.

KIPLING PKWY., 6605-Gregory A. and Jeffrey T. Yorke to Karin Davenport, $195,000.

LANSDALE ST., 7113-Ellener A. and William A. O'Neil to William Mitjans, $240,000.

LITTLE HILL LANE, 3423-Sherri D. Peterson to Russell L. Morgan, $213,000.

MILLVALE AVE., 2717-MSI East Equity Corp. to Sheila West Morton, $229,000.

OVERDALE PL., 2508-Lesli and Benjamin R. Longwood Jr. to Shirley Lindsay, $165,000.

RED MAPLE CT., 6867-Darlene M. and William H. Smith Jr. to Ngudia R. Tshiasuma, $205,000.

SETON WAY, 2219-Betania Garc and Anthony Tait to Vesta Inc., $190,000.

Fort Washington Area

ADAMS DR., 1403-Shirley A. McCants to 1403 Adams Corp., $135,000.

AQUA LYNN DR., 300-Nolasco D. Manalo to Georgina Y. Appolonio, $295,000.

BEATRICE CT., 1101-Dominador B. Malasmas to Sha Bush, $365,000.

BELLEFIELD AVE., 7503-Jacquely and Warren V. Carmichael to Francenia D. Galimore, $307,000.

BISMARK DR., 8800-Ernest K. and Selina Z. Edwards to Jeanette E. and Rudolph E. Lagman, $365,000.

BISMARK DR., 8806-Newman Enterprises Corp. to Philomena West, $325,000.

BUCHANAN PL., 1304-Donald E. and Donna M. Hartmahn to Kenneth S. and Yvette B. Lawrence, $282,900.

BUCKLAND CT., 6519-Calvin C. Epps Jr. to Nancy A. Boyd, $150,000.

CHALFONT AVE., 13005-Andrew D. Johnson to Shanda and Warren Reecks, $310,000.

GATES DR., 11013-John C. Jr. and Annette Childress to Stephanie J. and Lawrence D. Shinn Jr., $275,000.

GLEN ROCK AVE., 5803-Odessa K. Smith to Mirtha J. Loza and Bismark V. Garcia, $206,000.

GRANGE HALL DR., 7506-Margaret B. Taylor to Dexter Hill, $302,000.

MIDDLEFIELD TERR., 6815-Almaz Egetta and Kibret Yemane to Shawn Williams, $280,000.

OLD FORT RD., 10238-Nicole S. Williams to Charity Oli, $195,000.

QUEENS LANE, 13413-Rosann D. Durrah to Tia C. and Maurice D. McKisset, $330,000.

ROSE VALLEY DR., 2905-Lynette Wicks to Michelle Woodfolk, $299,000.

ROSEDELL PL., 2224-Glenda E. and Jerome McCall to Henrietta E. Green Fairnot, $260,000.

SANDY CREEK RD., 9404-Kevin L. Jackson to Teresa and Osmel E. Gomez, $412,000.

SETTLES CT., 12502-William M. and Diane R. Moore to Ricardo R. and Carolyn B. Veasey, $940,000.

SWAN HARBOUR RD., 1312-Alice V. Anderson to Manuel A. Churion and Alan F. Dalton, $752,900.

TANTALLON DR. E., 502-George Cooper Jr. to Darryl Jiles, $342,000.

TANTALLON DR. E., 804-Wilfred A. Osorio to Blanca and Walter Calero, $315,000.

TRAVERSE WAY, 10000-Deette F. and William A. Matthews to Sydnee Nobles Thompson, $497,000.

Glenn Dale Area

DUBARRY ST., 10112-Patrick N. Abaga to Mizanur R. and Minara B. Khan, $310,000.

GUINEVERE RD., 12211-Maurice A. and Elsie L.M. Johnson to Martha G. Edens and Walter Schmidt, $371,750.

Greenbelt Area

BIRD LANE, 8110-Ned D. and Melanie E. McFadden to Katherine M. Reade, $206,000.

FRANKFORT PL., 7402-Ifeyinwa Akwuegbu to Doretha L. Aiken, $290,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8649, No. T-2-Richard G. Brown to Cheryl D. Woodward, $138,500.

GREENBELT RD., 8679, No. 102-James Williams to Michelle L. Fleming, $122,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8683, No. 102-Neeru and Vijay Paul to Pierre Paulemon, $140,000.

LAKE PARK DR., 6640, No. 110-Shanelle D. Ingram to Roxanne Newsome, $224,000.

Hyattsville Area

BURLINGTON RD., 4612-Mirna D.C.A. and Jose S. Martinez to Lucio E. Bermejo, $339,900.

EDMONSTON RD., 5019-Reynaldo Quintero Gonzalez to William Guzman Valencia, $245,000.

EMERSON ST., 5310-Jose M. and Mercedes Argueta to Rafael Guzman and Bartolome Tapia, $299,900.

EMERSON ST., 5603-Stacey M. Durant to Lea A. and Stuart Mawler, $204,000.

FARRAGUT ST., 5511-Carlos A. and Yanira Chac Segovia to Gerber Salasar and Leonardo Barrios, $287,000.

NICHOLSON ST., 4215-Evelyn A. Pagana to Jose C. Hernandez, $357,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4410, No. 605-Henritta Olowoyo to Colonial Real Estate Corp., $70,500.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4410, No. 812-Ronald J. and Delana M. Stanfield to Roger Johnson and Bethany Barrow, $80,000.

43RD AVE., 6109-Lori and Mark Emon Cuthbert to Lara B. and Robert N. Oerter, $417,000.

43RD ST., 6210-Edward S. and Della E. Perkins to Mark Handwerger and Rene Beesley, $352,030.

56TH AVE., 4927-Racheal Sodunke to Bolanle O. Adereti, $250,000.

58TH AVE., 5207-Andrew R. Tarrant to Christine Thornton, $122,420.

Langley Park Area

NAVAHOE DR., 8412-Robin M. Szewczyk to Jose D. Sosa, $245,000.

QUEBEC ST., 1122-Marilyn and Stanley Baum to Amadeo Ferrufino, $215,000.

Lanham Area

CORTLAND LANE, 8808-Garth Crawford to Leonardo Luna, $330,000.

DELLWOOD AVE., 7816-Maggie L. Brisbane to Sherrie A. McDowell, $225,000.

GLENARDEN PKWY., 7814-William A. Moore to Neville B. Reid, $190,000.

GREENFIELD CT., 6510-Anthony G. Piccirilli to Adelina Cardenas and Juan D.D. Lainez, $285,000.

INGRAHAM ST., 7525-Rafael Alvarez Jr. to Roberto O. Laureano, $220,000.

JEFFERSON ST., 4827-William Lomax IV to Jose F. Reyes Yanez, $277,100.

LANHAM STATION RD., 5607-Reyna M. Howard to Rigoberto G. Salazar, $326,000.

LONGRIDGE DR., 6711-Alexis and Benson O. Ntagu to Antonio McQueen, $335,000.

LYLE ST., 7000-Choice Ventures Corp. to Rosetta M. Seay, $346,000.

NEWBERRY LANE, 7505-Joanna Wallerson to Laeticia M. Onyejiuwa, $289,000.

ROLLING VIEW DR., 9315-Wilbur Jr. and Martha T. Jones to Carlos M. and Jose W. Saravia, $336,000.

TUCKERMAN ST., 9200-Elizabeth R. Vickers to Angel A. Villatoro, $290,000.

WESTGATE RD., 5636-Jessie and Maher M. Elmaghraby to Carlos A. Benitez, $308,000.

FIFTH ST., 9204-Ignacio B. An and Jorge A. Canseco to Fidel Lucero, $265,000.

NINTH ST., 1428-Dennis and Miriam Ezenwaka to Jerri T. Tripp, $185,000.

Largo Area

ARDWICK ARDMORE RD., 9410-Connie A. Turner to Cecilia Hoyer, $350,000.

BIG CHIMNEY BRANCH, 108, No. 18-4-Helena D. Johnson to Mary O. Owen, $155,500.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10110, No. 202-8A-Ronald K. Rock to Tori Taylor, $97,000.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10112, No. 102-8B-Karl A. Carpenter to Jermale Johnson, $88,000.

CANVASBACK CT., 1202-Rufus M. Brown Jr. to Tammy Perry, $396,000.

DAUNTLY ST., 108-Wharton L. and Georgiana Madkins to Sebastian A. and Brenda P. Sosa, $300,000.

EAST GROVE, 8701-Judy M. Jackson to Tracy and Mark Carthorne, $172,000.

EIDER CT., 13106-Risi Balogun to Aisha Balogun, $420,000.

GREEN WING TERR., 15004-Maqueda S. and William D. Brown to Oladipupo O. Olaseinde, $321,000.

TOWN CENTER CIR., 8911-Glenda D. Jackson to Jing He and Xiaoqing Liang, $133,000.

TOWN CENTER CIR., 8921, No. 212-Ami L. Richardson to Airis McCottry, $183,000.

TOWN CENTER CIR., 8931-Cynthia E. Thompson to Gertrude E. and Brendan E. Conroy, $202,000.

Laurel Area

BONNETT LANE, 14435-Juan M. Rodriguez II to Mirna M. and Jose A. Chavez, $281,000.

BOWSPRIT LANE, 14224, No. 610-Wright Way Investment Group to Kayla Wingate, $175,000.

CARISSA LANE, 7816-Robyn L. and Marcus G. Moody to Alexander D. Sandoval, $255,000.

CHERRYWOOD DR., 15029-Catherine and Harvey S. Nussbaum to Theodora Saunders, $199,000.

GREENCASTLE RD., 4909-Jane S. and Gerald Neumaier to Anna Cruz, $355,000.

LAUREL BOWIE RD., 14200-Gabriela and John Aguilera to Kuburat Awesu, $315,000.

LAUREL OAKS LANE, 14908-Mary V. Webb to George T. Provencal, $260,000.

LONDONDERRY CT., 8217-Marsha L. Serre to Edith Villatoro and Hugo A. Hernandez, $274,000.

OXFORD DR., 14311-Oswald Phillip to Sancia A. Shim, $310,000.

SANDY ST., 6301-Domenico E. Dipasquale to Angie Hernandez, $195,000.

SANDY SPRING RD., 306-Kerilyn M. and David Harrison to Arshad M. and Sharon C. Tahir, $299,999.

SPLIT RAIL LANE, 7212-Cassandra Dantse to Afam Okafor, $185,000.

WHITE WAY, 1205-Lena L. and Anthony L. Stoner to Darelyn Zumbaum, $266,000.

WHITE WAY, 906-Raymond M. and Jane A. Deavers to Jessica R. and Jacques E. Carroll, $270,000.

WILLIAM ST., 14112-F-Carletta C. Walker to Billy Williams Jr., $139,500.

WOODBINE DR., 7541-Susan A. and Joseph L. Weir to Janelle Ryan, $197,000.

WOODVIEW TERR., 16000-Mary P. Odonovich, trustee, to Barbara G. Strang, $392,000.

Montpelier Area

BARCLAY PL., 12203-Mark R. Vangsness to Beverly J. Clymer, $344,900.

BASSWOOD DR., 11802-Cristobal A. and Christi Asencios to Patrice A. and James D. Davis, $360,000.

ELMSHORN WAY, 11412-Julia A. Becker to Lauren C. and Todd B. Haiken, $305,000.

IMPERIAL DR., 8201-V-Maxine M. Crawford to Nancy L. Smith, $200,000.

LAURELWALK DR., 11370-Joel A. Calix to Natalie N. Berry, $129,000.

PALMER PL., 9317-Deepnarayan Tiwarri to Rosa E. and Wilbert E. Grant, $240,000.

PORTSMOUTH DR., 8504-Carol D. and Rick B. Dehart to Andre Murphy, $265,000.

Mount Rainier Area

SHEPHERD ST., 2802-Michael L. and Miriam Y. Forster to Michael W. Smith and Germayn Williams, $308,500.

29TH ST., 4117-Team Projects Inc. to Miguel A. Gonzalez, $375,000.

New Carrollton Area

BUCHANAN ST., 6810-Joyce Brown to Cyndy Y. Benitez and Ivan A. Guevara, $250,000.

CHEVERLY CIR., 11-Laura A. Jacobi and Raymond M. Lane to Alan Lewine, $335,000.

DORMAN ST., 6711-William Upchurch Jr. to Juanita and Jonathan J. Blake, $165,000.

INLET ST., 6418-Carole A. Crandon to Jose R. Bonilla, $282,000.

KASLO ST., 6411-Wahyeahyea and Tetee W. Chuequean to Marie G. Noah, $294,000.

LAMONT DR., 6111-Vernita V. Frazier to Marcia Carter, $260,000.

PARKWOOD ST., 7435-Jeanne L. Severn to Bladimir Ramirez, $231,000.

STANDISH DR., 6824-Davis R. Worley to Jose A. Piantini Payano, $198,000.

SUNSET TERR., 6700-Marjorie A. and Donald E. Kady to Gabriel Aletanu, $285,000.

TRENTON RD., 4828-Jose and Marina Cruz to Guadalupe and Amado Martinez, $220,000.

WOODLAWN DR., 4824-Charles W. and Aileen O. Marenka to Rosa and Jose M. Saravia, $260,000.

70TH AVE., 3813-Oluwadare Ogbara to Risikat Dawodu, $225,000.

71ST AVE., 4109-Anita D. Williams to Lenise A. and Russel R. Mungal, $240,000.

71ST AVE., 4205-Kelly M. Bracey Proctor to Vilmer and Victor R. Amaya, $235,000.

71ST AVE., 4208-Dorothy M. Douglas to Oscar and Jose Hernandez, $242,000.

73RD AVE., 3909-Matilda and Cornelius J. Desmond to Antonio Alarcon, $215,000.

74TH AVE., 3906-Harold P. Miles to WFC Flagship Corp., $185,000.

85TH AVE., 5404, No. 201-Mohamed E. Morabiti to Zoran Majkic, $77,000.

85TH AVE., 5446, No. 101-William J. and Dorine A. Reeping to Kinya S. Huskey, $102,000.

86TH AVE., 6229-Stephen D. and Linda R. Etherton to Carlos A. Milla and Orfilio Rubio, $320,000.

Oxon Hill Area

ARAPAHOE DR., 5802-Emperatriz Salvador to Armando Rodriguez, $230,000.

CLAYTON DR., 1803-M. and Franklyn Williamson to Pedro Diaz, $270,000.

DUNWOODY AVE., 1414-Denise and James Fisher to MAFC Residential Inc., $185,177.

JARVIS AVE., 1818-Phyllis R. Mulligan to Barbara and Fabian Jones, $155,000.

MAURY PL., 4915-Shauntel and Gilbert V. Grant to Sucre V. Mendez, $270,000.

MOHICAN DR., 202-Tracey Joyner to Ronald Hudson, $178,000.

SACHEM DR., 6007-Soo R. Kim to Lidia E. Hernandez, $200,000.

VINSON ST., 1118-Herman Chacon to Zoila Canales and Elmer Cruz, $205,000.

WHEELER RD., 4710-Sylvia A. Cheeks to Dimone G. Long, $171,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 514, No. 6715-D-1-Charles Worrell to Robbin Y. Pettie, $121,200.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 552, No. 6753-Tempie R. Cannaday to Chris Phung, $130,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 560, No. B-2-Fairfax A. and Andre W. Davis to Bethlehem Ayele, $95,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 561, No. 6760-Martin R. Youmans to Cinda Wesson, $101,000.

WINTHROP ST., 4901-Stanley R. Walker to Yomma T. Cohen, $130,000.

Riverdale Area

GREENLAND ST., 6701-Donna Conley to Jose P.M. Garcia, $270,000.

GREENVALE PKWY., 6208-Darlene Hines to Will Ballesteros, $240,000.

INGRAHAM ST., 6800-Rosabel Calderon to Delmy R. and Maria Z. Monterrosa, $210,000.

KENILWORTH AVE., 6325-LAFA Inc. to Juana Y. Linares and Jose O. Martinez, $258,000.

KENNEDY ST., 6206-Uthman C. Williams to Francillia Blackman, $174,900.

KENNEDY ST., 6301-Juan Campos and Walter Lizano to Jamaul Silvera, $190,000.

MUSTANG DR., 6001-Carlos and Qbdulio Port Valencia to Benito R.M. Moran and Fernando Mendez, $300,000.

48TH AVE., 5910-Diluvina R. and Milton W. Bonilla to Juana Villatoro, $244,000.

51ST AVE., 6315-Silvia V.H.D. and Javier Balmes to Rafaela Trujillo, $230,000.

64TH AVE., 6061-Maxwell C. Cohen to Baisama W. Kamara, $159,000.

67TH AVE., 5629-Diane L. and Reynaldo S. Lazaro to Juan A. Villanueva, $183,000.

67TH AVE., 5811-Eduardo Molina to Michael Anchor, $155,000.

Suitland Area

APPLE ORCHARD CT., 4105-Mary M. and Barbara A. Myrick to Charles E. Briscoe, $158,000.

PORTER AVE., 1807-Helen A. and Emory E. Hardy to Joyce Matthews, $205,000.

RIDGECREST DR., 4307-George K. and Juanita Davis to Raul O. and Daniel Bonilla, $257,000.

ROCK QUARRY TERR., 5653-Kabaka Group Corp. to Joeann and Kenneth Scoggins, $188,895.

ST. BARNABAS RD., 3863-Bruce L. Greenwood to Hook Eu, $90,000.

SWANN RD., 3803, No. 303-Dawn A. Scott to Katrice Green, $99,000.

SWANN RD., 3811, No. T-2-Clavel Hunter to Douglas C. Ramsey, $99,000.

WALTON AVE., 6319-Walter J. Garfield to Margaret A. and Ernest A. Vilky, $250,000.

Temple Hills Area

BEECHWOOD DR., 6507, No. 26-Patricia King to Christine Woods, $140,000.

BEECHWOOD DR., 6530-Lisa D. Venson to Brenda S. and Walter Enoch, $155,000.

BERKSHIRE DR., 6911-Dorothy M. Barnes to Li H. Roberts, $314,900.

BRINKLEY RD., 3902-Ella P. Allen to Monaliza Berhane, $320,000.

CENTER DR., 5900-Jacqueline G. Thomas to Fatmata Fofanah, $221,000.

DAWN LANE, 2270-William R. Boothe to Kathleen R. Robinson, $168,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3312, No. 3312-T-2-Kimberly Bredell to Beverly R. Seward and Unit T.2., $100,000.

IVERSON ST., 2555-Debra M. Tunney to William L. Moseley Jr., $92,000.

IVERSON ST., 2564-Diane F. and Tillman L. Shaw to Willco Properties Corp., $83,300.

JANICE LANE, 5701-George A. Norton III to Mirian and Salvador A. Lizama, $183,000.

OLD BRANCH AVE., 5318-Lewis and Mervine L. Mason to Ray and Elizabeth A. Hunter, $280,000.

REDD LANE, 5316-Leonard Langley Jr. to Samuel C. Cook Jr., $282,000.

SHARON RD., 5104-Daniel Wilson to Ruth and Amilcar Saravia, $257,000.

TEMPLE HILL RD., 4936-Michelle A. and Anthony T. Blake to Mitchel F. Feaster Sr., $250,000.

22ND AVE., 4001-Walter James Jr. to Jesse C. Moore Jr., $260,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

NICHOLSON ST., 3930-Raphaelia and Vincent Pogson to Julio C. Melgar, $265,000.

21ST PL., 5413-Erveina L. and Reginald Nichols to Heriberto Martinez, $240,000.

32ND AVE., 5811-Timothy J. Welch to Pedro H. Fuentes, $245,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

ASHFORD PL., 4807-Yasmin Lluveras to Benita L. Worthy, $380,000.

BERWICK RD., 8311-William J. and Rozannae M. Lyons to Gennette V. and Thomas J. Kennedy, $355,000.

BROOKWOOD AVE., 10704-Curtis P. Sr. and Betty J. Davis Sr. to Margo and Visal Godbee, $259,900.

CAROUSEL CT., 12805-Towanna Park and Robert Hines to Robert M. Hines, $127,000.

COLONEL FENWICK PL., 4642-Zaneilia A. Smith to Charles L. Powell Jr., $275,000.

FAIRWAY VIEW LANE, 17019-Josephine and Maurice Lee to Jeffrey D. Davis, $176,000.

HALLOWAY N., 3506-Gavin D. Fraser to Mark Harding, $225,000.

IBIS LANE, 11011-Tonia L. and Lorenzo McCormick to Pamela D. Chesley, $430,000.

LORD STERLING PL., 13532-Joanne and Theophilus Stone to John B. and Jane M. Hauser, $140,000.

MARLBOROUGH LANE, 14330-Candace Thorpe to Tiffany R. Carpenter, $168,000.

MELWOOD RD., 3507-G. Lorraine and Harold L. Cooke Jr. to Alfred H. Smith Jr., $280,000.

NARROWLEAF CT., 10608-Doretha L. and J. Woodson Ficklin to Aaron B. Saunders, $280,000.

OLD COLONY DR. S., 8419-Netasha S. and Marc W. Butler to Graylin R. Walker, $240,000.

PARAGON CT., 8504-Maureen I. and Lorrent J. Smith to Donna M. Carlyle, $210,000.

PERRYWOOD RD., 6807-Wade and Rodney Dowdle to Sharon A. Keels, $510,000.

PRINCE PL., 10251, No. 32-306-Bradley S. Farrar to Nettie J. Ferebee, $105,000.

RED JADE CT., 11435, No. 4-6-Tonya D. Davis to Carla R. Brown, $150,500.

RITCHIE MARLBORO RD., 2904-Ricky A. McCormick and Joan M. to Ana Gonzalez and Armando R. Alvarado, $310,000.

STATON CT., 12800-Dorothy P. Belton to Tonya L. and Mark L. Jenkins, $320,000.

STOCKPORT WAY, 4319-Nancy J. Bagley to Maurice White, $260,500.

SUTHERLAND CIR., 4504-Yvonne L. Griner to Omoyiwola L. Oluyemi, $350,000.

THOMAS DR., 7206-Florence V. and James M. Lewis to Juana A. Pacheco, $365,000.

TOTTENHAM RD., 10410-Manoharan and Mugila Krishnan to Jane Johnson and James E. Scott, $525,000.

TOWN CENTER WAY, 12721-Karshia R. Farrow to Jaquanda S. Vaughan, $263,150.

TYRONE DR., 10807-Brenda L. Gray to Wayne Young, $240,000.

WINSFORD AVE., 11004-Ernest E. and Doris F. Sligh to Ora and Dhanishwar P. Chowbay, $189,083.


Lake Arbor Area

AYNOR DR., 3904-Vondell D. and Owen J. Barnett to Ifueko A. Hickman, $397,000.

BEACON RIDGE DR., 10451-Russell E. Wallace to Lillie R. Hale, $68,000.

BEACON RIDGE DR., 10531, No. 101-Leah J. Revel to Michael Johnson II, $163,000.

BROADLEAF ST., 10008-Lynette R. Belte to William L. Jones II, $255,000.

BROOKEVILLE LANDING CT., 11726-Kristina Roberts to Lisa D. Blacknall, $500,000.

DARTFORD LANE, 1010-Solita E.C. and Vernon L. Dallas to Tracie F. Ricks, $520,000.

DIDMARTON DR., 1002-Andrea and Ernest W. Jenkins Sr. to Anthony Colvin, $419,900.

GREENSPIRE WAY, 10103-David W. Neville to Lisa Willis and Chidiebere Emeka, $320,000.

JENNINGS MILL DR., 504-Kevin R. and Violet O. Owens to Monica W. and Kevin L. Berry, $510,000.

LAKE VISTA LANE, 11211-Loretta and Terrence D. Grandison to Ami L. Richardson, $380,000.

SASSAFRAS LANE, 9909-Lynda C. Lake to Holloway Coats, $280,000.

STOCKPORT CT., 1253-Geneva L. Couser to Ebony Shelley and Randolph Reed Jr., $258,000.

THAMESMEAD CT., 1823-Loretta K. Jamison to Carmen Middleton, $315,000.