Fourteen of Fauquier County's 17 public schools made adequate progress in scores on Virginia's Standards of Learning exams this year.

All 10 elementary schools and four of the five middle schools made "adequate yearly progress," or AYP, as defined by the federal No Child Left Behind law. Both high schools failed to make AYP.

The law requires that all students be "proficient" in math and reading by 2013-14, which in Virginia means passing Standards of Learning tests. Before then, schools must meet progressively higher targets.

Schools also must separately track groups of children, including low-income students, certain racial groups, disabled students and those with limited English skills. If even one group fails to hit the target, the school has not made AYP. Two of the three Fauquier schools that did not make AYP in 2004-05 met all but one of the federal law's 29 benchmarks. The third school met all but three.

Cedar Lee Middle School met all benchmarks except math performance by disadvantaged students. Liberty High School fell short in English scores among black students but showed improvement in that group over the previous year. Fauquier High School did not make AYP in math performance among black students, disadvantaged students and students with disabilities but showed improvement in the scores of the disadvantaged group.

"We are pleased that 14 schools made AYP, but our goal is for every one of our schools to reach the achievement objectives in all categories," said Superintendent J. David Martin. "We are seeing progress, evident in the tremendous increase in Liberty's subgroup performance."

For a school to make adequate yearly progress this year, 65 percent of all students must pass in reading and 63 percent must pass in math. The rate was supposed to be 70 percent for both subjects this year, but the federal government approved the lower rate after Virginia education officials asked that it be modified to allow more gradual improvement.

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