Birthplace and date: Caracas, Venezuela; Aug. 15, 1965.

Marital status: Married.

Children: Anais, 13; Isabel, 8.

Schools children attend: White Oak Middle School; Rock Creek Forest Elementary School (public schools).

College: University of Missouri at Columbia.

Celebrity I most resemble: "Salma Hayek, of course!"

Most notable characteristic or personality trait: Loyalty.

Languages other than English spoken by you and your family: Spanish, French, Kreyol.

I'd love to trade places for a day with: A Buddhist monk (or nun).

Nobody knows I: "taught Sagar Sanghvi, former student board member, how to dance salsa and merengue."

Favorite quote: "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." -- Anais Nin.

Best movie I've ever seen: "Cinema Paradiso."

Best book I've ever read: "Dona Barbara," by Romulo Gallegos.

Favorite subjects in high school: "My high school was in Zulia State, Venezuela. I liked English (I had just learned the language while living in the U.S.A. for two years), social studies (loved to learn about society, government, trends), and psychology (I had the best teacher, and I was fascinated by human behavior)."

My study habits as a student: Very responsible student.

All-time favorite TV show: "The Brady Bunch" (as a kid), "ER."

Restaurant in my district where parents would most likely run into me: Ledo Pizza.

Car I drive: Volkswagen Jetta wagon.

Best car I've ever had: "My first car in college: 1974 Toyota Corolla."

Person in history I would most want to meet: "Simon Bolivar, the leader of the military forces who freed the northern part of South America from Spanish rule."

Most important influence in my life: "Abuelita Fortuna, my maternal grandmother."

Favorite place to vacation: Any isolated Caribbean beach.

Most interesting place I've ever visited: Tucson.

Pet peeve: Ignorance and envy.

Impression people have of me that I would most like to change: "That I am too serious."

Impression people have of Montgomery County schools that I would most like to change: "That students who are low-income, English language learners, children of color somehow represent a burden to the system."

Nancy Navarro with daughters Isabel Navarro-Lavrent, 8, left, and Anais Navarro-Lavrent, 13.Navarro's favorite place to vacation is any isolated Caribbean Beach, such as Pigeon Point beach in Tobago, above. Her favorite TV show is "ER." which stars Noah Wyle as Dr. John Carter, left.