The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

BOLDNESS CT., 25286-NVR Inc. to Mahboobur Rahman, $706,190.

CINNABAR SQ., 41837-Van Metre Homes to Teresa V. Lively, $471,184.

CINNABAR SQ., 41851-Huyen X. Doan to Gloria Dipaz and Felipe Valdez, $455,000.

CINNABAR SQ., 41859-Hashim M. Rayek to Young B. Lee, $470,000.

CREATION TERR., 25183-NVR Inc. to Margaret A. Horn, $121,495.

CREATION TERR., 25185-NVR Inc. to Joseph Cormier, $455,270.

CREATION TERR., 25191-NVR Inc. to Melania and Victoriano Reyes, $471,740.

GEYSER PEAKS SQ., 24707-Mandana Winfrey and Mahana Karimi to Tara and Jon D. Wagoner, $472,000.

NEW MOUNTAIN RD., 24164-Sherry T. and Ronald W. Reeves to Mario Gonzalez and Gabriel Gonzalez, $650,000.

PEPPERBUSH PL., 42019-Centex Homes to Madireddy Mohan and Anand Mokati, $517,821.

SOUSA PL., 40583-D.R. Horton Inc. to Linda G. and Scot W. Millin, $737,610.

ULTIMATE DR., 25285-NVR Inc. to Frydoon Osman, $617,990.

VACATION PL., 25354-Fatima Ahad and Abdul Rafiqi to Michael A. and Dorothy M. Swanson, $559,000.

WIND RIVER DR., 24822-Centex Homes to Fouzia Afshari, $742,350.

Algonkian Regional

Park Area

AISQUITH TERR., 46137-Peter Ghali to Sushma Daita and Ravi C. Batchu, $515,000.

BELWOOD CT., 20632-Silla Lee and David Arthur Roth to Erin and John Hazlett, $810,000.

BENTON CT., 20-Beverly I. Awrich to S. Poffenbarger and Robert Taylor, $280,500.

BLUE HERON TERR., 20508-Bonnie M. McCauley to Stacie and J. Daniel Eagan, $435,000.

BRIDALVEIL FALLS TERR., 20774-Jacquelyn A. and Matthew Witchko to Jeanne and Korry Northcutt, $471,350.

CARROLLTON RD., 29-Susan Anne Temple to P. Salman and Claudine Mandeville, $624,990.

CHEYENNE TERR., 20924-Perla Crespo Lara to Nisha B. and Alok Jain, $525,000.

DONCASTER TERR., 20441-Eunice B. Davis to S. Zachary and Francisco Heyliger, $457,236.

DUDLEY CT., 18-Nikki M. and Kevin H. Blythe to Jayshree M. and Manesh H. Lavani, $484,000.

EMERALD POINT TERR., 20660-Joakim K. Ahlund to Madhav Tummala, $426,000.

FINCHINGFIELD CT., 242-Michael Frazier to Maria Luna, $400,000.

GLENMERE SQ., 20649-Doris A. Topel to Andrea and Jonathan Bailey, $489,000.

HOLLOW FALLS TERR., 20754-Sarah G. and Paul Douglas Miller to Shruti and Shrirang Pande, $460,000.

JEREMY CT., 19-Stacey and Jean Khouri to Juan Maradiaga and Neri Funes, $479,900.

KENTWELL PL., 47112-Cheryl A. and Charles F. Daffer to Amy E. and Craig I. Dubin, $699,600.

KENTWELL PL., 47121-Barbara S. and Charles H. Grim to Heather M. and Glenn D. Hoffert, $815,000.

LAKE HAVEN TERR., 45522-Molly Ratana and Gary A. Rhoe to J. Amgalan and Dambadorj Bayar, $430,000.

LYNDHURST CT., 8-D. Ayala and J. Avelar and B. Arriaga to Jose S. Flores, $353,000.

MARGURITTE SQ., 20383-Diane D. and Thomas S. Johnston to Thomas Saylor, $441,000.

NEWLAND CT., 3-Elizabeth and Jeffrey B. Williams to Efstratia and Athanasios Gerosideris, $420,000.

RIVER MEADOWS TERR., 46556-Deborah A. Price to Angela Laws, $460,000.

SANDBANK SQ., 47646-M. Sanchez and Steven J. Tattum to Shaila Ali and Ahsanuzzaman Khan, $445,000.

SWAN CREEK CT., 20432-Carol J. and Norman D. Portner to Zahra Deljo, $905,000.

TRINITY SQ., 20934-Joanna G. and Larry D. Leppa to Greg Holmes and Spencer Brand, $485,000.

VILLA SQ., 46354-Lusine Boyajyan to Jacqueline Mitchell, $410,000.

WILTSHIRE CT. E., 20-Patricia and Ronald C. Parsons to Jennifer L. and Jay S. Daughtry, $560,000.

Ashburn Area

APOLLO TERR., 20771-Phyllis G. Jones to Lejla and Elvis Ibragic, $381,000.

BEECHWOOD TERR., 20271, No. 201-Michael T. Sherman to Andrew J. Bruno, $305,000.

BLACKSMITH SQ., 43488-Kira and Desmar Woitek to Michael and Lisa Labelle, $311,000.

BROOKTON WAY, 42924-Li Zhang to Linda W. and John J. Egan, $535,500.

BROOKTON WAY, 42996-Patricia L. and David F. Orszak to Lorna J. and Laurence A. Burley Jr., $675,000.

CAMELLIA ST., 43874-Toll Brothers Homes to Lori K. and Stephen C. Puckett, $697,622.

CAMELLIA ST., 43882-Toll Brothers Homes to Katherine and Christopher Ippolito, $712,456.

CAYUGA CT., 20281-Richmond American Homes to Nazneen F. and Saud A. Abdullah, $560,465.

CAYUGA CT., 20285-Richmond American Homes to Camille M. and Walter A. Parr, $680,290.

CHOPTANK TERR., 44001-Heun A. and Si Y. Ok to Andrew Herd, $406,000.

CORNISH LANE, 44267-Jung Hee and Dong Wan Suh to Neha Sanganee and Vidyut Tarkas, $435,000.

DESERT FOREST DR., 20118-Belmont Land Partnership to Vanessa L. and Michael A. Gardner, $820,764.

FALMOUTH CT., 43985-K.R. Bettcher and Tyler Reichert to Liliana Ledford, $380,000.

GLENELDER TERR., 43175-K. Dunford and Michael Speckhardt to Andrea W. and Alan C. Buford, $446,000.

GREYMONT TERR., 20466-Belmont Land Partnership to Ronald Joseph Zabriskie, $383,639.

HANSBERRY TERR., 21383-Rajkumar V. Chandrasekar to A. Gurunathan and Krishna Venugopal, $518,000.

HATTEN CROSS CT., 43377-Mary O'Brien and Ronald Coleman to Phyllis R. and Milton V. Wolf, $635,000.

KIAWAH ISLAND DR., 20323-Belmont Land Partnership to Verlyn and Alphonso Dinson, $1.07 million.

KINGS CROSSING TERR., 21739-Stephen M. Rasmussen to Kavitha Gubba and Rajidhar Etta, $406,700.

KITTS HILL TERR., 43971-Tomiko M. Debole to Julie A. and Joseph G. Cacciola, $377,000.

LABURNUM SQ., 43859-S. Smithson and Clifford J. Johnson to Katja and Edward Olejniczak, $392,000.

LAUREL RIDGE DR., 43824-Joel R. and Stephanie A. Kline to Petrona Najarro, $614,900.

MONMOUTH TERR., 21610-Manuela and Vincent Iglio to A. Sathuluri and Herald Gujjarlamudi, $460,000.

MOSSY GLEN TERR., 21052-Lori and William Walter to Pranay and Seju Shastry, $476,101.

NATALIE TERR., 44082, No. 202-Josephine and Leonard Jackson Sr. to Jane Lee Kirk, $325,100.

NATALIE TERR., 44106, No. 201-Marie E. Cotti to May C. Berry, $312,500.

NEEDHAM WAY, 42918-Heather D. and Philip M. Anderson to David A. Long, $419,900.

NEEDMORE CT., 43986-E. McKissick and Alan L. Riggs to Suzanne Rich and Michael M. Vlahos, $625,000.

OAKVILLE TERR., 21769-Carrie Showalter and Kevin Vernon to Sneha Vageesh and Mahesh Veerappa, $450,000.

OAKVILLE TERR., 21793-Meredith and Jeffrey A. Skalinski to Yimin Li, $427,000.

PLAINFIELD ST., 20370-Janet C. Crane to Marina A. and Michael T. Rachal, $500,000.

POTTER TERR., 44481-Tina M. Jensen to Kathleen N. and Michael MacHado, $372,500.

ROAMING SHORES TERR., 21093-Jessica C. Medeiros to Sara J. Bell, $306,000.

SCIOTO TERR., 20443-Belmont Land Partnership to Sandra Kay Sturgeon, $424,791.

SECRETARIAT CT., 42905-Nancy L. and Thomas J. Vining to Ana E. and Edgar M. Encinas, $490,000.

SILVERTHISTLE CT., 20782-Sandra B. and Scott J. Friberg to Faiz Behgoman, $660,000.

SOMERSET HILLS TERR., 43213-Amy S. and Mark C. Oldknow to Darrin A. Johnson, $515,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TERR., 21019, No. 103-Robert S. Moorefield Sr. to Leela B. and Srinivas Sivadhanam, $281,000.

TOBACCO SQ., 20938-Traci and John A. Commons to Judy Wang, $376,000.

TYLER TOO TERR., 21054-Deborah D. Nicely to Thu V. Truong and James Q. Dang, $400,000.

WINDING BROOK SQ., 21220-Amy L. and Robert C. Sullivan to J. Michael Talbot, $382,500.

Bluemont-Frazer Hill Area

WALSH FARM LANE, 19255-Joanne L. and David A. Larock to Laura and Philip Peacock, $761,000.

Broadlands Area

BOWMANTOWN BRIDGE CT., 43535-Loudoun Valley Associates to Bijal and Anil B. Katarki, $683,560.

BRAMBLEBUSH TERR., 21937-Miller and Smith Homes to Chinh Tran, $425,740.

CATTAIL MEADOWS PL., 42929-Gretchen L. Thorsen to Betsy and Cortlandt L. Dickinson, $760,000.

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22106-NVR Inc. to William H. Truslow, $505,450.

CROSSWIND TERR., 43144-Van Metre Homes to Alan T. Cutler, $441,520.

FRAME SQ., 21678-Cornelius J. Oshea to Francine Meadows and Gary Bare, $380,000.

GLENSIDE DR., 42774-Thomas Julia to Elizabeth and John Gregory Zapp, $815,000.

HIGHGROVE TERR., 43224-Miller and Smith Homes to Jennifer Y. and Joseph D. Cruz, $480,480.

HIGHGROVE TERR., 43230-Miller and Smith Homes to Jennifer L. Krolick, $439,900.

HIGHVIEW TRAIL PL., 22129-Van Metre Homes to U. Burugula and K. Chakravadhanula, $607,165.

LIVINGSTON TERR., 22894-William Francis II to P. Boyle and George N. Kaczmarskyj, $533,000.

LOVETTSVILLE KNOLL CT., 22616-Loudoun Valley Associates to Shubin Yu and Yuan Ren, $588,270.

REGAL WOOD DR., 42561-Maria S. and Shannon C. Swanson to Kirsten I. and Zeljko Bibic, $590,000.

SCATTERSVILLE GAP TERR., 22568-Chad A. Morton to Rajini and Venkateshwar Gorukanti, $575,000.

TUMBLETREE TERR., 43295-Uma and Prakash M. Patel to Cynthia M. and Thomas E. Ongies, $560,000.

WELBORNE MANOR SQ., 22598-Jeanne B. Strokes to Linda J. and Joseph Bothwell, $556,000.

Dulles Area

BLACKTHORN SQ., 23144-Linglan Edwards and Yi Li Zhang to Hieu Ho and Phu T. Nguyen, $372,000.

BLACKTHORN SQ., 23149-Edward J. Urbaniak to Pakeeza Akhtar, $372,500.

FONTWELL SQ., 23066-Edward J. Urbaniak to Robin Bustamante, $387,500.

KERRISDALE WAY, 23379-Toll Brothers Homes to Jo Anne B. and Francis E. Jackson, $982,950.

PALACE TERR., 45772-Yasmin Tanveer and Tanveer Saeed to Olga Rivas and Felipe Lalinde, $499,900.

READING TERR., 45562-Tamara S. Jacobson to Valerie J. and Charles P. Thomas, $430,150.

REGENTS PARK CIR., 21769-Susan P. and Montgomery B. Howell to Han N.T. and Victor J. Stemberger, $567,500.

SHAGBARK TERR., 45796-Assad Zahedi and Halima Popal to McLean West Corp., $504,000.

WHITEHALL TERR., 22981-Miriam F. Solares to Latifa El Jeddaoui, $120,141.

Hamilton Area

CHARLES TOWN PIKE, 39311-G and M Homes to Thu Huong Dinh and Vu D. Nguyen, $1.495 million.

QUAIL CREEK CIR., 17251-Gail C. and David S. Groy to Patricia M. and Stephen T. Lovelady, $1.08 million.

Leesburg Area

ACCOKEEK TERR., 18869-Wayne R. Welch to Richard Wingrove and Ellen Birch, $689,900.

ADAMS DR., 77-Corinne Tees and James L. Trawick Jr. to Nicholas Jacobs, $218,000.

ARROYO TERR., 19064-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Doreen K. and Michael S. Rathbun, $762,890.

BARKSDALE DR., 1226-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Judownne and Lorenza H. Sankey, $585,000.

BLACK GOLD PL., 40657-M/I Homes to Leroy D. Schubert, $1.11 million.

BLUE RIDGE AVE., 506-Nicole L. and Keith R. Mulvihill to Michael Sifford and Duane Thorpe, $342,000.

CARNABY WAY, 104-Lisa K. and Kevin S. Blankenship to June E. Marion, $320,125.

CARRADOC FARM TERR., 43603-Lansdowne Communities to Deborah and Abe Nader, $633,740.

CATOCTIN CIR., 211-Diane S. and Guy N. Dinkins II to Judith S. and Ernest S. Harrington, $300,000.

CEDAR WALK CIR., 145-Michelle L. and Michael C. Price to Elisaveta Voda and Vasil Nika, $280,000.

CEDAR WALK CIR., 151-Martha and Abner Bohabot to Helen Erazo and Arnold Maldonado, $336,000.

CLUBHOUSE DR., 125P, No. 8-Anne B. Drenning to Hamilton Management Corp., $103,000.

CLUBHOUSE DR., 125P, No. 8-Hamilton Management Corp. to Patricia W. Young, $148,500.

CLUBHOUSE DR., 125Q, No. 9-Janet D. Werner Tee to B. Veytsman and Maria Shmilevich, $191,000.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 673I-Valerie and David I. Sumpter to Ellen and Thomas Robinson, $170,000.

COREOPSIS TERR., 18987-Van Metre Homes to Adeline J. and Jules B. Carney, $739,015.

COTON HOLDINGS CT., 19263-Iman and Mohamed Elagazy to Jamie H. and Joseph P. White, $700,000.

CYPRESS POINT TERR., 18210-River C. Corp. to Donna M. and Thomas M. Moran, $727,040.

DARDEN CT., 18621-Douglas G. Trout to Harriet E. and Willie W. Hassell II, $599,000.

DEARMONT TERR., 43024-Lisa Michele Smith to Daniel R. Schwandner, $465,000.

DELPHINIUM CIR., 42815-Dorothye H. and James E. Turner to Tami L. and Eugene J. Bredow, $729,900.

EMERALD PARK DR., 19440-Willie J. and Deborah J. Johnson to Julie P. and Joseph Granata, $924,990.

EVANS POND RD., 43118-Mary Marion and Jose C. Montero to Joyce R. and Stephen R. Gallant, $575,000.

FORT EVANS RD., 103-F-Kimberly A. Simpson to Janice Lanzo and Jorge Melendez, $252,000.

GATEWAY DR., 664, No. 307-Tahira B. and Azmat A. Malik to Anthony S. Choe, $232,000.

GLEEDSVILLE RD., 20080-Ronald P. and Darci D. Renzi to William Hoffman and Michael Firetti, $835,000.

GOLDEN LARCH TERR., 237-Mary E. and Michael S. Hawk to Wendy E. and Bobby D. Weisinger, $385,600.

HARLE PL., 1429-Lynn Jennifer Kanen to Christine and Kevin Miner, $700,000.

HETZEL TERR., 742-Yerko Mendoza to Marcelo Lopez, $350,000.

KENDRA TERR., 803-Andrew M. West to Swetha and Rajani Sanapala, $460,000.

LOUDOUN ST., 241C-Nancy C. Sevila and Sally C. Sevila to Patricia S. Kellerman, $251,000.

MEADOWS LANE, 152-Robert S. Payne to Maria J. Andrade, $305,000.

MEADOWS LANE, 237-Constance C. and Wayne L. Graham to UPMG Inc., $250,000.

MILL DAM PL., 19524-V. Stemberger and S. Peeler Morin to Susan P. and Montgomery B. Howell, $809,900.

MOXLEY DR., 701-Hemanth Kumar to Kanwaljit and Pritinder S. Mann, $624,900.

NANSEMOND ST., 365-Gary J. Moritz to M. McCauley and Evelyn Cayetano, $313,100.

NEWVALLEY CHURCH RD., 14501-Linda C. and Chris D. Hobbs to Silvia C. and Jose A. Torres, $469,900.

OCTORORA PL., 907-Laurie K. and Jeffrey M. Schott to Chrystal and Darren Cottrill, $749,900.

OVERVIEW PL., 43245-Basheer Edgemoore Corp. to Emmalinda N. and Patrick J. Pluto, $1.08 million.

PANORAMA PL., 42009-Glynn Tarra Estates Corp. to Gary Hughes and Karen Burkardsmaier, $670,842.

PLAZA ST., 66, No. 109-Tarak N. Bhar to Attique Qamar, $157,500.

PLAZA ST., 66, No. 111-Kenneth E. Conklin to Tiffany L. and David R. Tomasso, $206,000.

PUTTERS GREEN CT., 41723-Patricia A. Kallivokas to Kim M. and Larry H. Huffman, $1.2 million.

QUIVER RIDGE DR., 19049-Lansdowne Communities to Madan Kondayyagari, $611,414.

QUIVER RIDGE DR., 19052-Lansdowne Communities to Dirar Abu Saymeh, $642,374.

RASPBERRY DR., 41370-VMK Associates to Joni C. and Hilton R. Blizzard, $1 million.

RHONDA PL., 923-Robert Fuhrer to Vilda Desgoutte and John R. Brown, $683,000.

RICHMOND SQ., 549-Carol Y. and H. Jack Shanholtz to Yi Ching Ho and King Piao Ho, $390,000.

SHANKS EVANS RD., 703-Melissa A. and Matthew R. Duncan to Tammie M. and Lane C. Askew, $625,000.

SPARKLEBERRY TERR., 535-Judith and Hans A. Schichl to Ana Zelaya and Fernando Mosquera, $395,000.

SPECTACULAR BID PL., 40840-Renaissance Homes to Lynnore G. and Brayton E. Hamblen, $1.23 million.

STARGELL TERR., 43513-Van Metre Homes to Marsha J. and Alan A. Fox, $814,661.

STARGELL TERR., 43521-Van Metre Homes to Syed Khurrum and Farzana Hussain, $729,198.

TENNESSEE DR., 1201-Katharine and Patrick Seville to Elizabeth and Jeffrey B. Williams, $614,000.

TULIPTREE SQ., 541-Johnna A. Tino to Laura and Luis Salcedo, $379,500.

VANDERBILT TERR., 745-Paul A. Garrison to Leonardo Fernandez, $350,000.

WASHINGTON ST., 120, No. 2-Hamilton Management Corp. to Federico Campos, $164,000.

WILSON AVE., 214-Lynn and Robert C. Edwards to Nicole and Keith Mulvihill, $560,000.

Lovettsville Area

BERLIN TPK., 12006-Caroline F. and Leo J. Bariteau to Joy L. and Howard A. Dotson, $550,000.

POTTERFIELD DR., 31-NVR Inc. to Deborah E.W. Patterson, $536,140.

RICKARD RD., 39188-Deborah Pancoast and Kurt E. Weitz to Vreneli and John Doyle, $540,000.

RICKARD RD., 39330-George J. Levathes to Amanda Cockrell and Jorge Sauceda, $402,900.

SCOTT MORGAN LANE, 11636-Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to Emilio J. Villanueva, $552,578.

WOODBRIAR DR., 6-Elizabeth and James A. Morgan III to Miriam A. and David W. Mensh, $420,000.

Middleburg Area

NEWLIN MILL RD., 22302-St. Louis Villages Corp. to Chrystal and Joseph T. Hill, $575,000.

STONEWALL CT., 13-Kelly A. and Gregory W. Williams to Karen Patricia Woolley, $260,000.

Paeonian Springs Area

BRIDLEPATH LANE, 15950-Amy H. and Patrick J. Gowin to Rosemarie and Gregory D. Powalski, $2.525 million.

Purcellville Area

ALDERSHOT PL., 17447-Samantha C. and Thomas J. Maynard to Paz Bonilla Cabrera, $513,500.

BIRCH HOLLOW LANE, 35850-Paul Geroulo to Samantha C. and Thomas J. Maynard, $523,000.

HEATON CT., 202-James Whitfield Craun, trustee, to Shant Boyajian and Stephen Boyajian, $356,000.

INNISBROOK CIR., 36540-Diana D. and Kevin W. Buckley to Barbara and Mark Fontaine, $775,000.

MAPLE AVE. S., 604-Michael Harris Corp. to Alice A. and Walter B. Golden, $502,831.

OAK RIDGE DR., 18196-Birchwood Corp. to Laura J. and Carl J. Degroat, $584,925.

OAK RIDGE DR., 18219-Birchwood Corp. to Patricia A. and Thomas S. Bowles, $697,925.

SNICKERSVILLE TPK., 37061-Kimberly A. and Timothy J. Chambers to Beth A. and Stephen C. Gruneisen, $749,900.

YORKSHIRE RIDGE CT., 406-K. and J. Henkel and Tiffany Henkel to Lianne M. and Ronald A. Keenan, $416,000.

Round Hill Area

BIGHORN CT., 17314-Kathleen M. Darlack to Andrea Young, $475,000.

KELSEY HILL CT., 35668-Stonebridge Builders Corp. to Jacquelyn K. and Antonio A. Feijoo, $750,322.

KELSEY HILL CT., 35696-Western Loudoun Building Inc. to Barbara Hasler Miller, $699,900.

LEGACY TERR., 17362-Janis Dunnington Bland to Deborah K. Van Balen, $307,500.

MAGIC MOUNTAIN DR., 17109-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Wendy D. and Christopher R. Jones, $520,000.

WILLIAMS GAP RD., 34911-Barron Homes Inc. to Daniel S. Cohn, $550,376.

South Riding Area

BROWNBURG PL., 43794-Pulte Home Corp. to C.J. Cassatt and Samantha Hafner, $760,800.

CARRINGTON DR., 25493-Kim Lan and Phuong Tran to Shamsul Islam and Rehana Perveen, $749,900.

DEMERRIT ST., 42990-Jessica Chiles and Adam Holloway to Patrick R. Reardon, $470,000.

DONOVAN DR., 26017-South Riding Partnership to Alexander Ng, $640,992.

EUSTIS ST., 43068-Mark and Judy V. Brady to Karen Hayden and Russell T. Cook, $465,000.

GLASGOW DR., 26030-Katherine C. and Maury E. Billig to Michelle H. and Dennis Y. Bae, $735,000.

GOLF VIEW DR., 42853-Virginia C. and William E. Cabell to Muhammad Amer, $420,250.

KATAMA SQ., 43186-Jennifer Kwiatek and Zachary Debord to Lisa M. Murray, $425,000.

LAKE SHORE SQ., 25260, No. 201-H.W. Kreuger and Heather Fraser to Mary E. Riddlemoser, $350,000.

MURREY DR., 26142-Cherry A. and Peter R. Tapley to Wanda L. and Theodore Pritekel, $670,000.

PINEBLUFF DR., 25884-Jeffrey W. Hall and Lisa M. Graves to Colleen O. and Richard D. Dixon, $620,000.

QUINLAN ST., 25917-South Riding Partnership to I. Besedina and Asoka Senanayake, $668,640.

QUINLAN ST., 25925-South Riding Partnership to Dennis W. Martin, $659,394.

RAWLEY SPRINGS DR., 25783-Pulte Home Corp. to Loan Ngo and Binh Duong, $732,500.

RAWLEY SPRINGS DR., 25783-Loan Ngo and Binh Duong to Daniel and Alin Great, $824,500.

ROLLING ROCK SQ., 42687-Jennifer K. and Timothy J. Rade to Gabriela Silva, $484,200.

SCARLET SQ., 43628-Lisa K. and David J. Sapone to Michael Frustaci, $445,000.

TURLOUGH TERR., 25825-Hsing H. and Robert M. Murrell to Ronald C. Rush, $499,900.

VALIANT DR., 43173-South Riding Partnership to Janice Balmaceda, $777,886.

Sterling Area

ALDER AVE. S., 706-Esther L. Jovel and Jose A. Cerritos to Odilio Monroy, $390,000.

ARGONNE AVE. N., 1801-Barbara Ann and John Sidwar to Maryam S. Ahmadi, $419,000.

ARGONNE AVE. N., 1806-Molyna and Lalune Sak to Tat K. and Chia N. Thach, $449,500.

BRETHOUR CT., 406-Juan Henriquez to Patricia Carranza, $305,000.

BRETHOUR CT., 802-Maria E. and Juan F. Oliva to Vilma F. and Teofilo A. Santos, $312,000.

CANOPY TERR., 21770-Lachmi and Naresh R. Jagtiani to Stephanie and Tamer F. Moumen, $272,000.

CANOPY TERR., 21772-Peter Dabaie to Damian Cannon and Stephen Cannon, $290,000.

CHURCH RD. E., 302-George Earl and Kim C. Sherwood to Santos Romero, $395,000.

CHURCH RD. W., 207-Mary Jo Widmer to Marcos M. Arenivar, $350,000.

DOGWOOD ST. S., 702-Vincente Bardales to Cesar Leon, $370,000.

EDENBERRY CT., 204-James A. Moss Jr., trustee, to Claudia N. Godoy and Jose A. Araujo, $560,000.

EMORY DR. N., 141, No. 12-Fernando Mosquera to Venancio Henao, $205,000.

FIELDING TERR., 46717-George O. Dotterer III to Kerri A. Smith, $300,000.

GREENCASTLE RD., 12-Luis Alfonso Arrucha to M.Y. Yaneva and Stanislav Y. Yanev, $433,000.

HILLSDALE DR., 216-Theresa T. and David C. Bell to Christina M. O'Connell, $375,000.

LINCOLN AVE. N., 307-D. Hernandez and Osmin Merino to Jose J. Rodriquez, $385,580.

MAPLE AVE. E., 320-Maribel P. and Fabian A. Parodi to Garrick K. Robbins, $260,000.

MARGATE CT., 1023B-Felipe Blanco to Antonio Anibal Navarro, $255,000.

MARGATE CT., 1035A-Jackie L. and Wilbur R. Gray to Carol A. Hernandez Quiroz, $265,000.

NETTLE TREE RD. W., 601-Pedro C. Abarca to Clarita J. Pereda, $450,000.

RIVERVIEW CT., 707-Catherine M. and Donald L. Clark to Denise M. and Regis P. Chasse, $573,020.

STERLING BLVD. N., 108-Erline E. and Richard Hearns to Tammie V. and Terry L. Crank, $150,000.

TOTTENHAM CT., 1026-Vilma Perez to Arthur T. Knott III, $325,000.

WILLOW TERR., 202-Karen R. and Samir H. Shaban to Ann W. and David T. Allred, $316,000.

WOODSTONE TERR., 46815-Baharak Dibaei and Ahmed Muradi to J. Saadvandi and Abdol Saadvandi, $357,000.

WRIGHTWOOD PL., 127-Janelle and Ryan R. Washington to Robert Jenkins and John R. Jenkins, $375,000.

Waterford Area

STUMPTOWN RD., 40801-Toll Brothers Homes to Asra and Hussain S. Shaffi, $765,015.

STUMPTOWN RD., 40945-Toll Brothers Homes to Margaret N. and Leif R. Larsen, $762,208.

STUMPTOWN RD., 41019-Toll Brothers Homes to Melissa and Michael Karagiannis, $1.06 million.