The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes in the District and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


BLAINE ST., 3356-Edgar L. Page to Diane Adams, $180,000.

BUNKER HILL RD., 1913-Melanie A. and Raymond L. Nix to Mahamat Saleh Acheikh and Mildred A. Hodge, $360,000.

CORCORAN ST., 1825-Terence Greene to Cathy A. Harris, $230,000.

DOUGLAS ST., 4524-Baxter Corp. to Eve J. Coleman, $280,000.

E ST., 1617-Carlos E. Speed to John D. Williams, $365,000.

EASTERN AVE., 5608-Silvio Mamani to Ricardo Rodriguez and Griselda Vasquez, $284,000.

EDSON PL., 4221-Adari Investment Inc. to Gabriel Williams, $197,000.

EVARTS ST., 915-Ali Jaber and Flor De Maria Rojas to Kingsley Chineme, $340,000.

FARRAGUT PL., 1243-Donna Wilson to Mahmoud Dino, $290,000.

FARRAGUT PL., 632-Estate of Fannie Clemons and Mary Young to Marissa Melton, $233,000.

JUST ST., 4945-Marva J. Kidd to Trisha O. Campbell, $135,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 628-Pegasus Holdings Corp. to Pete Koutromanos, $433,370.

NEAL ST., 1512-Constance and Delores Johnson to Dominic Amaechi, $285,000.

ORLEANS PL., 615-Tamela Jo Miller to Eamonn D. Knights and Sun Jinyue, $275,000.

SARGENT RD., 4713-Julius C. Jefferson to Lula Weldu, $300,000.

T ST., 32-Mark and Orrick Bridges to One Piney Grove Investment Corp., $215,000.

T ST., 53-Joanne W. and Pierre Goubourn to Michael G. Cook, $332,000.

URELL PL., 120-American Housing Council Inc. to Cloyola Brown, $330,000.

SECOND ST., 5803-Kelly M. Williams to Myra L. McGinnis, $315,000.

FIFTH ST., 1108-Marion R. Chisley to Debora J. Brooke and Barbara J. Mitana, $350,000.

SIXTH ST., 1034, No. 302-Kenneth W. Pogue to Donnice T. George, $166,000.

NINTH ST., 1021-Olatunbosun Fasehun to Habteab Araya, $379,000.

10TH ST., 250-Richard E. Stamm to Ross Asher Goldberg, $394,000.

12TH ST., 4729-Daisy B. Coleman to Barry C. Abbott, $290,000.

14TH ST., 73-Courtney A. Carter to John T. Richards, $271,000.

15TH ST., 315-Clara McNeil and Carlett Quiles to Nancy Yacoub, $395,100.

20TH ST., 3901-Deborah Browser, Estate of Eva Mae Givens and Kevin R. McCarthy to Jamie Y. and Levi D. Timmons, $220,000.

22ND ST., 3402-Catherine Hallie Waddell to Lin Sheng, $295,000.

53RD ST., 336-Dennis J. Dyer to Abiodun Olorunwunmi, $120,000.


ADAMS MILL RD., 2633, No. B2-Anna D. and Jose G. Torres to Emeka Iwukemlika, $310,000.

BELMONT ST., 1614-Phuong Pham to Stylianos C. Christofides, $605,000.

BILTMORE ST., 1826, No. 1-Joel A. Fischman to Ana De Andres and Antonio Paniagua Martin, $457,500.

BUCHANAN ST., 506-Dufirstson Neree and Roudy Thomas to James M. Bonner and Louise A. Boulton Lear, $389,500.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4200, No. 402-Claudia V. Soto to Rebecca S. Maddage, $219,900.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 2126, No. 67-Ellen M. and Lawrence R. Burdette to Barry M. and Mary E. Cullen, $629,000.

CORCORAN ST., 1752, No. 1A-Anne Savage to Ana Iparraguirre, $377,500.

EMBASSY PARK RD., 4347-Gerald S. Miller to Justin J. Schug, $600,000.

EMERSON ST., 1320-Susan Butler to Edward W. Johnson and David Waterman, $453,000.

EMERY PL., 4118-Estate of Grace T. Hall, David L. Hall and John T. Hall to Thomas L. Hall, $479,600.

EUCLID ST., 1439, No. 106-John R. Grimes to Karen Kanefield, $303,000.

FULTON ST., 5016-Elinor P. Burns to Kye Briesath and Elizabeth Ann Scholz, $772,000.

GEORGIA AVE., 7123-Frederick E. Wildt to Edward W. Reynolds, $300,000.

HOBART PL., 718-Carla Schuman Butler to Parul P. Desai, $260,000.

ILLINOIS AVE., 5029-Samuel Markus and Tanya B. Hall to Kathryn T. Ellsworth and Robert Spencer Reisinger, $465,000.

JOCELYN ST., 3808-Robin A. and Wesley W. McGrew to Matthew W. Fiehn and Anne J. Tarrant, $940,000.

KING PL., 2222-Christopher D. and Elizabeth W. Baer to Michael E. Brown and Chantal De Jonge Oudraat, $825,000.

KLINGLE RD., 3212-Jennifer B. Kaplan and Thomas J. Trendl to Eliza E. Rathbone, $1.065 million.

MACARTHUR BLVD., 5204-Carol R. Donovan to Nicole A. Alt and Christopher A. Thompson, $645,000.

MADISON ST., 315-Carolyn A. Jackson to Foster Malaika, $450,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 1711, No. 413-Nejib Ayachi to Bart F. Jansen, $245,000.

MCKINLEY ST., 2804-Risan Inc. to Adnan and Farhan Mirza, $585,000.

N ST., 1420, No. 411-Riaz Latifullah and Lawrence Miller to Gerard Janco, $171,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1330, No. 910-Brian Goldblatt to Joelle Vautier Lecocq, $356,000.

NEW MEXICO AVE., 2801, No. 904-Clement Alpert and Cecile B. Alpert Revocable Trust to United Jewish Endowment Fund of the Jewish Federation, $346,920.

OAK ST., 1407-Ana Julia Viera to Elizabeth Louis, $575,000.

ORDWAY ST., 2734, No. 1-Thomas J. O'Rourke to Amy G. Levine and David E. Seidler, $361,999.

P ST., 1718, No. T17-Valenka Jimenez to Dina Katsev, $231,627.

PARK RD., 1937-Dan Gregory and Michele Watts Blair to Kenneth Peres and Frances Swan, $838,000.

PORTER ST., 3891, No. 304-Eileen D. Granger to James Brian Baker, $376,000.

Q ST., 33-Rodney D. Michaels to Brian C. Free and Peter C. Tuttle, $430,000.

R ST., 1204-Marie B. Carter and Elery Dunn to Logan Phase II Corp., $600,000.

RESERVOIR RD., 3242-Robert J. Schooling to John H. Beatson, $1.4 million.

RIDGE ST., 432-Frederick Elgin Hushbeck to Curtis Lester, $403,500.

ROCK CREEK CHURCH RD., 3548-Mario Alvarez to Jose William Villacorta, $460,000.

T ST., 1422-Warren Marquez and Jonathan Rowley to Jonah B. Gelbach and Gwyneth K. Shaw, $686,100.

TUCKERMAN ST., 92-Adrienne Adams and William J. Baltimore to Susan Collins and Oscar Rojas, $260,000.

U ST., 163-Paul E. Barnes to John A. Fultz, $350,000.

VAN NESS ST., 2939, No. 611-Robert E. Nordstrom to Nicole A. Cintas and Christopher Van Demoortel, $237,000.

VARNUM ST., 1402-Alexander W. Zartman to Christopher Gardiner, $460,000.

VARNUM ST., 716-Ricardo Rivera to David L. and Jeremiah Griswell, $534,000.

W ST., 3918-Herbert Kerschbaumer to Aruna, Krishan L. and Munna Garg, $920,000.

WARDER ST., 3639-Denise Austin to 915 Decatur Street NW Corp., $296,000.

WILLARD ST., 1737, No. 7-Nancy Beth Rosenbaum to Kristin M. Brainerd, $500,000.

WINFIELD LANE, 3661-Carl D. and Mary A. Liggio to Ben Pourbabai, $1.215 million.

WISCONSIN AVE., 2800, No. 502-Harry W. John to Sara S. and Timothy J. Tobin, $175,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 3010, No. 211-Wisconsin Tenant Purchase Group Corp. to Anna and Martin J. Rathmann, $350,000.

YUMA ST., 4635-Carole L. and Cynthia L. Martin to Agata D. and Peter Siegenthaler, $717,500.

SECOND ST., 6000-Altar Corp. to Arshad and Yasmin Cheema, $319,000.

FIFTH ST., 4433-Nelson Valdes to Sara Benson and Beth Parker, $315,000.

10TH ST., 2123-Michael S. Krier to Marcus Arvellos, $370,000.

11TH ST., 1111, No. 301-Kimberly Washington to Charles and Luiza C. Savage, $455,000.

13TH ST., 1225, No. 711-1225 13th Street Corp. to Julie Merritt, $374,900.

15TH ST., 2307, No. 1-Amy D. Kreider to Samir P. Kanani, $735,000.

15TH ST., 4411-Gladys G. Herndon Revocable Trust to Theresa Oluwole, $450,000.

16TH ST., 1838-Sallie J. Fox to Brian Langley, $490,000.

16TH ST., 1919-Mary Keenan to Joyce Y. Kim, $350,000.

16TH ST., 3060, No. 207-Stephen H. Clark to Rabah Taha, $293,000.

17TH ST., 2101-Michelle Christine and Scott Michael Bagdasian to Jyh Mei Lee, $565,000.

18TH ST., 2305, No. 404-Khaled Hachwi to Thomas J. Schmidt, $295,000.

21ST ST., 1280, No. 903-Janet Parmar to Bruce W. Friedman, $460,000.

30TH ST., 1077, No. 502-James E. and Therese L. Schwab to Jane C. and Robin Grieves, $699,000.

35TH ST., 1424-Michael P. Bronfen and Eric J. Rajendra to Albert Williams, $1.425 million.

45TH ST., 1645-Susan K. Palmer to Homayoon Daneshvar, $500,000.


ALABAMA AVE., 2007-Estate of Mary B.H. Smith and Sandra M. Jackson to William T. Watson, $165,000.

ASTOR PL., 5343-Cheryl McBryde to Pierre L. Nicholson, $210,000.

BAY ST., 1731-James R. Boone to Statford L. Smith, $225,000.

BURKE ST., 1807-Paulette Scott and Gwendolyn D. Wilson to Nicholas Peterson, $388,000.

CARPENTER ST., 3300-Eric Bjorkholm and Curtis R. Hauer to Danielle M. Gordon, $510,750.

CONGRESS ST., 1111-Julia R. Andrews to Nathan Boggs, $200,000.

D ST., 1354-Anne Marie and Terry R. Armstrong to Nancy E. Coan and Roman Nemet, $427,000.

D ST., 3209-Jimmy Lewis to Ryan S. Rue, $325,000.

EAST CAPITOL ST., 5415-Lillian A. Brown to Donald E. Morgan and Frances H. Roots, $180,000.

HILDRETH ST., 4220-Eunice E. Waters to Gloria M. Brown, $177,000.

HILLSIDE RD., 4643-Antoine E.M. and James W. Williams to Anna M. Johnson Yeargins and James M. Yeargins, $305,000.

HILLTOP TER., 525-Total Real Estate Solutions Corp. to Katrina Postell, $195,000.

HR DR., 805-Angela G. McMillian to Carol M. Woodhouse, $250,000.

OAKWOOD ST., 512-Mia Burrell to Antonio Storey, $187,000.

R ST., 2911-Arouna D. Koroma to Ettie Collins and Joani Ward, $389,900.

S ST., 1501-Margaret Ann Twyman to Mohammad and Selina Sikder, $195,000.

SHANNON PL., 2321-Geraldine E. and Theodore J. Scheve to Derrick Smith, $250,000.

YUMA ST., 128-James C. and Louise H. Knight to Nellie L. Cathcart, $80,000.

12TH ST., 3319-Get Results Homebuyers Corp. to Carlisha A. and Samuel Morgan, $150,000.

15TH PL., 3281, No. 301-Katrina Williams to Randi Kristensen, $140,000.

17TH ST., 1614-David T. and Ivan M. Johnson to Katrice L. and Reginald L. Pasteur, $305,000.

34TH ST., 2500-Gerald H. Draper to Helene W. and Leonard A. Sacks, $300,000.

51ST ST., 836-Linnell Handin Garrison to Sandra Bell, $175,000.


G ST., 50, No. 111-Roxanne Fuhrman to Dayse T. and Ruben A. Taruselli, $470,000.

M ST., 300, No. N708-Randall B. Luthi to Nicolas Rodriguez, $255,000.

FIRST ST., 4731, No. 101-Alvin E. Friedman, James J. Loftus and Daniel Menchel to Julian Craig, $73,000.

FOURTH ST., 1261, No. 8-Rose L. Money to Lawrence McDonald, $550,000.

SEVENTH ST., 700, No. 519-John J. and Patricia E. Taylor to Ryan Kyle Aldrich, $282,519.