The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

ARUNDEL ON THE BAY RD., 3291-John E. Braaten to Derek Groen and Lisette Wehner, $359,000.

BOXWOOD RD., 49-Edward T. Cole to Raul E. Soto, $220,000.

HEARTHSTONE CT., 50, No. 50F-Paul M. Smith to Min Yun Zheng, $260,000.

MUIR WOODS CT., 10-Lee S. Carroll to Christopher M. and Mary Elizabeth Riley, $295,000.

PORT WAY, 3136-S. Kotok Edward Revocable Trust to Peter Nathan Pendleton and Rebecca Middleton Pendelton, $495,000.


Sandy Point State Park Area

ADMIRAL DR., 617, No. 202-Lois MacCormack to Mark Edward and Deborah Ann Hernick, $277,500.

ADMIRAL DR., 625, No. 205-James E. Scully to Michael H. Kahn and Joyce Cooper Kahn, $283,400.

DUKE OF GLOUCESTER ST., 96-Paul H. Barrett III to Jon W. and Virginia H. Brassel, $1.29 million.

EATON WAY, 1587-Charles Hunter to James G. and Stephanie L. Andrews, $795,000.

FLEET ST., 34-Maureen T. Lamb to Thomas A. Tandaric Jr., $257,500.

GIBSON RD., 307-William D. White to James S. and Amy L. Wise, $455,000.

HEARTHSTONE CT., 20-Marcia L. Manning to Richard K. and Pilju C. Templeton, $242,500.

MASTLINE DR., 905-D.S. Pavloff to Edward and Alice R. Hall, $410,000.

TRIPP CREEK CT., 606-Ivor L. Tulloch Jr. to Mitzael G. Gonzalez and G.E. Grualva, $197,000.

Arnold Area

BELLE DORA CT., 618, No. 11K-Bonnie D. Yeiser to Nancy M. Hepner, $185,000.

BRUNSWICK CT., 1223, No. 84-Nancy C. Griffee to Janet M. Luby, $279,900.

JONES STATION RD., 1384-Ruth Porter to Manuel S. Santos and Jose M. Taboada, $2.2 million.

MAGOTHY AVE., 965-Roger C. Neutze to Richard C. and Barbara Jo Pleva, $735,000.

OAKLAND HILLS CT., 603, No. A-Christina D. Feldman Lycan to Jennifer M. Campbell, $170,000.

SCHOOLERS POND WAY, 426-Christopher G. Kopp to Marla P. Harding and Paul Lahaye, $605,000.

SOUTHERN HILLS DR., 682, No. 4F-Linda L. Bokinsky to Kirk W. and Kent M. Pagoota, $215,000.

Brooklyn Area

PATRICK HENRY DR., 5244-John J. Calvert Jr. to Maryland Town Homes Corp., $82,500.

Churchton Area

RODGERS RD., 1054-Alton W. Davis Jr. to Martha E. Martin, $600,000.

Crofton Area

BRODERICK CT., 1001, No. 61-Richard C. Stoler to Dennis C. Kelly and Laura A. Goldblatt, $324,900.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 2026, No. 11-Kelly B. Groves to Calin and Mihaela Cristescu, $215,500.

GOLDENRAIN DR., 1403-Arthur H. Brozostowski to Thomas K. Lo and Brenda L. Bulich, $720,000.

HAPPY LANE, 2053, No. B-Stacey F. Muir to Ryan J. Staley, $192,400.

HYMAN LANE, 1807-Steven W. Myers to Mohammed Khan and Safeia Khanum, $500,000.

MAYFAIR PL., 1733-Rodney C. Bowman to Stephen S. Tennant, $230,000.

MOUNT AIRY CT., 1640-Daniel E. Dotson to Patrick J. and Devan L. Dugan, $250,000.

Davidsonville Area

RIVA RD., 3423-WB Lewis Construction Co. to Ronald and Saundra Doyle, $330,000.

SOARING EAGLE CT., 908-James White to John E. and Laura B. Bjorn, $850,000.

Edgewater Area

BAYSIDE DR., 3987-John E. Whitman Sr. to Jon Matthew Mekeal, $795,000.

FULLERTON RD., 1613-Gloria F. Long to Nicholas and Linda Ann Zafiriou, $215,000.

HIGHLAND DR., 419-Alvin R. Sutherland to Queni R. Velasquez, $244,000.

OAK BLUFF RD., 1402-1402 Oak Bluff Corp. to Stephen A. Horvath and Teena D. Grodner, $1.275 million.

SHORE DR., 806-James H. Cooley to Jose A. Recinos, $360,000.

Gambrills Area

JASON CT., 1002-John P. Lawrence to Timothy M. Fluehr, $310,000.

Glen Burnie Area

AQUAHART RD., 403-Robert P. Hart Sr. to Anthony J. and Lynda F. Giunta, $240,000.

BOUSCH PL., 422-William F. Carter to David E. and Wilma W. Brown, $290,500.

CROSS CREEK DR., 225-Jin Ah Choi to Baldwin C. and Dianne M. Huie, $316,000.

HOUGHTON RD., 1426-H. and R. Investors Corp. to Santos Nelson Alvarez and Silvia Noemi Romero, $216,000.

HOUGHTON RD., 1429-Nick A. Mastorakis to Aimee Williams, $195,000.

NEWFIELD RD., 516-Kenneth Kloster to Stuart M. and Evelyn B. Schmidt, $220,000.

ROSE AVE., 301-Lake Enterprise Corp. to Carey V. Claycomb Jr. and Michelle L. Jeffrey, $118,000.

STAFFORD HILL DR., 725-Wayne H. Bell to Ginette Florvil, $320,000.

WASHINGTON SQ., 6433-Stephanie A. McCloud to Carroll H. Hynson Jr., $162,000.

FOURTH AVE., 398-William J. Wingate III to Harvey and Elsie Brewington, $324,900.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

AMELIA AVE., 905-Cheryl Y. Keeter to H. and K. Real Properties Corp., $112,000.

DELAWARE AVE., 500-Richard D. Garvey to Patrick Rachanow, $204,900.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 101, No. 203-Linda L. Vogel to Jamie L. Leventry, $165,000.

Laurel Area

HORSEHEAD SOUTH, 3389-Karen N.E. Harleston to Julio Perez and Alexandra Martinez, $304,000.

JACKS REEF RD., 8601-Joanne C. Jensen to Mahfooz Bhatti, $287,500.

Odenton Area

CANTEEN CIR., 2226, No. 104R-Fernando R. Vargas to Jorge R. and Neyra Y. Penaherrera, $283,500.

COMMISSARY CIR., 2131, No. 325-Frank E. Geiger to James E. and Rina Blackwood, $259,000.

GRAYS FORD RD., 1541-Gerald L. Wilson Jr. to Neil D. and Melissa M. Kittleson, $624,900.

INDIAN SUMMER DR., 2241-Joseph M. Hancock to Dana L. Smith, $295,000.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 230, No. 51-Lorenza R. Searcy III to Arthur L. and Shelley Jennings, $325,000.

STREAMVIEW DR., 2652-Clayton Deschaine to William P. and Cathleen P. Donnelly, $365,000.

SUMMER BREEZE CT., 2640-Doug E. Ordakowski to Pietro C. and Melissa K. Walker, $315,000.

WILLOW LEAF LANE, 8647-Daniel J. Kennedy to Ju Hee Song, $252,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

BEACON POINT DR., 8566-Timothy I. Armstrong to Frances M. Foster, $512,000.

COKESBURY CT., 3505-Nicholas Uttenreither to Joseph Heckman, $299,900.

CREEK RD., 8537-Bryan D. Knipp Sr. to Joe E. Burgess, $200,000.

KINGS BENCH PL., 7918-George J. Morris to Teresa A. Johnson, $259,900.

LEA RD., 8173-William D. Hein to Carrie L. Koehlein, $144,200.

LOCKWOOD RD., 8376-Mark A. Engle to Joseph C. and Michelle F. Hilton, $235,000.

OLD WATER OAK POINT RD., 1379-John P. Vogel to Jeffrey S. and Marie L. Swenson, $580,000.

PATAPSCO RD., 8280-Ezra D. Sullivan to Steven K. and Deborah A. Reed, $550,000.

ROCK SPRINGS CT., 315-Allison Tate Pastine to Chad Potocky, $262,000.

SCORTON HARBOUR, 8659-Bruce M. Barr to Michael T. and Joann M. McDowell, $222,500.

TICK NECK RD., 7841-John J. Bobetich Jr. to A.S.D. Corp., $570,000.

Riva Area

YORKSHIRE LANE, 382-Robert J. Pennington to Nathan R. and Elizabeth S. Tindall, $515,000.

Severn Area

BEVERLY RD., 8116-Elsie M. Davis to David E. Marshall and Jerome S. Shai Jr., $195,000.

GOLDEN PINE CIR., 7803-William G. Morrison to W. David Downey, $339,000.

PIONEER DR., 8576, No. 1-A-Mafc Residential Inc. to Lawrence Clark, $115,000.

Severna Park Area

ADMIRAL RD., 8-William D. Boyer to Christopher Marzano, $360,000.

COTTONWOOD DR., 717-John M. Debeer to Heather S. and David A. Woodward, $445,000.

EVERGREEN RD., 306-Paul R. Pellicani to Cynthia L. Zmuda, $375,000.

THOMAS WAY, 642-Andrew V. Tignanelli to Francis M. and Allison T. Pastine, $450,000.

WHISTLING PINE RD., 253-Hubert D. Belvin Jr. to Michael M. and Cheryl T. Adams, $500,000.

Shady Side Area

HAWTHORNE ST., 1306-Marc Goodman to Daniel Fitzgerald, $80,000.