The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

CHESAPEAKE LIGHTHOUSE DR., 8986-M. Nicole Porter to Katherine Long, $216,000.

SILVERTON LANE, 3316-Thomas B. and Lisa P. Dudley to Ellen B. and James E. Sowry, $310,000.

Dunkirk Area

RIVERSHORE DR., 11803-Carol J. and William Howsare to Daniel and Kristen McCutchan, $525,000.

UNCLE CHARLIE'S SPUR, 12460-William and Anna Hogewood to Shelly A. and Daniel E. Wilson, $750,000.

Huntingtown Area

LOWERY RD., 1826-Richard E. and Juanita Ann Pursel to Dayna Konnick and James A. Lusby Jr., $429,900.

SCARLETT DR., 94-Yasuhara and Grace M. Ban to Frances Jean and Steven Douglas Young, $699,000.

WILSON RD., 950-Regina A. and Robert F.

Farr Jr. to Rebecca and Michael Miller, $260,000.

Lusby Area

ALAMO LANE, 732-Robert J. and Margaret D. Conner III to Margaret B. and Albert Rennie, $255,000.

ALGONQUIN TRAIL, 12386-Jeannene

and Todd Schurig to Kerry Phalen,


BAY DR., 12800-Charles E. and Margaret W. Cook to Richard V. Lacouture, $385,000.

CANYON TRAIL, 11965-Elveta Valencia Peterson to Amy E. Little and Luis D. Rodriguez, $328,000.

COMSTOCK DR., 447-Joyce and Kenneth Harvard to Joseph Morgan, $205,000.

COMSTOCK DR., 507-Alva Retta M. Trahan to Anette Powell, $286,000.

COUNCIL BLUFFS CT., 431-Michele R.

Brown to Amanda M. and Steven E. Cox, $195,000.

EDDY CT., 703-Rolfe Edward Ashby Jr. to Michael W. Mack, $180,000.

H.G. TRUEMAN RD., 11494-Lorraine P.

Smith to Kimberly and Edward Schnitker, $180,000.

HARBOR DR., 284-Robert P. and Joan D. Mullins Mason to Jo A. and Herbert L. Butler, $299,000.

HOLLY CIR., 12657-Michael H. Lasher to Joachim Whittaker, $215,000.

MONTEREY RD., 1150-John and Robin Judd Inkley to Stacey and David Saltzman, $440,000.

RED CLOUD RD., 307-John Scott and Melva Nora Hurt to Nancy A. and Ronald A. Hickman, $289,900.

RIO GRANDE TRAIL, 12808-Joseph J. and Sonia L. Molloy to Cecilia Anne Gebauer and William M. King, $195,000.

SADDLE LANE, 12470-Marshell R. and Anthony B. Kinnel to Kenesha Y. Hargrave, $219,900.

SAN JOAQUIN LANE, 948-Lesley G. Dolecki to Daniel Shumway, $169,100.

TOMAHAWK TRAIL, 11581-Wesley L.

Frost to Jaime L. and Charles L. Barnes, $215,000.

WHITE SANDS DR., 1125-George E. and Bettie Jane Wood to Keely E. Tolley and Wayne A. Floyd, $254,000.

North Beach Area

MADISON AVE., 9322-James N. and Julie Mitchell to Christian and Lynn Holdt, $285,000.

NINTH ST., 4010-Susan Underwood to Marilyn K. Van Wagner, $202,000.

Owings Area

WOODLAND LANE, 8157-John R. Poore to Roland D. Pelletier Sr., $295,000.

WOODLAND WAY N., 9121-Jesse J. and Lori L. Dann to Jacqueline and Bernard Cowger Jr., $476,000.

Prince Frederick Area

CAMBRIDGE PL., 218-Ricardo S. Parpana to MAFC Residential Inc., $238,500.

CASSELL BLVD., 4223-Sherri Lynn Fillmann to Richard S. Harrison Jr., $250,000.

SIXES RD., 3990-Richard M. Frank to Douglas J. Halwick, $224,720.

Solomons Area

BACK CREEK LOOP, 1121-John L. Erly to Catherine Serafin, $284,000.

RUNABOUT LOOP, 1501, No. R1-Wendy C. and Thomas E. Underwood to Philip A. Thorn, $9,000.

SPINNAKER WAY, 923-Mary L. Atwell and Thomas F. Rose to Susan S. and Buddy R. Sinor, $370,000.

St. Leonard Area

AVENUE D, 1540-Lisa M. Middleton Day to Leslie A. Lare, $200,000.

BALSAM ST., 1331-Livy Lee Bowles to Angela D. Lewis, $235,000.

CALVERT AVE., 1591-Joseph F. Boyle Jr. to Jayne and Michael Hopkins, $240,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

AMHERST RD., 6768-Bonnie A. and James W. Carpenter to Cleo A. Helland, $235,000.

CREST CIR., 2158-Julee D. and Robert D. Snyder to Josue Leon, $193,500.

WOODBERRY DR., 2300-Garrett Coble to Norman Turner and Taundra Hayes,



Prince Frederick Road Area

ENTZIAN PL., 17590-Bruce G. Peed to Frederick M. Russell, $339,900.

TRIPLE CROWN CT., 16430-Alex K. and Hyemin Park to Daisy A. and Kenneth G. Kopp, $385,000.

Indian Head Area

BAKER ST., 4135-E.M. Myers and Constance P. Maddox to Valerie R. Green, $125,000.

CHARLES PL., 108-Philomena Agnes Duggan to Amelia A. and Gerald G. Gray, $149,900.

POPLAR LANE, 11-Julie A. and Robert J. Zack to Boot Hill Corp., $260,000.

Issue Area

BEACON HILL CT., 11589-Joseph Gross to Lee Homes Inc., $165,000.

HONEYSUCKLE WAY, 14565-Adrianne M. and Jason J. Hernandez to Frederick and Andrella Williams, $400,000.

IVANHOE CT., 14880-Haynes Construction Inc. to Old Branch Builders Inc., $90,000.

La Plata Area

CLARKS RUN RD., 517-James B. and Gail G. Kestler to Joanne and Keith Scaife, $355,000.

CRESCENT LANE, 9211-Marcus A. and M. Guerrero Cortland to Maria Angel and Juana A. Flores, $724,900.

CURRANT CT., 628-Kimberly M. and Eric Grainger to Gary W. Draheim Jr., $295,000.

DOBBINS LANE, 11400-Dana A. Cady to Dat Minh and Lanchi T. Nguyen, $430,000.

DOBBINS LANE, 6550-Gary W. and Staci D. Draheim Jr. to Charles E. and Susan G. Baker, $459,400.

DOWER DR., 4901-Carolyn V. and Randy Matthews to Brien Gregan, $385,000.

DULLES ST., 125-Charles B. Tansill to Barbara A. and Richard N. Sellner, $225,000.

JENNIE RUN DR., 306-Mary Ann Thompson to Steve Heilmeier, $73,000.

JENNIE RUN DR., 308-Cindy C. and Joseph B. Martin Jr. to Randy F. Perillo, $158,000.

QUAILWOOD PKWY., 8-Richard G. and Holli S. White to Amy A. and Byron J. Gibson, $374,000.

SKYLARK DR., 5024-Alfred J. and Patricia A. Garner to Sheila M. and Joseph V. May, $329,900.

Pomfret Area

LOWELL RD., 8875-Larry A. and Lois E. Sager to B. Brown Myrda and David M. Myrda, $393,000.

MARSHALL CORNER RD., 8805-William Dunn and Angela Sheriff III to Leonard B. Mattingly Jr., $333,000.

Ryceville Area

RYCEVILLE RD., 13901-Robert O. and Diane E. Tucker to Tara Bennett and Sean Smith, $230,000.

St. Charles Area

BARRINGTON DR., 924-Leslie M. and Joseph F. Weingarden IV to Bonnie Herscher, $248,100.

BRENT RD., 215-Patricia E. Delgado to Melvin E. Dorsey, $280,000.

JUSTICE CT., 3393-Manuel Mendez to Frances S. Greenwood, $150,000.

KEARNYS INN PL., 3823-Micky and Lindy McMiller to Colby Shaw, $185,000.

KEARNYS INN PL., 3849-Robert E. and Mary F. Carlock to Mary V. Brown, $204,400.

NEWBURGH CT., 2219-Jose and Scarlet Rosa to Litany and Robert Price, $280,000.

PATCHWORK PL., 11990-Russell and Arthur Hintze to Patchwork Office Park Corp., $760,000.

QUILLBACK ST., 10627-Mark and Divina D. Jones to Tracy L. Pollard, $355,000.

STODDERT AVE., 1026-Terry L. and Stephen John York to Timothy A. McKoy, $245,000.

TULIP TREE CT., 3444-Robert M. and Julianne R. Dixon to Sheila and Richard E. Basom III, $280,000.

WINDSOR PARK CT., 2379-James and Jennifer Ford to James G. Dion, $265,000.

Waldorf Area

ADAMS RD., 1210-Irene M. Wallingford to Crissy and Joseph Boling, $164,992.

ADAMS RD., 1237-Jerry S. Stephens to Jonathan Hoffman, $259,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4042-Stephen W. and Connie R. Soule to Cynthia A. and Jeffrey M. Thornley, $199,000.

BRIDLE PATH DR., 2247-Jack W. and Ruth G. Perry to Erica M. and Michael T. Sebree, $304,900.

BROADBILL CIR., 4039-Colette R. Simms to Joan and Charles Mainor, $264,500.

BROADBILL CIR., 4094-Antoine L. and Teresa A. Hough to Angela Myles, $266,900.

BROOKSIDE PL., 48-Gerald C. Pinkney to Donna L. Proctor, $150,000.

CLARK AVE., 1113-Raymond P. Severin to Rashawna D. and Kevin M. Young, $297,000.

CORMORANT CT., 2900-Anthony A. and Sharon R. Sebbio to Kathleen M. and Shane L. Hatton, $460,000.

CRESTVIEW CT., 2901-William S. and Diane V. Boyle to Donna K. and Jeffrey L. Mores, $358,000.

EAGLE CT., 4337-Gina S. and William L. Simpson to Laura L. Forbes, $170,000.

EDMONT PL., 11800-Benjamin E. Brady Jr. to Derrick Leftridge, $255,000.

FLAGFISH CT., 5323-Matteo Recanatini to Francis B. Smoak III, $400,000.

FREEMANTLE CT., 2167-Katey L. Perkins and Mathew S. Herron to Andrew W. Pogany, $210,000.

GARNER AVE., 86-Tracy and T. Pyles and Wallace N. Sain to Angela L. Strong, $220,000.

GOLDEN EAGLE PL., 11316-Keith E. Scaife to Linda M. Chase, $260,000.

GROSBEAK PL., 4641-James R. Jr. and Lacole Cole to Theresa Deville and Shawn Morris, $195,000.

HUNTERS HARBOR LANE, 15060-Daryl B. and Delaine R. Keezer to Geri L. and Ike L. Crudup, $420,000.

INDIAN KING CT., 3227-Christian C. Lawson to Emily S. Lawson and Suzanne L. Wells, $153,000.

IRISH LORD PL., 5507-John R. and Araceli Lara to Cindy Ligon and Jonathan Karr, $245,000.

JANSCHEK DR., 12850-Edward Gryszkiewicz to Richard J. Potucek, $285,000.

LISA LANE, 3511-Nancy and Richard E. Sharpe to James S. Taylor, $285,000.

MIRKWOOD CT., 2624-Darryl A. Oden to Dorothy W. Rodriguez, $203,000.

OAK MANOR DR., 11870, No. 12-Mary E. Furman to Kristine and Christopher Bailey, $95,000.

OAKRIDGE CT., 2612-Richard D. Jr. and Geraldine R. Dewey to Charlene N. and Keith Quaine, $359,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 2946, No. 5-Mary E. Furman to Kristine and Christopher Bailey, $95,000.

PIN OAK DR., 1648-Delia E. Rusher to Sarah L. Taylor Jones and Adam Jones, $199,000.

REDHORSE CT., 5035-William R. Jr. and Christine Frizzell to Arnisher and Clifton Savoy, $390,000.

ROCK BEAUTY CT., 5117-Benjamin and Anne M. Shaw Patterson to Adrian M. and Erin M. Fernandez, $319,000.

SANDALWOOD DR., 2245-Anthony F. Goncalves to Michael Johnson, $304,000.

SANDALWOOD DR., 2261-Jody J. and Virginia L. Clor to Kathryn Martin and Preston B. Fox, $300,000.

SHOVELER CT., 11900-Teresa K. and Maurice W. Kennerly to Angela W. and Rodney J. Brown, $410,000.

SORREL RIDGE LANE, 15415-J.S. Michael and Catherine M. Mason to Alana M. and Edward R. Bartsch, $400,000.

WADDELL RD., 907-Vicki H. and Samuel T. Wallace to Marie L. and James T. Gray Sr., $282,000.

WENDY LANE, 12249-Frederick L. Fox to Mark T. Knudsen, $248,500.

White Plains Area

ESPRIT PL., 10728-Monica and Kenneth M. Vansparrentak to Udo O. Ogbonna,


SIR MICHAELS PL., 8229-Marcus D. Gray to Paula M. Marshall, $270,000.

St. Mary's County

California Area

INDIAN BRIDGE RD., 21481-Lorus Inc. to Diane D. and Raymond A. Harding, $379,000.

LAUREL HILL DR., 23321-Andrea B. and Robert C. Mroz to Jennifer M. O'Connor, $299,000.

MIMOSA CT., 44126-Jeffrey A. and Twila Wieringa to Loraine L. and Larry R. Daugherty, $400,000.

OTHELLO WAY W., 45291-Thomas P. Wolfrum to Qaisar Raza Waraich, $167,250.

SCOTCH PINE CT., 23215-Michael P. McBride to Micky and Lindy McMiller, $304,000.

WHITE BIRCH CT., 23247, No. 6C-Robert Scott Kerr to Alberta Joyce and Edwin Lee McKay, $147,000.

Callaway Area

BLACK DUCK CT., 20966-Sharon Patricia Eliassen to Cheri L. and Douglas M. Phelan, $300,000.

Coltons Point Area

BEACH RD., 38095-Rosemary R. Bliss to Susan K. and Richard C. Gass, $690,000.

Great Mills Area

CHANCELLORS RUN RD., 21349-Warner C.R. Hansen to Dorothy A. Wise and Lawrence Hatton, $325,000.

DULEEK WAY, 22524-Todd S. Anderson to Anna C. and Jason G. Bean, $279,900.

MOCKINGBIRD CT., 22193-John A. and Colette H.B. Damon to Sheila Wight and Sean Kaner, $271,000.

ST. JOSEPH'S CIR., 22095-Thaddeus Martin Brown to Satiah G. Pee, $165,000.

ST. RICHARD'S CT., 22079-Tracy G. Larson to Patricia H. Rivenbark, $185,000.

SNAPDRAGON CT., 22147-Shad A. and Melissa A. Blount to Kelly and Garron S. Morris, $325,000.

Hollywood Area

HOLLYWOOD RD., 23727-Lois J. Conner to Michele and Jeffrey Quesenberry, $199,000.

NALLEY RD., 45153-Henry Finley to Joelen and John Frank, $690,000.

Leonardtown Area

MAIN WAY RD., 43954-D. and E. Construction Inc. to Brian L. Fischer, $254,960.

WILLIAM FRANKLIN LANE, 19723-Barbara Ann Heigl to Robert Sture Dewell, $330,000.

Lexington Park Area

BELLEVUE CT., 21456-Thomas V. and Nadine L. Heffern to Lynne M. and Patrick J. Murphy, $373,500.

CAMBRIDGE AVE., 21338-Karen A. and

Julius L. Camp to Joseph A. Adroved Jr., $117,900.

COLUMBUS DR., 46355-Matthew J.

Urbancik to Athena L. and Earl J. Lewis III, $118,000.

COLUMBUS DR., 46359-Enterprise Homes Corp. to Tonya J. Richardson and Towanda M. Payton, $117,000.

CORNWALLIS CT., 19277-Kenneth D. Clonts Jr. to Michael P. McBride, $389,500.

DEVIN CIR., 47758-Robert E. and Wendy Ann Lee to Michael E. Dempsey and Gloria M. Friedel, $165,000.

ESSEX DR. N., 21680-KA and RB Corp. to James E. Johnson Jr. and Thomas O. Brady, $79,000.

FOREST PARK RD., 21598-Janet M. and Kris R. Lawrence to Amanda Wyland, $185,000.

KINGFISHER CT., 45837-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Tanya L. and Thomas A. Pfister, $320,000.

MILLSTONE LANDING RD., 46116-Paul and Linda Paolillo to Beth A. and William E. Chalk, $398,000.

ROGERS DR., 46859-Thomas Kelly to Donna C. and Dennis M. Evans Jr., $40,000.

SORREL DR., 47089-Landdevco Corp. to Becky R. and Julius G. Jones, $336,570.

THREE NOTCH RD., 21085-St. Mary's Investments Corp. to Dorothy Camilla and Dallas L. Perry, $429,900.

WILLIS WHARF CT., 21533-Thomas E. Barnett to Teresa A. and Andrew Ballinger, $349,900.

Mechanicsville Area

ARMY NAVY DR., 35755-Kimberly D.

Scruggs to Lisa and Rodney Sholly Jr., $295,000.

BARBARA CT., 38404-Ronald L. Lynch Jr. to Monica and Richard Egan, $372,750.

BOHLE RD., 27130-Goldbert Investments Inc. to Brenda Parker, $208,000.

BRUCE RD., 29773-John M. Wolfe to CAI Inc., $65,000.

BURTON RD., 29907-R.J. Adams Construction Inc. to Vickie M. and Valerie A. Wood, $280,000.

DOGWOOD CIR., 29610-Donald M. Ballance to Gail E. and John Lawrence Schmuckle, $315,000.

ELLEN CT., 39595-Bernice A. Carter to Laura A. and Michael A. McNey, $252,144.

LINCOLN RD., 29869-John Tayman to Crissy and Joseph D. Boling Jr., $65,000.

OXLEY DR., 27121-Jerry Lewis to Daniel J. Ryan, $329,900.

QUEENS LANDING RD., 41806-James R. Bullis to Shelly A. William Harris, $410,000.

ST. MARY'S AVE., 28450-Gary Michael Morgan to Morgan M. Davis and Robert C. Clancy Jr., $242,000.

SKYVIEW DR., 29783-Rebecca Lynn Glascoe to Preston Daniel Day, $225,000.

Ridge Area

D. BRYANS LANE, 49375-Donald R. Bryan to Carole and Reginald Spruill, $60,000.