The Town of Leesburg is seeking a director for Leesburg Executive Airport to replace Cindi Martin, who is resigning Sept. 14.

Martin, who became director in May 2004, is moving with her family to Casper, Wyo., where she will manage Natrona County International Airport, a general aviation and commercial service airport.

"It was a personal decision," Martin said Monday.

Martin's departure comes as the Leesburg airport -- Virginia's second-busiest general aviation airport with 100,000 take-offs and landings a year -- wraps up a $3.3 million renovation. The project included resurfacing the 5,500-foot runway, re-centering the crown -- a slight raise that facilitates drainage -- and upgrading the runway's lighting.

During Martin's tenure at the airport, which is a reliever facility for Dulles International Airport, other capital projects were completed, said Stephen Axeman, chairman of the Leesburg Airport Commission.

"She came in at a difficult time and got us through some difficult times," Axeman said. "We're certainly happy for her, but we're devastated that she's leaving us."

Martin, 43, oversaw completion of the 18,339-square-foot Stanley F. Caulkins Terminal. She also headed negotiations with Peterson Co. to acquire 40 acres on the west side of the airport to install a security fence. Negotiations are expected to conclude in the next few weeks, Martin said.

The airport also began plans for an instrument landing system, which will give pilots more precise guidance as they descend. The airport now has only horizontal, not vertical, guidance.

Martin was interim director of the airport for three months in 2001. She applied for the permanent position, but the town hired Douglas McNeeley from Montgomery County Airport. When McNeeley resigned in June 2003, Martin became interim director again and was hired as director in 2004. She has a degree in airport management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and 20 years' experience in administration and operations at commercial and general aviation airports. She was director of Stafford Regional and Warrenton-Fauquier airports.

The town will advertise the position in newspapers and national aviation magazines, said Nancy Fixx, the airport's interim director of human resources. The annual salary is $68,811 to $115,495.

The Stanley F. Caulkins Terminal was constructed during Martin's tenure as director of Leesburg Executive Airport. CINDI MARTIN