Elementary Schools

* Bethesda: Tamera A. Sherr, former principal at Glenn Dale Elementary in Prince George's County.

* Beverly Farms: Beth Brown, former principal intern at Fallsmead Elementary.

* Candlewood: Linda B. Sheppard, former executive administrator for the Coatesville, Pa., School District.

* Greencastle: Andrew J. Winter, former principal intern at Washington Grove Elementary.

* Highland: Raymond Myrtle, former consultant to American Institute for Research.

* Jackson Road: Sally Ann Macias, former acting principal at Jackson Road Elementary.

* Jones Lane: Carole W. Sample, former principal intern at Cedar Grove Elementary.

* Ronald McNair: Eileen Macfarlane, former principal at Dr. Charles R. Drew Elementary.

* Piney Branch: Bertram B. Generlette, former principal intern at Piney Branch Elementary.

* Viers Mill: Matthew A. Devan, former principal intern at Viers Mill Elementary.

* Watkins Mill: Stephanie G. Spencer, executive director of Benwood Initiative Public Education Foundation, Chattanooga, Tenn.

* Wayside: Yong-Mi Kim, former principal intern at Greencastle Elementary.

* Westbrook: John D. Ewald, former principal intern at Georgian Forest Elementary.

Middle Schools

* Roberto W. Clemente: Shawn Joseph, former assistant principal at Redland Middle.

* William H. Farquhar: Scott W. Murphy, former assistant principal at Neelsville Middle.

* Gaithersburg: Carol Goddard, former assistant principal at Walter Johnson High.

* Parkland: Kevin A. Hobbs, former assistant principal at Watkins Mill High.

* John Poole: Richard H. Bishop, former assistant principal at Gaithersburg High.

High Schools

* Bethesda-Chevy Chase: Sean Bulson, former acting principal at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High.

* Clarksburg Area: James P. Koutsos, former assistant principal at Seneca Valley High.

* Gaithersburg: Darryl L. Williams, former principal at William H. Farquhar Middle.

* Walter Johnson: Christopher S. Garran, former acting principal at Walter Johnson High.

* Col. Zadok Magruder: Andrei E. Ghelman, former assistant principal at Thomas S. Wootton High.

* Rockville: Debra S. Munk, former principal at Middletown High in Frederick County.

* Sherwood: John Yore, former acting principal at Sherwood High.