In the Aug. 25 Anne Arundel Extra, a list of new principals in Anne Arundel County incorrectly named Karen Barnes as the principal of Bates Middle School. Because of health problems, Barnes was unable to accept the position. Diane Bragdon, former principal at Jones Elementary School, has been appointed in her place. (Published 9/1/2005)

Elementary Schools

Deale: Melissa Brown, former assistant principal, Glendale Elementary.

Four Seasons: Sharon Ferralli, former principal, Lake Shore Elementary.

Georgetown East: M. Michele Batten, former principal, Deale Elementary.

Hillsmere: Christopher Wooleyhand, former assistant principal, Four Seasons Elementary.

Jones: Kathleen Fitzgerald, formerly a principal with Montgomery County public schools.

Lake Shore: Donna Spencer, former assistant principal, Germantown Elementary.

Marley: Donna Williman, former assistant principal at Marley.

North Glen: Julie Little McVearry, former principal, Van Bokkelen Elementary.

Odenton: Maurine Larkin, North Glen Elementary.

Pershing Hill: Donna Pergerson, former assistant principal, Glen Burnie Park and Brock Bridge elementary schools.

Piney Orchard: Susan Errichiello, former principal, Georgetown East Elementary.

Point Pleasant: Karen Bailey, former principal, Pershing Hill Elementary.

Severna Park: Janice Tourre, former assistant principal, Harman Elementary.

Solley: Robert Wagner, former principal, Odenton Elementary.

Van Bokkelen: Andrea Rose, former principal, Hillsmere Elementary.

Woodside: Janine Robinson, former assistant principal, Rippling Woods Elementary.

Secondary Schools

Bates Middle: Karen Barnes, retired principal with Baltimore County public schools.

Lindale Middle: George Lindley, former principal, Old Mill Middle School North.

Mary Moss Academy: Vickie Plitt, former assistant principal, Annapolis High.

Old Mill Middle School North: Sean McElhaney, former assistant principal, Old Mill Middle School North.

Phoenix Annapolis: Janice Lazzari, former assistant principal, Chesapeake High.


Acting director of high schools: Arlen Liverman, former director of middle schools.

Director of elementary schools: Lona (Bea) Leone, former principal, Four Seasons Elementary.

Director of human resources: Florence Bozzella, acting director of human resources.

Director of middle schools: Christopher Truffer, former principal, Old Mill Middle School North.