The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

BENCHMARK LANE, 8865-Deedra A.

Hernandez to Amy and Mario Alarcon, $330,000.

BONNYKELLY CT., 10032-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to David Scott Gardziel, $556,015.

BREVET CT., 11659-Centex Homes to Anibal and Mario Ramos Jr., $505,867.

DAIRY CT., 13460-Erica R. and Mark A. Satterfield to Lacey A. and David D. Nelson, $560,000.

DRUM SALUTE PL., 12143-Margaret J. Daniels and Matthew A. Michel to Heather R. Black, $400,000.

FALLING WATER DR., 9234-Miller and Smith Corp. to Kathy C. and Michael E. Fuster, $605,620.

FETLAR WAY, 12921-Cendant Corp. to Josephine M. and Leonard S. Jackson Sr., $357,500.

FORMBY ST., 12163-Mirwais Khairzad to Mirian Jaurez Noheny Amador, $476,000.

GREAT FALLS DR., 12434-Winchester

Homes to Sindhu and Varghese Roy Viju, $595,875.

HARTWOOD MEADOW PL., 12087-Washington Homes Inc. to Claudia M. and Santiago M. Rosales, $574,160.

HOWLAND PL., 8848-Deanne M. and Benjamin M. Benita to Chad B. Hollingsworth, $350,000.

INDIGO SPRINGS CT., 12328-Winchester Homes to Voliya A. Valiaparambil and Biju Agapitus, $596,430.

IONA SOUND DR., 12368-Pat D. and Anthony D. Harris to Natasha D. and Randolph J. Clerihue, $650,000.

KIRKMICHAEL TERR., 13150-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Olga Andrade, $495,156.

KIRKMICHAEL TERR., 13158-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Pamela J. and Willard Thompson, $494,040.

LENNICE WAY, 9753-Joseph L. and Eileen M. Welsh to Christine Woodard and Keith William Balts, $551,000.

LINTON HALL RD., 8723A-Paul Baron to Rowena Moyer, $314,000.

MOXLEYS FORD LANE, 10062-Augustine and Susie Somuah Gyamfi to Jeffery Reagan, $302,000.

ORMOND DR., 13100-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to Ann L. and William L. Reichel, $360,690.

ORMOND DR., 13120-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to Grace M. Moody, $373,640.

ORMOND DR., 13124-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to Esperanza L. Foley, $335,490.

ORMOND DR., 13130-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to Laurie M. and John W. Beacham, $484,371.

RAGING WATER DR., 9076-Miller and

Smith Corp. to Zulfiqar and Anila Abbasi, $558,360.

SELKIRK CIR., 12497-Jennifer L. and Gregg K. Hamlin to Dede L. Pitts, $326,000.

STABLE FOREST PL., 8841-Verlene Michel to Monique E. and Robert J. Crowe, $321,750.

TANALIAN FALLS LANE, 12314-Miller and Smith Corp. to Zafar Iqbal, $456,480.

TOMBRECK CT., 9778-Antonio Alave to Victoria J. Arms, $499,999.

Broad Run Area

THOROUGHFARE RD., 16110-Frances E. and William F. Christian to Jose C. Portillo, $579,950.

Catharpin Area

AVONLEA WAY, 3700-D.R. Horton Inc. to Tonya Dae Moore and Scott Lawrenson, $905,000.

SHARI CT., 4406-Elizabeth A. and Joseph W. Stevens to Katherine L. Wong and Tai T. Nguyen, $439,000.

Dumfries Area

AVENEL LANE, 17668-Mi Chong Costlow to Debbra Kay Kayton, $565,000.

BAYOU BEND CIR., 17442-Beazer Homes to James H. Robertson, $347,650.

BAYOU BEND CIR., 17476-Beazer Homes to Grant C. Hayes, $440,730.

BAYOU BEND CIR., 17482-Beazer Homes to Nancy Gagnon and Kenneth Dement, $315,977.

BELLEPLAIN CT., 3441-Blake C. Mercer to Ana M. and Jose M. Ventura, $249,000.

BENECIA LANE, 4847-Sherri D. Rardan to Malinda S. Stewart, $266,000.

BUELL CT., 2926-Nery B. Vasquez to Jose Sesmas and Maria C. Vasquez, $219,900.

BUTTERFLY WAY, 3100-Miller and Smith Corp. to Jimmy L. Chavez, $357,870.

CAJUN CT., 17508-Beazer Homes Corp. to Susan M. Wertjes, $420,395.

CAJUN CT., 17510-Beazer Homes Corp. to Ayesha and Humayan Tahir, $415,830.

CAPE MAY CT., 3336-Albert N. Brima to Agnes Amoah, $340,000.

DOMINION DR., 4001-Michelle A. and Timothy W. Barker to Shirley M. Washington, $355,000.

FALLSTONE PL., 4327-Mildred P.R. Bailey to Benjamin A. Smart, $500,000.

FOUR SEASONS DR., 17063-Hovnanian Corp. to Sandra A. and Eduardo A. Legall, $385,282.

FOUR SEASONS DR., 17095-Hovnanian Corp. to Marlene S. and Gerald L. Huff, $424,850.

GOLF CLUB DR., 15509-Mary A. Miles to Adrienne L. Roussell and Sue G. Sullivan, $408,000.

HENDERSON LANE, 16215-Marjorie H. Pearson to Thomas C. Papageorge, $316,000.

HICKORY CREEK CT., 2898-Stephen B. Pradier to Tracy Ann Ruff and Terry Dwayne Lane, $460,000.

HOPKINS DR., 4754-Jean M. and Charles E. Edwards to Fiorella and Pavel Santos, $415,500.

ISLE ROYALE TERR., 17423-Megan L. Gerstenfeld to Joseph M. Denney, $343,300.

ISLE ROYALE TERR., 17487-Clyde McLemore to David F. Bovey Jr. and Rachel A. Beuter, $362,000.

ISLE ROYALE TERR., 17501-Elaine and Erik Hovey to Randall L. Zeigler Jr., $355,000.

JASPER LOOP, 4055-Judith K. and Fred M. Boese to Ovidio P. Coronado, $330,000.

LANDS END CT., 5127-Carol D. Dulin and Karen E. Dove to Bryony E. Bowers, $325,000.

MACRAE CT., 18224-Felicia Arrington to Rogelio and Amador Jimenez, $320,000.

MARSH HARBOR LANE, 17638-Ama O. Akenten and Atto K. Kum to Dennis and Linda Bivens, $595,000.

MONMOUTH CT., 16932-Sharon Thacker to Elvis M. Balla, $251,000.

OLIVIA WAY, 5118-Vincent C. Allen to Kimberly A. and Kevin G. Gianni, $615,000.

RESERVOIR LOOP, 16688-Kettler Forlines Homes to Sirak Medhin and Elsa Tesfatsion, $437,830.

SECRET GROVE CT., 3655-Hovnanian Corp. to Kathryn W. Douglas, $400,627.

SIGEL CT., 3029-Patrick G. McConnell to Kingsley A. Hayford, $224,500.

SIGEL CT., 3037-Mobeen A. Khan to Jose Oscar Ayala Rivera, $229,000.

SLIGO LOOP, 17384-Mitra and Jason T. Debloois to Patricia A. Lee, $335,000.

SLIGO LOOP, 17392-Shayvonne Turner to Gabriel Julio Pardo Gamboa, $332,000.

SPRING BRANCH BLVD., 5240-Renee D. and Lawrence Roland Green to Elvira O. and Rafael C. Santayana, $300,000.

STOCKBRIDGE DR., 4209, No. 10-C-Christine R. Malhoyt to Dennis C. Hoeck and Jacqueline M. Almanza, $190,000.

TACONIC CIR., 16242, No. 110D-Elizabeth M. and John J. Vittori to Richard L. Adkins, $227,000.

VINELAND PL., 3391-Stacy L. Boleyn and Steven E. Hancock to Don Il Kim, $355,000.

WATERS LANE, 17540-Clarence E. Clark to Helen H. Hodges Moore and Caroline S. Nickens, $230,000.

WEXFORD LOOP, 17277-Nichelle C. and Justin W. Gardner to Carolyn Trexler, $343,500.

WINDSONG LANE, 15419-Maxine D. Charles to Jenelle Springer and Elizabeth Dandridge, $296,000.

Gainesville Area

BERRY RD., 4243-Frank Lee Byrne to Andrea V. Dingle and Wayne M. Scott, $699,000.

BRIDLEWOOD DR., 13748-National Transfer Services Corp. to George Harry Brooks and Melissa Sparta, $571,100.

CARVER RD., 7509-CD Ventures Corp. to Andrea and Debbie Mosbrucker and Chris Chipps, $250,000.

CLUBHOUSE RD., 14184-Ruthann P. and Christian B. Coleman to Robert C. and Courtney Kakuska Barthle III, $589,900.

EARLY MARKER CT., 7306-NVR Inc. to Sufia and Imamuz Zaman and Borath Z. Chowdury, $591,430.

KYLEWOOD WAY, 14532-Engle Homes to Byung Doo Park, $313,070.

KYLEWOOD WAY, 14572-Engle Homes to Susan M. and Craig P. Moeller, $305,412.

KYLEWOOD WAY, 14574-Engle Homes to Rebecca M. Moats and Charles M. Miller, $324,637.

KYLEWOOD WAY, 14582-Engle Homes to James F. and Joanne P. Little, $312,076.

KYLEWOOD WAY, 14590-Engle Homes to Sarah Bishop and Lionell Ausmer, $317,558.

KYLEWOOD WAY, 14596-Engle Homes to Paula Morales, $318,895.

LEGEND GLEN CT., 14222-Kyu Eun Rhee to Lusvia I. and Sam Malikzada, $386,000.

LICK RIVER LANE, 5463-Ruth M. Maruszewski to Heather Bryan and Nathan Bradley Gillespie, $560,000.

LINKS POND CIR., 14756-D.M. Faherty and William A. Dubolino to Hugh A. Lee and Zhou Wang, $528,000.

MAIDENHAIR DR., 12124-Cendant Corp. to Mary E. and Brian D. McLeod, $625,000.

MONTOUR HEIGHTS DR., 8085-Melissa and Scott Verbel to Angela Mitchell, $390,000.

PADDOCK CT., 13684-Virginia L. Nauer to Juan A. Bonilla, $559,900.

REIDHALL PL., 14202-NVR Inc. to Norma E. and Jose Alberto Ramirez, $458,740.

REIDHALL PL., 14204-NVR Inc. to Devadas Venugopal, $463,035.

ROXBOROUGH LOOP, 8208-Cendant Corp. to Diane B. and James C. Phang, $950,000.

ROXBOROUGH LOOP, 8217-Christine and Jeff Tichenor to Patricia and Roland Andrews, $810,000.

ROXBOROUGH LOOP, 8326-Donna H. and William L. Engelson to Carolyn and Steven Capalbo, $965,000.

SEDONA DR., 14456-Christine V. and Mark J. Hood to Alev Catterson and Ogun Kucuk, $685,000.

SELBOURNE LANE, 6707-NVR Inc. to Carole Lynne and Patrick Andrew Bedell, $492,718.

STANWICK SQ., 6935-Toai T. and Andy H. Nguyen to Dale Nguyen and Kim Ngoc Thi Hoang, $475,000.

STERLING POINT DR., 13067-Tammie V. and Terry L. Crank to Fatima and Mohammed Shameem Kamal, $625,000.

TALLYRAND WAY, 13501-U S Home Corp. to Sun Hee, Jin K. and Ki Park, $333,677.

TENBROOK DR., 8369-Eun J. and James Y. Kim to Eun J. Kim, $581,805.

TUXEDO LANE, 15513-Airston Corp. to Tiffini and Antoine Manson, $673,800.

UPLAND MEADOW CT., 6009-U S Home Corp. to Melinda S. and Scott W. Harleman, $355,105.

VILLAGE STREAM PL., 6906-Sonya M. Abrams to Crystalee A. and Brendan W. Hagen, $315,000.

VILLAGE STREAM PL., 6972-Diana A. and James R. Gillgam to Pamela and Carlos Alvarado, $369,900.

Haymarket Area

ALDERBROOK DR., 15604-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Nancy J. and Allan Anderson, $508,366.

ARROWFIELD TER., 5506-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Soon Hak Kwon, $448,377.

ASHBY GROVE LOOP, 6418-David L. Hughes to Alicia G. and Donald R. Holden, $640,000.

BROWN DEER CT., 15559-Tracey A. and Christopher W. Conroy to Ramona K. Felts and Peter A. Wonders, $630,000.

COACH WAY, 6812-Centex Homes to Mary Ellen Lydic and Melissa D. Topper, $556,900.

CRANSWICK CT., 5830-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Mi Chong and Jongjip Yang, $626,867.

DANUBE WAY, 15007-Donna C. Fortney to Jenifer L. and Christopher F. Mayes, $430,000.

FOLEYS MILL PL., 15731-Leigh Anne and Maher M. Zarou to Michaela and Michael Carlino, $1.05 million.

GORE DR., 2409-Jennifer L. Turtle and Jeremy C. Day to Warren G. Bain, $334,990.

JACOBS CREEK PL., 5249-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Joan and William Clinton, $798,899.

MELLON CT., 15525-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Vivian Tran, $719,141.

MENDELMORE WAY, 5630-Robin L. and Brian M. Johnston to Michele D. and Joseph L. Dettor, $755,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 3550-Carolyn E. and Billy W. Davis to Patricia E. and Randall A. Paris, $650,000.

PICKETTS STORE PL., 15618-John Gowan to Starr and Daniel Morvay, $494,900.

SEVEN PINES CT., 5827-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Gina and Joseph Schodrowski, $597,998.

SOLHEIM CUP DR., 5647-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Jeffry L. Schwarz, $581,076.

SOLHEIM CUP DR., 5709-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Carla P. and Darren J. Shaw, $620,065.

TOLEDO PL., 6186-Louis Golden to Jae Mi and Kab Pong Choe, $439,900.

TULLOCH SPRING CT., 5882-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Megan N. and S. Jason Krout, $535,504.

Manassas Area

ASHEVILLE ST., 10172-Stephanie A. and Luis R. Irizarry to Lillian Sahda, $246,000.

BASSWOOD DR., 12504-Diane E. and Robert G. Gray to Heidi A. and Robert A. Johnson, $485,950.

BRENMILL LANE, 12451-Sergio R. Quezada to Rodimir Vargas, $650,000.

BRIGHTON WAY, 7904-Pamela S. Bell to Matthew Aaron Humbrecht and Amy N. Turner, $251,101.

BRIGHTON WAY, 7929-Brenda S. Hall to Venancio Henao, $245,000.

CLAREMONT ST., 8204-Abel Fabian Murcia to David Gutierrez, $400,000.

CLASSIC OAKS CT., 13473-Classic Concept Builders Inc. to Yvonne and Richard E. Smith, $806,035.

COMMUNITY DR., 8017-Allison F. Judd and Christopher J. Settle to Sudhish K. Suryawansi, $242,000.

COPELAND DR., 10288-Nicole M. and Michael Tessitore to John and Evelyn L. Archer, trustees, $467,500.

COPELAND DR., 9815-Darlene D. and David W. Crank to Audrie and Robert S. Wingate, $425,000.

CUYAHOGA CT., 13166-Deborah L. and Edwin L. Dukes to Loren R. and Stewart D. Smith, $652,500.

DUMFRIES RD., 14616-Marion D. Chiarito, trustee, to Christopher Engel, $295,000.

EMERALD DR., 7560-Louise E. Troiano to Tammy D. Cabell, $238,900.

HIRAM CT., 11002-John Langlois to Zulma J. Meneces and Ronald E. Ribera, $250,000.

IRONGATE WAY, 10007-Margaret V. and Charles A. Hern to Estella M. and Hugo E. Garcia, $260,000.

JAMAICA LANE, 10239-Norma and Angel Argueta to Efrain Hernandez, $275,000.

KINSHIP CT., 11009, No. 253-Jason C. Koch to Karina A. Benitez and Victor Zapata Jr., $264,050.

LOCKERBIE WAY, 10619-Gabriela Silva to Ashley C. Akstulewicz and Michael J. Page, $321,100.

LOMOND DR., 10314-Sheri and Michael K. Crawford to Luz E. Chicas, $405,000.

LOMOND DR., 9535-Dinor Castillo and Maximo Rodriquez to Alba and Jose G. Ayala, $334,900.

MARGATE CT., 7581, No. 101-Denise Christian to Aylline M. Zabalaga, $175,000.

NORFOLK ST., 9623-Raul Mendoza to Vicente Bonilla Velasquez, $399,900.

OMEGA LANE, 6049-Tahir and Ashfaq Ahmed to Jose A. Mendoza, $484,900.

OMEGA LANE, 6053-Ridgedale Inc. to Syed N.H. Jaffiri and Samir Hasan, $391,900.

OMEGA LANE, 6065-Ridgedale Inc. to S. Javid and Tasneem Akhtar, $436,956.

OMEGA LANE, 6080-Ridgedale Inc. to Zahida Nasreen and Salman Azam, $429,607.

PEACHWOOD DR., 10891-Caryn J. Suko to Stacy L. and Ralph C. Cataneo, $579,400.

PERENNIAL ST., 9475-Kristin E. and Timothy G. Siegel to Ralph W. Jr. and Sharon M. Carter, $598,900.

QUAIL CREEK LANE, 10833-Jane S. Takeuchi to Barbara R. Petty and Thomas E. Simonian, $659,900.

RAPIDAN LANE, 10419-Marjorie and Scott Primrose to Melissa and Brian Wick, $295,000.

RIENZI PL., 11192, No. 201-Robert Nelson Debutts to Alyson S. and Joseph D. Visconti, $254,900.

SENTRY RIDGE RD., 11006, No. 4-Oshaughnessy Hurst Memorial to Raymond J. Wachter, $175,000.

SPLIT RAIL DR., 10842-Jeri R. and William M. Carr to Patricia F. Larsen and Burton G. Brazier, $480,000.

VICTORIA ST., 9437-Andres and Rene

Perez to Rosa E. Cuellar and Rene Perez, $276,000.

VISTA BROOKE DR., 12219-Brian A. Armstrong to Lucia Requeno, $690,000.

WINCHESTER CT., 10232-Carlos A. Alvarado to Edwin Altamirano, $238,000.

WYCLIFFE CT., 8224-Jeri K. Burke to Grayland L. and Joann Paige Perkins, $248,000.

Manassas Park Area

ARRINGTON FARM CT., 9237-Birchwood Corp. to Ravichander N. Vellore, $435,250.

ARROWOOD DR., 9871-Cherie G. and William D. Harding to Sheryl A. and Michael D. Hall, $525,000.

BLANDSFORD DR., 8120-Deborah L. and Adrianus Vankleef to Marcella and Michael Rogers, $570,000.

BOSBURY CT., 7513-Michael L. Boyd to Silvia M. and Troy C. Riet, $220,000.

CABOT CT., 8582-Ernestina Ramos and Lazaro Hernandez to Isabel Callisaya, $300,000.

COURTLAND CIR., 7431-Anh Mai and Danny Wu to Sabina A. Chowdhury and Syed Foiz Mahbub, $310,000.

HARD SHALE RD., 8109-Comstock Corp. to Zaheeruddin Fazal Mohammed, $411,326.

HARD SHALE RD., 8115-Comstock Corp. to Glenda T. and Richard G. Poindexter, $429,450.

HARD SHALE RD., 8117-Comstock Corp. to Shamsia Behgoman, $414,500.

MINEOLA CT., 9112-Apneet Kaur and Sarndeep Singh Sarkaria to Thay Bui and Bien Dong, $535,600.

NEWTON PL., 8635-Dorothy W. Rodriguez to Jose A. Padilla, $230,000.

PARKLAND ST., 8706-Chester Morgan to Jose A. Lopez Boggio, $355,000.

RAINWATER CIR., 8182-Darren L. Thomas to Jamal and Amira Z. Otallah, $400,000.

Nokesville Area

AQUA VIEW CT., 10225-Celeste A. and Gerard P. Nevillle to Paula Joann and Derek Paul Green, $549,000.

BLUEGRASS CT., 11992-Deborah L. Thomas to Dawn M. and Ali R. Kerem, $365,000.

CRASHING THUNDER PL., 10137-Richmond American Homes to Zhuo Song Yan, $533,040.

HOOKER LANE, 12028-Cherokee Industries Corp. to April H. and Robert H. Place, $819,000.

LISMORE PL., 13401-D. and S. Homes to Amy L. and Jay P. Harris, $768,869.

SHEVLIN CT., 9301-Stacey M. and Gary W. Musick to Stacey and Darrin Woods, $170,000.

Occoquan Area

LOCUST ST. W., 101-Christopher S. and Janice I. Kreuser to Shauna Lenae and Joel Gerald Oswald, $370,000.

LOCUST ST. W., 108-Susan B. Catlett and John G. Nelson to Xue and Stephen Robert Atherton, $360,000.

Triangle Area

AMIDON AVE., 18531-Christal D. and Edward D. Beckley to Maria L. Zurita and Martin R. Mann, $260,000.

AMIDON AVE., 18611-Charles E. Johnson to Wilberg A. Rivera, $250,000.

HUNDRED ACRE LANE, 18821-Wall Neighborhoods Corp. to Raheel K. Kausar and Jamila Begumkayani, $547,751.

HUNDRED ACRE LANE, 18825-Wall Neighborhoods Corp. to Yu Luan and William N. White, $585,814.

OLDE PORT LANE, 18060-Sarah C. and Nicholas A. Baatz to Sue Ellen Dooley, $225,000.

SHARON RD., 18360-Barbara S. Ruths to Rashida and Anwar A. Bowman, $400,000.

STONEWALL MANOR DR., 3680-Wall Neighborhoods Corp. to Rose and Donald Gallitz, $542,195.

Woodbridge Area

ABBEY KNOLL CT., 12422-Kumar Arvind to Jerry W. Smith, $226,533.

ALASKA RD., 15122-Jose Amaya to Jose Daniel Lazo, $340,000.

ALLSPICE CT., 12232-Balmore Escobar Parada and Ronis Reyes to Marilena Artiga Hernandez, $307,000.

ANN SCARLET CT., 1775-Kim Keller to Phuong Nguyen and Thorn Thach, $560,000.

AUGUSTUS CT., 12990-Paz Gonzales to Sabeha Noor, $325,870.

AVIARY WAY, 3486-Connee Lee Merwin to Jose E. and Christine B. Alvarez, $336,000.

AVOCET LOOP, 15686-Monica L. Slater and William S. Pfeiffer to Faiza Arif and Mohammed Orfan, $475,000.

AYRSHIRE LANE, 765-Centex Homes to Semegne Hailu and Gedion Yohannes, $360,155.

AYRSHIRE LANE, 767-Centex Homes to Jasmine K. and Liang Xu, $376,770.

BACON RACE RD., 10996-Basheer Edgemoore Corp. to Paula C. and Shakil U. Qureshi, $887,425.

BARN SWALLOW PL., 16036-NVR Inc. to Barbara J. and Robert C. Driscoll, trustees, $466,690.

BEAVER FORD RD., 3624-Sylvia M. and Larry Edward Kaufman to Karen S. and Thomas F. Woloszyn, $534,000.

BEECHTREE LANE, 2802-Frederick W. and Almerinda Garner III to Khalid Tafader, $256,500.

BEECHTREE LANE, 2868-Beatrice Kodua to Hawa A. Weller, $235,000.

BELLFLOWER CT., 3311-Coppertop Properties to Cecilia Murphy, $330,000.

BELMONT BAY DR., 500-Elaine E. McNulty, trustee, to Roger P. Talbot, $469,900.

BENTLEY CIR., 13554-William M. Peacock to Poto Corp., $186,900.

BERWICK PL., 4311-Jeannie L. and Craig Wesley Robey to Eleanore F. Walker, $530,000.

BINDER CT., 15438-Ridgedale Inc. to Seung and Kathy and Young Chul Shin, $352,815.

BIRCHDALE AVE., 14333-Monique M. and Thomas G. Caprara to Guadalupe Gomez Rivera and Jose D. Gomez, $320,000.

BIRCHDALE SQ., 3262-Jonathan O. Burke to Carlos Gonzalez, $282,000.

BLUE JAY CT., 4506-Tanya R. and Michael E. Remsberg to Imran Khan, $275,000.

BOWES LANE, 2887-Alicia and Juan A. Castro to Jatinder Kaur and Harjinder Singh, $270,000.

BRANDY MOOR LOOP, 16778-Coletta A. Treakle to Louis A. Birdsong, $295,000.

BRANDY MOOR LOOP, 16862-Harmony and Matthew J. Greenfield to Rigoberto B. Cardona, $325,000.

BULKHEAD DR., 2744-The Drees Co. to Tammy A. and Rupert R. Warner, $621,570.

CANDLEWOOD CT., 14770-Michelle L. Beuchert to Nowruz Rasteh, $285,000.

CARTER LANE, 1613-Eva H. Hernandez and Hipolitp Vargas to Eva H. Vargas, $250,000.

CAVALLO WAY, 4811-NVR Inc. to John Matthew Gorsuch, $399,240.

CHEVINGTON CT., 735-Centex Homes to Fara Ayar Azami, $432,090.

COLLINGTON CT., 741-Centex Homes to Kim Hoa Thi Bui and Ca V. Tran, $445,565.

COLLINGTON CT., 746-Centex Homes to Vu Q. Phan, $419,060.

COLLINGTON CT., 750-Centex Homes to Phian Qui Huynh Nguyen, $444,535.

COLLINGTON CT., 751-Centex Homes to Quang H. Nguyen, $418,398.

CRAG MEWS, 3519-Maria A. Membreno to Marcos Casteneda, $300,000.

CULPEPER DR., 2128-Ercilia and Jose Saravia to Francisco M. Galvan, $386,000.

DASHIELL PL., 4906-NVR Inc. to Tracy M. and Matthew A. Raymer, $418,594.

DERRIFORD CT., 12152-Alyssa and Danny Modesitt to Ha Cha and Albert L. Scott, $380,000.

DEVIL LANE, 1674, No. 5-UPMG Inc. to Jennifer M. and Justin L. Good, $260,000.

DEVONWOOD WAY, 4226-Miriam M. and Ruben Ortiz to Henok T. Aderaye, $335,000.

DILLWYN CT., 15334-Hovnanian Corp. to Christopher C. Hicklin, $718,144.

DILLWYN CT., 15346-Hovnanian Corp. to Jin Chen, $644,590.

EDEN LANE, 12429-Martha S. Rosenberg to Vanessa Martinez and Radames Torrealba, $336,000.

EDINBURG DR., 4506-Capital Investments Corp. to Nha Phuong Huynh and Ut Van Nguyen, $346,000.

ELMWOOD DR., 14824-Michelle A. Peters and Nicole T. Plummer to Rodolfo Santos, $390,000.

EMBERDALE DR., 14892-Total Investments Corp. to Tati Matias, $300,000.

ENDSLEY TURN, 14656-Philmore C. Hamilton to Roberto C. Ramirez, $295,000.

ENSBROOK LANE, 4413-Janet Owusu

Asare to Yaa Bempah and Dickson Marfo, $274,000.

ENTERPRISE LANE, 14914-Mid-Atlantic

Development Corp. to Walter Gomez, $296,000.

EVANSPORT PL., 12810-Nora E. Brew and Kevin R. Rosenberger to Maria Masabe and Nelson E. Castrellon, $320,000.

EVEREST PEAK LANE, 12416-Mary E. Harman to Craig D. Prather, $397,500.

FORGE DR., 4026-Patricia B. Tyson to Tiyana Ellis and Don Green, $373,000.

GENERAL WASHINGTON DR., 14543-Rozi and Imran Butt to Irene H. and Ramzy Sayegh, $632,400.

GERRY LANE, 4206-Abdellatif Errazzouki to Fatiha and Adam Couki, $240,000.

GINA PL., 3291-Richard L. Adkins Jr. to Ronald Bacarreza, $346,000.

GLOUCESTER CT., 2881-Cassandra P. and Charles A. Powell Jr. to Armand E. Belcher, $184,000.

GORDON BLVD., 12713, No. 90-Bonnie Louise D'Alessandro to Jessica Huynh and Kai Yu, $237,500.

GRANADA WAY, 12241-Michael K. Houston, trustee, to Zaida Melendez and Jose A. Hernandez, $257,000.

GRANBY RD., 4108-Edith J. Snow to Martha L. and Gustavo A. Fernandez, $333,000.

GREENBRIAR DR., 13705-Elvira C. and Romeo M. Miranda to William and Nettie Peters, $220,000.

GREENDALE DR., 13967-Centex Homes to Sharon A. and Dewitt T. Hardin Jr., $386,022.

GROSBEAK CT., 1526-NVR Inc. to Paul W. and Carol S. Darezzo, $396,940.

GRUNDY RD., 2209-Norma D. Lefler, trustee, to Leydi L. Guzman and Cruz A. Sosa, $370,333.

GULLANE DR., 13807-Centex Homes to Joan E. and Howard B. Katz, $342,153.

HAMILTON DR., 4419-Ruben F. Flores to Ali Imran, $346,000.

HAWTHORN LANE, 13208-Walter Gramajo to Basu Satyal, $290,000.

HEATHER GLEN CT., 1840-Mohammed Uddin Jashim to Jose Daniel Discua, $303,000.

HILDAS WAY, 2518-Hadia Chaudhry to Christopher Rutherford, $420,000.

HUNTERBROOK DR., 12771-Jessica Huynh and Kai Yu to Boris W. Blacutt and Evangelina Serrano, $367,500.

IDAHO ST., 1406-Maria M. Ortiz and Antonio V. Rosales to Maria Silvia and Oscar A. Bolanos, $379,000.

IOWA CT., 1703-Agnes J. and Bobbie E. Fenter to Maria I. and Alvaro R. Merida Salas, $340,000.

JED FOREST LANE, 16937-Pamela M. and Gary L. Alexander to Ernest Hickson, $335,000.

KEMPSTON LANE, 12619, No. 159-Cendant Corp. to Daniel Alemu, $276,000.

KENNEWEG CT., 16452-Angel M. Thomas to Everton Robinson, $494,900.

KENTWOOD LANE, 4606-Jose F.G. Gallardo and Walter R.R. Flores to Jose Francisco and Santos Antonio Rivera, $358,500.

LARRY CT., 5003-Kristen C. and Vance T. Ayres to Adam S. Talkington, $405,000.

LEATHERBACK RD., 5071-Vanessa L. and Joe Kevin White to Shaista Haider Kirmani, $550,000.

LEXINGTON CT., 2953-Joyce A. and Ernest H. McQuesten Jr. to Kathleen M. Hanser, $275,000.

LEXINGTON CT., 2963-D. Bhiwandiwalla and Shirin Jassawalla to Mohammad K. Abdullah, $270,000.

LINDENDALE RD., 14316-Ali Imran and Mohammad A. Sheikh to Demetrio Blanco, $335,000.

LOCKLEVEN LANE, 12702-Sarah J. and Michael A. Romero to Brent E. Jackson, $326,950.

LONDONDERRY CT., 13821-Jose A. Mendoza to David Wilfredo Aguilar, $325,000.

LOST COLONY DR., 6120-Gloria E. Markus and Daniel S. Carlineo to Pamela Kanonas, $655,000.

LOTTE DR., 12703-Gwendolyn Coles to Elizabeth Dandridge, $187,200.

LYNHURST DR., 13918-Jennifer C. and Joseph L. Douglas to Maria E. Arce and Alejandro Arce Martinez, $350,000.

LYNWOOD DR., 5043-Lula Mae Sowells to Kathryn A. Yachechko Perez, $345,000.

MANITOBA DR., 3208-Tina L. and George E. Porterfield to Michelle L. and Isaac B. Moore, $440,000.

MAPLEDALE AVE., 14218-Deborah A. and Jeffery L. Hankey to Margaret Gulledge Starling, $315,000.

MARBLESTONE DR., 12830-Linda Edlefsen to Lisa A. Coniglio, $499,000.

MARBLESTONE DR., 12850-Prince William Townhouse Corp. to Laurie S. Gray,


MARBLESTONE DR., 12852-Prince William Townhouse Corp. to Cheryl F. Davidson, $325,010.

MARQUIS PL., 3818-Michael A. and Ramon Cruz to Chady S. Nasr, $410,000.

MAYFLOWER DR., 1965-Lana K. Fowler to Debra M. Rose, $305,000.

MAYFLOWER DR., 1989-John L. Caton Jr. to Thomas Galvin and Cynthia Baggett, $289,500.

MEADOWBROOK RD., 13836-Montez and Wayne C. Johnson to Roxana M. and Jose O. Martinez, $285,000.

MILL BROOK CT., 12843-Kelly Kiebler to Sarika and Gaurav Khanijaun, $343,000.

MONTEGA DR., 4839-Aleth Yu to Jonathan Yu, $680,000.

MONTOCLAIR LANE, 14001-Juan Carlos Nina to Veronica Valencia and Simon Nina, $315,000.

MOONBEAM DR., 5826-Van M. and

William G. Reagle to Mohamed Diallo, $499,750.

MOUNT PLEASANT DR., 14203-Dorothy Louise Davis to Evelyn P. Rosa, $270,000.

OAKLAND DR., 6269-Lionel Toure to Lori A. and Douglas S. Hall, $529,900.

OAKWOOD DR., 11919-Jodi L. and Kelly V. Norman to Zohra Ghulam, $455,000.

OCCOQUAN CLUB DR., 4900-Patricia A. and William J. Tomasetti to Harry C. Grevert, $675,000.

OLD POST TERR., 1815-Cynthia T. and Robert T. Sparkman to Christopher Yohman, $285,500.

OLD POST TERR., 1907-Joseph Michael Denney to Jamie M. Bertelli, $260,000.

PARK SHORE CT., 12108-Aura and Charles Bihun to Chris A. and Daniel P. McCormick, $385,000.

PHEASANT LANE, 2919-Vicki L. Nutting to Jerome Lindsay, $200,000.

PHOTO DR., 13471-Veronica Gamarra to Efrain D. Gamarra, $370,000.

PLAINVILLE LANE, 6107-Alicia D.D. and Robbie Van Clarke to Jose M. Guevara and Ramon H. Acosta, $385,000.

PRATHER PL., 4679-Giovanna and Joseph W. Boston to Mid-Atlantic Development Corp., $210,000.

PRINCEDALE DR., 13573-Harriet Pricenor

to Jennifer A. and Warner E. Roberts, $366,000.

QUALEY PL., 5318-Mitchell and Maria Otero to Mark L. Escario, $236,425.

QUATE LANE, 13039-Rod Matthew Taylor to Victor Yeo and Imel Jade Yu, $495,000.

QUELL CT., 5030-Ridgedale Inc. to Roxana Raquel and Felix David Condor, $648,277.

QUINN LANE, 5414-Linda Pansy to Kathleen P. Dominguez, $620,000.

QUINN LANE, 5416-Kathleen P. Dominguez to Eugenia and Kevin Ross, $588,000.

RADBURN ST., 16216-Engle Homes to Marina C. and Jose A. Teos, $436,535.

REDSTONE DR., 13835-Margaret M. and Kirk Miller to Marvin Flores, $486,500.

RENATE DR., 1604-Robert C. Ray to Innovative Real Estate Services Corp., $105,000.

RHODE ISLAND DR., 5747-Maria L. and Keith Taylor to Nadim Ahmed, $445,000.

ROYAL CT., 16579-Haheda Morrad to Efrain Villatoro and Marta L. Ramirez, $268,000.

RUSSETT LEAF CT., 5823-Hansel and Glynis A. Taylor to Lillie G. and Richard M. Jessie Jr., $425,000.

ST. CHARLES DR., 5599-Rachael L. and Martin T. Caporaletti to Luis A. Ramirez and Willie B. Mayora, $410,000.

SAVANNAH DR., 14227-Jemeil Lambert to Kwabena Boateng, $305,000.

SAVANNAH DR., 14229-Clive Williams to Cendant Corp., $304,000.

SERENDIPITY RD., 3609-NVP Inc. to Selina Afriyie Bonsu and Oheneba K. Amoako, $667,243.

SHOREWOOD CT., 11969-Yohannes Admassou to Brenda A. and Raymond A. Cuccherini, $510,000.

SIDNEY WAY, 12775-John Quincy Chavis to Orester Arturo Banegas, $415,000.

SPARROW CT., 4507-Christian R. Kahn and Joseph D. Drwiega to Christine and David Luckenbaugh, $265,000.

STARLING CT., 4472-Karen Gwinn Stevans to Katrina R. and Ryan B. Moss, $262,100.

STEVENSON CT., 12224-Obaidullah Futuri

and Fauzia Shafik to Carmen Bisso,


SURRYDALE DR., 14383-Miranda A. and Richard D. Murrell to Florinda D. Molina and Rudy A. Escobar Flores, $345,000.

TAXI DR., 13000-Gary W. Moore Jr. to Christina C. and Jimmie N. Griffin, $314,600.

TEAL WAY, 1594-Cendant Corp. to Alyssa A. and Danny R. Modesitt, $510,000.

THACKERY TERR., 4063, No. 81-Santosh K. Singh to Julia McNeil, $269,900.

THACKERY TERR., 4085-Daphne M. Pope to Trikool Vasasiri, $335,000.

TOLSON PL., 11598-Makeeba J. and Adero R. Lucas to Cynthia E. Messenger, $405,000.

TONBRIDGE PL., 3752-Paige M. Crowell to Stephanie Vaughan and Magnus G. Decker, $395,000.

TRIDENT LANE, 6181-Belquis Sarwari to Christine M. Flom, $295,000.

URSULA CT., 14883-Nirvah and Martial Pierre to Rosa D. Cruz, $379,000.

VALE CT., 3467-Silvia Gomez and Rudis Hernandez to Ana L. Santos, $261,000.

VESTAL ST., 721-Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Patricia E. and David L. McNerney, $564,900.

VILLAGE DR., 14482-Youssef Aitali to Mariam Mughaira, $230,000.

WIGGLESWORTH WAY, 1755-Marlon M. and Evelisse Jones to Mohammad Yousaf and Nazia Shah, $270,000.

WINDERMERE VIEW PL., 4406-Basheer Edgemoore Corp. to Hyon C. and Kenston K. Yi, $964,001.

WINSLOW CT., 1909-Mid-Atlantic Development Corp. to James Christopher Jones, $305,000.

WOODHAVEN CT., 3623-Nancy B. and Robert F. Pavlik to Marianne C. Ideboen, $239,000.

YELLOW TURTLE PL., 5333-Chad W. Logan to Thomas and Cynthia Okyere, $360,000.